Town of Columbia

Herkimer County, NY

This cemetery list was contributed last fall [1998] by a researcher known on line as Mayakiwi and recently prepared by Asst. Coordinator Judy Breedlove. The list is very long, and unusual in that it is partially alphabetical and partially listed by what appears to be burial order. The presentation style looks like that of D.A.R. member Mrs. M.M. Hatch, resident of South Columbia, who did many readings in the early 1920s. It makes sense that a woman who read many cemeteries in southern Herkimer County wouldn't miss reading a cemetery in her immediate area, one with her own surname listed. Until someone corrects me, I will tentatively ascribe it to her. The name of a caretaker was given at the end, but as that information may no longer be current I'm omitting it for the time being until I can investigate further.

The site coordinators and contributor of this cemetery have no further information about persons buried in this cemetery. Inquiries about individuals and family groups may be made of the Herkimer County Historical Society. Some information may appear on our other extensive records for the Town of Columbia. Comments and a query from contributor Maya appear at the end of the listings.

Notes from Judy Breedlove, preparer:

"I typed the list exactly as it appeared and did not alphabetize or anything. Within the set of pages I received, there was a sheet that was handwritten. I put those items at the very end because I didn't see how they fit in where they were stapled. The caretaker who was listed is not necessarily the current caretaker."

ACKERMAN, J. H., B. ?-D. 10-2-1849, 26 yr.
ACKLER, Rhoda, B. ?-D. 3-31-1871, 19 yr.-4 mo.-23 da.
ACKLER, Adam, B. ?-D. 10-8-1864, 69 yr.-4 mo.-9 da.
AMES, John S., B. ?-D. 1-7-1838, 20 yr.-6 mo.-12 da.
AMES, Calvin S. H., B. ?-D. 3-5-1823, 3 yr.-5 mo.-14 da., Son of Calvin & Tryphens H[cut off]
AYER, William, B. 1812-D. 1878
AYER, Capt. William, B. 1780-D. 1842
AYER, Abigail Freeman Ames, B. 1788-D. 1864
AYER, Sally, B. 1781-D. 1864
AYER, Edwin, B. 1816-D. 1864
AYER, Jennie Carley, B. 1839-D. 1867
AYER, O. P., B. ?-D. 1896, 78 yr.
AYER, Cyrena Huntley, B. 1842-D. 1912, Buried in Dakota
AYER, Damon, B. 1820-D. 1910
AYER, Marion, B. 1863-D. 1864
AYER, Willie, B. 1868-D. 1872
AYER, Florence Harwick, B. 1870-D. 1889
BARD, Samuel, B. 1701-D. 1880, Wf. Nancy
BARD, Nancy, B. 1796-D. 1884, Hus. Samuel
BARRINGER, Jeremiah, B. 1790-D. 1877
BARRINGER, Jonas, B. ?-D. 1863, 63 yr.-4 mo.-20 da.
BARRINGER, Jacob, No Data, Veteran Rev.
BARGER, Alonzo, B. 1843-D. ?
BARGER, Estella Lyons, B. 1859-D. ?
BLOODGOOD, Nancy D., 6-30-1807, 28 yr.-14 da., Hus. Gage
COMSTOCK, Charles H., B. 1838-D. 1862
COMSTOCK, Flora C., B. 1843-D. ?
COMSTOCK, Mary E., B. 1846-D. ?
COMSTOCK, Ella J., B. 1849-D. 1915
COMSTOCK, Junia N., B. 1853-D. ?
CRESS, J. H., B. 1841-D. 1908, Wf. Mary Greff
CRESS, Mary Greff, B. 1843-D. 1913, Hus. J. H.
CRIM, John H., D. 7-28-1857, 64 yr.-3 mo.-9 da., Wf. Mary Horts
CRIM, Mary Horts, D. 3-25-1856, 44 yr., Hus. John H.
CALKINS, Benjamin, D. 11-26-1845, 72 yr., Wf. Chloe Clapsaddle
CALKINS, Chloe Clapsaddle, D. 4-10-1858, 62 yr.-6 mo., Hus. Benjamin
CASLER, Adam, D. 10-24-1863, 60 yr.-11 mo.-24 da., Wf. Barbary
CASLER, Barbary, D. 4-22-1872, 68 yr.-6 mo., Hus. Adam
CASLER, Mary J., D. 8-12-1849, 6 yr.-8 mo.-8 da., Dau. of Barbary & Adam
CHESTNEY, John, D. 10-7-1838, 83 yr.
CHESTNEY, Elizabeth, D. 12-1-1864, 70 yr.
CHESTNEY, Jane, D. 12-29-1814, 87 yr., Hus. Alexander
CLAPSADDLE, Laurence, B. 1801-D. 1886, Wf. Margaret
CLAPSADDLE, Margaret, B. 1799-D. 1854, Hus. Laurence
CLAPSADDLE, Elizabeth, B. 1827-D. 1849
CLAPSADDLE, Willard, B. 1835-D. 1863
CLAPSADDLE, George A., D. 12-23-1859, 77 yr.-8 mo.-23 da., Wf. Nancy
CLAPSADDLE, Nancy, D. 9-10-1838, 54 yr.-1 mo.-6 da., Hus. George
CLAPSADDLE, John D., 9-8-1848, 70 yr., Wf. Mary Barbara Helmer
CLAPSADDLE, Mary Barbara Helmer, D. 7-12-1853, 71 yr., Hus. John
CLAPSADDLE, Denis, D. 1-19-1842, 89 yr.
CLAPSADDLE, Elizabeth Frank, D. 6-28-1862
COMPTON, Rev. James M., B. 1817-D. 1891, Wf. Sarah E. VanSickle
COMPTON, Sarah E. VanSickle, B. 1828-D. 1890, Hus. Rev. James M.
COMSTOCK, Ezekiel, B. 1774-D. 1886
COMSTOCK, Phoebe Holmes, B. 1776-D. 1877
COMSTOCK, Jay L., B. 1816-D. 1891, Wf. Ann D. Piper
COMSTOCK, Ann D. Piper, B. 1815-D. 1889, Hus. Jay L.
DELTRA, Sarah B. 1853-D. 1872
DELTRA, Alva, B. 1857-D. 1887
EDICK, George T., D. 8-5-1838, 77 yr., Wf. Peggy Shearer
EDICK, Peggy Shearer, D. 9-30-1821, 58 yr., Hus. George T.
EDICK, Peter D., 9-16-183?, 44 yr.
EDICK, George M., D. 7-4-1830, 64 yr.-9 mo.-6 da., Wf. Nancy Clapsaddle
EDICK, Nancy Clapsaddle, D. 10-4-1843, 72 yr.-1 mo.-16 da., Hus. George M.
EDICK, John G., D. 6-22-1840, 45 yr.-5 mo.-3 da., Wf. Sarah
EDICK, Sarah, D. 3-19-1836, 34 yr.-10 mo.-11 da., Hus. John G.
EDICK, George L., D. 5-26-1836, 38 yr., Wf. Abigail Hatch
EDICK, Abigail Hatch, D. 5-26-1840, 36 yr., Hus. George L.
