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In Field North Side
Osborne & Caldwell
Town of Herkimer

Annis Z. Turtelot D.1873

This tiny cemetery was said to be located on Route 5 in East Herkimer. George Hildebrandt noted that one stone was turned over since the first inventory.

Town of Herkimer

MOPKIB, Bochab1884 - 1930
Ciko, Michael 1919 - 1930
Gos, Walter 1919 - 1930

The Nellis Cemetery is located 1 mile north from Route 5 on the Smalls Bush Road. The reading was done by George Hildebrandt. We welcome input from Nellis researchers.

Town of Herkimer

NELLIS, Davidd. 5/6/1867ae 57yr 1mo 27 dawife Barbara S.
NELLIS, Barbara SMALLd. 10/16/1888ae 77yr 2dahusband David
NELLIS, George G.d. 11/15/1849ae 83yr 2mo 19dawife #1 Mary, wife #2 Margaret
NELLIS, Maryd. 11/16/1852ae 90yr 3mo 1dahusband George G.
NELLIS, Margaretd. 8/8/1867ae 65yr 10mo 23dahusband George G.
NELLIS, John C.d. 5/15/1849ae 62yr 1mo 2dawife Catharine F.
NELLIS, Catharine FOLTSd. 6/15/1869ae 83 yearshusband John C.
NELLIS, Albertd. 6/8/1868ae 12yr 2mo 22da
CALVIN, Elizabeth NELLISd. 6/3/1834ae 1 yr 26 dadau. of George & Polly
WAKEMAN, George F.d. 10/2/1864ae 3mo 17dason of Norman & Elizabeth H.

The "Small Cemetery" is close to the Nellis Cemetery, being 1.2 miles north from Route 5 on the Smalls Bush Road. This reading was also done by George Hildebrandt.

Town of Herkimer

SMALL, Melchertd. 12/11/1817ae 68yr 4mowife Dorethy
SMALL, Dorethyd. 5/12/1867ae 87 yr 6 mohusband Melchert
husband Jacob M.
SMALL, Peter P.d. 8/6/1850ae 11 year
SMALL, Henryd. 9/15/1850ae 1 yr 6 moson of John & Nancy
SMALL, Emmad. 12/30/1867ae 1 yr 2 modau. of John & Nancy
SMALL, Georged. 10/1/1864ae 2 yr 4 moson of John & Nancy
SMALL, Richardd. 3/26/1868ae 1 yr 7 moson of John & Nancy
SMALL, Nancyd. 6/15/1884ae 80yr 9mo 22dahusband Jacob
SMALL, Jacob M. d. 11/11/1885ae 82yr 10mo 11dawife Nancy
SMALL, George d. 11/10/1859ae 29yr 3mo 10dason of Nancy & Jacob

Close by to the above, and located 1.8 miles from Route 5, off Smalls Bush Road and on the Eatonville Road. The reading was done by George Hildebrandt.

Town of Herkimer

BEARDSLEY, Elelainor (sp)d. 8/4/1829ae 22 yrhusband Julus (sp)
WAKEMAN, Laurad. 7/31/1825ae 26yrdau. of Daniel & Esther
WAKEMAN, ?d. 7/12/1842ae 4yr 1da
BEARDSLEY, Laura A.b. 1825 - d. 1884

WAKEMAN, Burrilld. 12/5/1847ae 63yr 23dason of John & Mary
BRAYTON, ?d. 3/24/1834ae 18yr 10mo
WAKEMAN, Estherd. 4/1/1842
husband Daniel
WAKEMAN, Danield. 7/8/1847ae 73yr 9mo 12dawife Esther
WAKEMAN, Johnd. 3/31/1862ae 57 year

The reading of the Herkimer Dutch Reformed Church Cemetery was made by Edith Batsford Swancott, Corinne Wheeler Watkins and Elizabeth Atwater Mairs Merritt of the Oneida Chapter of the N.S.D.A.R., Utica, NY in the 1920s and dated July 7, 1927. A comparison of this cemetery with the Oak Hill Cemetery, taken by Mrs. M.M. Hatch and dated November 1926, shows another group of interments of people of the Harter surname. Oak Hill Cemetery was said to be situated one half mile west of Herkimer on the state road to Utica, on the north side of the road.

