Fairview Cemetery
Town of Norway

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Mallory, Shirley A. 1935-1996
Mallory, Harold d. 1936
Beloved son & Brother Eric J. Worden 12/19/1950
Lodge, Sheldon L. 1925-1991
Lodge, Florence B. 1923-2000
Tompkins, Stephen M. 1836-1907
Tompkins, Victoria B. his wife 1840-1909
Davis, Freddie son of Albert Davis 1889-1891
Luther, Maurice F. 1905-1968
Luther, Margret Miller 1905-1988
Son Patrick R. Edwards 1952-1968
Luther, Martha Sarah Widow of Morris Luther 1849-1938
Luther, Morris Co. K 186th Reg. N.Y. Vol died 5/4/1922 age 76 yrs
Dora? No dates
Luther, Claude son of Mr. & Mrs. Luther died 5/29/1888 age 7yrs. 4 mo.
Dora wife of... died /22/1898 age 21 yrs?
Miller, Elmer H. 1874-1943
Miller, Jennie E. 1876-1964
Two fresh unmarked graves
Kane, Thomas J. WWI Pvt.63rd Co 16th Batt. US Army 1888-1969
Hall, Dennis T. died 9/9/1877
Bonfrey, Barna same stone died 6/21/1874 age 76 yrs 6 mo.
Flat stone next to it says mother 1817-1906
Congdon, Robt pvt. Cival War Co.D 8th NY Cal. 1848-1911
Congdon, Anna H. wife of Robt. 1852-1934
Clark, George E. 1883-1950
Clark, Belle C. 1836-1964
Bennett, Benjamin died 1/22/1890 82yrs. 4 mo. 16 days
Father- no date Mother- no date
Alice 1886-1932----Lake-1861-1932
Bennett, Linus Father 1844-1919
Tompkins, Chas. R. died 4/20/1875 40 yrs. 1 mo. 12 days
Furdon, John A. 1874-1940
Furdon, Martha L. Wood his wife 1880-1963
Wood, Solon O. 1876-19?
Wood, Marcus 8/30/1873-1-30-1925 flat stone marked Marcus-Bethel 572 Wood
Wood, John S. 1840-1905
Rhoda M. his wife 1838-1892 sm. Stone either side says Father-Mother
wood, Wheelock died 4/1/1882 age 92 yrs. 6 mo.24 days
Wood, Hannah wife of W. Wood died 1/8/1892 53 yrs. 2 mo. 19 days
Western Benjamin 1840-1908
Western, Sarah Wood 1841-1898
Western, Walter 1884-1889
Back of same stone , Jennie D. dau. of Bennie & Sarah Western 1888-1911
Separate stone, Jennie D. wife of Dexter Carpenter 1868-1911
Carpenter, Dexter 1864-1943
Houghtaling, Emmett K. 12/1/1917
Houghtaling, Marjorie M. 1/9/1921-2/14/1998
Bennett, Wm. died 1/19/1900 age 65 yrs. Co. C 81st Reg NY Vol's
Bennett, Albert son of Wm. & Emily 2/7/1885 age 13 yrs.
Barrup, Peter & Caroline died 6/28/1852
Barrup, Caroline M. wife of Peter age 46 yrs. 6 mo. 16days (age 11 mo. 22 days on bottom of stone)
Davis, EL Marian 1846-1891 father
Davis, Frances mother 1848-1886
small stone marked A. B
Stone marked Mary 1877-1943
Stone with lamb Harold sone of G. I. & W. B. Bennett 1919-1920
Bennett, Winifred 1899-1990 Gary 1877-1943
Wood, V. Wesley Tec 5 US Army WWII 9/11/1903-7/12/1988
Shepard, Henry P. 1893-1956
Shepard, C. Mabelle 1892-1972
Shepard, Helen R. 1914-1998
Pardee, son Fred 1904-1959 father Wm. C. 1878-1959 Mother Alida 1884-1948
Henry, Frank 1870-1904
Shafer, Alice L. 1872-1938
Holmes, Earl L 1891-1947
HOlmes, Hazel Henry 1890-1974
Holmes, FRancis Earl 1918-1972
Westen, Lavilla S. wf of Wm. S. Western born 7/8/1861 died 2/21/1898
Next stone down and broken Infant?7/27/1888
Henry, Wm. Co C. 34th Reg 11/3/1828-1/29/1907
Henry, Margaret wf of Wm. Henry died 1/21/1900 age 71 yrs 3 mo.
