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Peck Road Cemetery includes a recent reading, taken by James Ryel (JER) in August, 1997. There are two versions: the first a narrative walking tour, noting placement of stones, and an alphabetical listing. Discrepancies between Mr. Ryel's reading of a year ago and the latter list (date unknown) shows how much the stones have degraded since the earlier reading which lists 26 persons. Kathy Brockway, who prepared the online version says "Note discrepancies: John Porter is nowhere mentioned in dialogue of JER. Table with his name appears to be a deduction of the transcriber. Also, note discrepancies for Mrs. Tanner (Martha/Maria & dates). I have included the data as it appears in the dialogue, noting rows, as well as alphabetically by last names."

UPDATE 11/02/02: CLICK HERE to see photos taken by Kenneth Mowers in October 2002.


This cemetery is located on the Peck Road, 9/10th miles from 29 A., Town of Salisbury, Herkimer County. Intersection a short distance west of Pine Crest Bible Training Center and East of Salisbury Center, NY. Front wall has four rings embedded in the top for hitching horses during funerals and other times when visiting cemetary. There is a pathway that goes in from the gate back.

I'm starting on the right hand side and at end of the line:

Row 1:
LYONS, John A, 1857-1909
LYONS, Lucinda, 1818-1895
LYONS, William, 1806-1863
  * Path, left of the path is a big stone called
PORTER, Eleanor, wife of James Porter, Born in the town of Bern, Albany County, New York, March 15, 1797. Died June 1, 1890, Ae 93y 2mo 17da (Inscription: Mother I miss thee)
  * Next Stone
PORTER, James, April 3, 1796. town of Orange, Franklin County, Mass.. Died Aug. 15, 1877. 81yr 4mo 12da (stone has repeat information on wife Eleanor)
  * Next Stone
PORTER, Elmira, Died March 12, 1839, Ae 5y, daughter of J. & E. Porter
PORTER, Christina W., Died March 1839 Ae 5y, daughter of J. & E. Porter
PORTER, Alexander, Died July 20,1849, Ae 22y 5mo, son of James & Elnora Porter (Inscription: Remember thy creator in the days of thy youth)[this stone was not recorded on the earlier list]
PORTER, Moses B., Died Oct. 29, 1853, Ae 30y 8m 10d (inscription unreadable)
  Next Stone
PORTER, Henry W., Co K 34th NYS Vols., Died Oct. 30, 1862, Ae 22y

Second row contains only three stones:

Row 2:
[SEELEY?], James Oliver (rest unreadable)
[SEELEY?], James Henry (rest unreadable) possible infant (see below: James Henry, d. 9-25-1852, 2y 7m 7d, Son)
  * Stone In Loving Memory of: SEELEY, Ichabod, 1821-1879
PORTER SEELEY, Roxana, his wife,1830-1911
  * One stone to the right of the path is unreadable

Row 3:
DOTY, Lucius, Co. C 14th NY Vols. Died June 1,1892, Ae 79 y
DOTY, Lu(?)ransy, wife of Lucius Doty, Died Oct. ??, Ae 82y
DOTY, Willie, Died March 28, 1892, Ae 20y

Row 4:
TANNER, Nelson H., Born April 11, 1819 - ??
TANNER, Martha E., his wife, died Sept. 2,1881 [or Maria E., d. 9-28-1887, 22y]
  * Path
DURRIN, Robin, Died Oct. 24, 1851, Ae 11y 11m 21d (with TANNER)

Row 5:
PORTER, Mary Ette, wife of John Moyer
BLOODOUGH, Simeon, 1818-??, Born in the Town of Manheim
BLOODOUGH, Mary Ann, wife of Simeon Bloodough, 1837-1909, Born in the Town of Salisbury

Straight in from the gate to the back side is a marker for:
MILLER, Henry, Died Jan. 21, 1892, Ae 65y 29d

Off to the right near the corner is:
MURPHY, Henry, 1845-??
MURPHY, Elizabeth GRIM, his wife, 1843-1921
MURPHY, Walter, their son, 1877-1896

Cemetery completed August 1997. JER

Alphabetical List: Kathy has added Mr. Ryel's information on birthplace here.