EDICK, John J., B. 1801-D. 1884, Wf. Dorothy Folts
EDICK, Dorothy Folts, B. 1802-D. 1866, Hus. John J.
EDICK, Michael, B. 1807-D. 1898, Wf. Mary Ann Haner
EDICK, Mary Ann Haner, B. 1811-D. 1896, Hus. Michael
EDICK, Henry J., D. 9-30-1884, Wf. Dorothy Miller
EDICK, Dorothy Miller, No Data, Hus. Henry J.
FOX, James, D. 2-22-1854, 70 yr.-11 mo.-12 da.
GETMAN, Franklin P., B. 1853-D. 1858
GETMAN, Jeremiah, B. 1809-D. 1873, 64 yr.-4 mo.
GETMAN, Elizabeth Skinner, B. 1815-D. 1884
GETMAN, Mary Ann, B. 1835-D. 1835
GETMAN, John M., D. 1837, 7 mo.-9 da.
GETMAN, Monroe, B. 1836-D. 1837
GETMAN, Adam, B. 1838-D. 1840
GETMAN, Nancy, B. 1840-D. 1862
GETMAN, Mary Jane, B. 1843-D. 1853
GETMAN, Elizabeth, B. 1816-D. 1901
GETMAN, Andrew, D. 9-23-1882, 85 yr., Wf. Elizabeth Edick
GETMAN, Elizabeth Edick, D. 9-27-1863, 60 yr.-7 mo.-12 da., Hus. Andrew
GETMAN, Emily, D. 12-14-1845, 1 yr.-10 mo.-18 da.
GETMAN, Jacob, D. 7-29-1839, 1 yr.-3 mo.-5 da.
GETMAN, Peter Josiah, D. 11-10-1851, 18 yr.-2 mo.-10 da.
GETMAN, William H., D. 6-18-1913, 71 yr.
GETMAN, Mary Etie House, D. 12-30-1881, 45 yr.
GETMAN, Willard, B. 1870-D. 1870
GETMAN, Willie, B. 1870-D. 1870
GETMAN, Margaret Loucke, No Data, Hus. Johannes
GETMAN, Jacob, B. 1797-D. ?, Wf.#1 Elizabeth, Wf. #2 Martha H.
GETMAN, Elizabeth, D. 10-23-1840, 58 yr.-2 mo.-4 da., Wf. #1 of Jacob
GETMAN, Margaret, D. 7-7-1840, 24 yr.-4 mo., Dau. of Elizabeth & Jacob
GETMAN, Martha Harter, D. 11-19-1872, 33 yr.-10 mo.-4 da., Wf. #2 of Jacob
GETMAN, Elizabeth, B. 1818-D. 1901, Dau. of Bartlett & Elizabeth Grant
GETMAN, Richard, B. 1828-D. 1895
GETMAN, Nancy Ann, B. 1833-D. 1872
GETMAN, Timothy, D. 10-5-1876, 83 yr.-3 mo.-24 da.
GETMAN, Johannes, B. 1754-D. ?
GETMAN, Frederick, B. 1792-D. 1851
GETMAN, Richard, D. 4-8-1874, 85 yr.-9 mo.-12 da.
GETMAN, Cahrity Moyer, D. 6-2-1847, 55 yr.-11 mo.-15 da.
GETMAN, Bartlet B., B. 1790-D. ?, Wf. Elizabeth Grant
GETMAN, Elizabeth Grant, B. 1789-D. ?, Hus. Bartlet
GETMAN, George J., No Data
GETMAN, Mary, D. 7-14-1840, 59 yr.-10 mo.-14 da.
GETMAN, Philip, D. 5-21-1829, 11 da., Son of Eve & John G.
GETMAN, Washington, D. 6-3-1844, 13 yr.-8 mo.
GETMAN, Joseph, B. 1811-D. 1892, Wf. Mary
GETMAN, Mary, B. 1813-D. 1887, Hus. Joseph
GETMAN, Jacob W. M., D. 11-8-1882, 47 yrs., Son of Jacob & Mary
GETMAN, Cornelia, D. 1-13-1859, 25 yr., Dau. of Jacob & Mary
GETMAN, Vashti Haggerty, No Data, Hus. Timothy
GETMAN, Frederick F., No Data
GETMAN, Roscoe, No Data
GETMAN, Sophronia Myers, No Data
GETMAN, Elizabeth, No Data
GETMAN, Elizabeth, D. 12-22-1885, 71 yr.-4 mo.-5 da.
GETMAN, Harvey, B. 1826-D. 1907, Wf. Eliza
GETMAN, Eliza, B. 1831-D. 1896, Hus. Harvey
GETMAN, David, B. 1829-D. 1907
GETMAN, Margaret Shaul, B. 1824-D. 1888
GETMAN, Catharine, D. 6-20-1887, 72 yr.-5 mo-4 da., Hus. Gaylord
GETMAN, Gaylord, D. 5-19-1896, 81 yr.-1 mo.-18 da., Wf. Catharine
GETMAN, Aaron Marks, B. 1829-D. 1847
GETMAN, Andrew, B. 1845-D. 1907, Wf. Ida E. Shaul
GETMAN, Ida E. Shaul, B. 1857-D. ?, Hus. Andrew
GETMAN, Fayette, B. 1847-D. 1919, Wf. Clara Burrill
GETMAN, Clara Burrill, B. 1843-D. 1913, Hus. Fayette
GETMAN, Nancy Malvina, B. 1822-D. 1875, 53 yr.-10 mo.
GOLDEN, Daniel Jr., D. 1-18-1811, 4 yr.
GOLDEN, D. W., D. 2-11-1814, 41 yr.
GRANT, Marks, D. 5-31-1865, 72 yr.-9 mo.-26 da.
GRANT, Marks, D. 5-17-1841, 79 yr., Wf. Catherine House
GRANT, Catherine House, D. 9-13-1857, 83 yr.-6 mo.-23 da., Hus. Marks
GRANT, Peter House, D. 6-13-1849, 41 yr.-9 mo.-12 da.
GRANT, John, B. 1794-D. 1838
GRANT, Lena Kanout, B. 1796-D. 1881
HAGGERTY, William, B. 1797-D. 1865, 68 yr.
HAGGERTY, Samuel, D. 12-27-1854, 46 yr.
HANER, Jeremiah, D. 12-29-1849, 64 yr.-5 mo.-6 da.
HANER, Jacob, B. 1767-D. 1823, 56 yr.-10 mo.-18 da., Wf. Elizabeth
HANER, Elizabeth, D. 7-7-1830, 60 yr.-5 mo.-15 da., Hus. Jacob
HANER, Jermeiah, D. 4-22-1827, 18 yr.-9 mo.-6 da.
HANER, Jonas, D. 4-25-1877, 87 yr.-4 mo.-12 da.
HELMER, Catharine Getman, B. 1812-D. 1895, Hus. Jacob
HELMER, Jacob, B. 1778-D. 1829, Wf. Catharine Getman
HELMER, Lieut. George, D. 3-23-1823
HELMER, Margaret, D. 2-26-1818
HESS, Garret, D. 10-16-1827, 47 yr.
INMAN, Jacob, D. 4-30-1816, 47 yr.-10 mo.-17 da.
