This new reading of Warren Cemetery in Spinnerville, Town of Columbia, was contributed by Willis Rankins, who lives close by to it. "Attached is one more cemetery in the town of Columbia, which is or was in sight from our house. It is amazing how time changes things. When we moved here we could see the cemetery from our back yard. Now it has growth all around it and is not visible. Our neighbor who owns the land around it cleaned it up this summer (tremendous job) and we went with our neighbor and found stones beneath the sod and raised them so we could read them. There are probably some more that we missed. The list has been added to from the original which is in the Historical Society. There were dates that the original reader missed and are now added."


North side Eberline road on Knoll
Spinnerville, Town of Columbia
Herkimer County, N.Y.

GREEN, Dennis
Buried in Danube
PASSAGE, Mary Jane D.11-3-1847 28yrsHus. John
GREEN, Ambrose D.6-5-1863 71yr-8mo-17daWf. Martha
GREEN, Martha Frazier D.4-24-1842 41yr-2mo
KAYNER, Minerva Frazier D.5-29-1840 34yr-8moHus. George
FRAZIER, Weighty D.1-10-1839 40yr-1mo-2daDau of Stephen & Ruth
FRAZIER, Stephen D.3-11-1845 72yr-3daWf. Ruth Torrey
FRAZIER, Ruth Torrey B.1769 - D. 1859Hus. Stephen
GARDNER, Sarah D.3-5-1842 37yr-11mo-12daHus. Samuel
FRAZIER, Asenath B.4-16-1810 - D. 8-4-1892
HARRINGTON, Elizabeth D.3-25-1842 30yr-7mo-20daHus. David
HARRINGTON, Stephen D.8-19-1835 10mo-25daSon of David & Elizabeth
HOUSE, Marcy D.2-9-1856 82yr-7mo-20daHus. James
WARREN, Peter H. NO DATA1st wf. Mary Mott
Son of Daniel & Sarah
WARREN, Mary Mott NO DATA1st Wf. of Peter H.
GREEN, Ezra D.1827 infant Son of Martha & Stephen
GREEN, Martha D.1842 41yr Hus. Stephen T.
GREEN, Stephen T. D.1854 33yrWf. Martha
GREEN, Tacey Ann NO DATA 13yrDau of Martha & Stephen
HACKETT, 2 childrenNO DATA
EDICK, Jacob C.D.10-12-1844 81yrWf. Sarah
EDICK, Sarah D.12-2-1820 49yr Hus. Jacob C.
GREEN, Angeline NO DATA 2yr Dau. of Ambrose & Martha F.
GREEN, Adeline NO DATADau. of Ambrose & Martha F.
SEEBER, George B.1833 - D. 1852Son of J.S. & C.
SEEBER, Harriet E. B.1844 - D. 1852 Dau of J.S. & C.
HELMER, Mary C. B.11-6-1837 - D. 7-3-1857Dau of J.S. & C. Seeber
CASLER, Milton Green D.2-21-1857Son of John & Elma
FRANK, Nelson R. D.6-7-1852 11yr-6moSon of Robert & Ruth
GREEN, Dyer D.4-17-1815 43yr
BREWSTER, Elias D.10-6-1838 26yr ?Wf. Arrabella
BREWSTER, Arrabella D. 9-4-1829 30yrHus. Elias
MORGAN, Abigail R. D.3-?-1828 3yr-4mo Dau of Prudence & Ephraim
TUCKER, John E. B.6-1-1848 - D.4-26-1887Wf. Caroline Payn
TUCKER, Caroline R. Payn B.6-5-1845 - D.5-4-1898Hus. John E.
PAYN, Alspah Conkling D.7-15-1878 65yr-18daWf. Clarissa Frazier
PAYN, Clarissa Frazier B.1812 - D.1898Hus. Alspah C.
VAN VOORHEES, Phebe D.4-19-1849 84yr-5mo-29daHus. Isaac
DENISON, Sally D.6-5-1839 40yrHus. Abisha
GILMAN, Ann Warren D.6-7-1840 43yrDau of Daniel & Sarah Warren Hus. Israil
HAWKS, Thomas D.7-24-1870 85yr-11mo-22da Wf. Nancy Fitch
HAWKS, Nancy Fitch D.7-24-1863 71yr-3mo-22daHus. Thomas
HAWKS, Clarissa B.1812 - D.1892
HAWKS, Emily B.1829 - D.1900
HAWKS, Lemuel B.1813 - D.1871
HAWKS, Alice M. B.1865 - D.1876
HAWKS, John B.1836 - D.1897 Buried Stoctin, CA.
MORGAN, Hannah D.2-7-1827 47yr-4mo-16daHus. James Wf.#2
MORGAN, Mary D.11-1-1800 Hus. James Wf.#1
MORGAN, Elizabeth F. D.6-6-1873 66yr-4mo-27daDau of Stephen & Ruth Frazier
LITCHARD, Efa D.1851 42yr
LITCHARD, 2 children

