Town of German Flatts
Herkimer County, New York

STEELE, Jacob, d. 3-22-1845, 31yr

BELLINGER, Norman, 1830-1909, Wf. Anna Baxter
BELLINGER, Anna Baxte,r 1836-1902, Hus. Norman

VANSLYKE, Moses, d. 9-7-1866, 48yr-11mo, Wf. Lucinda
VANSLYKE, Lucinda, 1823-1897, Hus. Moses
VANSLYKE, Roselle, 1867-1926
VANSLYKE, Alonzo, 1864-1889

EYSAMAN, Joseph, d. 5-1-1846, 39yr-8mo-10da
EYSAMAN, Francis, d. 2-1-1885, 68yr-4mo, Wf. Maria
EYSAMAN, Maria, d. 3-16-1891, 72yr-6mo-19da, Hus. Francis
EYSAMAN, Joseph, d. 3-14-1858, 70yr, Wf. Nancy
EYSAMAN, Nancy, d. 11-11-1874, 85yr, Hus. Joseph

RANKINS, Josiah, d. 12-26-1888, 70yr-2mo-21da, Wf. Eva
RANKINS, Eva, d. 5-14-1880, 60yr-4mo-6da, Hus. Josiah
RANKINS, Melchert, d. 6-26-1877, 85yr-3mo-6da

Update 5/21/99 from Willis Rankins: "Missing is Nancy wife of Melchert Rankins, dau. of Stephen Eysaman, who died Aug. 18, 1842. Age 43 yrs, 8ms, 1da. She is on the same marker as Melchert and Josiah, Melchert's son and Eva who was Josiah's wife. Thomas Rankins, b. 1771, d. 1833, had a stone back in the 60's but has been removed now. Thomas' son James T. Rankins was buried there in 1882 beside his wife Mary. James was b. 1796, d. 1882. If you can add these to the cemetery list I would be most grateful. The record for James being buried there was from the Paines Hollow Church. "

SHOEMAKER, James T., 1825-1900

CASLER, Jacobus, d. 1843, 87yr-11mo-16da
CASLER, Elizabeth, d. 10-11-1837, 72yr-7mo, Hus. Richard

RANKINS, Mary, d. 7-24-1855, 55yr-10mo-22da, Hus. James

CRISMAN, wife of David, 1829-1879, Hus. David

SHOEMAKER, Catharine, d. 11-4-1899, 79yr-2mo-29da, Hus. Andrew
SHOEMAKER, Andrew, d. 10-13-1882, 62yr-4mo-9da, Wf. Catharine
SHOEMAKER, Alfred, D. 3-26-1869, 51yr-10mo-5da
SHOEMAKER, John, no data, Soldier of Rev., Wf. Anna E.
SHOEMAKER, Anna Elizabeth, d. 1-1-1862, 91yr-2mo, Hus. John

HAMMOND, Stephen, d. 11-16-1847, 82yr-9mo, Wf. Loranca
HAMMOND, Loranca E., d. 4-13-1830, 62yr, Hus. Stephen

STAURING, Ida E., d. 8-2-1859, 3yr-1mo-26da
STAURING, Amelia, d. 12-7-1862, 2yr-7mo-12da

FOX, Mary, 1803-1862, Hus. F.C.

SHOEMAKER, John Jr., d. 6-6-1862, 74yr-4mo-22da, Wf. Catharine
SHOEMAKER, Catharine, d. 9-13-1850, 61yr-5mo-22da, hus. John Jr.
SHOEMAKER, Catharine, d. 5-13-1838, 12yr-3-15da
SHOEMAKER, Adam, d. 3-31-1835, 22yr-19da

WOOD, Magdalene, d. 5-25-1837, 13yr-1mo-2da

RANKINS, Richard, d. 1-18-1859, 48yr-11-18da, Wf. Eva
RANKINS, Mary, d. 10-20-1851, 11yr-9mo-3da
RANKINS, Eva, d. 6-18-1874, 72yr, Hus. Richard
RANKINS, Ursula, d. 2-1-1847, 1yr-9mo-20da, TWINS
RANKINS, Urilla, d. 2-1-1847, 1yr-9mo-20da, TWINS

CASLER, Adam, d. 1-20-1870, 63-3mo-11da, Wf. Epha
CASLER, Epha, d. 1-31-1870, 63-8mo-14da, Hus. Adam

RANKINS, Catharine, d. 12-30-1852, 80yr
RANKINS, Phebe, d. 12-5-1847, 33yr

LEWIS, Mary A. (Stacy), d. 6-3-1887, 68yr

MILLER, John, 1837-1908, Wf. Martha
MILLER, Martha, 1845-1913, Hus. John
MILLER, Edmund, 1883-1912

HESS, Frederick Ian, d. 3-1-1816, 11yr
HESS, Em___, d. 5-5-1808, 29yr, Hus. Frederick

EDICK, John, 1829-1913, Wf. Lany A. Rice
EDICK, Lany A. Rice, 1837-1927, Hus. John

STEELE, Richard N., d. 5-22-1826, 61yr-3mo-22da, Wf. Catharina
STEELE, Catharina, d. 7-28-18??, 66yr-8mo-8da, Hus. Richard N.