ISEMAN, Jacob, D. 4-30-1816, 47 yr.
ISEMAN, Moses, B. 1805-D. 1880
JACOBSON, Samuel, B. 1839-D. 1903, Wf. Catharine
JACOBSON, Catharine, B. 1847-D. ?, Hus. Samuel
MILLER, Henry, B. 1777-D. 1843, 66 yr.-6 mo.-16 da.
MILLER, Andrew, D. 12-4-1803, 71 yr.
MILLER, John A., D. 11-29-1838, 75 yr.
MILLER, John, D. 11-28-1831, 67 yr., Wf. Lydia
MILLER, Lydia, D. 11-28-1831, 67 yr., Hus. John
MIX, John, D. 4-7-1868, 94 yr.-8 mo.-11 da., Wf. Margaret O.
MIX, Margaret Orendorf, D. 12-24-1857, 76 yr.-10 mo.-8 da., Hus. John
MOYER, Joseph, D. 4-14-1812, 56 yr., Wf. Katherine Clapsaddle
MOYER, Katherine Clapsaddle, D. 4-3-1839, 90 yr.-4 mo.-9 da.
MYERS, Joseph, D. 4-14-1812, 65 yr.-11 mo.-6 da.
NICHOLAS, Daniel, D. 8-24-1844, 22 yr.
NOYES, Elizabeth, D. 5-12-1819, 67 yr., Wf. of Moses & Eliphalet Tisdale
ORENDORF, Conrad, D. 3-4-1819, 71 yr.-10 da.
ORENDORF, Catharine, D. 2-24-1818, 65 yr.-17 da.
ORENDORF, Henry S., B. 1782-D. 1863, 81 yr.-8 mo.-18 da.
OXNER, John, D. 1-27-1828, 63 yr.
OXNER, Gertrude, D. 6-23-1818, 49 yr.
OXNER, Elizabeth, D. 3-5-1820, 25 yr.-6 mo.-29 da.
PETRIE, William, D. 2-3-1831, 26 yr.-2 mo.-14 da.
PETRIE, George, D. 6-7-1839
PETRIE, Jacob, B. 1796-D. 1827
RICHARDS, Samuel, B. 1765-D. 1813, Wf. Hannah
RICHARDS, Hannah, B. 1759-D. 1813, 54 yr.-26 da., Hus. Samuel
ROCKWELL, Daniel, D. 9-14-1806, 64 yr., Wf. Anna
ROCKWELL, Anna, D. 2-29-1844, 91 yr.-3 mo.-15 da., Hus. Daniel
ROSE, Orrin, B. 1788-D. 1845, Wf. Abigail Morgan
ROSE, Abigail Morgan, B. 1793-D. 1824, Hus. Orrin
ROSE, Mary Rose, B. 1819-D. 1823
ROSE, Abigail Almira, B. 1821-D. ?
ROSE, Tryphena Hatch, B. 1793-D. 1880
ROSE, Demott, B. 1832-D. 1873
ROWLAND, Henry B., 1838-D. 1903, Wf. Harriet
ROWLAND, Harriet, B. 1841-D. 1908, Hus. Henry
RURY, William, D. 10-4-1840, 59 yr.-5 mo.-25 da.
SHAUL, Catharine, D. 1880, 82 yr.
SHAUL, Levi, B. 1827-D. 1897, wf. Hariet Eble
SHAUL, Hariet Eble, B. 1831-D. 1837, Hus. Levi
SHAUL, Oscar, B. 1859-D. 1904
SHAUL, Jacob, D. 4-19-1872, 75 yr.-2 mo.-6 da
SKINNER, John, D. 2-27-1863, 78 yr.-2 mo.-5 da., Wf. Elizabeth
SKINNER, Elizabeth, D. 1-3-1852, 66 yr.-10 mo.-22 da., Hus. John
SKINNER, Gershon, D. 1824, 74 yr.-10 mo.-13 da., Wf. Margaret Getman
SKINNER, Margaret Getman, D. 9-13-1840, 78 yr., Hus. Gershon
SMITH, Abishai, D. 8-30-1851, 63 yr.-5 mo.-4 da., Wf. Susan Remington
SMITH, Susan Remington, D. 1-7-1875, 85 yr.-8 mo.-26 da., Hus. Abishai
SMITH, Margaret, D. 1-5-1825, 75 yr.
SMITH, Thomas, D. 12-16-1855, 104 yr.
SMITH, Gertrude Nichols, D. 3-23-1843, 54 yr.
SHOEMAKER, Thomas F., B. 1759-D. 1824
SHOEMAKER, Eve Myers, D. 7-30-1860, 85 yr.-9 mo.-4 da., was a prisoner of Revolutionary War, widow of Jacob Isman and wife of Lawrence Shoemaker
STAURING, Adaline E., D. 3-19-1861, 24 yr.-9 mo., Hus. Joseph
WOLEBER, Abram, D. 2-6-1819, 63 yr., Wf. Dorathea
WOLEBER, Dorathea, D. 10-5-1847, 92 yr., Hus. Abram
WRIGHT, Emeline, D. 9-26-1918, 28 yr., Hus. Judah
HARWICK, Sarah, B. 1803-D. 1884, Hus. David
HARWICK, Menzo, B. 1834-D. 1897, Wf. Cecelia Vibber
HARWICK, Cecelia Vibber, B. 1829-D. 1914, Hus. Menzo
SKINNER, Delos, B. 1838-D. ?, Wf. Catherine
SKINNER, Catherine, B. 1849-D. 1910, Hus. Delos
DEAN, Adella Skinner, B. 1866-D. 1899, Hus. Pierce
GETMAN, Wellington, D. 3-13-1906, 62 yr.-2 mo.-6 da.
GETMAN, Orien, B. 1848-D. 1912, Wf. Elizabeth Eaker
SHAUL, Nelson, B. 1841-D. 1911, Wf. Mary M. Edick
SHAUL, Mary M. Edick, B. 1843-D. 1927, Hus. Nelson
CREWELL, William J., B. 1855-D. 1920, Wf. Nancy Brownrigg
CREWELL, Nancy Brownrigg, B. 1850-D. 1910, Hus. William J.
CREWELL, Henry, B. 1817-D. 1895, Wf. #1 Abiah Eliza, #2 Eliza Ann
CREWELL, Abiah Eliza, B. 1816-D. 1852, Wf. #1 of Henry
CREWELL, Eliza Ann, B. 1825-D. 1915, Wf. #2 of Henry
SCHUYLER, Margaret Getman, D. 9-13-1907, 40 yr.
GETMAN, Gertrude Myers, D. 6-2-1847, 55 yr.-15 da., Hus. Richard
MYERS, Catharine, D. 4-3-1839, 70 yr.-4 mo.-2 da.
MYERS, Deloss, D. 5-25-1831
REES, David, D. 4-8-1813, 11 yr.
GRAY, Daniel, B. 1825-D. 1898, Wf. Emeline Ackler
GRAY, Emeline Ackler, B. 1827-D. 1912, Hus. Daniel
GRAY, Seymour, B. 1862-D. 1879
GRAY, Wheeler, D. 1-10-1866, 75 yr.-8 mo.
