Town of Newport

Herkimer County, N.Y.

Introduction and Part 1, Surnames A - E

The listings of St. John's Cemetery of Newport, NY were graciously contributed for online use by Helen Garlock. Typing and spreadsheet preparation for online presentation were skillfully done by Bill and Rosemary Kelhi. For further information about the cemetery, please contact Helen Garlock, P.O. Box 175, Newport, New York 13416. For all information about individuals mentioned, please direct your research and genealogical questions to the Newport Historical Center or the Herkimer County Historical Society, both listed on our historical societies page.

During 1991 the following people set forth to read the inscriptions on all the monuments in the old section of St. Johns Cemetery located in Newport, New York.

Walter & Agnes Szarejko, Pat Putney, Virginia Allan, Eleanor Blauvelt, Pat Lang & her Cub Scouts, Donna Earhart, June Krol, Betty Dow, Carolyn & Joe Murphy, Madeline Helmer, Mary Corrigan, Ruth & Bill Butler, Helen & Al Garlock, Grace Robinson, Lucille & Martin Steruski, and Jack & Ann Welsh.

During 1995 Helen Garlock read the new section and has kept updating each year since. In the summer of 2001 Helen enlisted the help of Bill & Rosemary Kelhi to assist her in creating a database of the 1600+ names and to prepare this material for online researchers. All "readings" have been recorded at the Newport Historical Center located on Main Street, Newport, New York.

The 3/11/04 Update: These listings were updated by Helen Garlock and Bill & Rosemary Kelhi with interments between 2001 and 2003. This update also includes additions of 3 individuals omitted from the first list, updated information for 2 people, death dates for 5 people, and information about interments in the Mrs. James Clark lot.

The 8/9/07 Update: These listings were updated by Helen Garlock with interments between 2004 and July 2007. The August 2007 revision included additions of, or updates for, 63 individuals. This update also included additions of several individuals omitted from previous lists, corrections for several people, and death dates for persons who had stones but who hadn't passed away as of March 2004.

updated8/26/10: These listings were updated by Helen Garlock with interments between August 2007 and mid-August 2010. This August 2010 revision includes additions of, or updates for, 44 individuals. This update includes additions of all new burials, as well as birth and death dates for persons who had stones but who hadn't passed away as of August 2007. Be sure to discard ALL previous lists and replace with this August 2010 updated list.

AHEARN Maurice 1876-1942    
AHEARN Margaret Drumm 1888-1920 wife of Maurice  
AHEARN Frank 1829-1904    
AHEARN Margaret died 6/7/1882   aged 77 years
AHERN Daniel F. died 1882    
ALBRIGHT Charles P. 1890-1969    
ALBRIGHT Emma Clark 1888-1967 wife of Charles  
ALBRIGHT Clark M. 1929-1977 son of Charles & Emma  
ALEXANDER William W. 1885-1928    
ALEXANDER Herman 1924-1974    
ALLEN Patrick 1829-1904    
ALLEN Catherine 1838-1902 wife of Patrick  
ALLEN Margaret 1870-1883    
ALLEN Bernard E. 1918-1994    
ALLEN Virginia K. Renodin 10/3/1923-4/22/2010 wife of Bernard  
ALSANTE Jerry D. 1908-1965    
ALSANTE Margaret C. 1909-1974    
ANDERSON Willard August 5/5/1897-4/24/82    
ANDERSON Margaret O'Neill 7/23/01-1/24/74 wife  
ARBELL   1909-1910    
ARENA Gitano 1874-1915    
ARENA Cenarina 1870-1958 wife of Gitano  
ARENA Virginia Agnes 1902-1980    
ARENA Anthony 1897-1970 husband
ARSENAULT Leo E. Sr. 1/26/1927-3/8/2008 husband of Rita Michaud, Geraldine Hopkinson  
ARSENAULT Rita M. 1928-1966 1st wife of Leo Arsenault  
ARTZ Raymond E. Sr. June 6, 1935 - June 10, 2002    
ATKINSON Mark T. 1898-1982 Father  
ATKINSON Margaret M. 1897-1968 wife of Mark T.  