IMPORTANT: William Arthur, of the Herkimer County Historical Society, states that this info should be prefaced with a disclaimer. Only the grave stones up to a certain year were surveyed. So there are many others there unlisted. Also, some burials were done without markers, but the names are listed in the cemetery book. Also some markers were lost or are unreadable. This is true of all cemeteries listed on this site. So if a person doesn't see who they are seeking listed, it doesn't mean they are not there. Further investigation should be made at the Herkimer County Historical Society or by actually visiting the cemetery in person.

Town of Herkimer

BELLINGER, Elizabeth
d. Sept. 22, 1826
ae 2 yr 7 mo
dau. of Christopher and Margaret
d. Sept. 9, 1815
in 57th year

BELLINGER, Elizabeth
d. June 18, 1823
ae 50 yr 6 mo
wife of Peter F.
BELLINGER, Catherine
b. June 3, 1789;
d. Apr. 12, 1797

dau. of Christopher
BROWN, Mary Ann
d. Oct. 25, 1854
ae 33 yr 5 mo 6 da
wife of R.W. and dau. of
Peter M. and Anna G. FOLTS
FALK, Sibbel Ann
d. Aug. 28, 1830
aged 19 yrs
(in 20th year)
dau. of Baltus and Mary
FALK, Mary
d. Sept. 17, 1834
ae 59 yr 6 mo
wife of Baltus
d. Mar. 8, 1835
ae 24 yr 29 da
wife of John
FOLTS, Milgerd
b. May 5, 1746
d. May 24, 1820
ae 82 yr 11 mo 28 da

FOLTS, Conrad M.
d. Aug. 28, 1853
ae 70 yr 20 da

FOLTS, Susannah
d. Nov. 28, 1870
ae 88 yr 22 da
his wife
GAY, Mary C.
d. Mar. 13, 1852
ae 26 yr 5 mo 29 da
wife of Benjamin
HANCHET, Elizabeth
d. Aug. 23, 1868
ae 72 yr
wife of Asa
HARTER, Philip
d. Sept. 28, 1802
in 39th year

HARTER, Caroline
d. May 17, 1841
ae 31 yr 7 mo 21 da
wife of Nicholas
HARTER, Henry G.
d. May 14, 1846
ae 47 yr 4 mo 18 da

HARTER, Jacob Philo
d. Oct. 3, 1859
ae 22 yr 7 mo
son of Peter and Mary
HARTER, Peter G.
d. Mar. 19, 1856
ae 51 yr 2 mo 22 da

HARTER, George
d. Jan. 22, 1854
ae 87 yr

HARTER, Catherine
d. Jan. 25, 1851
ae 77 yr
his wife
HARTER, Catherine
d. Aug. 11, 1857
ae 61 yr 3 mo 27 da
wife of George G.
HARTER, Harriet C.
d. 1836

dau. of George G. and Catherine
HARTER, Lawrence
d. Aug. 8, 1815
aged 72 years

HARTER, Catherine
d. Feb. 25, 1824
aged 75 years
his wife
d. Oct. 14, 1828
ae 59 yr 7 mo 6 da

HARTER, Harriet C.
d. May 2, 1831
ae 4 yr 9 mo 16 da
dau. of Philip J. and Mary
HARTER, Mary Elizabeth PETREE
d. June 6, 1811
ae 46 yr 5 mo 8 da
wife of Henry A.
HARTER, Henry A.
b. Aug. 18, 1790
d. Apr. 29, 1854
ae 64 yr 7 mo 14 da

b. Jan. 7, 1756
d. Dec. 7, 1837

a soldier of the Revolution
HARTER, Elizabeth
b. 11 Sept. 1766
married to a christian soulder (sp)
d. his widow, 5th Dec. 1838
ae 73 yr 3 mo 18 da


