The Lotridge Cemetery list was donated by Laura Perkins and prepared by Jeanette Shiel. This may be a small cemetery but we know some of you are going to be very, very happy when you read these names. The original list stated no date of reading nor reader, but may have been read by George Hildebrandt. If you have supplementary information about persons buried in this cemetery, please send them to the site coordinator.

RTE 167
Town of Little Falls
BELLINGER, George R.1821 - 1891
Wf. Elizabeth
BELLINGER, Elizabeth D. 3-10-1856 27yr 11mo 2da Hus. George R.
BELLINGER, Margaret D. 7-18-1855 1yr 21da
BELLINGER, Chauncey G. D. 1-6-1861 42yr 11mo 23da
BELLINGER, Frankie D. D. 12-20-1862 3yr 11mo 11da
BELLINGER, John P. D. 2-7-1883 63yr 5mo 7da Wf. Nancy Benedict
BELLINGER, Nancy Benedict1833 - 1905
Hus. John P.




CARVER, Jennie A. D. 8-14-187617yr 6da
CARVER, Fanny Maria D. 9-9-1854 1yr 5da
CARVER, Lucretia D. 3-1-1851 1yr 7da
BELLINGER, Daniel D. 3-25-1877 81yr 9da Wf. Margaret
BELLINGER, Margaret D. 6-1-1857
Hus. Daniel
SEEBER, Peter B. 1825 - 1896
Wf. Emily
SEEBER, Emily 1828 - 1904
Hus. Peter B.
SEEBER, Suffrenes D. 4-1-186684yr 4mo 26da
SEEBER, Henry ** D. 5-15-1812 104yr 2mo REV SOLDIER
Wf. Fanny
SEEBER, Fanny D. 9-25-1841 92yr 1mo 4daHus. Henry
LOTRIDGE, William D. 7-2-189276yrWf. Catharine
LOTRIDGE, Catharine D. 12-29-186146yr 9moHus. William
LOTRIDGE, Infant D. 1-10-1817

LOTRIDGE, John D. 1-1-1839 3yr 3mo
LOTRIDGE, Infant D. 9-17-1849

UHLE, James D. 12-13-1862 42yr 1mo 21daWf. Lany M. Phillips
UHLE, Lany M. Phillips 1822 - 1904
Hus. James
UHLE, Chauncy D. 10-26-18461yr 10mo 2da
LOTRIDGE, Infant D. 10-11-1840


LOTRIDGE, Infant D. 9-2-18421da
LOTRIDGE, George D. 2-27-184574yr 8mo Wf. Maria
LOTRIDGE, Maria D. 2-24-185884yr 3mo 6da Hus. George
CASLER, Delia Bellinger D. 1-15-187675yr 18da Wf. 2 Hus. Richard M.
CASLER, Elizabeth Lotridge D. 4-3-182934yr 3mo 13da Wf. 1 Hus. Richard
PHILLIPS, Lany D. 12-21-1822 20yr 9mo 19da Hus. George W.
CARVER, Fanny 1788 - 1865

WASHBURN, Adelia 1834 - ??

BLOODO, Eliza D. 9-26-188161yr
LOTRIDGE, John 1807-1891

LOTRIDGE, Polly 1796-1878

PETRIE, George Henry D. 5-2-1858 2mo 2da
LOTRIDGE, George 1811 - 1897
Wf. Mary Ann
LOTRIDGE, Mary Ann 1815 - 1895
Hus. George
LOTRIDGE, Mary 1856 - 1910

RANKIN, Richard 1838 - 1906
Wf. Elizabeth Lotridge
RANKIN, Elizabeth Lotridge 1844 - 1900
Hus. Richard
** Stone hard to read. This date may be 1842 because of the date of his wife's death.

Many thanks to Jeanette Sheil for preparing Lotridge Cemetery. Jeanette previously typed our listings of Revolutionary War sailors. Many Scots settled in the Mohawk Valley and Jeanette has great info and ideas to share about this emigration. Her immediate research goal is to backtrack to her John Black's origins: "John Black, born 1810, was from Amsterdam about 1830. He married Janet Carter from Galway, ca. 1835. Most of his family, ten children, settled in the area and near Perth. He is buried in a Hagaman Cemetery, but I don't know where yet. His son, Thomas Carter Black lived in Hagaman Mills to his death at the ripe age of 93 in 1933! At this stage, I'm searching for collateral lines, (William H., James, Peter, John) and when John came to America from Scotland, ca. 1820-1835. As a child with family or alone?!?!?!"

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