on Mucky Run Road

Town of Frankfort

Herkimer County, NY

Frankfort Center Cemetery on Mucky Run Road was prepared and sent in by contributing editor Betsy Voorhees of Herkimer. The original reading was recorded by George Hildebrandt, reader of many area cemeteries in the 1960s. This list comes from the Herkimer County Historical Society; further questions about the persons below need to be asked of the Society. Corrections of names and dates are welcome and can be sent in to the site coordinator for posting here.

GRIMM, Anthony, B.1842 - D.1908, Wf. Louisa Knofer
GRIMM, Louisa Knofer, B.1845 - D. ? , Hus. Anthony
VOSBURGH, Nellie Reager, B.1865 - D.1920, Hus. Worth D.
COOLEY, Olive May, B.1855 - D.1930
SHOFER, Katie, B.1865 - D.1899, Hus. George W.
SHOFER, John P., B.1839 - D.1915, VETERAN, Wf. Sarah L.
SHOFER, Sarah L., B.1842 - D.1942, 100yr., Hus. John P.
HAUSER, Gottlieb, B.1848 - D.1916, Wf. Cathrine M.
HAUSER, Cathrine M., B.1837 - D.1915, Hus. Gottlieb
HAUSER, Jacob F., B.1858 - D.1922, Wf. Louise F.
HAUSER, Louise F., B.1861 - D.1926, Hus. Jacob F.
AUSTIN, Lucius R., B.1837 - D.1923, Wf. Jane E. Porter
KANE, William, B.1830 - D.1908
KANE, Louise, B.1835 - D.1875
KANE, Aura L., B.1836 - D.1906
BALEY, Helen Warner, B.1841 - D.1889
HOWARD, Fidelia A., D. 5-2-1888, 55yr-6mo-5da
DAMUTH, George H., D. 12-28-1926, 80yr, VETERAN
AUSTIN, Jane E. Porter, B.1841 - D.1921, Hus. Lucius R.
VANCE, Frederick L., D. 4-29-1907, 4da, son of Viola & Fred
TISDALE, William H., B.1825 - D.1902, Wf. Cordella Morgan
TISDALE, Cordella Morgan, B.1826 - D.1899, Hus. William H.
TISDALE, Homer, B.1865 - D.1910
MOREHOUSE, Henry, B.1865 - D.1909, Wf. Annie Edwards
MOREHOUSE, Annie Edwards, B.1867 - D. ? , Hus. Henry
DARLING, Charles, B.1845 - D.1920, Wf. Rozena E. Lipa
DARLING, Rozena E. Lipa, B.1855 - D.1916, Hus. Charles
JAMES, Raymond, B.1914 - D.1915, son of Louis & Ethel
VALENTINE, Ebenezer, B.1897 - D.1911
FRAZIER, Mary L., D. 2-27-1864, 23yr-7mo-24da, Hus. M. C.
FRAZIER, M. C., D. 2-17-1812, 70yr, Wf. Mary L.
FRAZIER, Lucinda, D. 3-22-1890, 62yr-10mo
KEELER, George W., B.1840 - D.1895, Wf. Jane E.
KEELER, Jane E., B.1843 - D.1900, Hus. George W.
BREISH, George, B.1831 - D.1889, Wf. Catharine Foss
BREISH, Catharine Foss, B.1835 - D.1889, Hus. George
BREISH, George, B.1866 - D.1925, son of Catharine & George
SNYDER, Susanna Miller, B.1843 - D.1919
MILLER, Ellen R., D. 6-1-1891, 66yr, Hus. Mathew W.
MILLER, Mathew W., D. 3-23-1897, 80yr-4mo-8da, Wf. Ellen R.
HOLDREDGE, Samuel, B.1801 - D.1888, Wf. Lucina
HOLDREDGE, Luciana, B.1807 - D.1875, Hus. Samuel