SHERMAN, Eliza D.1819 4yr
SHERMAN, Samuel D.1819 2yr
SMALL, Jacob D.1832 18mo.
VANALEN, Lydia D.1887
WEBER, Frederick NO DATA
MORGAN, Ephraim D.6-9-1866 75yrWf. Prudence
MORGAN, Prudence D.5-13-1857 64yrHus. Ephraim
BREWSTER, Arabella D.1829 30yr
BREWSTER, Malinda D.1838 26yr
BROWNING, James W. D.1848 51yr
BURRILL, Eaton B.8-11-1790 D.8-3-1877
BURRILL, Martha B.4-19-1771 D.5-8-1843Mother of Eaton
BURRILL, Minerva FoxB.6-3-1791 D.12-11-1868Dau. of Jedediah & Penelope Fox
BURRILL, Clarrissa A. D.7-18-1848 23yr-28daHus. Alonzo
BURRILL, Alice D.1860Dau of Alonzo & Adeline
BURRILL, Irving D.1860 Son of Alonzo & Adeline
BURRILL, George E. B.5-26-1830 - D.9-8-1882
BURRILL, S. LuraniaB.1-1-1825 - D.9-26-1889
DORRELL, Lueretia D.1820 28yr
DOXTATER, Lazarus 3yr an Indian
EDICK, Joseph H. D.1861 17mo
HAWKS, Lemuel F. D.1891 57yr
HAWKS, Byancy M. B.1824 - D.1901
HODGE, Marcy D.2-9-1856 82yr-7mo-20da Hus. James Hodge
HOGUE, Nicholas D.183?
JACKSON, Eliza D.181?
JONES, Arabella D.1850 10yr
KAYNER, Minerva D.1840 34yr
KAYNER, Adeline D.1830 1yr-10mo
MORGAN, James D.5-20-1828 66yr-8mo
MORGAN, James W. D.4-30-1813 24yrSon of James & Polly
MORGAN, Mary D.1800
FOX, Christian D.12-14-1861 73yrWf. Mary
FOX, Mary D.3-23-1886 67yrHus. Christian
BECKER, Gardner D.2-11-1862 26yr-5mo-27da
GARDNER, Assnath AnnD.4-8-1852 14yr-21daDau of Samuel & Sarah
GARDNER, Ellen ElizabethD.8-7-1852 11yr-15daDay of Samuel & Sarah
MOTT, Experience D.2-14-1795 23yrDau of Major Edward Mott & Sarah
MORGAN, Abigail D.3-?-1828 3yr-4mo Dau of Prudence & Ephraim
HAWKS, James D.12-20-1848 28yr-1mo-28da
HAWKS, Lucinda D.2-19-1830 6yr-6mo
HAWKS, Daniel D.3-5-1830 4yr-3mo
BROWNING, James P. D.3-2-1851 14yr-6mo-3daSon of James & Mary
BROWNING, Mary D.1-15-1850 50yr-5mo-13daHus. James W.
FOX, Mary D.2-23-1858 67yrHus. Christian
FOX, Sarah G. D.8-23-1850 36yrDau of Mary & Christian
FOX, Mary D.4-6-1848 25yrDau of Mary & Christian
PALMER, Phebe D. D.9-10-1830 6yr 2mo Dau of Eli & Eliza
PALMER, Henry H. D.9-1?-1830 6yr Son of Eli & Eliza
DWOLF, William D.7-14-1835 67yr-4mo-16da
EYGABROAT, Alanson B.1843 -D.1927Wf. Jane Bliss
EYGABROAT, Jane BlissB.1845 - D.1890Hus. Alanson
EYGABROAT, Henry D.1861 Wf. Clara
EYGABROAT, Clara D.1881Hus. Henry
DAYGER, George H. D.2-14-1852 5yr-9da Son of Susan & Dennis
SEEBER, John S. B.1808 - D.1890Wf. Catharine
SEEBER, Catharine B.1807 - D.1888 Hus. John S.
SEEBER, Henry B.1830 - D.1858 Son of Catharine & John
ADAMS, Jane D.11-25-1857 29yr-1mo-26daHus. Edwin
WARREN, Peter H. D.6-9-1865 71yr-7mo-24daWf. Emeline
WARREN, Emeline Morgan B.11-4-1803 D.4-17-1857 Wf. #1 Peter H.
WARREN, Nancy Hawks B.10-20-1818 - D.7-17-1885Wf. #2 Peter H.
WARREN, Joseph B.7-13-1830 - D.11-2-1912Son of Emeline & Peter H.
WARREN, Thomas B.1859 - D.1939Son of Nancy & Peter H.
FOX, Jedediah B.12-19-1759 - D.4-12-1828
FOX, Penelope B.7-9-1760 - D.4-20-1824