BROWN, W. H., D. 1-26-1864, 38 yr.-3 mo., Wf. Mary A.
BROWN, Mary A., D. 3-8-1893, 63 yr.-6 da.
BROWN, Viola, D. 12-22-1859, 6 yr.-10 mo.
SKINNER, Sarah J., D. 2-28-1872, 16 yr.-11 mo.-9 da., Hus. John
SKINNER, James M., B. 1861-D. 1883
SKINNER, Rachel E., B. 1822-D. 1860
VEBBER, Sarah, B. 1808-D. 1895, Hus. Thomas
VEBBER, Cyrus, D. 8-3-1894, 56 yr., Veteran
CARPENTER, John W., B. 1848-D. 1926
CARPENTER, Josephine Brown, B. 1830-D. 1902
HESS, Mary, D. 4-21-1846
HESS, Augustus, D. 3-21-1831, 73 yr.-10 mo.-21 da.
HESS, Augustinus, D. 3-31-1838, 85 yr.
BARRINGER, Katharine, D. 8-23-1834, 71 yr.-2 mo.-19 da.
BARRINGER, Jacob, D. 7-25-1828, 82 yr.
HESS, Henry - Stone Sunk
WOOD, Georgie W., D. 3-17-1861, 2 yr.-2 mo.-13 da., Son of Mrs. L.E. Wood
PURCHASES, Eva, D. 12-28-1882, 58 yr.
PURCHASES, Eva, D. 10-28-1871, 62 yr.
RUNYAN, Clarissa, B. 1836-D. 1912, Hus. Henry Merville
MERVILLE, Henry, B. 1817-D. 1904
STROUP, Harvey, D. 1-4-1887, 2 mo.-25 da., Son of Daniel & Libbie
LYONS, William Delos, D. 1-23-1853, 21 yr.-6 mo.-27 da.
LYONS, Jeremiah, D. 3-9-1873, 71 yr.-7mo.-2 da., Wf. Christina
LYONS, Christina, D. 4-16-1885, 73 yr.-7 mo.-21 da., Hus. Jeremiah
GATES, Ellen, No Data
GATES, Oliver B., D. 3-23-1885, 55 yr.
JACOBSON, Jacob, D. 8-?-1878, 65 yr.-1 mo.-21 da.
JACOBSON, Emma, D. 8-14-1872, 9 mo.-3 da.
GARDNER, William B., B. 1836-D. 1882, Wf. Diantha Jacobson
GARDNER, Diantha Jacobson, B. 1841-D. 1901, Hus. William B.
JACOBSON, George, B. 1811-D. 1892
JACOBSON, Benjamin, D. 1-22-1857, 20 yr.-4 mo.-2 da., Wf. Catharine
JACOBSON, Catharine, D. 4-23-1855, 38 yr.-9 mo.-18 da., Hus. Benjamin
SNYDER, George, D. 5-9-1850, 75 yr.-5 mo.-15 da.
SHALL, Mannda, D. 3-30-1852, 13 yr.-6 mo.-18 da., Dau. of Mary & Charles
SHALL, Charles, B. 1812-D. 1854, Wf. Mary
SHALL, Mary, B. 1814-D. 1895, Hus. Charles
HANER, Mary C., D. 8-6-1862, 90 yr., Hus. Jeremiah
HANER, Jacob, D. 5-3-1873, 75 yr.-9 mo.-7 da., Wf. #1 Mary; Wf. #2 Catharine
HANER, Catharine, D. 10-17-1860, 49 yr.-4 mo.-7 da., Wf. #2 of Jacob
HANER, Mary I., D. 4-10-1851, 52 yr., Wf. #1 of Jacob
BARRINGER, Rosett, B. 1847-D. 1893
NORTHRUP, Charles, B. 1851-D. 1920
CLAPSADDLE, Dorothy, D. 4-5-1856, 32 yr.-7 mo.-28 da., Hus. D.
GIFFORD, Charity Casler, B. 1825-D. 1893, Hus. George
GIFFORD, George, B. 1819-D. 1894, Wf. Charity Casler
WATERMAN, Grace A. Shumway, B. 1864-D. 1891, Hus. John W.
WATERMAN, Vanness A., B. 1886-D. 1927, Son of Grace A. S. & John
WATERMAN, Western, B. 1819-D. 1888, Wf. Catharine
WATERMAN, Catharine, B. 1823-D. 1907, Hus. Western
WATERMAN, Arthur, B. 1849-D. 1879
WATERMAN, Emma, B. 1855-D. 1863
WATERMAN, George, B. 1856-D. 1863
BARTIE, John, B. 1841-D. 1898
GETMAN, Alva, B. 1857-D. 1887, Wf. Sarah
GETMAN, Sarah, B. 1853-D. 1872, Hus. Alva
GETMAN, Andrew, B. 1867-D. 1908
GETMAN, Delos, B. 1869-D. 1913
CLAPSADDLE, Jennie E., D. 5-21-1873, 19 yr.-8 mo.-22 da., Dau. of Peter & Catharine
CLAPSADDLE, Franklin D., D. 6-7-1858, 7 yr.-3 mo.-28 da., Son of Peter & Catharine
CLAPSADDLE, Peter, D. 9-17-1883, 59 yr.-4 mo.-3 da, Wf. Catharine
CLAPSADDLE, Catharine, D. 4-12-1885, 68 yr.-6 mo.-25 da., Hus. Peter
CASLER, Davis, B. 1835-D. 1919, Wf. #1 Elizabeth; #2 Mary E.
CASLER, Elizabeth, D. 2-9-1881, 36 yr.-7 mo.-5 da., Hus. Davis
MANNING, Abraham, D. 3-11-1882, 81 yr.-8 mo.-26 da., Wf. Elizabeth
MANNING, Elizabeth, D. 11-5-1874, 67 yr.-10 mo.-4 da., Hus. Abraham
MORTS, Elizabeth, D. 1-1-1820, 70 yr., Hus. Philip
CLAPSADDLE, George, D. 10-18-1837, 15 yr.
CLAPSADDLE, Margaret, D. 1-28-1828, 16 yr.
HOUSE, Margaret, D. 4-15-1844, 2 mo.-3 da., Dau. of Abram & Mary
HOUSE, Lorenzo, D. 4-25-1837, 1 mo.-2 da., Son of Abram & Mary
BLOODGOOD, Dinah, B. 1820-D. 1912
FITCH, Naomi, D. 12-15-1859, 80 yr.-10 mo.-21 da., Hus. Elijah
HATCH, Melinda, D. 8-22-1843, 59 yr.-7 mo.-14 da., Hus. Joseph
HATCH, Joseph, D. 7-4-1850, 85 yr.-23 da., Wf. Melinda
WEBSTER, Adelia, D. 5-6-1842, 29 yr.-6 mo.
LAHINES, John, D. 5-14-1896, 69 yr.
LAHINES, Cornelia W., B. 1838-D. 1913
CROSS, Betsey, D. 1-18-1882, 75 yr.-10 mo.-18 da., Hus. Calvin M.
CROSS, Calvin M., D. 3-1-1854, 48 yr., Wf. Betsey
ECKERT, John, B. 1850-D. 1921
RAPP, Ella, B. 1848-D. 1915
COLTON, Chauncey, D. 8-10-1853, 39 yr.-5 mo.-24 da.