Mary A. wife of James E.C.-AK died 8/1/1887 66yrs 2 mo.
Davis, Romain 1854-1926
Davis, Anna Rutton his wife 1852-1919
Each side of stone father-mother
Davis, Clifford M. 1912-1915
Leah dau of F&MC Davis 1902-1902
Florence dau. of H. W. & B.M. Davis 1918-1920
Myrtle infant dau. of Adelbert & Melissa Davis aged 14 days
Davis, Adelbert 1874-1950
Melissa his wife 1880-1924
Each side of stone marked mother father
Van Vechten Co. K 186th Reg NY Infy died 10/8/1887 age 42 yrs
next stone Martha next mother
Hall, Mertenn 1864-1886
Van Vechten, Martha Hall 1848-1902
Hall, Sarah 1827-1922
Small stone marked M.A.H.
Hall, Warren Co. 186th NY Vol Infy died 5/7/1904 age 82 yrs
Small stone S.M.M.-M.J.M
Schaefer, Geo. US Army WWII 2/24/1915-11-19-1983
Schaefer, Dorothy E. Tefft 1/20/1920
Stone Missing
Carpenter, Mildred E. 1907-1994 age 66yrs
King, Carlos Pvt. US Army 11/16/1904-2/11/1987
King, Orie A 1877-1945
Mix, Albert A. 4/21/1866-4/27/1910
Mix, Chas W. son 1890-1941
Mix, Jennie C. Mc Intosh 1870-1951
Mix, Daniel B. 11/15/1836-2/10/1908
Mix, Mary J. wife of Daniel Mix died 4/20/1896 59yrs
Hodge, Louisa wife of AB Hodge died 8/9/1879 age 56 yrs
Wendover, David O. died 1/30/1880 age 59yrs 7 mo
Wendover, Mary E. wife of David O. Wendover 9/6/1831-5/17/1905
Stone each side father mother
Newman, Geo. 1883-1935
Newman, Ada Wendover his wife 1868-1904 side stone mother
Newman, Amie dau of Geo. & Ada Newman died 2/12/1885 7 mo. 27 days
side stone father
Linstruth, Merle Newman 1899-1966
Johnson, Douglas M father 1896-1955
Johnson, Myrtle E mother 1896-1958
Johnson, Darwin Co B 152nd Reg NY Vol died 5/15/1925 age 81 yrs
Legg, Silvanius B. our brother 6/20/1813-3/7/1885
Legg, Abbie R. 7/30/1829-10/20/1897
Legg, Mary H. our sister 7/2/1815-9/4/1833
Legg, Bailey 5/9/1783-10/11/1862
Benson, Mary his wife 6/9/1789-1/12/1864
Benson, Phila 3/5/1802-12/20/1881
Bly, Prudence B. 1/7/1795-11/7/1865 or1805
Williams, Ira D. 1859-1920
Williams,Monica A. 1869-1912 and children
Hamblin, Harley 1885-1952
Bower, Eva M. sister 1883-1977
Bower, Clarence A. brother 1887-1927
Wilmont, Floyd E. 1893-1977
Wilmont, Nathaniel E. father 1847-1937
Leona dau of 12-88 rest unreadable
Vedder, Mary E. his wife 1852-1937
Belcher, Lewis L. 1860-1948
Belcher, Elmer E. 1864-
Belcher, Emma T. 1862-1902 small stone (mother)
Belcher, Daniel 1828-
Belcher, Henrietta his wife 1836-1892
Legg, Bailey died 10/14/1862 80yrs
Benson, Mary wife of Bailey Legg died 1/12/1864 75 yrs. small stone next Mary H.
