Small Cemeteries
of the
Town of Stark
Herkimer County, New York

Moyer Cemetery
Town of Stark
Herkimer County, NY

The small Moyer Cemetery was located "on the road leading east from Cramer's Corners past the Hawn Cemetery". The reading was done by Mrs. C.W. Crim of the Henderson Chapter of the N.S.D.A.R.

MOYER, Daniel H.
d. Jan. 9, 1893
ae 85 years

MOYER, Catherine
d. Feb. 27, 1854
ae 34 years
wife of Daniel H. Moyer
MOYER, Joanna
d. Mar. 22, 1886
ae 61 years
wife of Daniel H. Moyer
d. Dec. 8, 1830
ae 59 years
wife of Henry Moyer
BAUDER, Hannah
d. Apr. 5, 1872
ae 15 years
dau. of Elizabeth and Peter Bauder

Walrath Cemetery
Town of Stark
Herkimer County, NY

The small Walrath Cemetery was located "on the road leading past Moyer Cemetery about one mile to the east". The reading was also done by Mrs. C.W. Crim, who noted that "the stones in the above cemetery are all down, but four white posts are still standing at four corners of this home plot".

d. June 18, 1881
ae 86 years

WALRATH, Catherine
d. Sept. 13, 1847
ae 55 years
wife of Albert Walrath
WALRATH, Catherine 2d
d. Oct. 15, 1855/57(?)
ae 61 years
wife of Albert Walrath
BAUDER, Margaret
d. Nov. 12, 1846
ae 23 years
wife of David Bauder

Gersham Smith Cemetery
Town of Stark
Herkimer County, NY

Mrs. Crim made two visits to the Gersham Smith Cemetery and each reading had some of the few burials and none of the others. This is a combined list of her 1929 visit and her undated visit. She was unsure of the dates of some, which shows the subjectivity of tombstone reading, even by the same person on different occasions. This cemetery was located "north of Van Hornesville on the road from Jordanville to Starkville".

SMITH, Gersham
d. 1846
ae 80 yr 5mo

SMITH, Magdalena REESE
d. Nov. 6, 1858
ae 85 years
wife of Gersham Smith
SMITH, Magdalena
d. 1857
ae 49 years
wife of Peter YOUNG
SMITH, Samuel
b. 1793; d. 1852

SMITH, Daniel

no info
d. 1862
ae 17 years

SMITH, Willie
d. 1851; other reading d. Mar. 8, 1854
ae 1 year
son of D. and M. Smith
SMITH, Emory Clayton
d. Apr. 20, 1858
ae 11 years
son of Samuel Smith
d. 1864; other reading d. Oct. 15, 1854(?)
ae 9 years
dau of M. and Ann Snyder

Shaul Cemetery
Town of Stark
Herkimer County, NY

This cemetery was located "on Wiltse Hill in the town of Stark". We don't know who copied this cemetery but the reader may have been Mrs. C.W. Crim or Mrs. Inez Paine Henderson, who copied other cemeteries in the area in the 1920s and 1930s. Wiltse/Willse Hill is in the extreme southeast corner of the Town of Stark, where Otsego and Montgomery Counties meet Herkimer County, near the hamlet of Willse Four Corners and the Otsego Township of Springfield.

ECKLER, Rosetha
d. 1856
ae 2 years
dau. of Henry and Lina Eckler
KELLY, Willard
d. Jan. 24, 1867
ae 76 years

KELLY, Catherine
d. Mar. 16, 1841
ae 59 years
wife of Will Kelly
SHAUL, David
d. Nov. 1867
ae 79 years

d. June 9, 1866
ae 69 years
wife of David Shaul
SHAUL, Betsy Ann
d. Oct. 1, 1834
ae 9 years
dau. of David and Rachel
SHAUL, Clark
d. Oct. 1, 1834
ae 3 years
son of David and Rachel
SHAUL, Samuel
b. Mar. 7, 1819;
d. Mar. 25, 1903

b. May 8, 1825;
d. May 25, 1905

wife of Samuel Shaul
SHAUL, Ellen O.
b. Sept. 19, 1851

their daughter
SHAUL, Julius
d. Aug. 3, 1864
ae 10 years
son of Samuel and Lucinda Shaul
SHAUL, Willard
d. Feb. 2, 1853

son of Samuel and Lucinda Shaul
SHAUL, Mary E.
d. Sept. 3, 1864 (3?)

dau. of Cornelius and Margaret Shaul
SHAUL, Lottie
b. Sept. 1877; d. Aug. 18, 1909

wife of John E. Shaul
SHIMEL, Christian
d. Oct. 12, 1863
ae 73 years

SHIMEL, Catherine
d. 1841
ae 47 years
wife of Christian Shimel
d. Oct. 9, 18_2
ae 4yr 2mo
son of John and Mary Shimel
SHIMEL, Cathie
d. Jan. 10, 1865
ae 13 years
dau. of ? and ?