ATKINSON Clifford J. 5/10/1923-11/23/1943 son of Mark & Margaret Killed in service
AUTENRITH Jacob 1839-1917    
AUTENRITH Mary Pryor 1838-1910 wife of Jacob  
AUTENRITH Amelia 1863-1961 daughter of Jacob & Mary  
AUTENRITH Thomas 1865-1889 son of Jacob & Mary  
AUTENRITH Mary A. (Minnie) 1866-1949 daughter of Jacob & Mary  
AUTENRITH Emma S. 1869-1890 daughter of Jacob & Mary  
AUTENRITH William E. 1862-1924    
AUTENRITH Mary Spellman 1865-1938 wife of William E. Sr.  
AUTENRITH Stanley J. 1894-1966 son of William & Mary  
AUTENRITH Marion Scheufler 1901-1967 wife of Stanley J.  
AUTENRITH William E. Jr. 1898-1977 son of William Sr. & Mary  
AUTENRITH Mildred Smith 1900- wife of William Jr.  
AUTENRITH Jacob B. 1877-1951    
AUTENRITH Ellen S. 1883-1964 wife of Jacob  
AUTENRITH Gerald P. 1914-1981 son of Jacob & Ellen  
AUTENRITH Josephine 1911-1997 wife of Gerald P. buried with 1st husband John Carroll
AUTENRITH Terrance S. 1909-1992    
AUTENRITH Elizabeth Farrell 1904-1991 wife of Terrance  
BALANIS Adam 1858-1937    
BALANIS Antonina 1863-1928 wife of Adam  
BARNARD Jay 9/2/1987-4/25/1994 Mommies Little Angels children of Laura Cook Barnard
BARNARD Constance Elizabeth 4/25/89-4/25/94 Mommies Little Angels children of Laura Cook Barnard
BARRETT Bob 1972-1972   baby
BATEMAN Katherine Starr 1865-1927    
BATEMAN Clifford W. 1890-1956    
BATEMAN Pvt. Guy 12/23/1898-9/29/18   killed in WWI
BATEMAN John F. 1903-1933    
BATEMAN William McKinley 1896-1982    
BATEMAN Ruth Ann Keuhule 1921-1985 wife of William  
BAZAN Bernard S. February 26, 1915 - August 3, 2003 husband of Anna Kosakowski  
BELL Ethel S. (Quinn) 12/25/1917-12/26/2004 wife of Adrian Louis Bell  
BENICK John M. 1956-1967 son of Mary & Joe Benick  
BENNETT George S. 1900-1924    
BERG Nicholas L. 1913-1992   married 7/14/47 to Katherine A. Butler
BERG Katherine A. Butler 1914-1984 his wife  
BERNIER Elmer 1900-1980    
BERNIER Archie 1877-1953    
BERNIER Rose A. 1876-1960    
BERNIER Dorothy M 1894-1979    
BICKFORD William H. 1871-1956    
BICKFORD Anna 1877- wife of William Bickford  
BICKFORD Bert A. 1883-1962    
BICKFORD Agnes B. Flaherty 1885-1951 wife of Bert  
BICKFORD Geroge E. 1880-1959    
BICKFORD Josephine 1886-1980    
BIENICK Stanley 1921-1986   known as Mike
BIENICK Mary Wajo 1927 - June 26, 2003 mother of Joseph & Barbara  
BIENKOWSKI Frank 1892-1964    
BIENKOWSKI Lottie 1895-1947    
BILLINGS Anna C. 1905-1968 dau. of Karl & Anna Voelkle  
BISHOP Nelson J. 1920-1946    
BISHOP Hugh M. 1918-1936 brother of Nelson  
BISHOP Nelson A. 1895-1971 husband of Elizabeth  
BISHOP Elizabeth C. 1896-1968 wife of Nelson  
BISHOP George B. 1916-1970 husband of Irene  
BISHOP Irene H. 1916-1997 wife of George  
BLASK Anthony 1865-1917    
BLASK Paul Sr. 1893-1958    
BLASK Mary J. 1895-1985 wife of Paul  
BLASK Anthony J. 1919-1942 son of Paul & Mary  
BLASK Paul W. Jr 1925-1944 son of Paul & Mary  
BLASK Frank 1899-1958    
BLASK Catherine M. 1905-1952 wife of Frank  
BLASK Joseph 1897-1963    
BLAUVELT Leroy 1907-1981    
BLAUVELT Eleanor Murphy 1920- wife of Leroy dau. of Dennis & Catherine Murphy
BLISS Adelbert H. 1874-1955    
BLISS Joseph J. died 1/31/2006    
BLISS Karen 5/10/1963-9/24/2007 relative of Joseph J.  
