Town of Winfield

Herkimer County, NY

Off Route 20, South Side

The original reading of East Winfield Cemetery was done by Mr. George Hildebrandt of Herkimer County. This cemetery was contributed and prepared by Contributing Editor Betsy Voorhees.

All first and last names are typed exactly as spelled on the burial list at the Herkimer County Historical Society. For further information about persons on all our Herkimer County cemetery lists, please contact the Herkimer County Historical Society.

MCKEE, James, D. 8-19-1828, 55 yr, Wf. Currence J.
MCKEE, Cornelia J., B.1829 - D.1898
MCKEE, Flora F., B.1831 - D.1920
MCKEE, Alice M., B.1832 - D.1875
HOUGHTON, Mary L., B.1866 - D.1882
McKEE, S. James, B.1835 - D.1898
McKEE, Myron A., B.1840 - D.1910
McKEE, Fannie A., B.1846 - D.1914
McKEE, Samuel, B.1804 - D.1893, Wf. Betsey Carcena
McKEE, Betsey Carcena, B.1807 - D.1882, Hus. Samuel
SMITH, Cornelia, B.1829 - D.1892, Hus. J. Bartlett
SMITH, J. Bartlett, B.1827 - D.1918, Wf. Cornelia
FENTON, Emma C. Loomis, B.1842 - D.1905, Hus. George W.
FENTON, George W., B.1844 - D.1920, Wf. Emma C. Loomis
FISHER, ? , D. 4-13-1842, 18yr 11mo 11da
BLISS, Lucenas, D. 7-24-1869, 40yr 4mo, Hus. Leroy
BLISS, Leroy, D.11-24-1865, 42yr, Wf. Lucenas
FISHER, Schuyler, D.10-18-1842, 43yr, Wf. Hannah
FISHER, Abigail, D. 2-2-1829, 23yr, dau. of Hannah & Schuyler
FISHER, Schuyler, D.8-5-1859, 83yr 10mo, Wf. Hannah
FISHER, Hannah, D. 6-13-1839, 63yr, Hus. Schuyler
CROWELL, John, D.11-17-1862, 74yr, Wf. Lydia
CROWELL, Lydia, D. 4-19-1837, 55yr, Hus. John
CROWELL, John, D.12-24-1843, 87yr, Wf. Zippora
CROWELL, Zipporah, D. 3-30-1836, 73yr, Hus. John
CROWELL, Mary A.D. D.?-?-1863
BROWNELL, Martha, D. 6-28-1825, 80yr
WATERMAN, Georgie E., D.4-4-1882, 1yr 3mo, dau. of Arthur & Helen
SANFORD, Asa, D. 5-19-1832, 43yr
SANFORD, Gilesk, D. 9-4-1837, 10yr 5mo, child of Asa & Electa
SANFORD, Gerrito, D. 9-4-1837, 8yr 4mo, child of Asa & Electa
SANFORD, George J., D. 9-4-1837, 6yr 7mo, child of Asa & Electa
KEITH, Lucretia, D.9-20-1889(69?), Hus. Matthew
SPENCER, Amy Bonfoy, B.1843 - D.1912
BONFY, Elijah, D. 1-2-1897, 89yr 1mo 11da, Wf. Julia A.
BONFY, Julia A., D. 9-22-1879, Hus. Elijah
BONFY, John R., D. 8-20-1870, 22yr 10mo, son of Elijah & Julia
KINNEY, Charles W., B.1861 - D.1920, Wf. Lucia M. Ely
KINNEY, Lucia M. Ely, B.1860 - D.1918, Hus. Charles W.
KINNEY, Georgia A., B.1888 - D.1901
KINNEY, Harry C., B.1890 - D.1901
KINNEY, Gladys, B.1902 - D.1911
ELY, Herman D., D. 5-2-1884, 13yr 1mo 2da, son of Rachel & Daniel
ELY, Daniel, B.1830 - D.1911, Wf. Rachel
ELY, Rachel A., B.1835 - D.1921, Hus. Daniel
ELY, Addie G., B.1862 - D.1889, dau. of Daniel & Rachel
ELY, Herman A., B.1871 - D.1884, son of Daniel & Rachel
COLE, Clayton, B.1858 - D.1906, Wf. Jennie Bowen
COLE, Mabel Chisamon, B.1894- D.1920, Hus. Merton
TOWER, Clarissa E., D.11-24-1830, 29yr 8mo 19da, Hus. Russell
LEONARD, Eachel H., D. 6-23-1842, 24yr 3mo 23da
HOWLAND, Asa Y., B.1842 - D.1889, Wf. Jane Elizabeth
HOWLAND, Jane Elizabeth, B.1845 - D.1908, Hus. Asa Y.