EATON, Henry D., D. 2-18-1831, 20 yr.-5 mo.-5 da.
CLAPSADDLE, Joseph, D. 9-9-1821, 9 mo.-6 da.
CLAPSADDLE, Orbara Wentz, No Data, Hus. Demus
CLAPSADDLE, Major Demus, D. 8-6-1778, Died at Oriskany Battle, Wf. Orbara Wentz
HANER, Elizabeth, D. 8-5-1844, 36 yr.-6 mo.-26 da., Hus. Philip
WALKER, John, B. 1792-D. 1856, Wf. Catharine
WALKER, Catharine, B. 1805-D. 1874, Hus. John
WALKER, Lydia, D. 10-?-1859, 93 yr.
HANER, Lydia, D. 3-7-1866, 73 yr.-22 da., Hus. Jonas
HANER, Libbie, D. 6-29-1863, 11 yr.-6 mo.-12 da.
HANER, Philip, D. 9-30-1880, 76 yr., Wf. #1 Elizabeth; #2 Sarah
HANER, Sarah, D. 4-?-1889, 72 yr., #2 Wf. of Philip
HANER, Elizabeth, D. 8-5-1844, 36 yr.-6 mo.-26 da., #1 Wf. of Philip
HOUSE, George, D. 1-6-1873, 85 yr.-10 mo.-10 da., Wf. Nancy
HOUSE, Nancy, D. 4-28-1867, 73 yr.-28 da., Hus. George
HOUSE, David, B. 1824-D. 1892, Wf. Margaret
HOUSE, Margaret, B. 1831-D. 1876, Hus. David
HOUSE, Angeline, B. 1823-D. ?
HOUSE, Blanche Elmira, D. 1889, 11 mo.
HOUSE, Fred J., B. 1865-D. ?, Wf. Flora M. Ward
HOUSE, Flora M. Ward, B. 1866-D. ?, Hus. Fred J.
BRIGGS, Andrew, D. 6-4-1890, 65 yr.-1 mo.-27 da.
CLAPSADDLE, Charles, B. 1852-D. 1925
CLAPSADDLE, Julia B., B. 1857-D. ?
CLAPSADDLE, Miles E., D. 3-20-1876, 1 yr.-5 mo.-3 da., Son of Henry & Mary
CLAPSADDLE, Raphael, D. 12-26-1841, 5 mo.-23 da., Child of Peter & Nancy
CLAPSADDLE, George P., D. 3-8-1848, 2 yr.-3 mo.-20 da., Son of Peter & Nancy
CLAPSADDLE, Son, D. 6-23-1843, 4 da., Son of Peter & Nancy
CLAPSADDLE, Peter, D. 7-9-1886, 69 yr.-5 mo.-18 da., Wf. Mary B.
CLAPSADDLE, Mary B., D. 9-28-1897, 78 yr.-9 mo.-2 da., Hus. Peter
HARWICK, J. H., D. 1841, 2 yr.-8 mo.
MORTON, Alvah, B. 1829-D. 1906, Wf. Electa Wheaton
MORTON, Electa Wheaton, B. 1831-D. 1907, Hus. Alvah
MORTON, Nettie, B. 1854-D. 1888, Dau. of Alvah & Electa Wheaton
FLAGG, James, B. 1855-D. 1929, Wf. Flora
FLAGG, Flora Waterman, B. 1864-D.?, Hus. James
FLAGG, Harry, B. 1892-D. 1899, Son of Jas. & Flora
ADAMS, George, D. 2-11-1880, 8 yr.-10 mo., Son of Jessie & Libbie
SHAUL, Eliza Harwick, B. 1859-D. 1918, Hus. David
SHAUL, Earl, B. 1887-D. 1890, Son of Eliza Harwick & David
HARWICK, Peter, D. 5-12-1860, 87 yr.-5 mo., Wf. Catharine
HARWICK, Catharine, D. 1-18-1844, 73 yr., Hus. Peter
HARWICK, Benjamin, D. 12-8-1854, 48 yr.-9 mo.-17 da., Wf. Elizabeth
HARWICK, Elizabeth, D. 4-13-1848, 40 yr.-3 da., Hus. Benjamin
HARWICK, Orlon, D. 10-23-1859, 23 yr.
HOUSE, Mary Hemstreet, B. 1833-D. 1924
PETRIE, Nelson, D. 3-13-1867, 49 yr.-8 mo.
FOX, Jedidiah, D. 6-18-1840, 76 yr.
CALKINS, Lucy, D. 4-1-1835, 61 yr., Hus. Benjamin
CALKINS, Benjamin, D. 11-26-1848, 72 yr., Wf. Lucy
JACOBSON, Frank, B. 1865-D. 1900
GETMAN, Lucinda G. Petrie, B. 1826-D. 1856, Hus. Aaron M.
ETMAN, Monroe, D. 11-19-1843, 5 yr.-7 mo.-1 da., Son of Mary & Joseph
BARRINGER, dau., D. 2-11-1849, 24 da., Dau. of Mary & Philip
SHOEMAKER, Reuben, D. 2-16-1842, 31 yr.-3 mo.-8 da.
MIX, Son, B. 1815-D. 1815, Son of J. & M.
MIX, Daughter, B. 1813-D. 1813, Daughter of J. & M.
MIX, D. C., D. 3-24-1871, 51 yr.-7 mo.-6 da.
HATCH, Hannah, B. 1791-D. 1875, 83 yr.-8 mo.-28 da.
HATCH, Samuel, D. 2-21-1826, 28 yr., Wf. Submit
HATCH, Submit, D. 9-13-1855, 88 yr.-7 mo.-13 da., Hus. Samuel
HATCH, Samuel, D. 3-29-1816, 51 yr.
WEBSTER, Josiah, Rev. War Soldier
ROSE, Samuel, B. 1825-D. 1850
HANNAHS, Dr. Abel, D. 11-7-1848, 65 yr., Wf. Polly
HANNAHS, Polly, D. 4-17-1831, Hus. Dr. Abel
HARTER, Mary Elibe, D. 6-15-1854, 3 yr.-3 mo., Dau. of D. & L.
HARTER, Maggie L., D. 9-25-1870, 44 yr.-8 mo.-2 da., Dau. of David & Lydia
HARTER, Lydia, D. 1-2-1882, 63 yr., Hus. David
HARTER, David, B. 1821-D. 1906, Wf. Lydia
YULE, George F., D. 6-8-1877, 61 yr.-5 mo.-11 da., Wf. Elizabeth
YULE, Elizabeth, D. 3-9-1873, 48 yr.-3 mo., Hus. George F.
YULE, Catharine, D. 3-18-1869, 22 yr.-6 mo.-24 da.
YULE, Deloss, B. 1843-D. 1922, Wf. Malvina Springer
YULE, Malvina Springer, D. 3-26-1886, 44 yr.
WESTFALL, Wesley, B. 1864-D. 1925
WESTFALL, Aurel VanSickel, B. 1891-D. 1913
WESTFALL, Cuyler James, B. 1893-D. 1900
HOUSE, Deloss, B. 1841-D. 1910, Wf. Mary Camwell
HOUSE, Mary Camwell, B. 1846-D. 1916, Hus. Deloss
WESTFALL, Lloyd Compton, ?, 6 mo.