BLODGETT Wilmer E. 1920-    
BLODGETT Leona 1920-1990 wife of Wilmer  
BLODGETT Gary P. 1951-1952 infant son of Wilmer & Leona  
BLODGETT David W. 12/17/1946-10/5/1965 son of Wilmer & Leona killed in Vietnam
BLUM John H. 1917-1978    
BLUM Frances (Didio) 2/18/1910-5/25/2005 wife of John Blum and Leo Lowell  
BOEHLER Theodore W. 1905-1982    
BOEHLER Helen Butler 1907-1977 wife of Theodore  
BOWEN Ransford J. 1883-1944    
BOWEN Ann 1883-1959 wife of Ransford J.  
BOWEN Clark 1906-1972 son of Ransford & Ann  
BOWEN Mary Maxwell 1902-1988 wife of Clark  
BRADBURY Mabel Weigand 1883-1939 dau. of Julius & Mary Weigand  
BRADY John 1841-1901    
BRADY Mary died 1890 wife of John aged 48 years
BRADY John P. 1865-1898 son of John & Mary  
BRADY Catherine died 11/15/1852 sister of John aged 9 months
BRADY Reverend Edward H. 1871-1953   ordained 12/21/07
BRADY Margaret 1864-1943    
BRADY Charles 1874-1902 brother of John & William d. Phillipines-Sp. American War
BRADY Reverend Francis 12/27/1895-3/09/1932 son of John  
BRADY William 1889-1927    
BRADY Julia Wheeler 1875-1947 wife of William  
BRADY Anna 1839-1885    
BRASSEL Michael died 6/25/21   aged 81 years
BRASSEL Catherine Murphy died 7/01/1917 wife of Michael  
BRASSELL Timothy 1851-1885    
BRASSELL Alice Wood 1855-1901 wife of Timothy  
BRASSELL John 1816-1882    
BRASSELL Rule 1877-1941    
BRASSELL Raymond 1898-1899    
BRASSELL Kathleen 1904-1906    
BRASSELL Edward 1906-1919    
BRASSELL Walter 1901-1974    
BRASSELL Agnes 1908-1984    
BRASSELL John D. 1912-    
BRASSELL. Dennis E. 1867-1922    
BRAYBROOK Martin 1867-1940    
BRAYBROOK Alice 1867-1942 wife of Martin  
BRAYBROOK Mabel 1890-1900 daughter of Martin & Alice  
BRAYBROOK Mary 1892-1893 daughter of Martin & Alice  
BRAYBROOK Gertrude 1894-1898 daughter of Martin & Alice  
BRAYBROOK Grace 1898-1898 daughter of Martin & Alice  
BREO Dominick 5/9/08-2/24/02   lived with Norman and Ann Stark for 25 years
BRETT John 1844-1904    
BRETT Mary J. 1853-1936 wife of John  
BRETT Clarence 1887-1937    
BRETT Charlotte M. Futledge 1900-1949 wife of Clarence  
BRONSON Rita S. 1918-    
BRONSON Norris A. 1908-1964    
BRONSON Rita (LaComb) 2/12/1918-8/31/2006 wife of Norris  
BROWN William Sr. 1886-1928    
BROWN William 1915-1976    
BROWN Ansel M. 1922-1980 husband  
BROWN Agnella 1923- wife  
BROWN Blanche Bunger 1929-1981 wife  
BROWN Henry Jr. 1925- husband  
BUBELA John 1908-1980 husband  
BUBELA Sophie   wife  
BUCEK Felix 1875-1952    
BUCEK Frances 1884-1963 wife of Felix  
BUCEK Joseph 1910-1931    
BUCEK Helen 1917-1920    
BUGEYA Anthony J. 1942-1973    
BURKE Cullen G. 1900-1976    
BURKE Dorothy Butler 1903-1983 wife of Cullen  
BURRITT Mary Renodin 7/27/1933-2/23/2010 mother of Scott & Rhonda  
BURRITT Rhonda 1965-1967 dau. of Mary Renodin Burritt  
BUSHNELL Kathleen died August 9, 1969   baby plaque
BUTLER Edward J. 3/29/1888-9/2/63    
BUTLER Ellen Enright 6/19/1888-6/3/68 wife of Edward J.  
