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Little Falls, N.Y.

June 1998 and September 2000

Gravestone of Parley Eaton

Gravestone of Parley Eaton

The Church Street Cemetery is located between Church and Monroe Streets, adjacent to Arthur Street in Little Falls. Three open gates from each of the adjacent roads provide access. On the upper level a single dirt road runs between the gate on Arthur Street and the one on Church Street. It is an attractive cemetery and is easy to walk in it. There are some unreadable stones, but many more are in very good condition.

In June 1998, my husband and I traveled to Herkimer County to search for information about his ancestors. While at the HCHS we noted that Parley and Phila Eaton, his GGG grandparents, were buried in the Church Street Cemetery. While driving around Little Falls, we found the cemetery and proceeded to look for the grave. No such luck! But we did find other kin and wrote down the information.

We were leaving the next morning and the town offices on E. Main St. already were closed, so we knew we'd have to make another trip someday. In the interim, attempts to obtain a cemetery list proved futile. Just before our return trip this September (2000), a fellow researcher had obtained the lot number from the Town Clerk's office. After another unsuccessful attempt to locate the grave on our own the evening of our arrival (though we wrote down some other names), we headed to the Town Clerk's office first thing in the morning and found the location on their map. And finally SUCCESS!

In the absence of a complete cemetery list and on the chance that someone might be interested in any of these names, I offered them to Martha and she suggested that then others also might send in names that they had found at the Church Street Cemetery, Little Falls.

Marilyn Allis
October 2000

Read 6/98

Leonard Eaton, d. Nov. 8, 1856, aged 60 years

Susan, wife of Leonard Eaton, d. Aug. 26, 1878, aged 75y 1m 19d

Alice Eaton Cunningham, 1891-1932

Beulah W. Eaton, 1868-1961

Gertrude M. Willmarth, His Wife (Addison E Eaton), 1840-1904

Addison E. Eaton, 1833-1906

Gertrude Eaton Eysaman, 1873-1952

George I. Eysaman, 1875-1946

John Eaton, d. Oct. 5, 1863, aged 71y 9m 10d

Anna, wife of John Eaton, d. Feb. 26, 1883, ae 88y 2m 25d

Esther Ann, dau John & Ann Eaton, d. Sep. 11, 1860, 35y 22d

Mary H., Wife of George Eaton & dau. of Allan & Rachel WILLIS, 1858-1906

Rachel WILLIS, 1841-1919

John I. Eaton, 1833-1916

Annis E. Keyser, His Wife, 1848-1930

Daughter Grace L. Eaton, 1878-1892

Monument: Stebbins William B. , 1808 - 1881

Elvira Griswold, His Wife 1811 - 1889

Small stones:
Kate A. Stebbins, 1839 - 1916

Isola E. Stebbins 1837 - 1916

George G. Stebbins, 1842 - 1926

Sarah Ford, His Wife, 1851 - 1927

Read 9/11/00

Parley Eaton, Died Jan. 10 1873, Aged 78 years

Phila, His Wife, Died June 4, 1889, Aged 92 Years

Newell, Son of N & R Hine, Died Feb. 27 1853, Aged 6 yrs 5 mos.

Henry, Son of N & R Hine, Died Dec. 18, 1850, ae 10M 6 d.

Also buried here, but no stone: Helen Eaton, d. 1841 (daughter of Allen Wyman Eaton)

Monument for Harry Bucklin

Small stones in rectangle around monument starting in front left, going clockwise:

Harry Burrell, Nov 28 1797, Mar 5 1879

Sarah Montague Burrell, Dec 31 1819, June 3 1898

David Hamlin Burrell, Mar 17 1841, Jan 13 1919

Louise Loomis Burrell, Feb 11 1843, Apr 30 1924, wife of David H Burrell

Arpha Burrell, July 14 1870, Mar 7 1871

Anne Louise Burrell, May 17 1876, Dec 3 1907, Daughter of David H & Louisa L Burrell

Mary Elizabeth Burrell, May 14 1882, Jan 21 1958, Daughter of David H & Louisa L Burrell

Nancy Blunt Burrell, Aug 11 1917, Aug 29 1977, Wife of David H Burrell III

David Hamlin Burrell III, Oct. 30 1911, Jan 20 1987

Howell Arvon Jones, July 17 1901, Feb 2 1966

Anne Burrell Jones, Sep 27 1903, Feb 3 1993, Wife of Howell A Jones

Lydia Burrell, July 9 1909, Sep 19 1910, Daughter of David H Burrell Jr & Cornelia P. Burrell

Cornelia Polhemus Burrell, Aug 3 1880, Aug 8 1963, Wife of David H Burrell Jr.

David Hamlin Burrell Jr., Jan 15 1874, May 24 1969

William Slater Barkentin Jr., Nov 24 1913, Apr 22 1981

Elizabeth Burrell Barkentin, Apr 22, 1915, Mar 23 1971, Wife of William S Barkentin Jr

Lois Wing Burrell. Aug 24 1887, Aug 30 1973, Wife of Loomis Burrell

Loomis Burrell, July 31, 1872, Nov. 11, 1975

Lillian Wing Burrell Fisher, living, Wife of Edwin M Fisher

Edwin Morgan Fisher, Oct 31 1908, Dec 11 1992

Edward Jonathan Burrell, May 20 1845, Jan 11 1935

Susan McCammon Burrell, Jul 29 1847, June 27 1923, Wife of Edward J Burrell

Montague J. Burrell, born Oct 7 1873, died Apr. 25, 1892, Only Son of Edward J & Susie Burrell

Monument: Bucklin
Joseph Bucklin, Born March 17 1800, Died Mar 17 1875

Mary B., His wife, Died Aug 2 1874, ae 88 yrs. 8 mos.

