Town of Schuyler
Herkimer County, New York

This list of tombstone inscriptions, personally copied several years ago by Phil. Munson, came from the McGraw monument in the Miller-Dutchtown Cemetery in East Schuyler. The data in brackets is from Phil's own accumulated research about the McGraw family of the Town of Schuyler (who are somewhat related to his own McGraw line) and is not on the monument.

McGRAW, Hiram, d. 8 Dec. 1880, age 75yrs 8mos 6days
Sally [BRIDENBECKER, his wife], d. 2 Mar. 1882, age 72
Mary A. WAY, d. 29 Aug. 1868, age 32yrs 8mos
Frances W., d.17 June 1860, age 10yrs 7mos
Mary E., d. 12 Oct. 1862, age 28yrs 11mos 26days
Caroline, d. 17 June 1848, age 3yrs 11mos
Josephine, wife of John, d.14 Mar. 1860, age 32
Alice E. [daughter of John and Josephine], d. 7 Sept. 1879, age 25yrs 11mos 25 days
Calvin, d. 1907
Evaline S. [DURST], wife of Hiram, Jr., d. 26 Aug. 1868, b. 16 Oct. 1844.

"The following accumulated information, not complete by any means, is what I have about the family of Hiram and Sally McGraw above."

"Hiram McGraw was born 2 April 1804 in New York State and his wife, Sally Bridenbecker, daughter of John and Margaretha (LENTZ) Bridenbecker, was born about 1809 in East Schuyler."

Their children were:

  • 1. John J., born 1826 in East Schuyler, married (1) Josephine ?, born about 1828 and (2) Hannah ?;
  • 2. Robert, born about 1828 in East Schuyler, married 29 Dec. 1854 to Maryette HADCOCK in Schuyler, daughter of Sylvester and Matilda Hadcock
  • 3. Margaret A., born 22 Dec. 1831, married 1855 in Schuyler to William W. WAY, who was born in Amsterdam, NY
  • 4. Calvin, born 1833, and married Helen E. DURST, daughter of Luther B. and Amanda Durst
  • 5. Mary Elizabeth, born about 1834, died unmarried
  • 6. Martin V.B., born 1840, married Josephine L. TANNER in Deerfield, NY, 1 July 1879. He graduated from Hamilton College in 1868 and died in Utica, NY in 1912
  • 7. Hiram, Jr., born 13 March 1843 in Schuyler, married Evaline S. DURST, daughter of Luther B. and Amanda Durst on 16 Jan 1865. He died at West Frankfort, NY in 1903
  • 8. Caroline, born 17 July 1844 in Schuyler
  • 9. Frances W., born 17 June 1847 in Schuyler

"According to my family records, Hiram McGraw was the brother of my maternal great-greatgrandfather, William McGraw, about whose early life I know very little. Supposedly, he was born in Norwich, CT. After years of research in Connecticut, I've drawn a blank."

Our appreciation to Phil. Munson for sending this detailed burial information! Phil would like to correspond with researchers having further information about the extended McGraw family, especially his great-greatgrandfather William, or the individuals listed above.

Phil sent us these directions for getting there:

The location of the subject cemetery is as follows. It is north of New York State route # 5, west of East Schuyler. Just west of East Schuyler on Route # 5, turn north on Herkimer County Road # 53, also known as the Millers Grove Road. Just beyond the New York State Thruway which one goes under, turn left on Church Road which dead ends at the Thruway. The cemetery is on this road.

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