BUTLER Josephine Viola 11/27/18-7/25/57   1st wife of James Butler
BUTLER Frank 1896-1960    
BUTLER Sadie M. 1899-1991 wife of Frank  
BUTLER Francis J. 1932-1987 son of Frank & Sadie  
BUTLER Charles P. 1935-1981    
BUTLER James D. 1861-1944    
BUTLER Ellen M. 1862-1935    
BUTLER Henry 1863-1949    
BUTLER Margaret P. 1868-1955 wife of Henry  
BUTLER Clarence D. 1902-1986    
BUTLER Catherine Carroll 1902-1979 wife of Clarence  
BUTLER John H. 1865-1917    
BUTLER William 2/23/1924-7/6/2001 husband of Ruth Fitch. son of Edward & Ellen Enright Butler WWII-Vet
BUTLER Donald 1925 - 2002 husband  
BUTLER Michael 6/6/1833-3/20/1900 husband of Hanora  
BUTLER Hanora (Place) 1837-3/22/1905 wife of Michael  
BUTLER Alice 11/11/1887-6/6/1958 daughter of Michael and Hanora  
BUTLER William 9/21/1871-3/8/1944 son of Michael and Hanora  
BUTLER Frank 1872-3/22/1905 son of Michael and Hanora  
CALLAHAN Kathryn M. 1902-1990 sister of Elizabeth C. Farrell  
CALLAHAN Louis S. Sr. 3/25/1956-9/26/2004 son of Joseph and Jenny  
CAMBRIDGE Bernard died 1/1/1876   aged 76 years
CAMBRIDGE Mary died 3/7/1894 wife of Bernard aged 75 years
CANTWELL Timothy 1831-1898    
CANTWELL Sarah 1834-1904 wife of Timothy  
CANTWELL Thomas 1856-1886    
CAREY John 1847-1921    
CAREY Riley 1855-1887 wife of John  
CAREY Jeremiah 1874-1966    
CAREY Margaret 1872-1954    
CAREY James 1866-1934    
CARNEY Anna Hanley 1834-1910 wife of William A. Carney  
CARNEY John 1854-1930    
CARNEY Elizabeth Wilson 1857-1943 wife of John  
CARNEY Frank T. 1893-1907    
CARNEY Robert J. 1865-1915    
CARNEY Minnie 1870-1947 wife of Robert J.  
CARNEY William 1907-1955 son of Robert & Minnie not buried at St. John's
CARNEY Anna May 1923-1974 wife of William  
CARNEY Walter L. 1902-1970 son of Robert & Minnie not buried at St. John's
CARNEY Alfred 1899-1971    
CARNEY Ellen Watson 1906-1961    
CARNEY Robert S. 7/4/1884-4/5/1958    
CARNEY Mary A. 4/27/1888-4/27/1987 wife of Robert S.  
CARNEY Bernard F. 7//12/1912-1/22/2006 husband of Eleanor Snell husband of Mildred Seavey
CARNEY M. Eleanor Snell 1909-1977 wife of Bernard F.  
CARNEY Robert J. Sr. 7/31/1917-4/24/2007 husband of Elva Butler  
CARNEY Elva Butler 1916-1992 wife of Robert J.  