NEWELL, Elijah, B.1813 - D.1888, Wf. Julia Ann
NEWELL, Julia Ann, B.1815 - D.1891, Hus. Elijah
NEWELL, Jane, B.1837 - D.1851
NEWELL, Josiah, B.1853 - D.1893
HOBBS, Charles A., D. 1-6-1892, 74yr-7mo-15da
HARVEY, Frank, B.1861- D.1914, Wf. Carrie
HARVEY, Herbert, B.1895 - D.1897, son of Frank & Carrie
JENKINS, Elizabeth, B.1844 - D.1896, Hus. Edward C.
JENKINS, Edward C., B. 1847 - D.1895, Wf. Elizabeth
HAY, Seneca C., D. 7-31-1869, 5mo-9da, son of Amelia & James
HAY, James W., D. 2-8-1876, 41yr-7mo, Wf. Amelia A.
HAY, Amelia A., D. 3-29-1880, 54yr-4mo-8da, Hus. James W.
ECKEL, Ernest W., B.1901 - D.1906
SCHAIBLE, Katharine, B.1836 - D.1904, Hus. Gottfried
HAGUES, Willard, B.1900 - D.1915, son of Emma & Charles [see note at end of list]
HAGUES, Howard L., B.1904 - D.1912, son of Emma & Charles [see note at end of list]
FENNELL, Percy C.M., B.1878 - D.1919
ROBARDS, Daniel, B.1817 - D.1898, Wf. F. A.
ROBARDS, F. A., B.1824 - D.1897, Hus. Daniel
ROBARDS, W. C., B.1846 - D.1924, Wf. Etta
ROBARDS, Etta, B.1849 - D.1900, Hus. W. C.
NICHOLAS, Warren D., B.1852 - D.1870
NICHOLAS, Oramel, B.1828 - D.1896, Wf. Elizabeth
NICHOLAS, Elizabeth, B.1832 - D.1922, Hus. Oramel
YACK, John, B.1824 - D.1906, Wf. Hannah
YACK, Hannah, B.1831 - D.1903, Hus. John
HALL, Franklin, D., B.1849 - D.1892, Wf. Louisa Miller
HALL, Louisa Miller, B.1865 - D.1921, Hus. Franklin
VANCE, Lewis D., B.1872 - D.1917
VANCE, Irving, D. 4-24-1893, 48yr.
HOKE, John A., B.1827 - D.1909, Wf. Catharine
HOKE, Catharine, B.1835 - D.1897, Hus. John A.
REMINGTON, Mark, B.1880 - D.1974, Wf. Isabelle Jennings
REMINGTON, Isabelle Jennings, D. 1914, Hus. Mark
FROSCHAVER, Barbara, B.1816 - D.1902
MARKLE, Bertha, B.1861 - D.1897, Hus. George
TUCKER, John F., D. 2-20-1896, 79yr-1mo-14da, Wf. Catharine B.
TUCKER, Catharine Barbara Breish, D. 2-25-1891, 67yr, Hus. John F.
ALDINGER, James, B.1841 - D.1916, Jane Philo #2 Wf., Sarah #1
ALDINGER, Sarah, B.1847 - D.1892, Wf. l - Hus. James
ALDINGER, Jane E. Philo, B.1856 - D.1906, Wf. 2 - Hus. James
WILLIAMS, Robert, B.1817 - D.1897, Wf. Ann Rushmer
WILLIAMS, Ann Rushmer, B.1829 - D.1875, Hus. Robert
GRUNDY, David, B.1876 - D.1930, Wf. Minnie Valentine
GRUNDY, Minnie E. Valentine, B.1892 - D.1918, Hus. David
FOLTS, David H., B.1844 - D. ? , Wf. Izora
FOLTS, Izora S., B.1850 - D.1920, Hus. David H.
FOLTS, Joseph W., B.1836 - D.1921, Wf. Cornelia
FOLTS, Cornelia, B.1840 - D.1925, Hus. Joseph W.
KANE, Warren A., B.1859 - D.1916, Wf. Caroline Miller
KANE, Caroline Miller, B.1861 - D.1939, Hus. Warren A.
MILLER, Mathew, B.1856 - D.1907, Wf. Ella McVay