Small stone Abbie Small stone Silvanus B
Willoughby, Geo. died 1/8/1885 age 63 yrs. 5mo. 17 days
Willoughby, Hadley O. died 5/14/1879 age 31 yrs. 10 mo. 14 days
Small stone Emily Small stone Ella B.
Small stone last half Petri
Small stone J. Petrie
Bennett, Annie Dau of Chas & Emily J. Bennett died 8/7/1869 age 1yr. 6 mo. 19days
Bennett, Ella dau of Chas & Mary Bennett died 11/20/1890 age 7 yrs. 3 mo. 7 days
Petrie, Jeremiah died 8/17/1891 age 78 yrs. 1 mo. 19 days
Petrie, Anna Lamphere his wife died 5/7/1891 age 64 yrs. 10 mo. 5 days
Petrie, Hayden J. son of Jeremiah Petrie Pvt. Co C 34th Regt NY Vol wouded in the Battle of Fairoaks, May 31st died 6/1/1862 age 22 yrs
Ella dau. of J. & A. Petrie died 5/15/1874 age 17 yrs. 10 mo. 27 days
Erkenbrack, James 1850-1926
Emma Baird his wife 1864-1892 dates?
Clara Burt his wife 1861-1941 dates?
Bennett, Frank unreadable
  Caroline E. Coop his wife 1829-1898
Burt, Henry S. 1823-1909
Veddar, Sarah E. 1860-1892
Veddar, Alice F. 1885-1905
Bunce, Franklin E. tec 4 US Army WWII 1914-1980
Bunce, Clarence W. 1903-1944
Bunce, Frank 1867-1950
Bunce, Alice Hodge his wife 1871-1937 ?
Bunce, Garry 1906-1907
Bunce, Valentine Sept. 1936
Bunce, Cynthia his wife 1/27/1829-12/17/1937
Bunce, Hattie 1865-1939
Bunce, Arthur 1872-1943
Bunce, Edson 1854-1944
Bunce, Helen Dygert his wife 1866-1934
Small stone Leon
Bunce, James 1851-1914
Estella dau. of James & Cinderella Bunce 6/27/1882-2/5/1884
Hodge, Nora O. dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Ira Hodge died 5/7/1883
Hodge, Florence 1877-1901 dau. of Ira & Mary Hodge
Hodge, Ira 1840-1903
Hodge, Mary his wife 1841-?
Vantassel died 10/9/1883 61 yrs. 5 mo. 20 days
Bullock, Lyman 1884-?
Bullock, Lucinda wife of Lyman Bullock Born 4/22/1914?
Bullock, Fred M. died 2/28/1875 age 37 yrs
Bullock, Mary L. his wife died 5/6/1877 age 36 yrs.
Bullock, Ira S. died 2/18/1881 age 70 yrs
Bullock, C. or G. 6/15/1835-3/21/1901 - * see note at end of page
Bullock, Mary S. his wife died 8/13/1899 age 86 yrs
Small stone mother father
Another stone mother
Small stone Chaucey - Ira - * see note at end of page
Luther, Almon died 4/3/1894 age 79yrs
Luther, Catherine wife of Almon Luther
Small stones Pheobe-father-mother
Turner, Frank 1867-1942
Turner, Pheobe Miller his wife 1885-1943
Turner, REynold son husband father 1920-1993
Van Nattor, Philinda 1842-1913
Van Nattor , Lorenzo Co. C 81st Regt. NY Vol died 2/17/1912 age 73yrs
Small stone not readable
Newman, James 1840-?
Newman, Emma Marvel his wife 1845-1908
Newman, Lawrence 1913-1996
Newman, Emma 1872-1942
Newman, John 1868-1960
Newman, Margaret M. 1898-1972
Newman, Earl A. 1897-1981
Wagner, Flora wife of Chas Wagner 1877-1901
Hodge, Aaron 10/23/1836-7/4/1913
Hodge, Lydia M. wife of Aaron Hodge 9/11/1840-12/25/1892
Bullock, Ray H. 1887-1930
children of C.A. & L.E. Bullock. Leroy died 3/6/1883 age 2yrs. Willis died 7/27/1880 age 14 mo.