CARNEY Robert J. Jr. 1947-2000 son of Robert Sr. & Elva  
CARROLL William 1867-1931    
CARROLL Helen M. 1876-1954 wife of William  
CARROLL Kenneth W. 1904-1931 son of William & Helen  
CARROLL Elizabeth 1914-1919 daughter of William & Helen  
CARROLL John F. 1906-1945 1st husband of Josephine Ryan Carroll Autenrith  
CARVER John 1852-1935 husband of Mary  
CARVER Mary Kayten 1850-1914    
CASE Shawn R. 1970-7/1/1997 husband of Robin Prezelski Weakley  
CASEY William died 10/6/1887   aged 69 years
CASHMAN John 1836-1921   U.S. Navy Ship-Lockawana
CASHMAN Margaret Scanlon 1833-1928 wife of John  
CASHMAN Margaret 1866-1870 daughter of John & Margaret  
CASHMAN Elizabeth 1869-1882 daughter of John & Margaret  
CASSIDY William J. 1860-1918    
CASTRILLE Anthony 2/9/1941-6/26/2004    
CAVANAUGH Timothy 1843-1924    
CHAPADEAU Amelia Link 1890-1920    
CHECK John G. 7/3/41-3/23/2000 husband of Deborah  
CHENEY George D. 1885-1955    
CHENEY Anna C. 1888-1955 wife of George  
CHENEY Arthur F. 1911-1982    
CHENEY Cecelia S. 1909-1948 wife of Arthur  
CHENEY Victor A. 1930-1950   killed in Korea
CHMIELEWSKI Ann Wajo 1930-1982    
CHRISTIANO Thomas P. Sr. 2/5/1915-8/12/2001    
CHRYPA Matka Agnieszka 1895-1963    
CHRYPA Ojciec Vincenty 1890-1970    
CHRYPA Corka Zofia 1917-1931    
CIECIERSKI Alexander 1890-    
CIECIERSKI Mary 1899-1938 wife of Alexander  
CLANCY Patrick 1869-    
CLANCY Mary 1862-1940 wife of Patrick  
CLANCY Lucy 1896- daughter of Mary & Patrick  
CLANCY Frances M. 1902- daughter of Mary & Patrick  
CLARK Mary E. 1897-1966    
CLARK Francis      
CLARK John died 1890   aged 82 years
CLARK Mary died 1889 wife of John aged 76 years
CLARK Peter died 1867   aged 23 years
CLARK John F. 1841-1906    
CLARK Mary Gallagher 1858-1925 wife of John F.  
CLARK Jane died 1973   aged 92 years
CLARK May died 1881   aged 1 year
CLARK Jay 1879-1908    
CLARK Thomas J. died 1891   aged 42 years
CLARK James 1837-1897    
CLARK John W. 1873-1899    
CLARK Ellen 1847-1910    
CLARK Ellen 1868-1952    
CLARK Nora died 1950   aged 93 years
CLARK Harvey died 6/5/1896   aged 10 years
CLARK Fanny died 1875   aged 4 years
CLARK Fred J. 1878-1947    
CLARK Mabel 1881-1968 wife of Fred  
CLARK Michael died 1864 husband of Elizabeth  
CLARK Elizabeth died 6/13/1874 wife of Michael aged 74 years
CLARK Mary died April 20, 1883(?)   aged 56 years
CLARK Patrick died May 22, 19_2(?)   aged 24 years(?)
CLARK Francis died February 19, 18--   aged 64 years
CLARK Owen died 4/22/1890   aged 67 years
CLARK Michael     aged 41 years
CLARK Katherine 1906-1996 wife of Edward  
CLARK Edward 1901-1983    
CLARK Mrs. James     Mrs. James Clark, lot #220, has no marker of any kind, but Church records have recorded these brothers and sisters as buried in St. John's. None were married.

CLARK, Nellie d. June 11, 1952, age 83 years
CLARK, Charles (Happy) d. 1956, age 70 years
CLARK, Henry d. 1958, age 75 years
CLARK, Elizabeth (Bessie)
CLIFFORD Thomas D. died 9/10/1883   aged 59 years, native of County Kerry
CLIFFORD Ann Mahardy 1827-1906 wife of T.D. Clifford  
CLIFFORD John E. 1858-1931 son of Ann & Thomas  
CLIFFORD Elizabeth O'Neil 1867-1921 wife of John E.  