HOWLAND, Horace, B.1870- D.1871, son of Jane E & Asa Y
HOWLAND, Angeline, B.1832 - D.1895
WATROUS, Waterford, D. 1890, Wf. Frances Hickox
WATROUS, Frances Hickox, D. 1906, Hus. Waterford
WALKER, Joseph S.,B.1821 - D.1905, Wf. Martha Hickox
WALKER, Martha Hickox, B.1826 - D.1905, Hus. Joseph S.
GREEN, Infant Daughter, D. 9-25-1837, 16da, dau. ofRowland & Sally
GREEN, Harriet D., D. 9-28-1830, 6yr lda, dau. of Rowland & Sally
GREEN, George S., D. 9-4-1830, sno of Rowland & Sally
GREEN, Eliza, D.1-11- 1827, 4yr 5mo 7da, dau. of Rowland & Sally
GREEN, Harriet M., D. 9-22-1823, 1yr 3mo 22da, dau. of Rowland & Sally
GREEN, son Infant, D. 2-12-1819, son of Rowland & Sally
GREEN, Waily, D.11-8-1827, 20yr, Hus. Rowland
HOWLAND, Myron, B.1866 - D.1930
BURKE, Charles, D. 1905, son of Thomas & Carrie
BURKE, Jon T., D. 1907, son of Thomas & Carrie
BURKE, Derenda, B.1829 - D.1902, Hus. James
BURKE, James, D. 4-15-1879, 55yr 1mo 1da, Wf. Derenda
BURKE, Lizzie, B.1888 - D.1891, dau. of James & Derenda
BURKE, Rena M., B.1890 - D.1891, dau. of James & Derenda
MONTGOMERY, Louisa D., D. 3-12-1881, 16yr 26da, dau. of Juliaette & William
MONTGOMERY, William K., B.1833 - D.1909, Wf. Juliaette
MONTGOMERY, Juliatte Burgess, B.1834 - D.1907, Hus. William K.
HALL, Amelia, B.1840 - D.1905
ORTON, Jane Amelia, D. 3-6-1825, 17yr 1mo 2da, dau. of James & Electa
ORTON, Caroline Julia, D.4-24-1825, 21yr1mo 17da, dau. of James & Electa
ORTON, James, D. 2-22-1835, 70yr, Wf. Electa
ORTON, Electa, D. 12-17-1836, 68yr, Hus. James
CLARK, Harmony H., D. 7-24-1817, 21yr-15da
MONTGOMERY, E. D., B.1863 - D.1922, Wf. Lena Hall
MONTGOMERY, Lena Hall, B.1866- D. ?, Hus. E. D.
JONES, Stephen, D. 4-1-1861, 82yr, Wf. Tirzah
JONES, Tirzah, D. 4-17-1863, 82yr. Hus. Stephen
BRIDGES, Eli, D. 11-13-1846, 33yr 5mo
BRIDGES, Eli, D. 2-2-1847, 5mo
JONES, Frances R., D. 10-23-1846, 2yr 20da, dau. of Jonathan-Melis
JONES, Leina, D. 2-4-1823, 14yr, dau. of Tirzah-Stephen
JONES, Stephen Jr., D. 12-11-1822, 18yr, son of Tirzah-Stephen
GREEN, Harriet Potter, D. 3-8-1837, 25yr 11mo, Hus. Elijah
GORTON, Charles A., B.1851 - D.1905, Wf.#1 Lucia Gates, #2 Lulu A.
GORTON, Lucia M. Gates, D. 10-6-1886, 43yr 11mo 15da, #l Hus. Charlie A.
GORTON, Lulu A., B.1869- D. ? , #2 Hus. Charlie A.
ELLSWORTH, Court, D. 4-2-1899, 34yr, Wf. Florence Steele
ELLSWORTH, Florence E A Steele, D. 2-6-1900, 38yr [see note at end of list]
WOODWARD, Nancy, D. 7-14-1842, 60yr 4mo 27da, Hus. Ozias
WOODWARD, Ozias, D. 6-27-1848, 80yr, Wf. Nancy
WOODRUFF, Amasa, D. 6-12-1834, 79yr.
