July 31, 2000

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This cemetery is located on Herkimer County Highway #130, on the Emmonsburg Road in the Town of Salisbury. It is located approximately 6/10th of a mile from the hamlet of Salisbury Center. NY. The Salisbury Center Grange #624 has made this project a part of their Community Service Project for the year 2000. Mr. Kenneth Mowers and Mr. Richard Jorrey, who are former residents of the Emmonsburg Road, undertook this project to review all the records and markers of the Dibble Cemetery and compile an updated census of burials during the time from 1800 - 2000, a period of 200 years. The land where this cemetery was dedicated was at one time a part of the Tuttle farm. One observation we noted was that there were many Dibell's listed on tombstones in this cemetery, but none with the spelling of Dibble. We assume that from the early 1800's to 1915 the spelling of the name was changed from Dibell to Dibble. We found that in the Corporation papers, that the word cemetery was spelled cemetary. According to the authority, Mr. Webster, the correct spelling is cemetery and we have changed it accordingly in our report.

We really were not sure as to the correct name for this cemetery and decided to research this through the State of New York, Department of State, Division of Cemeteries, Albany, NY. We were told by this department that this cemetery was incorporated on October 14, 1915. The Certificate of Incorporation papers were on file with the Herkimer County Clerk's Office and a copy was obtained from their files. In the incorporation papers, it is noted that the name of the cemetery is to be Dibble Cemetery or Burial Ground. It also states that the proposed corporation name will be Dibble and Tuttle Cemetery Association Incorporated. The number of directors will be three and their names were so noted as Delos M. Avery, Robert H. Strough, and Ira C. Munger. Bi-laws for the cemetery association were adopted on September 22, 1923. The present directors, Class 2000 Ruth Helterline, Class 2001 Jason Looman, Class 2002 Nicole Foster and the corporate officers are President, Bruce Foster, Vice President Debbie Foster, Treasurer Robert Looman, Secretary Linda Helterline.

We found the cemetery at the time of our survey mowed and trimmed. There were still some brush and trees in several locations in the cemetery which had overgrown some monuments, and we found it difficult to locate the stones and read the printing. Overall, we were pleased with the maintenance care given to this cemetery.

Through records which were available to us on the internet and additional burial records on file at the office of the Town Clerk, Elaine Carlin, we were able to put together a complete updated record of burials in this cemetery. We also have included a listing of Veterans of the following wars who have been buried in the Dibble Cemetery:

Revolutionary War    War of 1812    Civil War     World War I     World War II     Korean War     Vietnam War

Our records indicate there were some 730 burials in the Dibble Cemetery. We were not able to find lot markers or monuments for all graves, but we did make an entry in our files of the persons buried, as obtained from records on file with the Town Clerk's Office of the Town of Salisbury.

We found the following inscriptions on monuments:

1.    He is my rock and my salvation.
2.    We hope to meet thee.
3.    Take her, O Father in thine home - And let her henceforth be a messenger of Love between our human hearts and thee.
4.    Remember thy grandeur in the days of thy youth.
5.    Life's few short years We've laid thy childish slumber with the dead.
6.    Be thine aged servant given - Glad I'll drop this tent to find everlasting home in Heaven.
7.    What's a home without a mother - But closer still around her pressed an angel band from regions blessed to bear her weary soul to rest when mother died.
8.    He hath done all things well.
9.    Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord.
10.    Thou art gone to meet thy loved ones.
11.    Gone but not forgotten.
12.    Dearest Father thou hast left us.
13.    Frisbie Stone - Beloved in life, in death lamented. - A soul prepared needs no delays, the summons comes the saint obeys. - Swift was her flight and short her rest. - Sheclosed her eyes and saw her God. - The flesh rest here till Jesus comes and claims the treasure from the Tomb.
14.    He is where pain and death are felt no more.
15.    Together Forever.
16.    Sweet is the scene where virtue dies, where sinks the righteous soul to rest.
17.    You living friends behold and see. - As I am now soon you must be.
18.    I would not live alone.
19.    For here dear friends to mourn and weep - Whilst silently in the dust I sleep. -This toilsome world I leave behind- A glorious crown I hope to find.
20.    They live in memory.
21.    Thus one by one the threads are broken. - That tie the lingering links of life: Listen: T's Jesus that hath spoken. - She answers yes in death.
22.    He's gone the Lord has called him. - Onward toward that blissful home - We mourn his loss, yet Heaven rejoiceth. - Another spirit ascends the throne.
23.    May this day gently pass away. - And yet within our hearts we pray. - That he might longer stay.
24.    She has gone off to the mansions of rest.
25.    Thy long suffering now lies at rest.
26.    Though lost to sight - to memory dear.
27.    Asleep in Jesus far from thee - Thy kindred and their graves maybe. - But there is still a blessed sleep from which one never wake to weep.
28.    Farewell my dear husband, - My Lord bids me come - Farewell my dear children - I am now going home.
29.    Our darling one has gone before - To greet us on the other shore.
30.    Suffer little children to come unto Me.
31.    Thy long suffering now lies at rest.
32.    Though lost to sight to memory dear.
33.    Asleep in Jesus far from thee - Thy kindred and their graves maybe - But there is still a blessed sleep from which one never wake to weep.
34.    My lord bids me come - Farewell my dear children - I am now going home.
35.    Our darling one has gone before - To greet us on the other shore.
36.    Death is the crown of life.
37.    Our Darling Boy - Cease fond parents, weep no more, Your child is safe on Canaan's shore.
38.    We shall meet - But we do miss him.
39.   Work Done, Gone Home.
40.    Suffer little children to come unto Me.
41.    Meet me in a better land.

We express our appreciation to Miss Helen Ives, Town of Salisbury Historian, Mrs. Elaine Carlin, Town Clerk, Town of Salisbury, Miss Linda Helterline, Secretary and Mr. Bruce Foster, President of Dibble Cemetery, Mrs. Clara Jorrey, librarian for the records made available at the Kirby Free Library, the hospitality of Joan Mowers and the many other contacts we made in the preparation of these records of this cemetery. Without these people and the time they gave to my friend Ken Mowers and myself this project would not have been possible.


Richard S. Jorrey, Master
Salisbury Center Grange #624
Salisbury Center, NY


Kenneth Mowers
(Better Known as Mr. Computer Whiz)
Dolgeville, NY
(Ken Mowers passed away in November 2003.)

Dibble-Tuttle Cemetery Sign

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