Leahman Family Headstones 2

Fairview Cemetery

Little Falls, NY

Photos of Leahman Family and other headstones taken in June 2001 by Steven Knight, and contributed by researcher and relative of the Leahmans, Cathy Leahman Thompson.

Andrew Leahman

1). This is the grave of Andrew Leahman d. 8 July 1871, age 56 yrs. It's located in Fairview Cemetery, Little Falls, Herkimer Co., NY in a section reserved for veterans. Most of the stones are from Civil War veterans but there are also some more recent burials. Andrew Leahman was the brother of Joseph Leahman, who was Charles' father.

Civil War Monument

2). A monument erected to Civil War veterans. Inscription reads: "Erected by Galpin Post No. 19 G.A.R. In Memory Of Deceased Comrades 1861-1865."

Bessie Leahman

3). Graves of Bessie (Leahman) Edgett and her husband Jerome

Kenneth W. Leahman

Nina M. Leahman

Maelyn G. Leahman

4). Kenneth Leahman, Nina M. Leahman and Maelyn Leahman

We believe these are all children of Charles Leahman and Emma Louise Warner. I had one son listed as Wallace K. which may well be Kenneth and I had a Nina listed. Maelyn is a new one to me but the Bessie is a child of theirs on my family information also.

Nina Leahman, Bessie Leahman and Maelynn are all daughters of Charles Leahman and Emma Louise Warner as far as I know. Also, Andrew Leahman was the brother of Joseph Leahman who was Charles' father.

Veterans Burial Area

5). This is a general view of the veteran's burial area of Fairview Cemetery. The stones in the center of the photo are all Civil War veteran's graves. Note, however, that in the lower left corner there are more recent burials of veterans. This area is just off the highway and is well maintained. Unfortunately the remainder of the cemetery is down a hillside out of sight from the highway and is poorly maintained.

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