HOLCOMB, Catharine, D. 6-27-1841, 41yr, Hus. Rev. Chester
WALRATH, Mariah Ward, B.1817- D.1891, Hus. John
WARD, Daniel, B.1831- D.1903, Wf. Minerva
WARD, Minerva, B.1834- D.1875, Hus. Daniel
RAY, Johanha, B.1821- D.1900, Hus. David
RAY, David, B.1815- D.1900, Wf. Johanha
JONES, Hiram, B.1830- D.1907, Wf. Elizabeth
JONES, Elizabeth, B.1828- D.1915, Hus. Hiram
HUSTED, Mary E., B.1858- D.1879
HUSTED, Edith, B.1872- D.1875
WILLIS, Clarinda, NO DATA, 15yr
WILLIS, Emeline, D. 4-25-1835, 11mo
HOUSE, Henry, B.1829- D.1906
HOUSE, Hattie A., D. 1-7-1869, 7yr 10mo
HOUSE, Frankie D., D. 12-29-1872, 5yr 3mo 21da
HOUSE, Levina M., D. 7-18-1882, 53yr 29da, Hus. Henry
HOUSE, Charles, D. 6-23-1861, 4yr
WATERMAN, Orsamus, B.1824- D.1879, Wf. Amy
WATERMAN, Amy, D. 1868, 40yr 10mo., Hus. Orsamus
WATERMAN, Eliza A., D. 1-29-1874, 21yr 4mo
WATERMAN, Henry, D. 3-22-18 ? , 11mo
CUTLER, Judson, D. 3-5-1873, 42yr, Wf. Frances Huntley
CUTLER, Frances Huntley, D. 7-28-1931, 95yr., Hus. Judson
CUTLER, Earl D., B.1864 - D.1921
SPENCER, Hubbard, B.1778 - D.1860, Wf. Sarah McKerney
SPENCER, Sarah McKerney, B.1785 - D.1839, Hus. Hubbard
CUTLER, Thankful Spencer, B.1808 - D.1864
CUTLER, Sarah Lois, B.1844 - D.1844
CUTLER, Bradley, B.1801 - D.1893
VESTER, Katherine M., B.1839 - D. 1893
VESTER, Mary, B.1806 - D.1887
HUNT, Arnold, D. 18 ? , Nancy #l Wf, Sarah Davis #2
HUNT, Sarah Davis, B.1810 - D.1881, #2 Wf., Hus. Arnold
HUNT, Nancy, D.3-2-1841, 34yr 5mo, Wf. #2, Hus. Arnold
CORBIN, Harriet A. Rice, B.1863- D.1928, Hus. Charles
MORGAN, George F., B.1878 - D.1878
MORGAN, Myron K., D. 5-7-1889, 44yr, Wf. Emma Robbins
MORGAN, Emma Robbins, D. 12-12-1922, 76yr, Hus. Myron K.
POPPLE, John, B.1815 - D.1858
POPPLE, Louisa A., B.1834 - D.1837
POPPLE, Frances J., B.1836 - D.1837
BURGESS, Dwight A., D. 9-2-1871, 40yr 9mo 15da, Wf. Adeline M.
BURGESS, Adeline M., B.1830 - D.1914, Hus. Dwight A.
BURGESS, Estelle A., D. 1-6-1875, 15yr, dau. of Dwight & Adeline
WILCOX, Sarah, D. 4-8-1865, 27yr-21da
BURGESS, William, B.1864 - D.1911
BURGESS, Alfred, D. 4-6-1864, 62yr, Wf. Sally Thayer
BURGESS, Sally Thayer, D. 10-17-1892, 89yr, Hus. Alfred
BURGESS, Sarah Dodge, D. 3-15-1923, 83yr, Hus. George W.