(the christiam soulder
HELMER, Conrad
d. Oct. 26, 1841
ae 76 yr 8 mo 29 da

HELMER, Margaret
d. Feb. 10, 1832
ae 35 yr 9 mo 18 da
his wife
HELMER, Frederick J.
d. Mar. 5, 1804
ae 78 yr 6 mo 19 da

d. Mar. 16, 1830
ae 87 yr

d. 1820
ae 77

d. May 20, 1828

dau. of George and Elizabeth

no dates or name
HILLS, Betsey
d. Jan. 26, 1829
ae 17 yr 10 mo
dau. of George and Elizabeth
HILLS, Andrew
d. Oct. 1827
ae 1 yr
son of G. and E.
HYSER, Henry
d. Dec. 1834
ae 55 yr 10 mo

MOYER, Jacob
d. July 9, 1862
ae 57 yr 5 mo 18 da

MYERS, Lieut. Peter
b. Michaelsfield, Wurtemburg, Germany April 4, 1714
d. Herkimer Jan. 29, 1802

son of Johannes and father of Major General Michael Myers
MYERS, Catherine
d. Apr. 7, 1796
ae 10 yr 3 mo 3 da
dau. of Joseph and Abigail
PETRY, Elizabeth
b. Jan. 26, 1787
d. Mar. 21, 1870

PETRY, Henry
b. Oct. 20, 1773
d. Jun. 29, 1861

PETRY, Wm. M. D.
b. Dec. 7, 1733
d. Aug. 20, 1806

PETRY, Margaret Salome
b. Mar. 9, 1749
d, Jan. 18, 1820

his wife. Native of Germany.
d. May 27th, 1808
in 25th year
wife of Jacob
PIPER, Abigail
d. July 13, 1870
ae 82 yr
wife of Peter
RASBACK, Mrs. Margaret
d. Oct. 6, 1814
ae 33 yr 5 da
wife of Adam
RASBACK, Elizabeth
d. same day, aged 1 yr 3 mo 9 da

their daughter
d. Feb. 3, 1828
ae 20 yr 2 mo 8 da
son of Adam and Margaret
RASBACK, Anna Margaret
d. May 2, 1827
ae 1 yr 3 mo
dau. of Mark and Elizabeth
d. July 4, 1818
ae 2 yr 6 mo 13 da
RASBACK, George H.
d. Mar. 8, 1830
ae 2 yr
SMALL, Frederich
d. Apr. 19, 1865
ae 84 yr 22 da

SMALL, Margaret
d. Jan. 29, 1857
ae 71 yr 5 mo 10 da
his wife
SMITH, Nicholas
d. Apr. 7, 1822
ae 2 yr 11 mo 3 da
son of Nicholas and Charity
SMITH, Elizabeth
d. Apr. 9, 1833
ae 17 yr 10 mo
dau. of Peter and Dorothy
SMITH, Maria
d. Jan. 27, 1847
ae 96 yr 4 mo 13 da
wife of George
SMITH, Catherine

ae 2 yr
dau. of ______
SMITH, Jacob P.
d. Oct. 30, 1826
ae 9 mo 4 da
son of Jacob and Mary
SMITH, Lydia H.
d. June 11, 1839
ae 1 yr 6 mo 4 da
dau. of J. and M.
SMITH, Elizabeth
May 24, 1848
ae 82 yr 2 mo

WEBER, Peter
d. Mar. 8, 1800
in 54th yr

WEBER, Mary Catherine
d. Dec. 30, 1825
in 77th year
wife of Peter
WEBER, Col. Jacob
b. July 17, 1777
entered into rest Oct. 24, 1864