MILLER, Ella McVay, B.1860 - D.1949, Hus. Mathew
MANNING, John, D. 12-9-1891, 53yr-4mo, Wf. Adeline
MANNING, Adeline, D. 4-30-1888, 41yr, Hus. John
ALDINGER, David, B.1845 - D.1887, Wf. Rozellen Fake
ALDINGER, Rozellen Fake, B.1854 - D.1938, Hus. David
LIPA, John J., B.1819 - D.1904, Wf. Margaret Hayner
LIPA, Margaret Hayner, B.1837 - D.1885, Hus. John J.
MARKLE, John, B.1830 - D.1911, Wf. Christina Shofer
MARKLE, Christina Shofer, B.1829 - D.1907, Hus. John
SMITH, H. Dwight, B.1872 - D.1927, Wf. Lena
SMITH, Peter W., B.1844 - D.1911, Wf. Anna M.
SMITH, Anna M., B.1849 - D.1914, Hus. Peter W.
MORGAN, Edward H., B.1841 - D.1930, Wf. Luella Farrington
MORGAN, Luella Farrington, B.1846 - D.1930, Hus. Edward H.
FARRINGTON, Ira H., B.1822 - D.1901, Wf. Louisa A. Farmer
FARRINGTON, Louisa A. Farmer, B.1824 - D.1904, Hus. Ira H.
FARRINGTON, H. Vernon, B.1864 - D.1904
MORGAN, Daniel E., B.1820 - D.1898, Wf. Betsey M.
MORGAN, Betsey M., B.1822 - D.1898, Hus. Daniel E.
MORGAN, John, B.1794 - D.1870
JOHNSON, James R., B.1844 - D.1899, Wf. Catharine Bettinger
JOHNSON, Catharine Bettinger, B.1836 - D.1914, Hus. James E.
JOHNSON, Everett, B.1811 - D.1893, Wf. Ann Radley
JOHNSON, Ann Radley, B.1814 - D.1890, Hus. Everett
HOLDRIGE, J. Adelia, D. 8-19-1853, 17yr-6mo-23da
HAMER, Fred L., B.1874 - D.1962, Wf. Mary L. Johnson
HAMER, Mary L. Johnson, B.1876 - D.1918, Hus. Fred L.
EVANS, David, D. 1916, Wf. Mary
EVANS, Mary, D. 1928, Hus. David
THURSTON, Clara A. Miller, B.1872 - D.1906
BROCKWAY, Reed, B.1828 - D.1907, Wf. Lydia Capson
BROCKWAY, Lydia E. Capson, B.1828 - D.1906, Hus. Reed
HAY, Jeremiah, D. 8-28-1854, 58yr-7mo, Wf. Jane
HAY, Jane, D. 11-24-1889, 80yr-7mo, Hus. Jeremiah
HAYS, Melvin F., B.1847 - D.1912, Wf. Alice M.
HAYS, Alice M., B.1857 - D.1914, Hus. Melvin F.
HAYS, James, B.1877 - D.1883, son of Melvin & Alice
DAMUTH, George, B.1848 - D.1926, Wf. Jannett
DAMUTH, Jannett, B.1848 - D.1887, Hus. George
DAVIS, Henry B., B.1848 - D.1921, Wf. Emma Brockway
DAVIS, Emma J. Brockway, B.1850 - D.1886, Hus. Henry B.
DAVIS, Milo L., B.1895 - D.1898, son of Henry & Emma J.
HARVEY, James, S., B.1819 - D.1907, Wf. Lucy Ann Tisdale
HARVEY, Lucy Ann Tisdale, B.1827 - D.1891, Hus. James S.
VAN BUREN, Mary Jane Tisdale, D. 11-23-1898, 55yr-9mo-3da, Hus. Giles
TISDALE, Benjamin, D. 4-20-1837, 33yr, Wf. Mary
MORGAN, Mary, D. 2-8-1886, 80yr, Hus. John
DAMUTH, George R., B.1809 - D.1898, Wf. Cornelia A.
DAMUTH, Cornelia A., D. 11-12-1891, 75yr-10mo, Hus. George R.
MILLER, Albert, B.1841 - D.1901, Wf. Martha
MILLER, Martha, B.1844 - D.1889, Hus. Albert
MILLER, Godfrey, B.1813 - D.1899

