This small CURTIS cemetery is on Curtis Road. (Rt. 221) in the Town of Salisbury, Herkimer County, just north of the intersection of Red Mill Road. The reading was taken October 17, 1997 by several local residents. The list was donated by Elaine Carlin, Salisbury Town Clerk, John Alvord Kingsley, a Bloodough descendant, and Ms. Helen Ives, well-known Town of Salisbury historian.

CURTIS CEMETERY - Town of Salisbury

BLOODOUGH, George H., 1841-1905, Veteran
BLOODOUGH, Joel, 1893-1918, Veteran, wf. Etta Curtis
BLOODOUGH, Etta Curtis, 1855-1921, hus. Joel
BLOODOUGH, Theron, 1846-?
BLOODOUGH, Milford Decker, 1891-1918, wf. Ethel
BLOODOUGH, Ethel, 1892-1918, hus. Milford D.

BRINKERHOFF, Jacob, 1874-1935, wf. Mae L.
BRINKERHOFF, Mae L., 1889-1910, hus. Jacob
BRINKERHOFF, Abram C., 1907-1909

COMSTOCK, Ephriam S., d. 1-28-1861(81?), 73y 3m 22d, wf. Charlotte
COMSTOCK, Charlotte, 1800-??, hus. Ephriam

CURTIS, Joell, d. 3-31-1892, 27y 3m 22d
CURTIS, Noble J., 1860-1903
CURTISS, Joel, d. 6-24-1875, 52y, Veteran
CURTISS, Bartholomew, d. 10-27-1857, 74y

DARLING, Elnora M., 1869-1871, dau. of Luther & Alice
DARLING, John H., 1855-1856
DARLING, William B., 1815-1888, wf. Rhoda
DARLING, Luther, 1790-1866, wf. Hannah
DARLING, Hannah, 1793-1866, hus. Luther
DARLING, Claudy M., d. 10-4-1891, 10y
DARLING, J.O., 1869-1894
DARLING, M. F. Tansley, 1870-1913
DARLING, J. W., 1849-1924
DARLING, Mina, 1849-1925

DUNNING, James H., 1844-1927, Veteran, wf. Luna L. D.
DUNNING, Luna L. Darling, 1847-1919, hus. James H.

FULLER, Anna DeHart, 1844-1925, hus. Edward M.
FULLER, Edward M., 1834-1919, Veteran, wf. Anna D.
FULLER, Levi, d. 8-30-1882, 86y 3m 16d, wf. Orinda
FULLER, Orinda, d. 6-13-1875, 79y 3m 22d, hus. Levi
FULLER, Albert, d. 4-3-1862, 20y 11m 5d, Veteran
FULLER, Elizabeth Ann, d. 7-21-1843, 12y 5m
FULLER, Joseph, 1803-1890, wf. Anna
FULLER, Anna, 1796-1890, hus. Joseph

GIFFORD, John, d. 7-14-1860, 61y 11m

GILBERT, Dorcas M., 1908-1909

GRASSEL, Christian, d. 3-17-1866, 36y

HOMRIGHAUS, Willi, 1875-??

HOWE, Harvey, 1812-1895, wf. Betsey
HOWE, Betsey, 1816-1894, hus. Harvey
HOWE, Elizabeth, ??-1855

JOHNSON, Beatrice, 1896-1930, hus. Claude
JOHNSON, Christopher, 1851-1925, wf. Carrie L.
JOHNSON, Carrie Lamphere, 1860-1930, hus. Christopher
JOHNSON, Roy N., 1891-1903
JOHNSON, William J., 1883-1886
JOHNSON, Carrie, 1860-1930, hus. Alvin
JOHNSON, Willie, d. 4-3-1880, 2y 11m 20d, son. of Carrie & Alvin

KEELER, Mary E., d. 9-15-1880, 11m 1d
KEELER, Mabel, d. 4-21-1886, 2y 8m 25d,
KEELER, James, d. 11-21-1877, 69y, wf. Wealthy
KEELER, Wealthy, d. 6-28-1878, 78y 11m 15d, hus. James

LAMPHERE, Maude M., 1896-1920, hus. William
LAMPHERE, Lillian, 1907-1909
LAMPHERE, Wesley J., d. 1-27-1891, 1m, child of Harlow & Sarah
LAMPHERE, Lester H., d. 4-2-1902, 6y 10m 1d, child of Harlow & Sarah
LAMPHERE, Frances E., 1908-1927
LAMPHERE, Francis, d. 6-11-1862, 1y 1m 28d
LAMPHERE, Joshua, d. 10-16-1870, 1y 2m
LAMPHERE, Cora, d. 2-?-1884, 1y 10m
LAMPHERE, Joshua, d. 1-1-1907, 77y, wf. Emilay A.
LAMPHERE, Emilay A., d. 5-9-1891, hus. Joshua

MABBAT, Thomas, d. 11-4-1865

RANDALL, Emily, d. 11-4-1856, 19y, dau. of Sarah & John
RANDALL, Sarah, d. 8-15-1860, 42y, hus. John

ROPETER, Arthur G., ??-1902

SEELEY, Barney W., 1907-1908
SEELEY, Florence M., 1913-1914
SEELEY, Cora E., 1914-1918
SEELEY, Harold, 1927-1929

TANSLEY, Wesley, 1845-1910, wf. Mary Dunning
TANSLEY, Mary Dunning 1847-??

TERRY, Charlott, 1842-1894, hus., George
TERRY, George, 1831-1917, Veteran, wf. Charlott

THOMAS, Olive Terry, 1861-1897

WELLS, Alice Mabbett, 1844-1885

Our thanks for typing the Curtis Cemetery go to Kathy Brockway. Kathy is seeking Alpheus LAMPHERE, b. 1771, Kent, CT; d. 1850, Salisbury Center, Herkimer Co. and his wife Hanna SATTERLEE, b. 1776; d. 1850, Salisbury Center, Herkimer Co. Their daughter Louisa, b. 1815, Salisbury Center, removed to MI ca. 1860 and d. 1873 at Kalamazoo, MI. Louisa's husband was Artemas A. WHITE, b. 1813 ??; d. 1898, Kalamazoo, MI. Their children, surname WHITE, were all born in Salisbury, Herkimer County:

Kathy "especially seeks birth location/ parents of Artemas. Artemas & Louisa Lamphere White were my paternal gg-grandparents via daughter Nancy. "

The transcript of the Curtis Cemetery was contributed to the Herkimer/Montgomery Counties NYGenWeb by John A. Kingsley. Thanks to John's efforts we have a stack of Salisbury cemeteries for presentation on our site this spring. Last fall John sent us a letter written by his distant uncle, George H. Bloodough of the 97th NY volunteers. George is buried in the Curtis Cemetery.

If your ancestors are on this list, please request a search from the Herkimer County Historical Society as neither Kathy nor myself have any information on those buried in this cemetery. John has information about the Bloodoughs.

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