Town of Little Falls
Herkimer County, New York

The following information was generously contributed by Helen Lewis, a descendant of Eben Britton. Eben was an early settler of Little Falls, who operated a tannery and was considered to be a prosperous man of his time. The cemetery is located on the North side of Burt Road, believed to be on private property. Burt Road runs East and West, off Rt. 169, between Little Falls and Herkimer. The condition of the cemetery, writes Helen, "the first time we visited the cemetery, the pines were very small, the last time they were very large, and the stones almost impossible to find. The stones are all broken, and in the midst of some pine trees, that were allowed to over run it."
Laura Perkins
Contributing Editor, Herkimer County NYGenWeb
November 13, 1998


BRITTON, Eben, died 28 August 1832, aged 60 years
HURLBURT, Rebecca, dau of Eben, husb. Elisha P. (no dates)
STEVENSON, Ann "Nancy", dau of Eben, husb. Isaac, died 26 Jan 1854
STEVENSON, Eben, son of Isaac and Ann "Nancy", born 1813 - died 04 Sept 1867

*From Helen: "There were others, but the stones are completely disintegrated. Eben Britton had an obelisk stone and it was the only one still standing when we were there last."

Additional names from Little Falls Historical Society:

HANNAHS, Mary A. (Britton)
An illegible large stone
STEVENSON, Isaac (may be buried here, as well as others)

The small cemeteries below were donated to us by the Herkimer County Historical Society, and given to Laura Perkins. Reader(s) and dates of reading were not noted for any cemetery. For further information about the people buried in these cemeteries contact the Herkimer County Historical Society.

Town of Little Falls
Route 5S south side on Albrecht Farm going up hill east of crossroads of 5S and Paradise Road

ROSENCRANTZ, George, d. Aug. 16, 1850, 80 yrs, wife Anna (born 1770)
ROSENCRANTZ, Anna, d. ?, husband George
ROSENCRANTZ, George, d. December 21, 1838, 9mo 6da

Town of Little Falls
Paradise Road between 5S and Little Falls, east side of Town of Little Falls

BELLINGER, Lany, d. July 17, 1827, 52yrs, husband Christopher
BELLINGER, Christopher P., no data, wife Lany

Town of Little Falls
On hill south of Wrights Corners on north side of road, Route 167

HOFFMAN, Christina, 1821 - 1899, 77yr 2mo 19da, husband Godfred
HOFFMAN, John G., d. 1-11-1868, 45yrs 3mo 4da
FOX, infant, no data, son of Frank & Mary

Town of Little Falls
Off Overlook Rd., off Route 5

KLOCK, Henry P., d. 9-20-1825, 24yr
KLOCK, Isaac, d. 11-8-1830, 22 yr
KLOCK, Peter, d. 8-24-1873, 95yr, wife Nancy
KLOCK, Nancy, d. 5-5-1843, 63yr, husband Peter
KLOCK, Ira, d. 9-18-1888, 69yr, Veteran
KLOCK, P?iro, d. 4-?-1850, 18yr
PETRIE, Benjamin, d. 3-16-1816, wife Elizabeth
PETRIE, Elizabeth, d. 7-19-1817, husband Benjamin
PETRIE, Warren, d. 9-10-1819, 9yr, son of Elizabeth & Benjamin
PETRIE, Daniel D., d. 3-5-1885, 81yr

Town of Little Falls
Route 100 south side of Burt Road, 1/2 mile west of Gun Club Road

TALCOTT, Sally, d. 7-12-1849, 70yr, husband Daniel

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