WEBER, Catherine
d. Aug. 2, 1837
ae 56 yr 2 mo 18 da
his wife
WEBER, Jacob
d. Oct. 5, 1825
ae 10 yr 7 mo 19 da
son of Jacob P. and Catherine
WEBER, Jacob G.
b. Sept. 1751
d. Nov. 28,1820
ae 69 yr 2 mo
elder of our Reformed Dutch Protestant Church
WEBER, Anna Margaret
d. Nov. 30, 1831
ae 68 yr 1 mo
his wife

As is common with such an old and well-documented cemetery, not everyone had a stone or had their stone survive. According to Stanley Shaut, the book "The Mohawk Valley Herkimer and Allied Families" by Hazel Patrick, Jane Spellman, and William Watkins notes on page 3 that:

"6 Delia Herkimer m. Jan 1750 Peter Bellinger (MVB71) b. Mar 1726 d. 26 Mar 1813 ae 87, a widower (H1-267). His will was signed 1-26-1811. Probated 3-29-1813 & recorded HCSW-B 276 File 00222. Col. Peter died at his home on Fall Hill. He and Delia are buried at the Northwest side of the original main door of the Fort Herkimer Church, which at the time faced the Mohawk River".

From Jane Dieffenbacher, Fairfield Town Historian: Wm. Arthur, who is in charge of Oak Hill Cemetery in Herkimer relays this info. to you. The list of graves that has been posted is incomplete. In the first place, the man who did the list left off at a certain date, so all the later ones are not included. Also, some people were buried with no markers, or their stones are unreadable, or the stones have fallen or broken. So if someone is looking for a specific person, they might not find him on the list. This warning is true for most of the cemeteries you have from Herkimer County. The lists are not complete. (Note: All of our cemetery listings are only "good" up through the date that they were read, which we try to note if we have that information for the list. The validity of readings is also subject to the interpretation of the reader and the conditions of the stones.)

Town of Herkimer

BELL, Jacob
d. Jan. 7, 1838
ae 93 yr 7 da
Revolutionary Soldier
BELL, Elizabeth
d. Oct. 21, 1842
ae 88 yr 6 mo 14 da

d. Nov. 14, 1850
ae 74 yr 10 mo 21 da

CASWELL, Rosamond
d. Jan. 24, 1829
ae 48 yr

FOX, Peter
d. Dec. 10, 1853
ae 60 yr

FOX, Nancy
d. Nov. 17, 1848
ae 53 yr

FRANK, Lawrence
d. Jan. 6, 1830 or 1850
ae 56 yr 3 mo
(ink smeared)
HARTER, Lawrence P.
d. Dec. 22, 1838
ae 42 yr

HARTER, Catharine
d. Jan. 14, 1834
ae 24 yr 11 mo 9 da

HARTER, Philip
d. Dec. 7, 1841
ae 70 yr

HARTER, Michael
d. Nov. 20, 1868
ae 78 yr 20 da

HARTER, Abigail
d. Oct. 26, 1881
ae 91 yr 2 mo 18 da

d. Dec. 30, 1859
ae 53 yr 2 mo

d. July 3, 1871
ae 62 yr 2 mo 6 da

d. Dec. 19, 1860

b. Apr. 18, 1808

TALCOTT, Hezekiah, Jr.
d. Apr. 3, 1800
ae 33 or 35 yr 2 mo 11 da

updated 4/15/05  ADDITIONS TO OAK HILL CEMETERY contributed by Hilts family researcher Carol Grainger, from names provided to her through a paid search by HCHS, with additional family information provided by Carol. If you have info to share about the people listed below, please contact Carol directly.

Scullen, W. O. 1850 -1912, wife Mary Hilts.
Scullen, Mary (Hilts) 1850 -1912.