BURGESS, George W., D. 4-25-1862, 29yr, Wf. Sarah Dodge
BURGESS, Alice M., D. 2-4-1864, 6mo-11da, dau. of Marion M. & Isaac
BURGESS, Marion D. McKown, D. 4-19-1904, 75yr, #2 Wf. of Isaac
BURGESS, Isaac, D. 5-18-1911, 84yr, Wf. #1 & 2
BURGESS, Amelia M. Knight, D. 5-29-1859, 31yr 10mo 29da, #1 of Isaac
MORGAN, Theron, D. 4-5-1886, 70yr-9mo-25da, #l wf Luiva Keith, #2 wf. Harriet Keith
MORGAN, Luiva A. Keith, D. 2-4-1837, 24yr-10mo-14da, #l- Hus. Theron
MORGAN, Harriet A. Keith, D. 1-9-1889, 72yr-6mo, #2- Hus. Theron
MORGAN, George W., D. 6-6-1887, 54yr
RICE, Albert M., B.1836 - D.1923, Wf. Luna A. Morgan
RICE, Luna A. Morgan, B.1839 - D.1914, Hus. Albert M.
COWLES, Benjamin, B.1818 - D.1880, Wf. Leuna
COWLES, Leuna, B.1812 - D.1886, Hus. Benjamin
COWLES, Palmer, B.1850 - D.1907, Wf. Josephine
COWLES, Josephine, B.1853 - D. ? , Hus. Palmer
COWLES, Leonard, B.1875 - D.1875
ASHLEY, Leonard A., B.1826 - D.1900, Wf. Abigail
ASHLEY, Abigail, B.1832 - D.1905, Hus. Leonard
ASHLEY, Emma, B.1874 - D.1885, dau. of Leonard & Abigail
ASHLEY, Emma M., B.1874 - D.1894
LILLIE, William, B.1855 - D.1906
MILLER, Emalaine, D. 1891, 61yr
MILLER, Nicholas, D. 1904, 39yr
BABCOCK, Charles, B.1839 - D.1857
BABCOCK, Eunice B., D. 1-9-1843, 31yr 10mo, Hus. Lorenzo
COOK, Adaline, D. 10-5-1825, 9yr, dau. of Otis & Lydia
GARDNER, Maria, D. 6-9-1846, 38yr, Hus. David
CLARK, Angeline, D. 10-7-1847, 33yr 2mo, Hus. James H.
HANSEL, Sigmund, B.1838 - D.1913, Wf. Dorlesca McCann
HANSEL, Dorlesca McCann, B.1841- D.1922, Hus. Sigmund
HIBBARD, Emma, B.1922 - D.1922
KELLY, Amanda Crandall, B.1829 - D.1898, Hus. Jeremiah
KELLY, Jeremiah, B.1836 - D.1914, Wf. Amanda C.
CRANDALL, Otis N., B.1825 - D.1901, Wf. Flora McKee
CRANDALL, Flora McKee, B.1831 - D.1920, Hus. Otis N.
CRANDALL, Lorenda, D. 8-9-1871, 57yr 11mo 3da, Hus. Almond
CRANDALL, Almond, B.1801 - D.1876, Wf. Lorenda
CRANDALL, Henry H., B.1902 - D.1903
MUNSON, George T., B.1839 - D.1890
MUNSON, Charles S., B.1807 - D.1881, Wf. Julia H. Cook
MUNSON, Julia H. Cook, B.1806 - D.1871, Hus. Charles S.
COOK, Lydia, D. 8-13-1817, 70yr-1mo-13da, Hus. Otis
COOK, Otis, D. 6-2-1856, 86yr-7mo, Wf. Lydia
THOMAS, George, B.1797 - D.1877, Wf. Alpha Cook
THOMAS, Alpha Cook, B.1796 - D.1886, Hus. George
DAVIES, Isaac, D. 3-3-1890, 72yr
DAVIES, W.G., B.1850 - D.1929
WILLIS, Marcus, D. 11-11-1827, 32yr, Wf. Lucy
WILLIS, Lucy, D. 10-9-1825, 21yr, Hus. Marcus
DAY, A. Curtis,1840- D.1915, Wf. Fannie McKee
DAY, Fannie A. McKee, B.1846 - D.1914, Hus. A. Curtis
DAY, infant Daughter, NO DATA
DAY, infant Son, NO DATA
McKEE, Laura, D. 6-7-1829, 6yr-2mo, dau. of James & Laura
McKEE, Dr. James, D. 8-28-1828, 90yr
McKEE, Currence Jackson, D. 6-3-1855, 73yr, Hus. James
MACK, Flora Dutton, D. 7-9-1888, 29yr-5mo, Hus. James