Bullock, Chas. Adelbert 1854-1939
Bullock, Libbie Hodge his wife 1859-1943
Boyd, John G. 1878-1907
Boyd, Mabelle L. his wife 1881-?
Boyd, John G. Jr. 1901-1902
Wilbur, Edgar 1853-1937
Wilbur, Etta 1868-1932
Stroup, Mabel 1885-1937
Lindow, Chas Co. L NY Engineer 2/5/1846-11/13/1927
Lindow, Mary Ett 1846-1919
Wait, Hiram L. 1852-1915
Smith, Mary Jane wife of Joseph T. Smith died 2/7/1873 age 58yrs
Barhydt, unreadable
Abeel, Harry NY Pvt 409 Bannery Co O.M.C. 10/8/1938
Small stones James- Viola
Richards, Robt 5/13/1823-5/16/1902
Abeel, James W. born 12/1/1851-?
Viola Richards his wife 4/6/1866-5/16/1907
Richards, Catherine wife of Robert Richards 4/19/1822-12/11/1892
Small stones marked mother father
Stone down unreadable
Legg, Jared B. died 6/10/1869 23 yrs. 18 days
Parcel reading E-ithim dau. of Cainright1862-1873
HOdge, Eva A. 1878-1958
Hodge, Chas N. 11/15/1854-1/6/1879
Hodge, Nellie wife of Chas N. Hodge 11/18/1858-5/11/1892
Service, Wm H. 12/30/1827-1/9/1891
Mary Manning his wife 12/15/1835-2/30/1922
Children of Wm. & Mary Service:
Mary Ett 11/18/1850-11/25/1882
Adda A. 12/20/1852-11/7/1869
Wendover, Benjamin Co. B. 152nd Regt. NY Vol died 7/14/1915 age 80 yrs.
Wendover, unreadable
Wendover Mary E. widow of Benjamin E. Wendover 1843-1923
Wendover, Oramus son of Benjamin & Mary Wendover 3/14/1857-9/30/1914
Shafer, Elliza Mae dau. of Adelbert & Edna B. Shafer 1918-1918
Shafer, Edna Rank mother 1886-1960
Shafer, Adelbert father 1885-1965
Rank, Glen 1892-1969
Rank, Chas. 1849-1919
Rank, Celia his wife 1856-1937
Walker, Hazel A. 1917-1998
Walker, Henry F. 1908-1975
Wood, Edna Robertson 1886-1917
Dubois, Sydney 1853-1918
Dubois, Dora his wife 1856-1940
Dubois, J. V. 1829-1893
Dubois, BEtsy E. Tompkins 1829-1895
delong, Joseph died 3/11/1881 67 yrs
Delong, John died 9/10/1889 age 41 yrs
Delong, Mary A. his wife 1852-1997
Small stones father mother
Delong, Hattie 1884-1900
Delong, John W. 1890-1958
Delong, Orpha I. his wife 1890-1995
Delong, John Wiley Jr. Pvt 469 QM Laundry Co. 6/17/1932-11/1/1961
Eveline wife of John Flike 1837-1901
Sherman, Hattie wife of Elisha Sherman died 7/25/1867 age 23 yrs. 5 mo.
Peabody, Darius K. 4/5/1907 85 yrs
Peabody, Eliza wife of Darius Peabody 8/26/1889 age 68 yrs. 6mo. 17days
Small stone mother father
Peabody, Ada Alice dau. of Darius & Eliza Peabody 5/?/1877 age 2?yrs 1 mo. 15 dys
Peabody, Nathaniel P. son of Darius & Eliza Peabody 2/21/1847 age 1yr. 6mo.9days
Bullock, Bertha Rank his wife 1868-1940
Hadcock, Nellie A. 1877-1919
Bly, Daniel 1852-1928
Bly, Jennie E. his wife 1853-1932
Bly, Horace died 2/22/1880 age 64yrs. 6 mo.
