Town of Salisbury
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St. Bridget's Catholic Cemetery is on Rt. 29 in Salisbury, Herkimer County. The list of 192 burials was donated to our site by Elaine Carlin, Salisbury Town Clerk, John Alvord Kingsley, a Bloodough descendant, and Ms. Helen Ives, well-known Town of Salisbury historian. We are delighted to present this cemetery to you, our first Roman Catholic cemetery on the site and final resting place of many 19th century Irish immigrants.

**A new reading of this cemetery, taken in July 1999 by William C. and Rosemary B. Kelhi, more than doubles the number of interments in this list, and catches individuals who were missed on the 1930s reading.**

Barrett, Ella, D. 5/29/1889, 21 yrs. 6 mos.

Brant, Catherine Nagle, 1865-1927, Hus. John C.

Butler, Maggie, D. 12/6/1869, 11 mos.14 days
Butler, Margaret, D. 7/9/1872, 35 yrs., Hus. Thomas

Carlon, Margaret, D. 9/22/1875, 24 yrs.

Carney, Bridget, D. 2/18/1879, 55yrs., Hus. Thomas
Carney, Thomas, D. 10/28/1897, 81 yrs., Wf. Bridget

Connors, Dennis, 1836-1912, Wf. Hannah Keleker
Connors, Hannah Keleker, 1841-1918, Hus. Dennis
Connors, Martin, 1857-1926, Wf. Mary A. Ferris
Connors, Sarah, 1873-1891
Connors, Thomas, 1862-1887

Cramer, Bridget Hartigan, 1843-1908, Hus. Edmund
Cramer, Bridgie, 1876-1886
Cramer, Edmund, 1838-1919, Wf. Bridget H.

Crowley, Timothy, D. 10/27/1886, 70yrs., Veteran

Curtin, Bessie, 1890-1890, Dau. of Elizabeth
Curtin, Elizabeth, 1858-1890

Donovan, C. Bernard, 1912-1913

Drake, Amos B., 1817-1889

Dunning, Bridget B., 1810-1899, Hus. James
Dunning, Elizabeth Starr, 1861-1927, Hus. Charles
Dunning, Helen, 1846-1909
Dunning, James, 1810-1855, Wf. Bridget B.

Dwyer, Hannah, 1800-1871

Emerich, Catherine, 1866-1924, Hus. John
Emerich, Mary C., D. 11/17/1890, 8yrs. 4 mos.

Fynn, Patrick, D. 3/17/1879, 37 yrs.

Grassel, Gertrude, 1912-1913
Grassel, Willie, D. 9/8/1910

Helterline, Alma Bliss, 1865-1900, Hus. Nicholas
Helterline, David, 1911-1930
Helterline, David, 1831-1905, Wf. Margaret L.
Helterline, Dora E. Miller, 1874-1918, Wf. #2, Hus. Nicholas
Helterline, Dorothy M., 1902-1919
Helterline, George, 1861-1926, Wf. Jennie Holian
Helterline, J. Monica, 1915-1916
Helterline, Jennie Holian, 1865-1920, Hus. George
Helterline, Margaret Kelly, 1868-1928, Wf. #1, Hus. Frederick
Helterline, Margaret Lortz, 1831-1913, Hus. David
Helterline, Nicholas, 1863-1919, Wf. #1 Alma Bliss

Herringshaw, John, 1857-1928
Herringshaw, Joseph, 1870-1919, Wf. Julia A.
Herringshaw, Julia A., 1872-1917, Hus. Joseph
Herringshaw, William, 1868-1905

Holian, Catherine, 1831-1899
Holian, Mary, D. 8/8/1877, 16yrs 8mos 17days, Dau. of Thomas & Catherine
Holian, Thomas, 1832-1901, Wf. Catherine

Johnson, Harry, 1880-1891
Johnson, Howard D., 1849-1922, Wf. Mary Luby

Kelhi, Julia C., 1900-1900, Dau. of John and Mary
Kelhi, Michael, 1824-1907
Kelhi, Stella M., 1906-1920, Dau. of John and Mary
Kelhi, William J., 1904-1905, Son of John and Mary

Kelly, Anne, 1861-1945
Kelly, Ellen McGinis, 1826-1897, Hus. Martin
Kelly, Martin, D. 7/17/1897, 63 yrs., Wf. Ellen Mcginis
Kelly, Mary, 1856-1943

Kiley, Minnie, 1867-1900

Klahaer, Ann Leahy, D. 6/15/1888, 60 yrs., Hus. Michael

Krump, Joseph, D. 9/24/1916

Lafave, Joseph, 1844-1903

Lahen, Bridget Carney, 1819-1910, Hus. John
Lahen, John, 1834-1916, Wf.. Bridget C.