DUTTON, Helen, B.1868 - D.1877
DUTTON, Charlie B.1860 - D.1879
DUTTON, Puffer, D. 11-6-1869, 47yr-5mo., Wf. Susan Layton
DUTTON, Susan Layton, B.1842 - D.1927, Hus. Puffer
STEVENSON, Maud W. Buchanan, B.1877- D.1906, Hus. DeForest
BUCHANAN, ? , B.1856 - D.1881
HOWARD, Charlie, B.1863 - D.1910
BAKER, Adonijah M., D. 6-4-1844, 68yr
WATERMAN, Zebulon, D. 6-6-1863, 93yr, Wf. Elizabeth
WATERMAN, Elizabeth, D. 6-4-1838, 75yr, Hus. Zebulon
DUTTON, Lydia Ann, D. 8-28-1849, 20yr
DUTTON, Ward, B.1859 - D.1928
DUTTON, Christabel, B.1888 - D.1902
DUTTON, Bessie, D. 1886, 18mo
DUTTON, Ethel, D. 1882, 10da
LAYTON, Charlie, D. 5-26-1877, 6yr 5mo
ELY, Dianthe Ward, B.1844 - D.1917
BRILL, Juliana M., D. 1830, 21yr
BALL, Dr. Zenina, D. 2-7-1837, 60yr 3mo
ALEXANDER, Betsey, D. 1-20-1842, 47yr, Hus. H.A.
BROWN, Hannah M., D. 11-1-1830, 6mo 10da
HODGES, Alma, B.1816- D.1870
LEE, Charles H., D. 1862, 42yr 9mo 1da
LEE, Marquis F., D. 9-13-1863, 71yr 1mo 5da, Wf. Clarissa
LEE, Clarissa, D. 9-17-1864, 67yr 7mo 27da, Hus. Marquis F.
LEE, E. Bradley, D. 2-19-1880, 49yr
HATFIELD, Lydia, B.1880 - D.1896
HODGES, Mamry, D. 9-1-1848, 45yr
HODGES, Lydia Bradley, D. 6-22-1862, 86yr., Hus. Samuel
HODGES, Samuel, D. 2-1-1838(58?), 71yr, Wf. Lydia B.
HODGES, Eli, D.9-8-1827, 19yr
HOWARD, John, D. 6-12-1831, 56yr
BAILEY, Asmaith, NO DATA, Hus. George
HODGES, Alvin, D. 11-21-1878, 77yr-8mo
HAY, John, D. 1835, 33yr
LUCE, B., D.1828, 6 mo
PARKHURST, Alice, B.1746 - D.1826
PARKHURST, Gould T., B.1777- D.1870
PARKHURST, Hannah Healey, B.1784 - D.1879
PARKHURST, Hester A., B.1815 - D.1910
PARKHURST, Harriet, B.1818 - D.1828
WATERMAN, F. Almenor, B.1841 - D.1925
WATERMAN, Luna M., B.1861 - D.1910
BURGESS, Gideon, B.1775 - D.1856, Wf. Sally
BURGESS, Sally, B.1776 - D.1844, Hus. Gideon
LA MUNION, R. Dean, B.1920 - D.1921
MARTIN, Eleanor, D.11-23-1835, 80yr, Hus. Joseph
MARTIN, Joseph, D. 1837, 82yr, Wf. Eleanor
BONFOY, Henry, D. 1837, 85yr, Wf. Sarah
BONFOY, Sarah, D. 1821, 72yr, Hus. Henry
BONFOY, Richard, B.1778 - D.1863, Wf. Hannah
BONFOY, Hannah, B.1782 - D.1873, Hus. Richard
BONFOY, B. Franklin, B.1819 - D.1903
BONFOY, Lois W., D. 11-10-1840, 13yr 6mo 18da
JOSLYN, E.A., B.1876- D.1928, Wf. Dora S. Palmer
JOSLYN, Dora S. Palmer, B.1881 -D.1966, Hus. E.A
BONFOY, Seth, D. 3-12-1890, 74yr, Wf. Eurretia
BONFOY, Euretia, D. 1868, 53yr 2mo 9da, Hus. Seth
ELMER, Dorcas, D. 2-2-1831, 83yr
WILLIAMS, ? , D. 5-25-1887, 88yr 7mo
WILLIAMS, Lizzie, D. 5-30-1879, 3yr 1mo
WILLIAMS, David, D. 3-23-1886, 7mo
EVANS, Robert, B.1849 - D.1928, Wf. May Hitchings
HITCHINGS, May, B.1859 - D.1926, Hus. Victor
HITCHINGS, Daniel, B.1829- D.1889, Wf. Sarah Wheeler
HITCHINGS, Sarah Wheeler, B.1834 - D.1891, Hus. Daniel