Bly, Harriet A. his wife 1/16/1895 age 78yrs
Bly, David H. son of H.R. & H.A. Bly died 1/1/1872 age 31 yrs
Lawton, Truman 1857-1945
Lawton, Mary H. Bly 1863-1943
Snyder, Geo. 1824-1888
Snyder, Lydia his wife 1813-1887
Snyder, Emma E. 1852-1861
Snyder, Wm. H. 1845-1932
Manning, Edward C. Co B 152nd NY Vol died 6/22/1906 68 yrs
Manning, Wm. H. 1865-1902
Manning, Sarah M. 1841-1918
Hall, Albert Co. B 152nd Regt. NY Vol. died 8/10/1901 age 64 yrs
Hall, Martin B. 6/16/1846-5/9/1888
Hall, Lucy J. his wife 3/31/1845-5/24/1895
Sweet, Lovina wife of Norman Hall 1822-1908
Mary Ann wife of Nowman Hall died 4/15/1872 age 54yrs. 4mo. 10days
Hall, Norman died 9/27/1884
Burr, Gibson father 1865-1949
Case, Addie mother his wife 1870-1900
Venton, Edna his wife 1876-1936
Case, Geo. W. 4/3/1823-2/7/1873 age 49yrs. 10 mo. 4days
Case, Mary M. wife of Geo. Case died 9/16/1896 age 68yrs
Case, Joseph W. son of Geo. W. & Mary M Case died 1/18/1861 age 1yr. 8mo. 24dy
Case, Stephen son of Geo. W. & Mary M. Case died 11/16/1870 20yrs. 11mo. 24 dys
Sweet, Erwin died 3/30/1891 age 35yrs. 7mo. 27days
Hall, Benjamini 1847-1927
Hall, Betsy mother 1826-1914
Comstock, Jerome 1851-1924
Comstock, Elizabeth P. Miller his wife 1896-1967
Fitch, Morgan L. 1893-1955
Fitch, Earl F. 1897-1989
Bunce, Carl L. NY Pvt. US Army WWII 12/12/1906-9/21/1973
Back right side unmarked grave
Wildey, John Sr. 8/7/1888-10/5/1966
Frey, Louis G. 1929-1975
Frey, Betty his wife 1949-
Schumacker, Walter 1896-1981
Satterly Wm G. Jr. 1914-1991
Schumacker, Gordon J. Sr. 1929-?
Schumacker, Lillian S. wfie 1933-1990
GAuthier, Sherrill 1952-1997 married 8/1/1996
Gauthier, Nellie A. 1956-?
Goldsmith, Kieth D. 8/21/1961-4/25/1995
Youngs, Geo. G. 1915-1995
Alta C. 1928-1995
Darrow, Jerome D. US Army WWII 8/15/1896-11/14/1990
Ethel M. 1905-1991
Rachon, Frank S. 1916-1986
Rachon, Mary R. 1924-1985
Johson "Sam" Jason S. 6/7/1976-10/30/1993
Chrisman, Herbert O. 1907-1979
Chrisman, Elaine V. Lamders his wife 1915-1998
Sellnow, Duaine ?
Johnson, Vernon J. Pvt. US Army 5/23/1929-9/20/1977
Luther, Edward M. 6/1/1928-
Luther, Mary Moore 5/15/1930-
Rachon, Walter 1917-
Rachon, Ola A. 1923-
Comstock, Howard W. 1894-1972
Grower, Blanche 1895-1980
Hodge, Oscar 1868-1931
Hoke, Ruth 4/11/1917-10/31/1976
Locke, Myrtle L. 8/14/1899-12/2/1992
Robinson, Lee W. 1918-1978
Robinson, Esther R. 1934-
Bates, Nellie I. 12/28/1863-5/6/1936
Hall, Alonzo died 1/3/1908 86yrs
Hall, Almeda wife of Alonzo Hall 3/11/1896 age 71 yrs
Hall, Anna 1854-1928
Carpenter, Lovett 1895-1959
Carpenter, Goldie Wilver his wife 1893-1970
Murphy, Grace Carpenter 1902-1979
Crandall, Myrtle 9/18/1888-12/26/1981
Crandall, Reynold NY Pvt. US Army WWII 12/26/1888-6/12/1965
Smith, Peter ?
