BLISS, Levi 1747-1819Veteran Rev. War 1776 Rev Lippetts Reg R.I.


BLISS, William d. 7-29-1860 67y 6m 16dVeteran War 1812
HALL, John D. d. 2-16-1858 68y 8m Hus of Margaret Veteran War 1812


Center Section
AUSTIN, Jerome B. 1840-1927 Hus of EllenVeteran Civil War Co B 153 Reg NY Vol
MILLER, John D. 1850-1922 Hus of EllaVeteran Civil War Co D 121 Reg NY Vol
DOXTATER, Horace 1843-1922 Hus of Eliz. MetzVeteran Civil War Co D 97 Reg NY Vol
METZ, Henry 1837-1922 Hus of Susan J.Veteran Civil War Co D 97 Reg NY Vol
METZ, Conrad 1816-1883 66y 3m 14dVeteran Civil War Co D 97 Reg NY Vol
METZ, Godfrey 1808-1878 69y 5m 21d Hus of KatherineVeteran Civil War Co D 97 Reg NY Vol
SCORSBY, Will H. d. 8-8-1888 47y Hus of SadieVeteran Civil War Co E 115 NY Vol Inf
MANGA, Augusta S. 1833-1900 67yVeteran Civil War Co F 97 Reg NY Vol
MOYER, John d. 1-23-1895 75y 6m Hus of MargaretVeteran Civil War Co G 97 Reg NY Vol
MOORE, George F. 1838-1911 Hus of Albina Risendorf Veteran Civil War Co I 191 Inf NY Vol
SPENCER, Edgar H. 1840-1874 Hus of Dorces DickensonVeteran Civil War Oneida Cav
PICKERT, John O. 1837-1915 Hus of EstherVeteran Civil War Co H 121 NY Vol Inf

East Section
STAFFORD, J.V. d. 7-20-1900 70yVeteran Civil War
METZ, Horonymous 1841-1905Veteran Civil War Co 168 Reg NY Vol
CARPENTER, Hiram d. 7-11-1891 52yVeteran Civil War Co A 121 NY Vol
GREENMAN, L.H. 1832-No Date Hus of AnnVeteran Civil War Co A NY Vol
LOMAN, John d. 11-1-1887 65yVeteran Civil War Co B NY Vol
RICE, Burrell 1840-1918 Hus of MargaretVeteran Civil War Co D 121 Reg NY Vol
DOXTATER, Levi A. 1845-1924Veteran Civil War Co D 97 Reg NY Vol
POWLEY, J.C. d. 11-24-1898 61yVeteran Civil War Co D 97 Reg NY Vol
NICHOLS, William d. 2-26-1889Veteran Civil War Co D NY Vol
LITTLE, Simon P. 1843-1885Veteran Civil War Co E 115 NY Vol Inf
HOXIE, Samuel 1823-1895 Hus of GertrudeVeteran Civil War Co F 153 Reg NY Vol
FLETCHER, Richard d. 12-18-1903 84y Veteran Civil War Co K 2nd Heavy Art
July 31, 2000

12/16/2006  Note: Civil War veteran John O. Pickert wasn't listed as the family monument didn't reflect his service in the 121st Vols. Click here to see photos of his stone.

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