HITCHINGS, Ada Howard, B.1857 - D.1889
HITCHINGS, Owen P., B.1853 - D.1923
EVANS, May Hitchings, B.1859 - D.1926, Hus. Robert
HITCHINGS, William, B.1819 - D.1904
HULL, Daniel W., B.1849 - D.1911, Wf. Emma Hanes
HULL, Emma Hanes, B.1854 - D. ? , Hus. Daniel
HITCHINGS, Lois A., B.1815 - D.1892
ACKLER, Garland, D. 11-4-1880, 11mo
BARTLETT, Rush, B.1849- D.1923, Wf. Cora Burgess
BARTLETT, Cora Burgess, B.1858 - D.1926, Hus. Rush
BARTLETT, Dwight B., B.1883 - D.1901
BARTLETT, Alma, B.1893 - D.1894
BARTLETT, Emery, B.1818 - D.1884, Wf. Sarah
BARTLETT, Sarah, B.1818 - D.1874, Hus. Emery
BARTLETT, Jonathan, B.1780 - D.1859, Wf. Amy
BARTLETT, Amy, B.1779 - D.1872, Hus. Jonathan
BARTLETT, Clarrissa, B.1812 - D.1828
WEAVER, Carrie Bartlett, B.1889 - D.1922, Hus. Delbert
JONES, Eddie, D. 9-9-1875, 2yr 9mo 4da, son of Hiram & Elizabeth
JONES, Eva May, D. 10-9-1864, 1yr 10mo, dau. of Hiram & Elizabeth
JONES, James P., D. 8-7-1857, 25da, son of Hiram & Elizabeth
WILLIS, Rhodah, D. 8-12- ? , Hus. Aretas
WILLIS, Aretas, D. 12-6-1874, Wf. Rhodah
WILLIS, George, D. 8-5-1838, 52yr, Wf. Sally
WILLIS, Sally, D. 2-11-1829, 28yr, Hus. George
WILLIS, Col. Joab, D. 12-12-1811, 65yr, Wf. Alice
WILLIS, Alice, D. 12-9-1822, 75yr, Hus. Col. Joab
FISHER, Sarah, D. 1-15-1870, 72yr
HAYDEN, Mary, D. 3-21-1852, 91yr, Hus. Thomas
EATON, Frances H., D.3-6-1854, 69yr, Hus. Rufus

A correction from Jane Steele Flannery:
Florence Round Steele was incorrectly listed as wife of Court Ellsworth in the East Winfield Cemetery. She isn't buried there but rather in Oak Hill, Herkimer. She was married to Richard Steele, my grandfather who is also buried there in plot of Frederick Steele, altho not listed on stone.

Near Babcock Hill and Bridgewater Road
Town of Winfield

This reading was also made by Mr. George Hildebrandt of Herkimer County and prepared by Contributing Editor Betsy Voorhees. Our volunteer typists aren't usually familiar with persons in the cemeteries they prepare. Further information about persons on our Herkimer County cemetery lists should be sought of the real authorities, Herkimer County Historical Society.

CAMPBELL, Cornelia Monroe, D.9-23-1862, 53yr-9mo, Hus. Wendell
MONROE, Abraham, D. 7-17-1851, 92yr, Wf. Pricilla
MONROE, Pricilla, D. 6-23-1823, 49yr, Hus Abraham
MONROE, Orrin, D. 8-18-1843
MONROE, Abraham, D. 2-4-1829, 35yr
MONROE, daughter, D. 6-10-1837, dau. of Sarah & Abraham
BROWN, Anna, D. 1-27-1826, 14yr, dau. of Robert & Sally
BENHAM, Major James Jr., D. 1-6-1807, 45yr
BENHAM, Jerusha, D. 9-9-1799, 20yr, Hus. Truman
COBB, Huldah, D. 8-13-1829, 31yr, Hus. Allen
WILSON, Jacob, D. 12-22-1831, 80yr 7mo, Wf. Molly
WILSON, Molly, D. 3-24-1839, 79yr, Hus. Jacob

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