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Events in the history of Salisbury Cemetery were written by Doris McIntosh, contributor of the Salisbury Rural Cemetery listings. Both photos of the cemetery were taken in 1998 by volunteer Marilyn Allis.

Salisbury Cemetery tombstones

February 20th, 1886
A meeting of citizens of Salisbury was held at the Baptist Church for the purpose of organizing a cemetery association. It was resolved that the name of the association be called the Salisbury Cemetery Association. The following trustees were then elected: John Ives, S.D. Silliman, Fred Metcalf, N.S. Brockett, H.M Parker, M.C Burrell, Joseph Rice, Silas Thompson and Charles L. Ives.

June 27, 1926
Consolidation of Salisbury Cemetery Association and Salisbury Rural Cemetery Inc. It was resolved that the name shall be "Salisbury Rural Cemetery, Inc." Directors now being Daniel Barragan, L.C. Barragan, Andrew L.F. Deyo, Edward Homrighouse, Myron G Bronner, Robert Nelson, J.H. Cytle, George Miller and Fred Ives.

December 23, 1926
Salisbury Rural Cemetery, Inc. was formed.

The Salisbury Rural Cemetery Inc. was formed by the consolidation of Salisbury Cemetery Association (incorporated February 23, 1886) and Salisbury Rural Cemetery, Inc. (incorporated December 23, 1926).

June 8, 1932
Floyd Leneker donated the iron gates standing on the Switzer Mansion property.

May 20, 1939
Dedication of "The Yale Memorial" given by William T. Yale. Herman A MacNeil, sculptor. A rectangular granite stone with nine small bronze reliefs mounted on three sides of the stone. These represent the professions in which various members of the Yale family were involved. First and foremost the Inventor representing Linus Yale, inventor of the Yale lock and key. Others being, Settler, Surveyor, Revolutionary Soldier, Farmer, Developer, Postmaster, Merchant, Executive. The back side of the monument shows the portraits of William T. Yale and Milton H. Yale.

Salisbury Cemetery tombstones

Some additional information regarding persons buried here may be obtained by checking with the Salisbury Town Offices, Salisbury Library, Helen Ives, or Doris Winkler McIntosh. E-mail doris@clcsinc.com

Photos were taken by Marilyn Allis. "I was so excited to see the start of the cemetery online! We went there last summer and I'm attaching a couple of pictures of the old section (AA). This is where John Stebbins & Electa Burrell Stebbins are buried, along with a bunch of other Burrells. I took the Burrell names and was able to organize them by families and add info to my file. Jonathan's son Harry (mother Lucina Kellogg) is buried at the Church Street Cemetery in a huge plot with what must be his 3rd wife since the first two are buried in this cemetery."

Photos of Salisbury Rural Cemetery

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