BLOODOUGH, Simeon, 1818-??, wf. Mary Ann, born in the Town of Manheim
BLOODOUGH, Mary Ann, 1837-1909, hus. Simeon, born in the Town of Salisbury
DOTY, Lucius, d. 6-1-1892, 79 y, wf. Luransy, Veteran, Co. C 14th NY Vol.
DOTY, Luransy, d. 4-22-1892, 82y, hus. Lucius
DOTY, Willie, d. 3-28-1892, 20y
DURRIN, Robin, d. 10-24-1851, 11y 11m 21d (with TANNER)
LYONS, William, 1806-1863
LYONS, Lucinda, 1818-1895
LYONS, John A., 1857-1909
MILLER, Henry, d. 1-21-1892, 65y 29d
MURPHY, Henry, 1845-??, wf. Elizabeth
MURPHY, Elizabeth CRIM, 1843-1921, hus. Henry
MURPHY, Walter, 1877-1896, son
PORTER, Mary Ette, no data, hus. John
PORTER, John, no data, wife Mary Etta [this stone was not found by JER]
PORTER, Eleanor ROACH, 1797-1890, 93y 2m 17d, hus. James (Inscription: Mother I miss thee)
PORTER, James, 1796-1877, 81y 4m 12d, wf. Eleanor
PORTER, Elmira, (d. 3-12 according to JER) or 3-19-1839, 7y, d/o J & E
PORTER, Christina W, d. 3-26-1839, 5y, d/o J & E
PORTER, Alexander, d. 7-20-1849, 22y 5m, s/o J & E (Inscription: Remember thy creator in the days of thy youth)[Alexander's burial is noted here but was not on the alphabetical list]
PORTER, Moses B., d. 10-29-1853, 30y 8m 10d
PORTER, Henry W., d. 10-30-1862, 22y 3m, Veteran, Co K. 34 NYS Vol.
SEELEY, Ichabod, 1821-1879, wf. Roxana PORTER
SEELEY, Roxana PORTER, 1830-1911, hus. Ichabod
SEELEY, James Henry, d. 9-25-1852, 2y 7m 7d, Son
SEELEY, James Oliver, d. 8-30-1861, 11y 11m 25d, Son
TANNER, Nelson H., b. April 11, 1818-??
TANNER, Maria [Martha E. on recent reading with death date of 9-2-1881], d. 9-28-1887

The Peck Road Cemetery list was donated by John Alvord Kingsley and Elaine Carlin, Salisbury Town Clerk, and was typed for the Herkimer/Montgomery Counties NYGenWeb by Kathy Brockway. The reading and full report were made by James Ryel.

Kathy Brockway, who typed and organized this cemetery for online presentation, is seeking Alpheus LAMPHERE, b. 1771, Kent, CT; d. 1850, Salisbury Center, Herkimer Co. and his wife Hanna SATTERLEE, b. 1776; d. 1850, Salisbury Center, Herkimer Co. Their daughter Louisa, b. 1815, Salisbury Center, removed to MI ca. 1860 and d. 1873 at Kalamazoo, MI. Louisa's husband was Artemas A. WHITE, b. 1813 ??; d. 1898, Kalamazoo, MI. Their children, surname WHITE, were all born in Salisbury, Herkimer County:

  • James Amasa/ Amasa James, b. 1841, d. 1870 Kalamazoo, MI CW Vet.
  • Nancy A., b. 1843, d. 1902, Kalamazoo, MI
  • Ervin/ Irving, b. 1846, d. 1923, Van Buren Co, MI
  • Susan, b. 1845-48, d.?
  • Elliott, b. 1852, d. after 1886, Van Buren Co, MI
  • Charles Arnold, b. 1855, d. 1920, Van Buren Co, MI

Kathy "especially seeks birth location/ parents of Artemas. Artemas & Louisa Lamphere White were my paternal gg-grandparents via daughter Nancy."

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