De Garmo Cemetery
Town of Stark
Herkimer County, NY

updated 1/28/07  This cemetery was located "on the road between Van Hornesville and Starkville", which should be Rte. 80. This is a combined list of two readings done on unknown dates by two different people. The first copying was made by Inez Paine Henderson. A second reading was made by Mrs. C.W. Crim. Mrs. Crim noted that there were monuments with multiple names - the Hallenbeck and DeGarmo Monuments. The latter monument and names on it were not noted by Mrs. Henderson. There is much discrepancy between the readings, and differences are marked by a slash (/) with Mrs. Crim's interpretation following. If these are your ancestors, or you have further information on these people, please contact the Site Coordinators.

DeGARMO, Martin
d. Feb. 16, 1869
80 years old

DeGARMO, Esther
d. Mar. 24, 1872
79 years old
wife of Martin DeGarmo;
dau. of John WILTSE
DeGARMO, Cornelia
d. 1869
ae 46 years
wife of John OSTRANDER
d. 1874
ae _3 years

This is Jane DeGarmo McKERROW, who died in childbirth,1st wife of William H. McKerrow, great-grandfather of Bill McKerrow.
The tombstone reader noted this as "wife of William McKERSOW or McKRESSON?" Jane's family information follows this cemetery list.
TEFT, Caroline
d. 1855
5 yers old
dau. of John and Catherine TEFT
DRAIN, Daniel
d. 1867
ae 65 years
only on Mrs. Henderson's reading
DRAIN, Delia

wife of Isaac Countryman;
is this the same person as above?
d. 1856
ae 62 years

d. Apr. 16, 1895/
d. 1875
ae 82 years
Soldier War of 1812;
is this the same man as above?
COUNTRYMAN, Erma/ Elvira
d. 1842/
d. Dec. 30, 1844
2 years
dau. of John and Elizabeth/ Elista Countryman
BURST, Emerancy/Emiranza
d. 1826/
d. 1862
__ years;
ae 1 year
dau. of Martha/Mariah and Uriah Burst
d. Jan. 1880
aged _5
Soldier War of 1812
b. 1811;
d. 1881/1891

on Hallenbeck Monument
b. 1814;
d. 1891/1896

on Hallenbeck Monument
Should be 1896. See Death Mention.
b. 1847; d. 1906

on Hallenbeck Monument
SNYDER, Alfred
d. Jan. 4, 1885/
d. July 4, 1865
ae 31 years
on Hallenbeck Monument
d. Oct. 9, 1872
ae 55 years
on Hallenbeck Monument
SNYDER, Catherine
d. 1882
ae 55 years
wife of John;
on Hallenbeck Monument
DeGARMO, Abram
b. 1813; d. 1904

on DeGarmo Monument
b. 1830
his wife;
on DeGarmo Monument
See Obit
WILTSE, Hattie
1874 - 1876

on DeGarmo Monument
1879 - 1893

on DeGarmo Monument

new 1/28/07   From Chris (Countryman) Janczuk

I believe that the maiden name for Elizabeth Hollenbeck born 1814 was Countryman and her nickname was Betsey. She was the daughter of Isaac Countryman and Delia Shenholds. I'm not sure if that's the same person as the Delia Drain on the webpage.

I'm also not sure there are 2 Isaacs. The death year for the first Isaac may have been mixed up with Delia's DOD, which was April 9, 1856. Delia Shenholds was born Oct 4, 1792. The Isaac who was a soldier in the War of 1812 was the son of John I. Countryman Sr and Elizabeth Hoke. Isaac was born on June 15, 1792, wed Delia Shenholds on June 25, 1812 and died April 16, 1875.

The entry for COUNTRYMAN, Erma/ Elvira, d. 1842/d. Dec. 30, 1844, 2 years, dau. of John and Elizabeth/ Elista Countryman may be the daughter of John Countryman and Elizabeth Backus. The dates, age and name are close to their daughter Alvira who was born January 1, 1843 and died December 29, 1845. John was the son of Isaac Countryman and Delia Shenholds.

The dates I have for Marquis Hollenbeck are birth Oct. 3, 1851 and death May 1908.