Lally, Edward, D. 3/15/1881, 87 yrs., Wf. Mary McCabe
Lally, John, 1837-1922, Wf. Mary A. Storr
Lally, Mary A. Storr, 1853-1891, Hus. John
Lally, Mary McCabe, D. 8/6/1884, 79 yrs., Hus. Edward

Lawton, Anna G. Lutry, 24 yrs.

Libby, James, 1859-??
Libby, John, 1875-1923

Louck, Mary Ann, no data

Luby, Mary Garry, Hus. Michael
Luby, Michael, 1830-1877, Wf. Mary Garry

Maeyer, Rev. Joseph H. W., D. 4/18/1895, 70 yrs.

Manning, Anna, 1861-1882
Manning, Bridget, D. 3/9/1879, 32 yrs., Dau. of Michael and Bridget
Manning, Bridget McCabe, D. 12/8/1885, 85 yrs., Hus. Michael
Manning, Daniel, 1882-1886
Manning, Maggie, 1874-1874
Manning Margaret, D. 3/8/1883, 36 yrs., Dau.of Michael and Bridget
Manning, Michael, D. 12/26/1893, 96 yrs., Wf. Bridget McCabe
Manning, Thomas P., 1876-1886

Mannion, Thomas, D. 1/9/1905, Veteran

Marx, Dean, 1828-1906, Hus. Joseph
Marx, Helena B. Middlebro, 1879-1903, Hus. Howard D.
Marx, Howard D., 1876-1904, Wf. Helena B. M.
Marx, Joseph, 1812-1893, Wf. Dean
Marx, Lizzie, D. 9/15/1888, 5yrs 11 days

McCurren, Catharine, 1841-1911, Hus. Michael
McCurren, John, D. 3/4/1873, 3 yrs.
McCurren, Mary D., 11/20/1891, 15 yrs 1 mo 17 days
McCurren, Michael, D. 8/18/1905, 72 yrs., Wf. Catherine M.

McDonald, Anna O'Neil, 1844-1893, Hus. James
McDonald, Catherine McEvoy, 1851-1918, Hus. James
McDonald, Francis, D. 1901
McDonald, James, 1842-1901, Wf. Catherine M.
McDonald, James, 1842-1920, Wf. Anna O'Neil
McDonald, Rev. Francis W., D. 3/27/1914

McEvoy, Ann Doyle, 1818-1873, Hus. Michael
McEvoy, Catharine, 1858-1909
McEvoy, John, 1848-1926, Wf. Hannah
McEvoy, John, D. 8/9/1870, 59 yrs., Wf. Mary
McEvoy, Mary, D. 8/16/1878, 60 yrs., Hus. John
McEvoy, Michael, 1810-1860, Wf. Anna Doyle
McEvoy Michael, 1812-1873

McFeely, Dominick, 1816-1884, Wf. Mary
McFeely, Mary, 1805-1872, Hus. Dominick
McFeely, Patrick, 1847-1913

McGuire, Elenda, J., D. 1/6/1852, 7 yrs. 2mos. 12 days
McGuire, Isabella, D. 12/25/1851, 5yrs. 8mos. 20 days
McGuire, James, D. 10/6/1877, 60 yrs.

McLaughlin, Charles, 1853-1915
McLaughlin, Ernest J., 1884-1912

Miller, Agnes, 1899-1908, Dau. of John and Ellen
Miller, Catharine, 1823-1893, Hus. John
Miller, John, D. 10/6/1873, 43yrs. 7 days, Wf. Catherine
Miller, John, 1862-1901
Miller, Mary E. Emerich, 1897-??, Hus. Walter E.
Miller, Walter E., 1893-1930, Wf. Mary E. Emerich

Moran, Austin, D. 2/11/1895, 68 yrs.

Murphy, Ann, D.11/1/1900, 72 yrs., Hus. Bartholomew
Murphy, Bartholomew, 1817-1906, Wf. Ann
Murphy, Francis, D. 11/8/1876, 5 yrs. 9 mos. 27 days
Murphy, George, 1853-1930, Wf. Mary Sheehy
Murphy, James, 1852-1921, THE HERMIT OF MEXICO
Murphy, James B., 1864-1902
Murphy, Jeremiah, D. 3/31/1888, 23 yrs. 8mos.15 days
Murphy, Johannah, D. 12/5/1894, 59 yrs.
Murphy, John, 1888-1910
Murphy, Johonnah, 1783-1880, Hus. John
Murphy, Joseph, 1819-1909
Murphy, Katharine, D. 3/11/1887, 17 yrs. 3 mos.
Murphy, Margaret McEvoy, 1857-1917, Hus. Cornelius
Murphy, Mary, D. 3/16/1876, 19 yrs. 7 mos. 21 days
Murphy, Sarah, D. 2/14/1892, 59 yrs.
Murphy, Timothy, D. 11/17/1876, 9 yrs. 4 mos. 22 days
Murphy, William, D.11/13/1904, 34 yrs.