Sheppard, Lylle D. 1943-1997
Sheppard, Terry Ann dau. of Teddy Sheppard 1959-1959
Sheppard, Amy J. 2/14/1967-1967
Sheppard, Lynette 1964-1964
Smith, Linda Louise 1971-1971
Smith, Petrina Mae 1973-1973
Smith, Samuel J. ?
Sheppard, Alan L. 1912-1955
Sheppard Marjorie 1914-1999
Sheppard, Barabra Joan 6/28/39-1940
Wilbur, Louis W. 1934-
Wilbur, Doris A. 1935-
Hamblin, Elmer 1857-1939
Wilbur, Richard L. 1928-1949
Wilbur, Edwin B. 1899-1954
Rank, Arthur W. 1898-1972
Rank, Carlota N. 1910-1988
Hamlin, Elmer C. 7/14/1890-2/21/1986
Hamlin, Wm. H. 1884-1956
Fannie Davis his wife 1864-1956
Davis Franklin 1853-1930
Mary Fretenburgh his wife 1864-1927
Frettenburgh, Albert Co. B 162nd Regt. NY Vol. died 10/13/1903 age 66yrs
Davis, Irvin Pvt. WWI Camp Wheeler GA 1888-1941
Wheeler, Martha Davis 1890-1947
Talcott, Fay J. 1936-
Talcott, Mary E. Cary wife 1936-
Bates, Fred K. 2/15/1868-6/19/1940
Maud, Stella Mae 1901-1986
Hickey, Glenn F. 1885-1982
Hickey, Chas H. 1879-1960
Miller, Roy O. Sr. 1904-1986
Miller, Edith E. Culver 1909-1993
Miller, Earl Lawrence 12/6/1936-3/23/1963
Farber, Wm L. 1908-1981
Farber, Dorothy E. Johnson 1915-1976
Farber, Paul B. 1911-1981
Farber, Herbert G. 4/11/1937-6/21/1994
Farber, Genevieve A. 1/5/1939-
Farber, Jeffrey G. 6/18/1957-7/1/1983
Farber, Lori Lynn our baby 8/14/1958-10/5/1959
Prosser, Robert H. 2nd Lt 7th Bomb Sq. 34th Bomb GP killed near Santa Barbara Cal July 4th 1943 1920-1942
Prosser, Henry W. 1873-19?
Bertha Comstock his wife 1875-1942
Houghtaling, Elon L Sr. father 1/28/1912-7/24/1993 sgt US Army Aircorp WWII
Elanor Boh mother 4/18/1929-2/4/1992
Tyson, Elmer R. JR. US Marine Corp Vietnam 10/18/1947-11/22/1990
Tyson Elmer Sr. 12/27/1915-2/22/1975
Dorothy Wheeler 1/20/1926-3/19/1979
Cathy JO 1971 (Tyson?)
Youngs, David Geo. 1948-1957
Redmond, Howard & Unice 1956
Ladue, Baby Girl 1954-1954
Morgan, Donna J. -1956
Durrin, Reuben 1885-1958
Mullen Liinda Mae 1954-1954
Loomis, Wm 1866-1953
Tyson, Larry 1949
Grimshaw, Nancy A. 1953-1953
Maine, Edward 1880-1955
Latulippe, Louis A. 1905-1955
Millington, Arvin J. tec5 US Army WWII 5/1/1924-4/30/1980
Newman, Edward 3/16/1873-7/30/1957
Bullock, Emma 2/20/1874-11/3/1966
Western? Infant 6/27/1888 or 3

new 5/17/06  Information about the Bullocks contributed by Asst. Coordinator, Lisa Slaski:

I was just looking at a cemetery listing and have ID'd a listing. The listing for Bullock, C or G, 6/15/1835-3/21/1901 is ullock, Charles (dates appear to be correct), son of Ira and Mary.

Small stone Chaucey- Ira is Bullock, Chauncey, CW soldier killed in war, son of Ira and Mary.

The listing just before these for Fred M Bullock is also a son of Ira and Mary.

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