Town of Frankfort
Herkimer County, New York

Graffenburg Cemetery in the Town of Frankfort was prepared and sent in by contributing editor Betsy Voorhees of Herkimer. The name on the listing at the Society was incorrecty typed as "Gaffenburg Cemetery." This list follows the recording conventions used by George Hildebrandt, reader of many area cemeteries. However, this list mixes placement of stones with alphabeticization. No location was noted on the typescript. This list comes from the Herkimer County Historical Society; further questions about the persons below need to be asked of the Society. Corrections of names and dates are welcome and can be sent in to the site coordinator for posting here.

updated 11/5/03: New and corrected information about the Hungerford Family was contributed by Linda Schlater and Kathy Schaefer and is attached at the bottom of the page. I was concerned that by inserting and interleaving the changes to the original list it could have opened the door for further error and so I've added them at the end of the list. Linda and Kathy's contributions should be considered a permanent addition when using this list, as they verified by using alternative resources, catching the ever-present occurrence of errors in tombstone inscription lists. As always, we look forward to documented corrections to all of our original cemeteries listings.

BRIGHAM, Leona, B.1883 - D.1885
BRIGHAM, David, B.1876 - D.1912
JONES, Elizaabeth, NO DATA, Hus. Moses
EDWARDS, Cora REYNOLDS, B.1874 - D.1918, Hus. Edward
EDWARDS, Morgan, B.1840 - D.1915, Wf. Sarah
EDWARDS, Lottie M. SAYLS, B.1871 - D.1905
COSSLEMAN, Mary E., B.1848 - D.1913, Hus. Urial
COSSLEMAN, Urial, B. 1841 - D.1912, Wf. Mary
HUNGERFORD, Eliza BOYD, D. 1866, 44yr-1mo-5da
WARRINER, Alford, D. 12-22-1879, 86yr-6mo-22da
MACK, Geo. Hezekiah, D. 11-19-1840, 2yr-5mo-3da
MACK, Wm. SOUTHWORTH, D. 6-27-1841, 8mo-13da
MACK, Elizabeth Almira, D. 3-2-1835, 16da
MACK, George I., D. 4-7-1836, 10mo-3da
ROBERTS, Griffith, D. 2-22-1850, 44yr, Wf. Margaret
ROBERTS, Margaret, D. 3-22-1850, 10yr
PHILIPS, Florence, D. 9-6-1867, 3yr-1mo-9da
PHILIPS, Joel, D. 8-21-1854, 25yr-10mo-24da
PHILIPS, Philenda Louise, D. 11-25-1840, 46yr-9mo
PHILIPS, Philenda Louise, D. 2-16-1868, 27yr-3mo
EDWARD, David, D. 4-2-1811
JOHNSON, Rebecca, D. 4-10-1865, 43yr-25da
BALDWIN, Mary Ann, NO DATA, 48yr
HAVEN, Calvin A., D. 4-23-1803, 13da
HAVEN, Plinton, D. 9-1-1797, 11da
HAVEN, Elizabeth, D. 1-26-1811, 9yr-3mo
HAVEN, Julia, D. 9-2-1803, 4yr-1mo
HAVEN, Mary, D. 6-10-1810, 2yr-2mo
KIMBALL, Betsey, D. 8-21-1830, 23yr
MACK, Lydia, D. 4-10-1815, 31yr, Hus. Henry
MACK, George H., D. 3-21-1895, 6mo-5da
ABBOTT, Lena, B. 1872- D.1927
BALDWIN, Daniel, D. 9-13-1845, 28yr
BEEBE, Fannie M., D. 10-9-1849, 43yr-7mo-6da, Hus. Charles
BEEBE, Helena, D. 1-19-1839, 1yr-4mo, dau of C. & M.
BOYD, Eliza J., D. 7-14-1866, 41yr-4mo-5da, Hus. Daniel