WESTFALL, Ethelyn Isabel, ?, 1 wk.
REYNOLDS, Jane C., D. 7-28-1846, 2 yr.-2 mo.-15 da., Child of Mary & Alans
REYNOLDS, Harriet L., D. 8-1-1846, 2 yr.-2 mo.-18 da., Child of Mary & Alans
MINER, Oliver, D. 5-18-1826, 49 yr.-5 mo.-6 da.
HOFFMAN, W. E., B. 1841-D. 1920, Wf. Ellen
HOFFMAN, Ellen, B. 1845-D. 1901, Hus. W. E.
HOFFMAN, Hubert, B. 1874-D. ?, Wf. Bertha
HOFFMAN, Bertha, B. 1875-D. 1901, Hus. Hubert
HOFFMAN, Lelia May, B. 1894-D. 1894, Child of Bertha & Hubert
HOFFMAN, Roderick, B. 1895-1901
HOFFMAN, Leora, B. 1898-D. 1901
GETMAN, Rudolphus B., B. 1830-D. 1898, Wf. Sally
GETMAN, Sally, B. 1836-D. 1917, Hus. Rudolphus
HESS, Elizabeth, D. 7-14-1815, 51 yr., Hus. Jost
BARRINGER, Mary, D. 6-?-1841, 45 yr., Hus. Jonas
BARRINGER, Elizabeth, B. 8-10-1849, 6 yr.-8 mo.-9 da.
PETRIE, Adaline, D. 10-25-1882, 79 yr., Had two husbands
BARRINGER, Adaline, D. 10-25-1882, 79 yr., Had two husbands
STARR, Mary, D. 2-13-1844, 68 yr., Hus. Ezra
GOLDEN, Mary, D. 2-13-1884, 68 yr., Hus. D. W.
GOLDEN, Gaylord G., D. 3-3-1820, 14 yr.-6 mo.-8 da.
JOHNSON, Dolly, D. 5-18-1819, 44 yr., Hus. Luther
JOHNSON, Luther, D. 10-25-1840, 69 yr.-2 mo., Wf. Dolly
RUNYAN, Helen A., D. 7-18-1852, 7 yr.-2 mo.-16 da., Dau. of Robert & Marinda
RUNYAN, Marinda, D. 7-8-1877, 65 yr.-5 mo., Hus. Robert
JOHNSON, Clarissa, D. 4-23-1812, 17 yr.-10 mo.
WILKERSON, Mary Orendorf, D. 3-24-1858, 16 yr.-4 mo.-5 da.
PETRIE, Robert, B. 1831-D. 1891, Wf. Alma
PETRIE, Alma, B. 1829-D. ?, Hus. Robert
HATCH, Alonzo S., B. 1816-D. 1901, Wf. Elmyra
HATCH, Elmyra, B. 1819-D. 1890, Hus. Alonzo
GRIFFITH, Janett, D. 3-30- 1842, 2 yr.-4 mo.
GRIFFITH, Susan, D. 10-26-1849, 39 yr., Wf. #1 of Ariel
GRIFFITH, Mary An, D. 11-7-1852, 37 yr., Wf. #2 of Ariel
MYERS, Elisabeth, B. 1824-D. 1833, Child of Absolom & Katharine
MYERS, Julia Ann, B. 1825-D. 1830, Child of Absolom & Katharine
MYERS, Mary, B. 1830-D. 1833, Child of Absolom & Katharine
MYERS, Absolom, D. 6-23-1876, 75 yr., Wf. Katharine
MYERS, Katharine, D. 12-22-1868, 72 yr., Hus. Absolom
ORENDORF, Alson, D. 3-11-1888, 72 yr.-7 mo.-3 da., Wf. Clarinda
ORENDORF, Clarinda, No Data, Hus. Alson
CLAPSADDLE, Damon A., B. 1840-D. 1887, Wf. Nancy Bellinger
CLAPSADDLE, Nancy Bellinger, B. 1840-D. 1910, Hus. Damon
CLAPSADDLE, Matie, B. 1870-D. 1872
CLAPSADDLE, John D., D. 12-15-1869, 61 yr.-10 mo.-28 da., Wf. Mary E. Hatch
CLAPSADDLE, Mary E. Hatch, D. 12-12-1889, 76 yr.-9 mo.-28 da., Hus. John D.
CASLER, Sophronia C. Edick, B. 1837-D. 1876, Hus. William
MILLER, Jacob J., B. 1805-D. 1855
MILLER, Andrew, D. 2-26-1864, 79 yr.-2 mo.-9 da., Wf. #1 Mary; #2 Margaret
MILLER, Margaret, D. 10-5-1883, 86 yr.-9 mo.-12 da., Wf. #2 of Andrew
MILLER, Mary, D. 12-10-1820, 33 yr.-6 mo., Wf. #1 of Andrew
MILLER, Anna, D. 11-23-1848, 81 yr.-9 mo.-27 da., Hus. John
GREEN, Maria Westfall, B. 1844-D. 1929
WESTFALL, John, B. 1820-D. 1895, Wf. Catharine Mill
WESTFALL, Catharine Mill, B. 1822-D. 1903, Hus. John
SMITH, Enslow A., D. 9-8-1865, 15 yr.-11 mo.-8 da., Child of Mary & Abisha
SMITH, Mary, D. 7-29-1866, 47 yr.-7 mo.-2 da., Wf. #1 of Abisha
SMITH, Dianthe Clapsaddle, B. 1832-D. 1912, Wf. #2 of Abisha
SMITH, Abisha, B. 1832-D. 1912, Wf. #1 Mary; #2 Dianthe Clapsaddle
SMITH, Jennie, B. 1869-D. 186?
SMITH, Margaret, B. 1813-D. 1886
HUNTLEY, Elizabeth, D. 3-1-1879, 75 yr.
ACKLER, Addie, D. 11-8-1876, 42 yr.-11 mo.-22 da., Hus. Philo
HAGGERTY, Elizabeth P., B. 1804-D. ?, 59 yr.
PETRIE, William, D. 12-9-1856, 29 yr.-11 mo.-12 da., Wf. Charlotte
PETRIE, Charlotte, D. 4-9-1891, 59 yr.-1 mo.-6 da., Hus. William
PETRIE, Margaret, D. 9-27-1867, 77 yr., Hus. George
GRAY, Rebecca, D. 7-17-1862, 72 yr.-9 mo.-2 da.
WEST, Reuna, D. 9-11-1849, 21 yr.-11 mo.-10 da.