Adjacent Monument: Bucklin
Franklin W., Son of Wm & Sarah Bucklin, Died Aug 19 1869, ae 35 yrs 10 mos. 22 d.

Small stones: Franklin William Bucklin 1833 - 1869

William Bucklin, 1810 - 1877

Sally Small Bucklin, 1813 - 1899

Sarah Bucklin Nellis Coffen Small, 1850 - 19

Edward J. Coffen, 1845 - 1896

Your Ancestor Could Go Here! Please send in submissions to the site coordinator.

new 8/25/09  

Hi, I have an ancestor buried in this cemetery. This is the info I collected on a visit there, and it might be helpful to someone. Thanks, Nancy Langenegger

Lot 1-516

Van Etten - All are listed on one large stone

Van Etten, John I, Co. B 34 Regt NY Vol, Co. F 16 Regt. NY H. Art 1844 - 1926

Ellen M. Highland, His Wife, 1850 - 1916

Owen M. Highland, 1824 - 1868

Maria Owens, His wife, 1833 - 1898

Separate Stone - Kate Schuyler, Wife of John Owens Highland - 1863-1903
(The caretaker said this was a military stone and decorated with a flag)

Others in this cemetery:

William Ferguson, 1828 - 1903
Mary D. Ferguson, 1829-1906
Helen Ferguson Cook, 1836 - 1897
Wilton Newell Cook, 1855 - 1914

Gary Dickson, 1810-1874
Emma D Ferguson, 1858 - 1860
Mary D. Ferguson, 1866, aged 7 mo.
Harry B. Ferguson, 1875 - 1927
Margaret D. Ferguson, 1860 - 1930

Frank P., Son of P.A. & C.M. Staring, 1854-1896
Catherine R, Daughter of PA & CM Staring, 1860 - 1926

new 3/24/05   ARNOLD Tombstone Photos contributed Karen Palmer. Including surnames Petrie, Jencks, Story, & Light. Graphics Intensive.
Edwin H. LYNCH died April 1949 - Lot 1297A, Grave 4
Bessie (CRONKITE) LYNCH died Mar 1950 - Lot 1297A, Grave 5
Paternal great grandparents of Tricia Dobson

My Great Great Grandparents, Maternal, and a cousin are buried in the cemetery in Little Falls. I was there in 1996, and found everyone in the City to be quite helpful. The man who was in charge of the Cemetery met me at 5:30 in the evening, 2 hours after he got off work, and had cemetery maps and a camera in case I didn't. After searching for a half hour, we found what I was looking for. I thanked him (and sent a written thank you to him and the staff at City Hall, when I returned home). He told me to just lock the gates when I left!

4 Marker Stones:

Fannie Zurlinden, 1828-1904
Samuel Zurlinden, 1832-1883
Albert Zurlinden, 1855-1918
Grace, Dau. of Albert Z. 1898-1982

Fannie Zurlinden was Fannie Sumerhauser, married to Samuel. I am not positive if Albert was Samuel's son or not, but Grace was my mother's cousin, Grace (Zurlinden) Stump, of Pittsburgh, PA. She was probably born in Little Falls. Albert was most likely born in Little Falls, but Fannie and Samuel Zurlinden were born in Germany.

No Zurlinden's show up on the 1880 LDS Transcription, and Samuel's father's name, in records, shows up as Jacob Zulinder.

I hope some of this information can be added to the website.


Robert D. Mollenauer, Jr.

Robert D. Mollenauer, Jr.
new 2/7/03

Fri, 23 Aug 2002

Hello, I was looking up Little Falls Cemetery online and I came across your email address. I spent an hour and a half today at the cemetery looking for my Mabee relatives that I know are buried there. The three that I did NOT find were Abbie L., William and Margaret. I am not sure who this William and Margaret were that I did not find. The historical society has Margaret dying in 1915, Willam in 1866. Abbie L. would have been the second wife to the William mentioned below. She died in 1910. In the plot below are William and his first wife Margaret. I am assuming that the two children were born to William and his second wife Abbie and they died as babies, buried in the plot already bought when his first wife died. Anyhow, I send this all to you because I read on your site that you are interested in any of the cemetery readings.

Buried at Church Street Cemetery:

Willie 1864-1864
William 1813-1876
Margaret 1820-1857
Stanley 1874-1875

Other stone inscriptions that I wrote down to share with people from Church Street Cemetery are as follows:

Louisa May Strough 1925-1927

Frances Kingsbury 1854-1900
Eva Kingsbury 1878-1938
Edward Kingsbury 1862-1951
Romald D. Kingsbury 1836-1899

Henry Seeber 1851-1903
Ella E. Seeber 1859-1945
Raymond H. Seeber 1887-1908
Leta Seeber 1893-1943

Squire House died June 12, 1902 aged 63 yrs 6 mo 12 days
Cornelia wife of Squire House died Oct 28, 1871 aged 43 yr 6 mo 12 days
Harry son of Squire House......... (unreadable)

Thanks, Barb Kineke

Barb Kineke

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