Russia, N.Y.

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Bickford-Robertson Stone

Bickford-Robertson Cemetery, Hughes Road, Town of Russia, Herkimer County.

"This cemetery is located on private property on Hughes Rd., about 1/4 mile before the Wheelertown Road. The cemetery is far back from the road and contains only one tombstone with the following names listed. We went right by Hughes road the first time (it's all dirt roads up there with no signs) and came off Wheelertown Rd. onto the main road. We then went down several miles and came on to the other end of Hughes. Of course this was also all dirt and not the best but we drove along for about 500 miles and seemed to be almost there when the road ended. A bridge had washed out and we couldn't go any further. We then returned back to Wheelertown Road the way we came and backtracked. After a while we found it and we were lucky enough that someone lived around there and led us right to the cemetery. "

This transcription was taken on June 26, 2001 by Betty McCulloch and Kathy Last.

Bickford, Elizabeth, dau of Owen & Rachel Bickford, 1859-1859
Bickford, Robert, son of Owen & Rachel Bickford, 1862-1862
Bickford, Sewel, child of Owen & Rachel Bickford, 1868-1868
Bickford, Laura, dau of Owen & Rachel Bickford, 1876-1880

Robertson, William H. 1805-1883
Robertson, Ann M., wife (of William H. Robertson), 1812-1871
Robertson, Henrietta M. 1851-1862

The following footstones were located here, with only initials. Seven of these correspond to the above tombstone. Three are unknown.

L. M.
W. H. R.
B. B.
A. M. R.
H. M. R.
E. B.
S. B.
L. D.
R. B.
L. B.

Bickford-Robertson Stone

"The footstones mentioned are lined up in front of the stone and behind the two trees on the right side of the top photo. The cemetery is not maintained at all but for one way out in the woods is not as bad as some I've been to."


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