November 25, 2000 Update, from Virginia Milligan: "I'd also like my grandmother and grandfather's names included on the Frankfort Center Cemetery list. Their daughter and her husband are there as well and not listed. My grandparents' two sons that died as youths are on that list I'm happy to say. For the cemetery list my family is as follows:

Charles Thomas Hagues 4/2/1877-7/8/1948
Emma Caroline Schaible Hagues 11/19/1875-3/25/1956
Eleanor Hagues Roberts 7/28/1909-1/15/1996
George Roberts

I don't have his dates handy but this much would sure be great to have on the list. The Willard and Howard showing are the sons of Charles and Emma."
Virginia Milligan

April 1, 2001 Update, from Beverly Miller Firman: "I would like to have some relatives names added to the Frankfort Center Cemetery list:

Sarah Cornelia Miller 1854-1936
William A. Miller 1875-1935 Wf Idella E.
Idella E. Miller 1883-1944 Hus William A.
Charles W. Miller 1915-1916 son of William A. & Idella E. Miller
Martha A. Webb 1911-1971 dau of William A. & Idella E. Miller
Elsie Miller dau of A.W. & Ardelia Miller
Esther J. Miller 1872-1947 Hus Charles R.
Charles R. Miller 1866-1931 Wf Esther J.
Leslie Miller 1900-1969 Wf Fannie
Fannie Miller 1902-1990 Hus Leslie
James F. Miller 1864-1941 Wf Jennie Hagues
Jennie Hagues Miller 1869-1947 Hus James F.
Gertrude Miller 3 months old dau of James & Jennie
Rose C. Miller 1892-1973 Hus Kenneth J.
Kenneth J. Miller 1893-1956 Wf Rose C.
Glen H. Miller 1900-1979 Wf Ida Mae
Ida Mae Miller 1902-1970 Hus Glenn H.
Ella M. Thurston 1892-1970 dau of Clara A. Miller Thurston
Arthur Smith 1903-1903
Mildred Smith 1903-1903
John R. Smith 1877-1955 Wf Mary A. Hagues
Mary A. Hagues Smith 1874-1933 Hus John R.
Rose K. Smith 1864-1952 Hus John R.
Lena E. Smith 1880-1934 hus H. Dwight
Rose I. Hall 1890-1962 dau of Franklin D. & Louisa Miller Hall
George F. Hall 1878-1955 son of Franklin D. & Louisa Miller Hall
William Roy Kane 1885-1943 Wf Bertha M.
Bertha M. Kane 1891-1967 Hus William Roy
Warren R. Kane 1920-1978 son of William Roy & Bertha M.
Homer A. Kane 1916-1977 Wf Cora M.
Cora M. Kane 1916-2001 Hus Homer A.
Dorothy M. Kane 1898-1978 Hus Neil A.
Neil A. Kane 1895-1993 Wf Dorothy M.
Chester L. Kane 1914-1957 Wf Mabel E.
Mabel E. Kane 1918-Hus Chester L
Joyce Lynn Kane 1946-1954 dau of Chester L. & Mabel E.
Ronald Leroy Kane 1939-1950 son of Chester L. & Mabel E.
Arnold W Haman 1914-1989 Wf Doris C
Doris C Haman 1912-1988 Hus Arnold W
Richard E Waldo 1920-1996 Wf Marjorie C
Marjorie C Waldo 1921-1977 Hus Richard E

Also I would like these corrections to names & dates already appearing on the list:

Miller, Godfrey B. 1813 (not 1873)
Miller, Martha D. 1889 (not 1895)
Snyder, Susanna Miller B. 1843 (not 1848)
Miller, Mathew Wf Ella McVay (not McVoy)
Miller, Ella McVay (not McVoy) Hus Mathew

I have very conscientiously checked family records & pictures I have taken of the stones at the cemetery for accuracy. Thank you so much for making these additions and changes to the cemetery list!" Beverly Miller Firman

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