Town of Manheim
Herkimer County, New York

The transcript of the Faville Peck, or Sherwood, Cemetery was contributed to the Herkimer County NYGenWeb by Betsy Voorhees. As recorded with the Herkimer County Historical Society.

NILES, Stephen, D. 9-4-1849, 81yr.
NILES, Mary, D. 3-l-1838, 72yr
MUNSON, Sarah, D. 12-23-1836, 78yr-2mo-15da, Hus. Isaac
BARNES, Elijah, REV.VET., D. 4-23-1839, 80yr-3mo-2da, Wf. Lucy
BARNES, Lucy, D. 20-6-1854, 85yr-6mo, Hus. Elijah
BARNES, Mariah, D. 2-29-1808, 16yr, DAU= Lucy & Elijah
BARNES, Lucy, D. 8-12-1815, 22yr, DAU= Lucy & Elijah
BENNETT, Nancy Favill, D. 10-14-1864, 70yr, Hus. M. L.
BENNETT, Michael L., D. 10-13-1863, 7lyr
JOHNSTON, Thomas, D. 2-15-1851, 83yr, Wf. Irene
JOHNSTON, Irene, D. 12-25-1850, 82yr, Hus. Thomas
McARTHUR, Margaret, D. 12-6-1850, 87yr, Hus. John
FAVILL, Nancy Cramer, D. 9-1-1859, 49yr, Hus. Reuben
FAVILL, Reuben, B. 1799-D. 1884, Wf. Nancy CRAMER
FAVILL, Margaret - Married Dr.A. G.Barney - No data
HUMPHREY, James REV. VET., D. 9-13-1811, 55yr-6mo
FAVILLE, Eliza, D. 3-6-1836, 6mo, DAU= Thomas & Betsey
WOOLVERTON, Wm. Rush, D. 4-21-1855, 1mo-18da, SON= Stephen & Mary
WOOLVERTON, George D., D. 9-12-1852, 14yr-6mo-10da, SON= Stephen & Mary
WOOLVERTON, Nellie, D. 8-26-1853, 4yr-4mo-2da, DAU= Stephen & Mary
WOOLVERTON, Ralph F., D. 9-28-1853, 7yr-10mo, SON= Stephen & Mary
FAVILLE, Happy, D. 2-24-1839, 7yr-10mo, DAU= John & Elizabeth
LAMBERSON, Jane, D. 7-9-1851, 37yr., Hus. Albert
FAVILLE, Elizabeth, D. 4-14-1848, 61yr, Hus. Albert
FAVILLE, Nathan B., D. 12-20-1863, 25yr, VET. Civil War
FAVILLE, Dwight S., D. 8-20-1862, 30yr, VET. Civil War
FAVILLE, Thomas, B. 1788-D.1860, Wf. Elizabeth West
SHERWOOD, Miner, D. 1-25-1828, 18yr., SON= Amos & Anna
SHERWOOD, Anna, D. 8-14-1812, 30 yr., Wf. #l of Amos
SHERWOOD, Mary Favill, NO DATA, Wf. #2 of Amos
FAVILL, Hannah, D. 12-16-1819, 25yr., Hus. James
FAVILL, James, B. 1790- D. 1860, Wf. Hannah
FAVILL, Albert NO DATA, SON= James & Hannah
FAVILL, Spencer, NO DATA, Wf. Delos West, Also SON= James & Hannah
FAVELL, Merriman, D. 9-16-1843, 4yr-8mo, SON= Asa & Jane
FAVELL, Asa, D. ? - ?1890, Wf. Jane Smith
FAVILL, Elijah, D. 8-27-1816, 12yr, SON= John & Nancy
WEBB, Betsy Favill, D. 6-27-1808, 28yr., Hus. James
FAVILL, Nancy, D. 3-24-1834, 73yr., Hus. John
FAVILL, John, D. 6-14-1817, 68yr REV. VET., Wf. Nancy
PECK, Augustus, D.8-25-1855, 67yr., Wf. Martha
PECK, Martha, D.1-14-1856, 72yr., Hus. Augustus
AYRES, Emeline M., D.6-7-1814, 15mo, DAU= Elijah & Levicy
AYRES, John, D.5-12-1814, 2yr-6mo., SON= Elijah & Levicy
AYRES, Levicy, D.12-4-1813, 24yr., Hus. Elijah
AYRES, Jabez, D.2-23-1824, 87yr., Wf. Persis
AYRES, Persis, D.6-27-1833, 90yr., Hus. Jabez
AYRES, Ebenezer, D.2-23-1824, 72yr.
RANSOM, Anna, D.4-27-1853, 96yr-7da., Hus. David
RANSOM, David, D.3-1-1813, 61yr-9mo., Wf. Anna
SPAFFORD, Luke, D-6-18-1810, 1yr-4mo, SON= Thomas & Bula
SPAFFORD, Thomas, D.1-1-1810, 57yr., Wf. Bula
SPAFFORD, Bula, D.10-8-1849, 74yr-7mo-16da., Hus. Thomas
RANSOM, Oren, D.12-16-1820, 42yr.
ARNOLD, William C., D.5-29-1845, 1yr-4mo., SON= Charles & Nancy
ARNOLD, Nancy, D.4-26-1844, 23yr-5mo., Hus. Charles
RANSOM, Polly, D.7-21-1841, 52yr., Hus. Calvin
RANSOM, Calvin, D.7-22-1839, 55yr., Wf. Polly
RANSOM, Robert, D.11-18-1827, 54yr
RANSOM, Leah, D.11-5-1813, 91yr-4mo-28da., Hus. Johnathan
RANSOM, Johnathan, D.5-29-1817, 68yr., Wf. Leah
RANSOM, Azuba, D.2-28-1815, 17yr., DAU= Johnathan & Leah
FAVILLE, Little Kitt, D.6-6-1868, 10 mo., SON= B.R. & Phebe
FAVILLE, Baby Dau., D.6-25-1859, 5mo-24da., DAU= B.R. & Phebe
FAVILLE, William, D-7-27-1865, SON= Nancy & John
FAVILLE, Happy, D-5-19-1883, Hus. William
SPOFFORD, SONS, B.1813-D.1815 (TRIPLETS), sons = John D. & Delila
SPOFFORD, Infant Dau., B.1813-D1815 " Dau = John D. & Delila
PECK, Reuben, D.11-26-1842, 40yr-2mo-24da
PECK, Johnathan, D.4-29-1815, 42yr.
GILLETT, Stephen E., D.5-30-1848, 5yr-7mo-5da., SON= Rhodolphus & Catharine
GILLETT, Rhodolphus, D.5-1-1848, 43yr-8mo-1da., Wf. Catharine

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