BRIGHAM, George H., B.1842 - D.1864
BRIGHAM, George B.1827 - D.1827
BRIGHAM, Maainah Y. (sp?), B.1847 - D.1849
BROCKWAY, Selden, B.1808 - D.1876, Wf. Mariah
BROCKWAY, Mariah, B.1809 - D.1876, Hus. Selden
BROCKWAY, Wm. Holland, B.1847 - D.1886
BROCKWAY, Enoch, D. 6-12-1878, 90yr-16da, Wf. #l Mary - #2 Orpha
BROCKWAY, Mary #1, D. 6-22-1826, 35yr-6mo-9da, Hus. Enoch
BROCKWAY, Orpha #2, D. 2-22-1842, 38yr, Hus. Enoch
BROCKWAY, Mary, D. 11-28-1833, 71yr
BROCKWAY, Reed, D. 12-12-1827, 35yr
BROCKWAY, Grosvenor, B.1881 - D. ? , Wf. Kittie
BROCKWAY, Kittie M., B.1885 - D. ? , Hus. Grosvenor
BROCKWAY, George I., B.1841 - D.1918, Wf. Mary
BROCKWAY, Mary, B.1846 - D.1926, Hus. George I.
BROCKWAY, Lester G., B.1882 - D.1917
BURDICK, Pardon, D. 3-19-1840, 74yr, Wf. Lydia
BURDICK, Lydia, D. 12-8-1838, 68yr, Hus. Pardon
BUCK, Lucinda M., D. 6-27-1837, 23yr, Hus. Edward
CALKINS, Della MERRY, B.1850 - D.1914
COOK, Robert, B.1799 - D.1881, Wf. Lydia
COOK, Lydia, B.1802 - D.1885, Hus. Robert
COOK, Gideon, D. 3-17-1864, 98yr-5mo-14da, Wf. Elizabeth
COOK, Elizabeth, D. 4-21-1845, 71yr, Hus. Gideon
COOK, George W., D. 5-25-1848, 46yr, son of Elizabeth & Gideon
COOK, Maria, D. 3-17-1846, 51yr, dau of Elizabeth & Gideon
DAVIES, John, D. 8-23-1859, 72yr, Wf. Frances
DAVIES, Frances, D. 3-16-1847, 55yr, Hus. John
DAVIS, Sylvanus, D. 3-26-1838, 69yr, Wf. Polly
DAVIS, Polly, D. 5-1-1854, 78yr
EDWARDS, Sarah EVANS, B.1840 - D.1915, Hus. Morgan
EDWARDS, Catharine, D. 4-11-1864, 64yr, Hus. David
BRIGHAM, Lambert A., B.1838 - D.1901, Wf. Sarah Lewis
BRIGHAM, Sarah Lewis, B.1833 - D.1885, Hus. Lambert A.
EYCHNER, Albert G., B.1855 - D.1910, Wf. Alrha J.
EYCHNER, Alrha J., B.1851 - D. ? , Hus. Albert G.
EYCHNER, Herbert, B.1880 - D. ? , Wf. Helen
EYCHNER, Helen, B.1885 - D. ? , Hus. Herbert
EYCHNER, Hazel, B.1906 - D.1908
GAYLORD, Frances M. Cook, B.1828 - D.1907, Hus. Edward B.
GRAY, Lewis M., D. 8-19-1876, 56yr, VETERAN, Wf, Elizabeth
GRAY, Elizabeth Wf. #1, D. 11-13-1856, 36yr-8mo, Hus. Lewis
GRAY, Charlotte Wf. #2, D. 6-1-1862, 34yr-8mo, Hus. Lewis
GRIFFITH, Ann Margaret, D. 1-12-1848, 20yr-5mo, Hus. Henry P.
GRIFFITH, Morris, D. 1-15-1905, 84yr, Wf. Eleanor
HALE, Anna, B.1813 - D.1866
HUGHES, Mary, B.1802 - D.1878
HALE, Bogardus, B.1794 - D.1882
HALE, Eleanor, D. 12-24-1850, 79yr, Hus. John
HARVEY, Wallace M., D. 8-2-1857, 2mo-20da, son of Thomas & Mary
HARVEY, George A., D. 3-20-1866, 10yr-9mo-27da
HARVEY, Selden, D. 6-3-1850, 67yr, Wf. Caroline
HARVEY, Caroline, D. 7-19-1848, 65yr, Hus. Selden
HAVEN, Henry, D. 3-3-1863, 19yr-1mo, son of Zedekiah & Elizabeth
HAVEN, Elizabeth, D. 3-27-1853, 80yr-11mo, Hus. Zedekiah
HAVEN, Zedekiah, D. 4-19-1852, 82yr-1mo-16da, Wf. Elizabeth
HAVEN, Zedekiah, D. 11-23-1869, 60yr
HAVEN, Mary BRIGHAM, B.1823 - D.1910
HAVEN, Theresa M., B.1847 - D.1927
HAVEN, Albert R., B.1851 - D. ?
HAVEN, Austin A., B.1858 - D. ?