CLIFFORD Thomas A. 1856-1918 son of Ann & Thomas  
CLIFFORD Marcella A. 1865-1890 daughter of Ann & Thomas  
CLIFFORD Eugene M. 1863-1889 son of Ann & Thomas  
CLIFFORD Bernard J. 1893-1932    
CLIFFORD William 1872-1922    
CLIFFORD Anna 1884-1945    
CLIFFORD Thomas D. 1892-1949    
CLIFFORD Katherine M. 1889-1969 wife of Thomas  
COMAN Patricia 4/3/1963-6/19/2008 daughter of Wm. and Theresa Coman  
COMAN Theresa Snyder 1930-1993 wife  
COMAN William E. 1930- husband  
CONLEY Barney J. 1868-1939    
CONLEY Catherine 1874-1948 wife of Barney  
CONNICK Stanley M. 1904-1987 husband  
CONNICK Mary Warner 1911-1989 wife  
CONNICK Warner 1938-2002 son of Mary & Stanley  
COOK Edith A. Santamour 11/26/1934-2/27/2008 wife of Harold Cook  
COOK Harold 1912-1990    
COOK Catherine Maxwell 1910-6/18/99 wife of Harold  
COOK Jane Pogonowski 1923-1993 wife  
COOK Lawrence 1930- husband  
COOK Wayne 1954- son of Lawrence & Jane  
COOK-LANPHERE Corey John 11/13/1983-12/27/1983    
CORRIGAN Eugene J. 10/30/23-8/2/90   Sgt. U.S. Coast Guard - WWII
CORRIGAN Mary (Drumbor) 10/15/25-3/5/2010 wife of Eugene  
COUGHLIN James A. 1913-1964    
COUGHLIN Rita C. 1919-1957    
CRANDALL Glen P. 1904-1971 husband  
CRANDALL Clara Voelke 1908-1993 wife  
CROSSETT Adam J. 8/15/1983-4/30/2008 son of Gordon Crossett and Jean Mc Evoy Grower  
CROSSETT John G. 1889-1969    
CROSSETT Mary A. 1894-1960 wife of John G.  
CROSSETT Anna M. 1916-1937    
CROSSETT Duane W. 1921-2000 husband of Eleanor C.  
CROSSETT Eleanore C. (Bayer) 5/12/1921-6/7/2004 wife of Duane W.  
CROUCH Marion (Edwards) 8/8/1944-2/9/2006   mother of Julie Crouch
CURRIE William 1934-1997 husband of Patricia Oberle Currie  
CURRIE Patricia B. (0berle) 7/18/1938-7/19/2006 wife of William Currie wife of John Kovac
CURRIE David J. Sr. 1962-6/16/2005 son of Wm. Currie  
CZARNECKI Leonard 1915-1982 husband  
CZARNECKI Helen M. (Schafranek) 11/16/1921-12/22/2004 wife of Leonard  
DALY John 8/5/1822-10/25/89    
DALY Mary Burns 4/12/1823-12/29/1887 wife of John  
DALY William F. 1849-1921    
DALY Mary A. (?) (?)    
DALY Joseph 1826-1896    
DALY Bridget 1830-1875 wife of Joseph D.  
DALY Katie 1866-1894    
DALY Martin 1873-1926    
DALY John A. 1856-1938    
DALY Elizabeth H. 1870-1954 wife of John  
DALY Mary E. 1901-1968 daughter of John & Elizabeth  
DALY Eloise H. 1902-1977 daughter of John & Elizabeth  
DANIELSKI Peter 1877-1947    
DANIELSKI Julia 1888-1946 wife of Peter  
DANIELSKI John died 12/28/2006 son of Peter and Julia  
DANIELSKI William 2/10/1914-7/2/89    
DANKS Eilien 4/11/07-10/21/1973 wife of Harold daughter of Maurice & Margaret Ahern
DANKS Harold 3/7/10-8/7/1963    
DARCY Bridget 1844-1917    
DARLING Jay E. 1894-1951    
DARLING Irene Farrell 1901-1993 wife of Jay  
DARLING Jerome 1937-1982    
DARRAGH Hugh died 7/10/1874   aged 56 years, born Co. Antrim, Ire.
DARRAGH Ann 1823-1918 wife of Hugh  
DARRAGH Dennis 1851-1893    
DARRAGH Mary A. 1853-1936 wife of Dennis  
DARRAGH Hugh 1873-1921 son of Mary & Dennis  
DAVIS Romain W. 1914-1965    
DAVIS Lena Suchowij 1919-1992 wife of Romain  
DAVIS Frances M. 1920-1994 husband  
DAVIS Dorothy T. 8/21/1916-3/22/2008 wife of Francis Sr.  
DAVIS Eric (Ricky) 5/23/69-11/23/71 our beloved son  
DAVIS James R. Sr. 1944 - June 17, 2002 son of Frank & Dorothy  
DAWSON Ronald 1937-1997 husband of Susan M.  