GREY, Julia, D. 6-15-1851, 32 yr., Hus. Stiles
HAGGERTY, Catharine Ackler, D. 3-16-1906, 84 yr.-8 mo.-14 da., Hus. George
HAGGERTY, Lewis J., D. 5-2-1863, 19 yr.-3 mo.-12 da., Son of Catharine & George
SHAUL, Diantha Ackler, B. 1839-D. 1862, Hus. Nicholas
SMITH, Peter, D. 5-7-1853, 48 yr.-4 mo.-10 da., Wf. Agatha
SMITH, Agatha, D. 6-1-1857, 40 yr.-8 mo.-17 da., Hus. Peter
MUMFORD, Lucinda Smith, B. 1846-D. 1923
WEBBER, Henry B., 1830-D. 1925, Wf. Rosa
WEBBER, Rosa, B. 1812-D. 1900, Hus. Henry
ACKLER, Catharine, D. 12-31-1885, 82 yr.-11 mo.-8 da., Hus. Adam
WOLEBER, Mary, D. 6-4-1862, 68 yr.-1 mo.-11 da., Hus. Jeremiah
COMSTOCK, Ezekiel, B. 1774-D. 1866, Wf. Phoebe Holmes
COMSTOCK, Phoebe Holmes, B. 1776-D. 1873, Hus. Ezekiel
COMSTOCK, Jay L., B. 1816-D. 1891, Wf. Ann D. Piper
COMSTOCK, Ann D. Piper, B. 1815-D. 1889, Hus. Jay L.
WOLEBER, Sarah Elizabeth, D. 6-8-1843, 9 mo.-11 da.
WOLEBER, Jacob, B. 1805-D. 1883
ZOLLER, M., B. 1845-D. 1925
ZOLLER, Cora, D. 10-23-1867, 1 mo.-1 da.
SEARLS, John Milton, D. 1-3-1840, 5 yr.-1 mo.-3 da.
SHEPARD, Willia J., D. 8-30-1858, 2 yr.-3 mo.-16 da., Son of Mary & Israel
SHEPARD, Israel, B. 1827-D. 1915, Wf. Mary E. Lynes
SHEPARD, Mary E. Lynes, B. 1835-D. 1909, Hus. Israel
BARD, Abigail, D. 4-11-1821, 62 yr.
GETMAN, Caroline, D. 4-23-1843, 28 yr.-6 mo.
HELMER, Adam, D. 1772, Buried in the West
HELMER, Elizabeth Klock, B. 1786-D. 1843, Hus. Jacob
HELMER, Chauncey, B. 1810-D. 1831
HELMER, George H., B. 1817-D. 1843
HELMER, Jacob A., B. 1824-D. 1825
GILBERT, Nancy, B. 1818-D. 1820
GILBERT, Elizabeth, B. 1821-D. 1836
SPALDING, Henry G., D. 3-28-1855, 11 yr.-7 mo.-18 da., Son of Nathan & Mary
SPALDING, Lucy, D. 8-8-1846, 6 mo.-11 da., Dau. of Nathan & Mary
SPALDING, Nathan, D. 1-25-1867, 69 yr., Wf. Mary
HARWICK, Mary, B. 1834-D. 1905
HARWICK, Belle, B. 1836-D. 1900
HARWICK, David, B. 1803-D. 1882, Wf. Sarah
STEEL, Elizabeth, D. 6-27-1855, 31 yr.-9 mo.-23 da., Hus. Rudolph
WOLEBER, Dorothy, D. 1-4-1849, 30 yr.-15 da., Dau. of Mary & Jeremiah
MILLER, Elizabeth, B. 1785-D. 1857, 72 yr.-8 mo.-10 da.
HOUSE, John C., D. 2-25-1893, 79 yr., Wf. Eve Grant
HOUSE, Eve Grant, D. 7-10-1884, 75 yr.-1 mo.-6 da., Hus. John C.
HOUSE, Gaylord, B. 1831-D. 1895, Wf. Mary Skinner
HOUSE, Mary Skinner, B. 1834-D. 1915, Hus. Gaylord
SKINNER, Eliza M., D. 7-9-1885, 29 yr.-9 mo.-20 da.
SKINNER, John C., B. 1858-D. 1928, 68 yr.-3 mo.-28 da., Wf. Cora Jones
SKINNER, Benjamin H., D. 10-10-1891, 8 mo.-19 da.
SKINNER, Benjamin F., D. 11-17-1888, 48 yr.-3 mo.-26 da.
SKINNER, Glendora, B. 1870-D. 1914, Hus. William
SKINNER, Harvey, D. 1806
SKINNER, Raymond, B. 1893-D. 1893, Son of Wm. & Glendora
SKINNER, Nancy, D. 10-10-1884, 74 yr.-1 mo.-12 da.
SKINNER, John, D. 1-23-1899, 88 yr.-3 mo.-13 da.
EDICK, Alonzo, D. 8-7-1907, 73 yr.
VAN SLYKE, Elizabeth, D. 4-9-1841, 14 yr.-2 mo.-22 da.
FISHER, Sarah VanSlyke, D. 8-26-1845
MILLER, Sophia, D. 7-1-1850, 46 yr., Hus. Jacob
HOPKINSON, Iva M., D. 9-10-1893, 2 yr.-28 da.
HOPKINSON, William, B. 1845-D. ?, Wf. Emmer
HOPKINSON, Emmer, B. 1844-D. 1906, Hus. William
MILLS, Lydia, D. 5-1-1828, 1 yr.-6 mo.
MILLS, Loring A., D. 7-26-1876
MILLS, Eve, D. 3-5-1876, 77 yr.
EDICK, Cornelus, B. 1821-D. 1901
EDICK, Cornelia, B. 1826-D. 1851
JACOBSON, Mary, D. 1-?-1849, 63 yr., Hus. Abraham
JACOBSON, Abraham, D. 1-29-1851, 69 yr.-6 mo.-23 da., Veteran, Wf. Mary
BLISS, Jabez, B. 1835-D. 1903, Wf. Margaret Brown
BLISS, Margaret Brown, B. 1839-D. 1914
BLISS, Joseph, B. 1805-D. 1884
BLISS, Mary L., B. 1867-D. 1883, Dau. of Joseph & Margaret
CLARK, Taylor G., D. 5-24-1876, 28 yr.-6 mo.-8 da.
ORENDORF, William F., B. 1816-D. 1900, Wf. Harriet Terpening
ORENDORF, Harriet Terpening, B. 1837-D. 1916, Hus. William F.
ORENDORF, Olcott H., B. 1848-D. 1928, Son of Harriet & William F.
OXNER, Conrad, D. 3-13-1889, 78 yr.-10 mo.-16 da., Wf. Hannah T.
OXNER, Hannah T., D. 10-28-1869, 57 yr.-10 mo.-24 da., Hus. Conrad
OXNER, Delas, D. 3-27-1851, 18 yr., Son of Hannah & Conrad
ACKLER, Joseph L., B. 1833-D. 1915, Wf. Elizabeth VanAlstine
ACKLER, Elizabeth VanAlstine, B. 1834-D. 1879, Hus. Joseph L.
LYONS, James H., B. 1825-D. 1899, Wf. Anna Maria
LYONS, Anna Maria, B. 1826-D. 1912, Hus. James H.
MILLER, Andrew U., B. 1844-D. 1918, Wf. #1 Helen Stevens; #2 Martha
MILLER, Helen Stevens, B. 1848-D. 1915, Wf. #1 of Andrew U.
MILLER, Martha, B. 1842-D. 1920, Wf. #2 of Andrew U.