[Note: See end of list for significant changes and corrections to the Hungerford listings.]
HUNGERFORD, Frankie, B.1874 - D.1887, son of Sarah M. & Edward
HUNGERFORD, Charles A., D. 2-12-1866, 22yr-10mo-11da
HUNGERFORD, Lydia Eliza, D. 5-9-1852, 12yr-9mo-18da
HUNGERFORD, Catharine M., D. 12-30-1904, 89yr-6mo
HUNGERFORD, Jehiel, D. 1-8-1838, 56yr, Sally #1 Wf., Polly #2
HUNGERFORD, Polly, D. 10-22-1846, 53yr, #2 of Hus. Jeheil
HUNGERFORD, Sally, D. 4-18-1839, 53yr, #1 of Jeheil
HUNGERFORD, Jonathan, D. 11-13-1827, 6yr-10mo-10da, son of Sally & Jeheil
HUNGERFORD, Roxanna, D. 8-14-1824, 17yr, dau of Sally & Jeheil
HUNGERFORD, Diodate, D. 8-12-1881, 88yr, Sarah #l Wf., Roxanna #2
HUNGERFORD, Rozanna, D. 4-14-1824, 29yr, Wf. #2, Hus. Diodate
HUNGERFORD, Sarah, D. 9-3-1882, 78yr, Wf.#1, Hus. Diodate
HUNGERFORD, Eliza, D. 11-19-1823, 6yr, dau of Rozannah & Diodate
HUNGERFORD, Lydia, D. 1-30-1837, 7yr, dau of Rozannah & Diodate
HUNGERFORD, Nathaniel, D. 5-25-1825, 38yr, Wf. Dorothy
HUNGERFORD, Dorothy, D. 5-22-1853, 84yr, Hus. Nathaniel
HUNGERFORD, Silence, B.1764 - D.1835, Hus. Stephen
INMAN, Jennie, D. 8-21-1882, 31yr, Hus. Myron
INMAN, Martin G., D. 1-23-1874, 23yr
INMAN, Asael Gilbert, D. 6-25-1865, 39yr-10mo-19da, son of David & Elizabeth
INMAN, Asael, D. 1-15-1879, 85yr-3mo-18da., Wf. Cynthia
INMAN, Cynthia, D.8-11-1886, 92yr., Hus. Asael
INMAN, Martin Emmet, D. 12-24-1846, 15yr-10mo-6da, son of Cynthia & Asael
INMAN, William Morris, D. 4-3-1838, 10yr, son of Cynthia & Asael
INMAN, Seymour, D. 3-7-1867, 39yr-9mo
IRISH, Elisaph, D. 12-6-1856, 39yr-9mo
JAMES, Jonathan, VETERAN, D. 2-19-1863, 21yr-4da, son of Jonathan & Ann
JOHNS, Rebecca, D. 4-10-1855, 43yr-25da
JOHNSON, Cora Frances, D. 7-28-1876, 7mo-22da, dau of D. & G.
JOHNSON, Ellen, D. 9-14-1854, Hus. George
JOHNSON, Charles, D. 4-1-1849, 39yr-10mo-19da
JOHNSON, George Sr., D. 5-27-1827, 46yr-7mo-19da
JOHNSON, Eleanor, D. 7-29-1849, 66yr
JOHNSON, George Jr., D. 4-28-1884, 67yr-3mo-26da
JOHNSON, George Henry, D. 3-18-1852, 1yr-8da, son of Geo. & Elizabeth
JONES, Jane, D. 5-14-1852, 42yr-10mo, Hus. Evan R.
JONES, Catharine, D. 11-22-1849, 9mo, dau of Jane & Evan R.
JONES, Sarah Eleanor, D. 5-23-1852, 9da, dau of Jane & Evan R.
JONES, Yparch Richard, D. 3-23-1868, 78yr, Wf. Margaret
JONES, Margaret, D. 2-7-1884, 95yr, Hus. Rev. Y.R.
JONES, Thomas, D. 12-21-1847, 53yr, Wf. Ellen
JONES, Ellen, D. 5-13-1885, 81yr-2mo, Hus. Thomas
JONES, David, D. 12-27-1858, 30yr-6mo-27da
JONES, Robert H., D.6-21-1869, 27yr-3mo-15da
KIMBALL, Andrew W., D. 1-13-1870, 68yr, Wf. Sally Maria
KIMBALL, Sally Maria, D. 12-18-1896, 84yr, Hus. Andrew W.
KINGSLEY, Amos, B.1836 - D. ?
KINGSLEY, Lucy Euphemia, D. 9-16-1833
KINGSLEY, Zuba Dcett, D. 11-10-1849
LEWIS, Mary Ann, D. 7-10-1859, 26yr, Hus. Dennis M.
LEWIS, Elin, D. 1-23-1874, 15yr-5mo-18da, dau of Elin & David
LLOYD, Thomas, B.1808 - D.1861, Wf. Catharine