DeCARR Roland A. 1925-1948    
DeCARR Bertha Dunn 4/9/1895-3/5/1941    
DeCARR Roderick T. 7/5/13-2/25/64    
DeCARR Oliver G. died 2/6/44    
DeCARR Izetta Murphy 12/17/1922-    
DEDICKE Arnold N. 4/9/1929-12/31/2008 husband of Theresa Celani  
DEDICKE Edward 5/7/22-1/11/99 father of Joey  
DEDICKE Louise DeTraglia April 26, 1926 - d. August 28, 2003 wife of Edward Sr.  
DEDICKE Joseph A. 1955-1971 son of Edward & Louise  
DEHNEN Marie Sybilla 1844-1922   on Franken lot
DeKALB Francis 1925-2001 husband of Mary Jane Danelski  
DeLONG Christopher Charles 1/16/1989-9/7/2006 son of Cynthia (Kovac) and Charles DeLong  
DEMPSEY Edward died 7/24/1894   aged 34 years
DEMPSEY Richard died 11/13/1896   aged 72 years
DEMPSEY Katie died 9/16/1878 daughter of M/M Richard Dempsey, aged17 yrs 7 months 6 days  
DEMPSEY John 1857-1939    
DEMPSEY Teresa died 1950 wife of John  
DEMPSEY Florence died 1960 dau. of John & Teresa  
DEMPSEY Kathryn died 1944 dau. of John & Teresa  
DESMOND Daniel E. 1852-1921    
DESMOND Mary E. Cassidy 1857-1941    
DIAZ John Jr. 9/22/1953-6/28/2005 son of John Sr. and Bernice Diaz  
DIBBLE George T. 1918-1996    
DIBBLE Elizabeth Lynch 1924-1983 wife of George T.  
DIBBLE Irene Isabel 1951-1968 daughter of George & Elizabeth  
DIBBLE Wilbert Albert 1910-1941 brother of George  
DIBBLE Ruth Isabel 1920-1939 sister of George  
DIBBLE Florence E. 1923-1977 sister of George  
DICKENS Sonni Boy 1924-1928    
DONOHUE Clarence W. 1897-1969    
DONOHUE Gertrude Maxwell 1900-1984    
DONOVAN Dennis 1829-1/27/1893    
DONOVAN Mary 1829-1905 wife of Dennis  
DONOVAN Pat died 12/10/1878   aged 17 years 3 months
DONOVAN Daniel 1866-1922    
DONOVAN Dennis 1872-1932    
DONOVAN James 1874-1922    
DORCY John P. 1865-1940    
DORCY Bridget H. 1863-1941 wife of John  
DORCY Mary A. 1896-1962 daughter of John & Bridget  
DORCY Catherine H. 1894-1961 daughter of John & Bridget  
DORCY John P. 1900-1984 son of John & Bridget  
DORCY Timothy T. 1901-1983 son of John & Bridget  
DORSEY James 1830-1892    
DORSEY Nora 1847- wife of James  
DOUGLAS Eileen Baird 1925-1981 wife  
DOUGLAS John 1/10/1921-10/21/2007 husband of Eileen Rose Baird  
DOWIAK Anthony 1890-1944    
DOWIAK Nellie 1894-1988    
DOYLE James C. 1845-1904    
DOYLE Maria McEvoy 1847-1925 wife of James  
DOYLE Mary A. 1885-1900 daughter of James & Maria  
DOYLE William E. 1883-1913    
DOYLE James died 3/13/1891   aged 62 years
DOYLE Cecelia died 10/31/1914   aged 69 years 4 months 16 days
DOYLE Major John 1875-1936    
DOYLE Katherine Ervin 1878-1955 wife of John  
DOYLE Ruth M. 1909-1998 daughter of John & Katherine  
DOYLE Kevin 7/30/49-11/9/49    
DRUMM John (?) (?)    