My source is Countryman Genealogy (1925), by Alvin Countryman, on pages 20 - 24 and 265, as follows:

Isaac Countryman
Birth: 15 Jun 1792
Death: 6 Apr 1875
Father: John I. (Johannes)(1768-1843)
Mother: Elizabeth HOKE (~1773-1819)

Date of death also listed as 16 Apr 1875 (CG pg. 20) MILITARY: War of 1812

Spouse: Delia SHENHOLDS
Birth: 4 Oct 1792
Death: 9 Apr 1856
Marr: 25 Jun 1812

Children: Mary (1812-1813)
Betsey (1814-)
Frederick (1816-1816)
John (1817-1877)
Rebecca (1819-1906)
Dolly (1821-1822)
Catherine (1823-1865)
Isaac (1825-1896)
Rachel (1827-1827)
Oliver (1828-1872)
James (1831-1833)
James (1834-1854)

Other Spouses: Harriet Willard

Birth: 18 Apr 1814

Spouse: Jacob HOLLENBECK

Children: Solomon (1836-1864)
Franklin (1838-1888)
Helen (1839-1896)
Adelia (1842-)
Isaac (1847-1908)
Marquis (1851-1908)
Daniel (1855-)

Birth: 3 Oct 1851
Death: May 1908

Birth: 17 Jun 1817, Stark, Herkimer Co., NY
Death: 26 May 1877, Poland, NY

Spouse: Elizabeth BACKUS
Birth: 4 Oct 1818
Death: 21 Sep 1908
Marr: 26 Mar 1837

Children: Martha (1840-1877)
Alvira (1843-1845)
Almira (1845-)
Alzoa (1848-1913)
Louisa (1851-)
James D. (1854-)
Ida (1859-)

The Countryman Genealogy also includes a Luther De Garmo on page 20 but the dates don't seem to match the information at the bottom of the cemetery transcription.

Birth: 18 May 1836
Death: 7 Sep 1864
Father: Jacob HOLLENBECK
Mother: Betsey COUNTRYMAN (1814-)

Spouse: Charity Moyer
Birth: 18 Aug 1857

Children: Rosellan


Spouse: Luther DE GARMO

Children: Ander (sic)

new 1/29/07   Information from Asst. Coordinator Lisa Slaski (not related to these families):

The DeGarmo cemetery:

Emerancy, dau of Uriah Burst, must have died in 1862. Uriah was born in 1837 and living in Stark census with wife, Martha, and one child in 1870 census.

Isaac Countryman is in the 1870 census for Stark (b. about 1793), so I'd say the 1875 date is correct He's not in the 1880 census and the 82 years old lines up well with the 1875 date.

Alfred Snyder was born about 1854 according to the 1870 census, so the date of 1885 makes sense.

new 11/11/97   From William McKerrow

JANE DE GARMO McKERROW (January 8, 1851 - March 21, 1874)

Jane's parents were Abram and Harriett KLING DeGarmo. Her sisters and brothers were Luther, Martin, Clarence Price (adopted) and Ester. Her father, Abram, owned a grist mill in the town of Stark, New York.

Abram DeGarmo died Sept. 24, 1904 at age 85. Harriett Kling DeGarmo died July 23, 1913 (age 83). Martin A. DeGarmo died Mar. 24, 1869, age 1 month - 2 days. All are buried in Brown's Hollow Cemetery, Vanhornsville, N. Y.

Luther De Garmo (1858-1899), his wife Rosa HOLLENBECK (Aug. 17, 1850 - Nov. 8, 1942, and their son Arden A. DeGarmo (1879 - Dec. 19, 1935) are all buried in Brown's Hollow Cemetery, including Jane D. McKerrow.

Jane DeGarmo married William McKerrow (his first wife) (date and place unknown). They had a daughter Jennie on Mar. 13, 1873, place of birth unknown. Jane DeGarmo McKerrow died at age 23 yrs-2 mo-13 days approximately 9 months after the birth of daughter Jennie. Jennie lived with her father and step-mother in the Middleville-Fairfield area until she reached young womanhood. She returned to Stark residing with her DeGarmo grandparents.

At 33 she married Alexander RICHARDS (age 30), a farmer, on Dec. 25, 1907, residing in Starkville for many years. His father was Jasper Richards and mother Catherine MANFIELD. After Alexander's death, Jennie moved to Palatine Bridge to be near her son Jasper and wife until her death on Dec. 25, 1961.

Jasper was born May 31, 1908 at Herkimer, N.Y. He married Isabella Endora TABOR (father Donald Tabor, mother Gertrude REYLEA), age 23, at the Universalist Church, Ft Plain, N.Y. on Nov. 30, 1935. They were members of the Lutheran Church, Starksville. Isabella died Nov. 29, 1990. Jasper died Feb. 7, 1991. No children.

Information about Jane McKerrow's family contributed by Bill McKerrow, Newport/Norway Editor.

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