FOX, Harold, 1900-1902

STEELE, David, no data, 31yr-10mo-4da

EVERSON, Jacob, d. 7-30-1863, 82yr, Wf. Barbary
EVERSON, Barbary, d. 4-6-1867, 76yr, Hus. Jacob

KETCHUM, Arthur, d. 10-12-1857, 2yr-11mo-5da
KETCHUM, Abram, 1822-1887

CASLER, William H., 1853-1897, Wf. Elizabeth C.

REESE, Catharine B., d.1-21-1816, 56yr-10mo-14da, Hus. Mathew
REESE, Mary, d. 9-19-1843, 24yr-2mo-20da

FOX, Frances Marcella, d. 9-2-1811, 3yr
FOX, Mary Elizabeth, d. 11-1-1839, 29da
FOX, Emma Jane, d. 11-23-1850, 2yr-19da
FOX, Elizabeth, d. 8-27-1830, 51yr-13da Hus. George
FOX, George, d. 8-20-1834, 54yr-24da Wf. Elizabeth

EYSAMAN, Mary E. Fox, 1830-1885, Hus. J. S.

WELLINGTON, Rufus, d. 4-20-1860, 6yr-5mo-4da

SANFORD, Charles, d. 4-16-1860

MYERS, Delia Getman, 1790-1826, Hus. Michael F.
MYERS, Margaret, d. 5-12-1817, 24yr
* (1926 reading of Mrs. M. M. Hatch states 24 yr 11 da)

DODGE, Henry, d. 12-14-1868, 72yr-10mo-14da, Wf. Margaret
DODGE, Margaret, d. 8-20-1866, 87yr, Hus. Henry
DODGE, Mary Ann, d. 10-6-1847, 24yr-11mo-2da, Hus. Frederick

HELMER, John, 1850-1914

MILLER, Martha M., d. 1915

MURPHY, Sarah, 1871-1922

ORENDORFF, George H., 1817-1902, Wf. Mary H.
ORENDORFF, Mary H., 1813-1898, Hus. George H.
ORENDORFF, Elias, 1850-1854

FISHER, Garrett L., d. 10-13-1883, 76yr, Wf. Amy
FISHER, Amy, d. 2-10-1864, 53yr, Hus. Garrett L.
FISHER, Christian, d. 6-5-1861, 81yr, Wf. Elizabeth
FISHER, Elizabeth, d. 2-5-1867, 81yr, Hus. Christian
FISHER, William, d. 7-14-1870, 50yr

ZOLLAR, Frederick, d. 10-24-1869, 77yr-6mo-22da, Wf. Nancy
ZOLLAR, Nancy, d. 9-3-1831, 68yr, Hus. Frederick
ZOLLAR, Dorathy A.. d. 12-29-1897, 66yr

FOLTS, Peter, d. 11-16-1827, 77yr, Wf. Barbara Rasbach

CISLER, Marks, d. 9-22-1830, 14yr

FOLTS, Barbara Rasbach, d. 3-25-1841, 82yr-7mo-27da, Hus. Peter

MILLER, John, d. 5-23-1834, 50yr
MILLER, Jacob, 1809-1869, Wf. Nancy
MILLER, Nancy, d. 10-15-1852, Hus. Jacob
MILLER, Henry, 1811-1856

STEELE, Adam R., d. 6-7-1874, 86yr-5mo-9da, Wf. Fanny
STEELE, Fanny, d. 10-12-1865, 88yr-1mo-7da, Hus. Adam R.
STEELE, James, infant
STEELE, Margaret, infant
STEELE,Richard, d. 5-29-1840, 75yr, Wf. Nancy
STEELE, Nancy, d. 11-20-1815, 52 yr, Hus. Richard

FOX, Magdelana, 1811-1886, Hus. F. M.
FOX, Frederick M., 1809-1886, Wf. Magdelana

ORENDORFF, Mary C., d. 6-5-1885, 22yr-3mo-6da

SHOEMAKER, Aaron, d. 1-9-1872, 52yr-3mo-6da

CHRISTMAN, Mary Elizabeth, d. 10-4-1842, 71yr-7mo, Hus. Jacob
CHRISTMAN, Jacob, d. 1843, 74yr-9mo-5da, Wf. Mary E.