Murray, Andrew, 1821-1892
Murray, James J., 1856-1924, Wf. Ellen
Murray, John, D. 3/7/1891, 77 yrs., Wf. Mary O'Hara
Murray, Julia, 1874-1926, Hus.Thomas
Murray, Maggie, 1884-1888
Murray, Mary O'Hara, D. 11/29/1907, Hus. John
Murray, Michael, D. 8/16/1875, 23 yrs. 8 mos. 15 days
Murray, Patrick, 1871-1907
Murray, Thomas, 1857-1924, Wf. Julia

Murry, Patrick, 1812-1878

Nagle, John, 1828-1913, Wf. Margaret Herbert
Nagle, Margaret Herbert, 1828-1901, Hus. John
Nagle, Michael F., 1853-1890
Nagle, Patrick H., 1857-1900

Nash, John H., 1867-1904
Nash, Mary Waters, 1839-1895, Hus. Patrick
Nash, Patrick, 1833-1917, Wf. Mary Waters

Noonan, Jeremiah, 1810-1972, Wf. Kate Murphy
Noonan, Kate Murphy, 1823-??, Hus. Jeremiah

O'Connor Jeremiah, 1859-1930, Wf. Julia A.

O'Hara, Annie, D. 11/25/1880, 24 yrs. 2 mos. 3days, Dau.of Pat and Mary
O'Hara Helen C., 1872-1925

Reilly, John, 1840-1895, Wf. Mary Bergin
Reilly, Mary Bergin, 1854-??, Hus. John

Roberts, John, 1838-1894
Roberts, John, 1838-1894
Roberts, Mary, 1840-1924
Roberts, William, 1866-1922

Rumrill, Agnes, 1897-1910
Rumrill, Marcus A., 1862-1934, Wf. Mary K.
Rumrill, Mary K., 1866-1920, Hus. Marcus A.

Seelye, Howard, D. 12/6/1919

Servidone, John, D. 1901, Son of Mary and Ralph
Servidone, Mary, 1897-1898, Dau of Mary and Ralph
Servidone, Mary Tempone, 1873-1937, Hus. Ralph
Servidone, Peter, 1900-1908, Son of Mary and Ralph
Servidone, Ralph, 1865-1906, Wf. Mary Tempone

Shanahan, Bridget, 1836-??, Hus. John
Shanahan, John, 1841- 1888, Wf. Bridget

Smith, Leo, 1818-??
Smith, Mary, D. 8/30/1897, 103 yrs, Hus. Patrick
Smith, Patrick, no data, 78 yrs., Wf. Mary

Ward, James, 1894-1896

Welch, Bridget, 1826-1880
Welch, Nicholas, 1822-1910

White, Catharine L., D. 11/24/1833, Hus. Patrick
White, Francis, no data, 7 yrs
White, Jennie A., no data, 4 yrs.
White Patrick, D. 4/4/1837, Wf. Catherine L.
White, Thomas, No data, 4 yrs.

Young, Kate, D. 4/21/1877, 32 yrs.
Young, Mrs. John, D. 5/9/1881, Hus. John

Zimmerman, Jacob, 1841-1897, Wf. Mary Wyley
Zimmerman, Mary Wyley, 1846-1883, Hus. Jacob

Records of the St. Bridget's Catholic Cemetery are at St. Joseph's Church, Dolgeville, NY.

The transcript of St. Bridget's Cemetery was contributed to the Herkimer County NYGenWeb by John A. Kingsley and typed by Joan Veeder. Thanks to the efforts of John, and Elaine Carlin, Salisbury Town Clerk, we have a stack of Salisbury cemeteries for presentation on our site this spring. Last fall John sent us a letter written by his distant uncle, George H. Bloodough of the 97th NY volunteers. George is buried in Salisbury's Curtis Cemetery.

If your ancestors are on this list, be sure to direct ALL questions about them to the Herkimer County Historical Society as none of the individuals involved in offering this list for your viewing have any information on the families buried in this cemetery.

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