LLOYD, Catharine, B.1814 - D.1897, Hus. Thomas
MARSH, Dewitt C., D. 4-17-1844, 24yr
MARSH, Elijah G., B.1823 - D.1848
MARSH, Christopher, D. 4-12-1850, 71yr, Wf. Elizabeth
MARSH, Elizabeth, D. 10-29-1872, 87yr-2mo, Hus. Christopher
MERRY, Bertie, D. 8-14-1870, 11yr, son of Catharine & Melville
MERRY, Orson, B.1813 - D.1875, Wf. Mary
MERRY, Mary, B.1810 - D.1866, Hus. Orson
MERRY, Adelbert O., B.1850 - D.1850, son of Orson & Mary
MERRY, Willard E., B.1874 - D.1895, son of Melville & Catharine
MERRY, Melville D., B.1889 - D.1889, son of Melville & Catharine
MERRY, Clara Russell, B.1879 - D.1923
MERRY, Melville D., B.1840 - D.1913, VETERAN, Wf. Catherine Edwards
MERRY, Catherine EDWARDS, B.1847 - D.1923, Hus. Melville D.
MOORE, Curtis D., D. 9-2-1867, 16yr-5mo-9da, son of Wm. & Frances
MOORE, William H., B.1823 - D. ? , Wf. Frances
MOORE, Frances J., B.1832 - D.1902, Hus. Wm. H.
NICHOLS, Hannah, D. 3-2-1842, 74yr-7mo-10da, Hus. David
NICHOLS, David, D. 1-10-1842, 77yr-9mo-12da, Wf. Hannah
NICHOLS, Dennis, D. 2-9-1826, 24yr, son of David & Hannah
PETERS, John, D. 4-16-1865, 69yr
PHETTEPLACE, Timay, D. 7-12-1850, 69yr, Hus. Enos
PLUM, Frances, D. 10-5-1891, 64yr
RIDER, Holmes, B.1830 - D.1905, Wf. Octavia
RIDER, Octavia, D. 10-8-1875, 41yr-9mo, Hus. Holmes
RUSSELL, Elijah B., D. 9-9-1873, 24yr
RUSSELL, Little Charlie, NO DATA
SAILSBURY (sp?), William H., D. 9-26-1853, 2yr, son of Ebenezer & Elizabeth
SAMUELS, Samuel, D. 3-7-1859, 69yr, Wf. Eleanor
SAMUELS, Eleanor, D. 3-3-1859, 69yr, Hus. Samuel
SAMUELS, David, D. 11-4-1859, 27yr, son of Eleanor & Samuel
SAYLES, Mary F., D. 12-20-1840, 1yr-1mo-13da, dau of N.V. & N.M.
SAYLES, Nathan, NO DATA, Wf. Nancy
SAYLES, Nancy, D. 6-29-1856, 38yr, Hus. Nathan
SHERMAN, Hiram, B.1847 - D.1902, Wf. Louise Brown
SHERMAN, Louise Brown, B.1860 - D.1889, Hus. Hiram
SIMMONS, John B., D. 3-30-1859, 26yr-7mo
STEWART, John, D. 8-12-1831, 73yr, REV. SOLDIER
STEWART, Mehitable, D. 5-17-1845, 79yr, Hus. John
STEWART, Betsey, D. 9-6-1842, 41yr. Hus. Pardon
STEWART, Pardon, D. 9-4-1871, 72yr-4mo, Wf. Betsey
STOREY, John E., B.1841- D.1925, Wf. #2 Julia F.M., #1 Helen Inman
STOREY, Helen Inman, B.1836 - D.1882, Wf. #l, Hus. John E.
STOREY, Julia F. Myers, B.1856 - D.1920, Wf. #2, Hus. John E.
THOMAS, Mary, D. 4-11-1854, 32yr-2mo-6da, Hus. John G.
THOMAS, John B., D. 8-29-1854, 6mo, Son= Mary & John G.
WADSWORTH, Thomas Sr., D. 4-17-1857, 93yr-4mo-15da, REV. SOL., Wf. Lydia
WADSWORTH, Lydia, D. 9-19-1846, 72yr, Hus. Thomas Sr.
WADSWORTH, Electra M., D. 3-19-1842, 40yr, Hus. Thomas W.
WARRINER, Martha G., D. 7-29-1851, 24yr-6mo-29da, dau of A. & E.
WARRINER, Samuel, D. 4-4-1846, 8yr-9mo, son of Theo. & Betsey
WARRINER, Betsey, D. 3-11-1851, 28yr-7mo, dau of A. & E.
WITHERELL, Abel, D. 5-22-1844, 73yr, Wf. of A.
WARRINER, Martha G., dau of A. & E., may have been wife of Zedekiah Haven as this is the next stone.

