Town of Winfield

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For purposes of listing we'll call this cemetery, read in 1928 by Mrs. G. H. Swancott, the "Old Day Cemetery". Mrs. Swancott referred to it as the "old overgrown cemetery in the southern part of the town of Winfield, Herkimer Co., N.Y. It is in a dense grove near the old Lewis Day homestead." We don't know the exact location of this cemetery, or have any further information about the people who are buried here; perhaps a local resident could tell us.

Update 5/25/99   From Kathy Huxtable: I located the "Old Day" Cemetery today. It is indeed within the town of Winfield on the grounds of the Tennessee Gas Company's Compressor Station on Tennessee Road. I spoke with a Mr. Anderson and he escorted me to the site. It has greatly changed since the DAR did the reading. When the gas line came through in about 1954, they established a substation southeast of West Winfield. As part of the deal to purchase the land for the site the town required that the company maintain the cemetery located on the property. The company hestitated without some modification as the cemetery was overgrown with brush and the company did not want to deal with the cleanup and mowing around all those stones. An agreement was eventually reached. The cemetery was cleared and all the stones, but one, were laid flat and covered with sod. The area is marked with 4 white posts at the corners and a bronze plaque listing the information from the stones. Peleg Brown's tombstone stands solitary in the lush grass. Next to it is a veteran's flag holder for the Revolutionary War. The name given to the cemetery on the plaque is Tennessee Road Cemetery. Kathy Huxtable. April 24, 1998

ALLEN, John d Oct 13 1831 ae 24 years son of Septemus and Olive Allen
ALLEN, Polly b June 6 1809
d Dec 21 1830
ae 21 years 6 mos 13 days dau Septemus and Olive Allen
BRAINERD, Saphrona d Dec 31 1851 in her 46th yr
BROWN, Mr Peleg d Jan 26 1814 ae 71 yrs
BROWN, Experience d June 26 1852 ae 95 yrs wife of Mr Peleg Brown
BROWN, Eleazar d June 8 1866 ae 87 yrs
BROWN, Patty d Feb 8 1825 ae 47 yrs wife of Eleazar Brown
BROWN, Nelson C d Nov 8 1820 ae 10 mos son of Samuel & Rosannah Brown
BROWN, Melinda d June 28 1819
dau of Samuel & Rosannah Brown
BROWN, Orilla A d 1815 ae 21 days dau of Samuel & Rosannah Brown
BROWN, Henry L d Aug 3 1825 ae 1 yr 10 mos 22 days son of Samuel & Rosannah Brown
BROWN, Morgan d Feb 15 1825 ae 11 yrs 10 mos 14 days son of Samuel & Rosannah Brown
BROWN, Rosannah d Aug 18 1834 ae 41 yrs
CLARK, Lewis M d May 14 1864 ae 3 yrs 2 mos 6 days son of Chas & Paulina Clark
CLARK, Isaiah d June 16 1878 ae 84 yrs & 20 days
CLARK, Marville d Dec 28 1878 ae 63 yrs & 14 days
CUSHMAN, Mary d Jan 2 1888 ae 68 yrs 4 mos 12 days wife of Orsemus CUSHMAN
DAY, Mr. Noah d Oct 3 1845 ae 79 yrs 5 mos 24 days
DAY, Millea d Aug 26 1854 ae 81 yrs wife of Mr Noah Day
DAY, Lewis d Mar 10 1861 ae 47 yrs 9 mos 27 days
DAY, Emeline A d Mar 21 1852 ae 32 yrs 10 mos 9 days wife of Lewis Day
DAY, Adelbert L d Nov 17 1846 ae 8 mos son of Lewis & Emeline Day
DAY, Adelia d May 31 1861 ae 78 yrs 1 mo 13 days dau of Lewis & Emeline Day
GORTON, Joseph d Dec 18 1837 ae 57 yrs 8 mos 8 days
HAY, Chancey d July 28 1833 his 26th year son of Henry & Elizabeth Hay
LEACH, Lois DAY d Oct 18 1834 in her 35th year wife of Daniel Leach
MATTISON, Phebe d June 22 1811 ae 30 yrs wife of Isa Mattison & dau of
David & Mary McLAUGHLIN
MAYNARD, Mrs Abigail d Dec 9 1831 in her 85th year
MAYNARD, Ezekiel d July 10 1836 ae 91 yrs
MAYNARD, Ann d June 25 1835 ae 89 yrs wife of Ezekiel
McELFRESH, David R d July 30 1845 ae 54 yrs
McLAUGHLIN, David d Mar 19 1866 ae 85 yrs
McLAUGHLIN, Mary HOLMES d Sept 2 1867 ae 84 yrs wife of David McLaughlin
McLAUGHLIN, William d Jan 31 1826 ae 68 yrs a native of Ireland
McLAUGHLIN, Mary d Jan 3 1841 ae 86 yrs wife of William
McLAUGHLIN, John d Apr 24 1871 ae 54 yrs
McLAUGHLIN, Elizabeth A. d Feb 9 1878 ae 55 yrs relict of John McLaughlin &
wife of A. B. CARY
SMITH, Larkin d Apr 21 1842 ae 71 yrs & 7 months
SMITH, Hannah d Feb 7 1844 ae 71 yrs & 4 mos wife of Larkin Smith
THAYER, Deac. Ebenezer d Mar 31 1841 ae 61 yrs
THAYER, Lois Maynard d Jan 11 1866 ae 88 yrs wife of Isaac & Deac. Ebenezer
THAYER, Isaac d Feb 26 1804 ae 32 yrs
THAYER, Isaac d Dec 10 1826 ae 18 yrs & 10 mos son of Ebenezer & Lois
THAYER, Louisa d Apr 15 1823 in her 25th year

Two infants of Daniel & Margaret
WALWORTH, Susan Climena d July 4 1852 ae 21 yrs & 3 mos dau of John & Climena
WALWORTH, Alvira M d Aug 3 1839 ae 24 yrs dau of John & Climena
WALWORTH, Climena BROWN d Mar 17 1870 ae 60 yrs wife of John Walworth

Source: Copied 1928 by Mrs. G.H. Swancott, State Chairman of Genealogical Research, Utica, N.Y. for Gen. Winfield Scott Chapter N. S. D. A. R., West Winfield, N.Y.

The old "Day Cemetery" was typed by volunteer Debbie Smith Zorach, who is researching area Yankee families. Debbie is experiencing the problem of Winfield's shifting political boundaries in researching her Smiths and is focusing on the area of Winfield that was a part of Plainfield before the 1816 township changes. "My Willard Morse Smith was born in Plainfield, while his son William Henry was born in Winfield. That tells me they might have lived in what had been Plainfield in Otsego Co. prior to 1816. Willard and William Henry are buried in Sheds (Madison Co.), so I'm looking for David (or Daniel), Willard's father. David Smith's wife was Lodema (Lovina?) Morse. Willard's wife Lucinda Harrington was born in Canterbury, CT. According to her Madison Co. cemetary record, her father was Keeler Harrington (also b. Canterbury). I wonder if his name might have been Ezekiel. Lucinda's mother was Hannah (or Heannah) Whitford or Whifford."

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