STEVENS, Henry, D. 9-20-1891, 80 yr.-10 da., Wf. Rebecca
STEVENS, Rebecca, D. 5-19-1901, 85 yr.-7 mo.-5 da., Hus. Henry
STEVENS, Eloise, D. 8-17-1881, 49 yr.-2 mo.-16 da.
STEVENS, Frederick, D. 4-2-1872
STEVENS, Frederick, B. 1847-D. 1879, Veteran
STEVENS, Henry, D. 1-15-1860, 44 yr.-10 mo.-23 da.
HOUSE, John, B. 1857-D. 1924, Wf. Mary Eva Hadcox
HOUSE, Mary Eva Hadcox, B. 1870-D. 1895, Hus. John
HOUSE, Flora Clara, B. 1895-D. 1895, Dau. of Mary & John
HOUSE, Aliene M., D. 1-5-1887, 7 mo.-15 da., Dau. of Mary & John
ORENDORF, George Damon, D. 2-9-1848, 1 mo.
ORENDORF, Olcott, B. 1830-D. 1907
ORENDORF, Elizabeth Skinner, B. 1848-D. 1913
FULMER, William D., B. 1863-D. 1915, Wf. Cora L. Spohn
FULMER, Cora L. Spohn, B. 1865-D. ?, Hus. William D.
SHAUL, Jacob, B. 1887-D. 1930
SHAUL, Louisa Getman, B. 1851-D. 1922
SHAUL, Orville, B. 1846-D. 1924
HISERT, Alonzo, B. 1852-D. 1926, Wf. Hattie
HISERT, Raymond, B. 1895-D. 1914, Son of Alonzo & Hattie
WILLIAMS, Meritt D., B. 1875-D. 1912
WILLIAMS, Ethel M., B. 1903-D. 1913
SALMAN, Jacob, B. 1857-D. 1912, Wf. Eva
HUNTER, John D., B. 1834-D. 1905, Wf. Catharine House
HUNTER, Catharine House, B. 1839-D. 1905, Hus. John D.
MILLER, Clarence, B. 1870-D. 1912
WARD, David, B. 1819-D. 1906, Wf. Maria
WARD, Maria, B. 1825-D. 1911, Hus. David
PURCHASE, Wallace, B. 1865-D. 1903, Wf. Flora Gardner
PURCHASE, Flora Gardner, B. 1865-D. ?, Hus. Wallace
McCREDY, Clyde, B. 1893-D. 1917
HAZELTON, Lee, B. 1880-D. 1911
HAZELTON, Margaret, B. 1909-D. 1910, Dau. of Mary M. & Lee
HAGGERTY, Mott, B. 1838-D. 1926, Wf. Maria Kider
HAGGERTY, Maria Kider, B. 1846-D. 1926, Hus. Mott
MILLER, Mary J. Getman, B. 1844-D. 1926, Hus. John A.
MILLER, Florence Brown, B. 1869-D. 1908, Hus. Leland
GETRY, Celia J. Getman, B. 1877-D. 1914, Hus. Floyd
GETRY, Alexander, B. 1896-D. 1917
GETRY, Elizabeth C. Shepard, B. 1857-D. 1921
OXNER, John, D. 4-24-1872, 65 yr.-10 mo.-25 da.
OXNER, James, D. 9-7-1842, 1 yr.-10 mo.-13 da.
GRANT, Eve, D. 12-21-1868, 75 yr.-23 da., Hus. Marks
TERPENING, Margaret C., B. 1838-D. 1927
PURCHASE, George, B. 1852-D. 1918, Wf. Cora VanDusen
PURCHASE, Cora VanDusen, B. 1857-D. 1929, Hus. George
McMAHON, Michael, B. 1868-D. 1924
SHAUL, Alvard, B. 1844-D. 1926, Wf. Ruby A. Pierce
SHAUL, Ruby A. Pierce, B. 1845-D. 1926, Hus. Alvard
SMITH, Grace M., B. 1884-D. 1924, Hus. Fred
GARDNER, Fred O., B. 1869-D. 1929, Wf. Maggie
GETMAN, Mary, B. 1798-D. 1885, Hus. Frederick
GETMAN, James, B. 1820-D. 1901, Wf. #1 Catharine; #2 Emeline
GETMAN, Catharine, B. 1821-D. 1854, Wf. #1 of James
GETMAN, Emeline, B. 1823-D. 1905, Wf. #2 of James
GETMAN, Olcott F., B. 1891-D. 1892
GRANT, Marcus, B. 1827-D. 1898, Wf. Mary G.
GRANT, Mary G., B. 1828-D. 1892, Hus. Marcus
GRANT, John F., B. 1853-D. 1863, Son of Marcus & Mary G.
GRANT, Alice, B. 1858-D. 1863, Dau. of Marcus & Mary G.
HELMER, Henry J., B. 1854-D. 1921, Wf. Eva Klock
HAWKES, Sheldon, B. 1904-D. 1918
HARWICK, Moses, B. 1810-D. 1890, Wf. Debby Haggerty
HARWICK, Debby Haggerty, B. 1813-D. 1900, Hus. Moses
HARWICK, Olcutt, B. 1846-D. 1917, Wf. Mary S. Whitford
HARWICK, Mary S. Whitford, B. 1855-D. 1920, Hus. Olcutt
HOPKINSON, Norman, B. 1871-D. 1928
GETMAN, William R., B. 1906-D. 1927
HORTON, Oscar, B. 1850-D. 1922, Wf. Frances Leora Barringer
HORTON, Frances L. Barringer, B. 1852-D. 1928, Hus. Oscar
BARRINGER, Susan, B. 1823-D. 1905
WOLFF, Martin, B. 1850-D. 1924
WOLFF, Oscar, B. 1872-D. 1926
COLE, Thomas C., B. 1837-D. 1925, Wf. Susan H. M. Dill
HATCH, M. M., B. 1844-D. 1928, Wf. Alice I. Griffin
HATCH, W. A., B. 1867-D. 1918, Wf. Carrie E.
HATCH, Carrie Alice, B. 1898-D. 1898
HARTER, Norman J., B. 1848-D. 1920, 72 yrs.
HARTER, Catherine L., B. 1864-D. 1956, 92 yrs.
McCREDY, Clyde, B. 1893-D. 1917

[NOTE: as of 8/25/09, this researcher's email address does not turn up at all when put into in online searches. If you're still out there and see this, please check in so we can correct your address.]

Kudos for donating this outstanding resource go to Maya:

"I hope this list is just what a lot of people are looking for. It's a big cemetary and pretty well kept. From Mohawk up Rt. 28 to Jordanville Rd., take a right turn, go down a short ways and it is on the left. Big black gate. Only open from May till Labor Day, I think.

I am originally from Herkimer, NY. Most of my father's ancestors are from the area and some of my mother's.

Ancestors that I am stuck on are Thomas and Gertrude Nichols Smith of Columbia, NY. They are buried there. All I know is that Thomas was son of Thomas of MA. I don't know Gertrude's parents or if she has brothers or sisters. Thomas was born 1751 and died 1855. Gertrude died 1843, at 54.

Another ancestor who has me stumped is Elizabeth Hilts Perry, wife of George W. Perry born 1805 in Little Falls. She died in 1845 at the age of 34."

If anyone has any info on these families, please contact me.

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