"This list was updated from the original by Norma Bostwick on Dec. 2, 1999. The Cemetery is on the premises of the Bostwicks. The Cemetery has been cleaned and there were some stones uncovered that may have been overlooked. Some dates were on the stones but were not copied on the original list. There may be some stones still buried beneath the soil."

new 1/29/07  I found a lot of info on your site. Re: Warren Town Cemetery, it shows Alice and Irving Burrill children of Alonzo and Angeline. Probably due to difficulty in reading epitaphs, as it is Alonzo and Adeline Eaton Burrill. This might help other researchers if you can change this. Not much chance of Eaton researchers, as the family spread out, but might help a Burrill researcher. Alonzo and Adeline on 1880 census in Cuba, Alleghany Co., NY, and their marriage record on your site. You are doing a great job, and love the early records - they are so scarce.

Helen Heyart

From "Herkimer County, NY Marriages from Universalist Sources," on our site:

BURRELL-EATON. In Columbia on 26 Nov by Rev. W. E. Manley, Alonzo Burrell and Adaline Eaton, both of Columbia. (Christian Ambassador, Auburn, 20 Dec 1851)

From "Herkimer County, NY Deaths from Universalist Sources," on our site:

BURRILL. In Columbia on 8 Aug 1859, Alice Burrill, age 3 years, 5 months and 14 days. Daughter of Alonzo Burrill. Funeral by Rev. Lewis Cresaba Browne, from his records.

1880 U.S. Census
Cuba, Allegany County, New York

Name, Relation, Marital Status, Age, Birthplace, Occupation, Father's Birthplace, Mother's Birthplace
Alonzo BURRILL, Self, M, 60, NY, Farmer, NY, NY
Adaline BURRILL, Wife, M, 56, NY, Keeping House, NY, NY
Frank BURRILL, Son, M, 28, NY, Farmer, NY, NY,
Ida BURRILL, Dau-in-law, M, 23, NY, At Home, NY, NY
Earnest EATON, Nephew, S, 11, NY, At School, NY, NY
Elton EATON, Nephew, S, 8, NY, At School, NY, NY
Natt EATON, Nephew, S, 4, NY, At Home, NY, NY
Michael COONEY, Other, S, 21, NY, Farm Hand, IRE, IRE

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