RUBY, Joseph, d. 2-21-1838, 48yr-4mo

FRANK, John, d. 4-11840
FRANK, Abigail, d. 3-18-1847, 61yr

VANDRESER, Elizabeth, d. 6-31-1862, 72yr, Hus. Henry
VANDRESER, John, d. 1-1-1851, 23yr-7mo-23da

KILTS, Susan Hakes, 1832-1899

GETMAN, Rudolph, 1813-1892, Wf. Delia Casler
GETMAN, Delia Casler, 1806-1882, Hus. Rudolph

CASLER, Nancy, d. 9-29-1875, 75yr
CASLER, Richard, d. 9-15-1855, 91yr, Wf. Margaret
CASLER, Margaret, d. 4-9-1861, 81yr-8mo-9da, Hus. Richard

FISHER, Rozelle E., 1836-1893
FISHER, Mary Frank, 1837-1901

DOLING, John, d. 7-11-1887, 53yr VETERAN

SPOHN, Abraham, d. 6-8-1838, 11yr-11mo-3da

ZOLLER, Nicholas, 1826-1899, Wf. Margaret O.
ZOLLER, Margaret O., 1831-1912, Hus. Nicholas
ZOLLER, Stephen, infant son

SNELL, Sylvenus, 1828-1896, Wf. Nancy
SNELL, Nancy, 1828-1909, Hus. Sylvenus

DRESHER, William C., d. 2-5-1885, 77yr, Wf. Catharine
DRESHER, Catharine, d. 1-13-1890, 82yr, Hus. William C.

BAKER, Warren, d. 2-10-1872, 35yr-6mo-2da, Wf. Lorin
BAKER, Lorin, d. 9-18-1864, 52yr, Hus. Warren
BAKER, Emma, d. 8-16-1849, 4mo-27da
BAKER, Lorin E., d. 8-20-1849, 2yr-3mo-10da

Some stones turned over and some cannot read since 2 years ago.

Source: This list was provided by Susan Perkins of the Herkimer County Historical Society. The cemetery may have been read by Mr. Hildebrandt, who read other area cemeteries in the 1970s.
Copyright © Herkimer County Historical Society

The original typescript was digitally transcribed by April Kline, who is researching her Huber/Hoover ancestors in the Mohawk Valley. April is specifically searching for information on the parents of Jacob Hoover, who was born 17 April 1760 in Philiadelphia, PA and died January 22, 1847 in Manheim, Montgomery County, NY. Jacob lived with his father and brothers Heinrich Huber/Henry Hoover (born c. 1744 Switzerland and died 1823 Little Falls, NY) and Johann Heinrich Huber/John Henry Hoover (born c.1745 Switzerland and died 1840 Little Falls, NY) in the Herkimer area during the Revolutionary War. In 1781 Jacob Hoover married Margaret Eigenbrodt (b.1765 Manheim, NY; d. 1820 Manheim, NY). April is interested in hearing from anyone researching the Hoover and Eigenbrodt families. April Hoover Kline. NOTE: April's email address from 1998 was no longer working as of July 2015. If you know what her current email address is, please contact the site coordinator so that we can add it.

PHOTO CREDIT: The photograph of the Ft. Herkimer churchyard was taken by Skip Duett during one of his research trips in 1996. Skip also contributed the photo and list of the Mapletown Cemetery.

About Ft. Herkimer Church:

The oldest church in Herkimer County and one of the oldest in New York State is Fort Herkimer Church, located on Route 5-S, about two miles east of Mohawk.

Built of native limestone, it was originally started in 1753 by Palatine German settlers, but was only partially completed at the time of the French and Indian wars. With the return of peace, construction resumed, and it was completed in 1767, according to a date in stone above the original entrance on the north side.

As the congregation began to shrink, even before the Civil War, the gallery was closed off and a ceiling installed beneath it to improve heating. Over the years, shrinkage continued, and services gradually came to an end. While closed as an active church, it continued the property of the Reformed Church district, the Classis of Montgomery.

In the past decade, following an extensive study and archaelogical survey, a restoration project has been undertaken, financed by government grants and individual contributions. This followed closing of the building, which had become structurally unsound. Traditional Thanksgiving services have now been resumed and many special events, including weddings, have taken place in the church.

Soldiers of the Revolution are among those buried in the surrounding churchyard. The church is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Source of above excerpts: "Prayer and Praise: Churches in Herkimer County 1723-1981", by Emily R. Denton, with photos by Steve Tooney. Published by the Herkimer County Historical Society in 1981. A copy of this paperback book, with short bios and photos of every church still in existence in the county, was provided to us by Susan Perkins of the Herkimer County Historical Society. Copies of "Prayer and Praise" are available from the HCHS.

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