DRUMM Mary E. (?) (?) wife of John  
DUGUAY Audrey (Tiffany) 4/26/1931-8/21/2004 wife of Wallace  
DUKETTE Veronica died 1987   aged 38 years, no stone
DUKETTE Howard 1928-1993 husband of Veronica  
DUNN Richard J. 1849-1926    
DUNN Ella M. 1863-1943 wife of Richard  
DUNN Carl C. 1893-1957    
DUNN Helen 1893-1916    
DUNN Kenneth 1912-1915    
DUNN Paul 1901-1926    
DUNN John 1871-1923    
DUNN Eliza 1851-1900 wife of John  
DUNN Homer J. 1885-1959    
DUNN Cecile A. Landry 1885- wife of Homer  
DUNN Mary E. 1888-1946 sister of Homer  
DUNN Thomas 1843-1914    
DUNN Katie Biley 9/8/1850-2/26/1890 wife of Thomas  
DUNN Richard 3/17/1814-1/4/1890    
DUNN Bridget Foard 5/6/1814-10/23/1891 wife of Richard  
DUNN Edward 1871-1926    
DUNN Emma Peters 1873-1948 wife of Edward  
DUNN Earl D. 1900-1967    
DUNN Norma Balch 1902- wife of Earl  
DUNN John T. 1881-1958    
DUNN Margaret 1887-    
DUNN William J. 1876-1945    
DUNN Leo P. 1882-1932    
DUNN L. Sherwood 1914-1976 husband Kelleher/Dunn stone
DUNN Mary Spraker 5/26/1916-12/1/2008 wife of L. Sherwood Dunn Kelleher/Dunn stone
DWYER Patricia Fitzgerald 1928-2000 wife of William M. Fitzgerald  
DWYER William M. 1929-2000 husband of Patricia  
DZIEDZIC Joseph 1936 - June 6, 2003 husband of Mary Myrda  
EDGER Mary Timmin died 2/1/1906   aged 29 years
EDWARDS Raymond D. 1890-1953    
EDWARDS Mabel A. Enright 1892-1968 wife of Raymond  
EDWARDS Harold J. 1918-1992    
EDWARDS Dorothy R. Maxwell 12/10/1920-5/2/2010 wife of Harold  
ELLIOTT Olga M. (Schadt) 1/8/1930-2/3/2004 wife of Vincent  
ELLIOTT Wayne 1953-1986 son of Olga & Vincent  
ENRIGHT Eugene M. 1894-1955 brother of Mabel Edwards  
ENRIGHT Minnie J. 1894-1986 wife of Eugene  
ENRIGHT James 1862-1918    
ENRIGHT Bridget Murphy 1860-1933    
ENRIGHT William 1899-1899    
ENRIGHT James Evan August 27, 1923 - December 26, 2003 husband of Marion  
ENRIGHT Marion C. 1924-1980    
ERHARDT Wendy 1972-1988 daughter of Donna  
ERNST Walter H. 6/28/1930-10/15/2009 husband of Barbara Crandall  
ERVIN Patrick R. 1872-1939    
ERVIN Anna B. Spellman 1868-1936 wife of Patrick  
ERVIN Thomas C. 1875-1950    
ERVIN Mary Brassel 1879-1947    
ERVIN Dorothy Marie 1910-1982    
ERVIN Stephen 1839-1899    
ERVIN Bridget Brogan 1843-1888 wife of Stephen  
ERVIN Winifred C. 1880-1952    
ERVIN William E. 1877-1960    
ERVIN John 1870-1913    
ERVIN Ellen 1877-1913 wife of John  
ERVIN Elizabeth died 1936 grandchild of John & Ellen  
ERVIN Mrs. James     nothing on stone
ERWIN Elizabeth Ahern 1910-1989 wife  
ERWIN John 1910-1997 husband  
EUSTACE Simon 1843-1929    
EUSTACE Katherine 1844-1912 wife of Simon  
EUSTACE Mary died 8/22/1883 dau. Of Katherine & Simon aged 2 years 2 months aged 2 years 2 months
EUSTACE Edward 1886-1952    
EUSTACE Orpha M. 1898-1954 wife of Edward  
EVANS Patrick 1845-1884    
EVANS Mary Dorsey 1848-1906 wife of Patrick  
EVANS John H. 1874-1929    
EVANS Maggie Vielhauer 1875-1960 wife of John  
EVANS Muriel 1901-1907 daughter of John & Maggie  
EVANS Robert 1906-1984    
EVANS Lawrence 1918-6/16/2000 monument only, buried in Newport Cemetary  
EVANS Florence 1913-2001 wife of Lawrence  
EVANS Lawrence Jr. 1947-1963 son of Lawrence & Florence  

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