Hilts, Lorenzo 1859 -1920.
Hilts, Sanford 1819 -1893.
Hilts, Mary (wife of Sanford) 1828 -1911.
Hilts, Andrew 1841 -1915.
Hilts, Harriet (wife of Andrew) 1846 -1916.
Hilts, George 1844 -1909.
Hilts, Alice 1853 -1918.
Hilts, Philo 1853 -1925.
Hilts, Margaret (wife of Philo) 1854 -1894.
Hilts, Catharine 22 years 10 -6 -1823.
Hilts, Jacob died 12-49 -1849.
Hilts, Theodore 1834 -1888.
Hilts, Emily (wife of Theodore) 1843 -1920.
Hilts, Laura (wife of Charles T.)1870 -1900.

Dockstader, Armstrong 1839 -1900.
Dockstader, Julia Hilts (wife of Armstrong) 1844 -1911.

Cole, Mary Hilts, 24 yr 2 mon 6 da 1-24-1868.

Moss, Rev. Charles, 1829-1899.
Moss, Mary, wife of Rev. Charles, Died Dec 19, 1883. 51 years.
Moss, Henry, 1855-1885.
Moss, A. Leslie, 1873-1894.

Perry, Catherine (Hayes) 1819 -1879.
Perry, George W. (husband of Catharine) 1805 - 1868.
Perry, Andrew Jackson (s/o George Washington & Elizabeth Hilts) 1829-1906.
Perry, Belle 1862-1910.
Perry, Blych D. 1914-1921.
Perry, Carrie Smith ( wife of John H.) 1855-1917.
Perry, Clarita C. ( wife of Lawrence A.) 1898-1918.
Perry, Cloette M. (d/o Sally A. & Jacob I.)11-9-1892.
Perry, Daniel J. 1883-1885.
Perry, Elizabeth (#3 wife of Jacob I.) 8-13-1913. 68 years.
Perry, Fannie Dishaw ( wife of William F.) 1851-1925.
Perry, Harriet Kirkwood (wife of William Franklin) 1844-1894.
Perry, Jacob G. 5-12-1889. 43 years. Vet.
Perry, Jacob I. 3-12-1919. 79 years.
Perry, John H. (s/o Andrew Jackson & Margaret (Hilts) Perry) 1854 -1917.
Perry, Lanye Elizabeth Casler (wife of Sanford) 1842 -1920.
Perry, Leland 1886- 1891.
Perry, Lillian Wolf 1873-1904. A note stated family said this should be Lillian Perry Wolf.
Perry, Lucina H. (# 2 wife of Jacob I.) 2-10-1905. 68 years.
Perry, Lucy Permilie Nellis (wife of Nicholas) 3-12-1908. 72 years.
Perry, Margaret Hilts (wife of Andrew Jackson & d/o Johannes "Nicholas" George & Anna "Nancy " (Schutt) Hilts) 1829-1896.

Witherstine, David d. 1908.
Witherstine, John D. d. 1908.
Witherstine, Nancy Louise Harter d. 1877 (wife of John D.).
Witherstine, Cythnia Small d. 1895 (wife of Peter).
Witherstine, Eugene d. 1879 (son of Peter & Cynthia).
Witherstine, Addison Deloss d. 1916 (son of Abraham & Lucinda Nellis).
Witherstine, Harriet M. d. 1915 (wife of Addison).
Witherstine, Clarinda Cristman d. 1921(wife of David, d/o Lehman).
Witherstine, Henry d. 1911(son of David & Nancy Louise Harter).
Witherstine, Homer d.1925 (son of David & Margaret Petrie).

Source: The Dutch Reformed Church list was typed from the original July 1927 list of the tombstone readings made by (Mrs. G. Harry) Edith Batsford Swancott, (Mrs. T homs D.) Corinne Wheeler Watkins, and (Mrs. Charles E.) Elizabeth Atwater Mairs Merritt of the Oneida Chapter, N. S. D.A.R.

Source: The Oak Hill Cemetery list was typed from the original November 1926 list of the tombstone readings made by Mrs. M.M. Hatch of South Columbia, N.Y.

Both cemeteries submitted by: Robert Lorick, Contributing Editor, Herkimer County NYGenWeb.

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