The corrections below to the listings of the extended Hungerford family were contributed by Hungerford researchers Linda Schlater and Kathy Schaefer. As always, we appreciate corrections to our cemeteries lists, especially when this much time and care is given to assist other researchers!


"I am a descendant of Jehiel and Sally Hungerford. I can support the information I sent you with numerous probate and land records. I was aware of the Graffenburg Cemetery mistakes since this summer when Kathy Schaefer traveled to Herkimer County. She obtained cemetery lists from the Historical Library, then went to the cemetery and photographed stones for me. You may list me as a Hungerford contact. I can help with the Herkimer lines and refer researchers to the appropriate persons for the other lines."

Corrections from Linda:

Eliza Boyd Hungerford is listed twice on the list (once as Boyd and once as Hungerford). Her name is also on a stone in Norwich Cemetery just over the line in Oneida county.

Roxanna (d. 1824) was FIRST wife of Diodate Hungerford. Sarah (d. 1882) was the SECOND wife...they are reversed on the list.

Sally Hungerford's maiden name was STEWART. She is the daughter of John and Mehitable Hungerford Stewart (she and her husband Jehiel were first cousins). John and Mehitable Stewart are also buried at Graffenburg.

Lucinda M. BUCK was the daughter of Jehiel and Sally Hungerford.

Polly HUNGERFORD is NOT the second wife of Jehiel HUNGERFORD. She is the wife of his son, also named Jehiel. Polly was in her mid-thirties when she died, not 53. The son remarried after the death of Polly and moved to Dodge County, Wisconsin. That is why he is not buried with his wife and his parents.

The maiden name of Hannah Nichols was THOMPSON/THOMSON.

There is another gravestone for Eliza BOYD Hungerford in the Norwich Cemetery in neighboring Oneida county. Someone will have to go to each site to see where she is actually buried. (Eliza's husband, Daniel Hungerford, is buried with his second wife, Mary Cloyes, in the Norwich Cemetery. The stone lists Daniel, Eliza, their baby, second wife Mary, her baby, and a daughter Carrie.)


"Linda and I have been tracking our shared Hungerford and Stewart ancestors in Herkimer County for quite awhile now. Last November I was able to visit Frankfort and actually photograph some of the gravestones we were interested in. I also picked up the cemetery listings from the HCHS. As we compared the photos of stone inscriptions and our family records with the cemetery listings, we found several mistakes. Some mistakes were small ones like a single letter misread. Some were bigger such as the wrong spouse listed or, in one case, our great-great grandfather, Pardon Stewart, is listed as "residing" in both the Graffenburg Cemetery and the Wetmore (aka Frankfort Hill) Cemetery. My husband, son and I scoured the Wetmore Cemetery but found no stone for him nor a place where one seemed likely to have been. His second wife's family is buried there and I suspect someone thought he must be there as well so added him to the list.

Anyway, my point is, at first we were reluctant to doubt the "written" word. But as we gained experience and saw the same kinds of inconsistencies pop up more than once, we began to realize errors in these listings can occur. Probably seems obvious, but still might be worth a note to others to be suspicious of discrepancies and check more deeply.

One last thing. Linda has done extensive research on the Hungerford line and is an excellent contact if she is willing. I would be happy to volunteer to help out on STEWART and LEWIS questions for the Frankfort area. John Stewart & Mehitable Hungerford and Pardon Stewart & Elizabeth Buck are all buried in Graffenburg. The family of Pardon Stewart's second wife, Prudence Dyke, is buried in Wetmore as are various cousins. My great grandmother was Mary Elizabeth Stewart (Pardon>John). She married James H. Lewis. Mary and James were both born and married in Frankfort Hill. James' parents David & Nancy Lewis along with oldest brother Dennis N. are buried in the Norwich Cemetery in Litchfield. Dennis's first wife Mary Anne and niece Elin are both buried in Graffenburg.

The LEWIS>STEWART>HUNGERFORD>BUCK lines are on my maternal grandmother's side. I am also working on my maternal grandfather's side which include RUSCOE>ROSCOE>CORBIN>HARLOW lines that go back to the Mayflower and include patriots such as the Hosmers and Prescotts of Concord, MA. This family spent years in Montgomery and Herkimer counties. My great-great grandfather Russell William Ruscoe and three of his children are buried in the Ferguson Road cemetery--a lead I discovered from your Herkimer County web page! "

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