Town of Winfield
N.W Corner of Babcock Hill and Albany Roads
North Winfield, Herkimer County, New York

Stiles Cemetery View

"This is an old abandoned cemetery which recently has been given the name of "Stiles". Although the grass is mowed the stones are mostly deteriorated and have fallen into pieces on the ground. It might be due to age or it might be vandalism which has left the stones in disrepair. I mention this in case anyone wants to visit, as they would be disappointed. This cemetery was read years ago by George Hildebrandt." (Betsy Voorhees, July 2002)

new 2/2/05  Condition Report and Photos from Al White: "These are of the "Stiles" cemetery, corner of Albany Road and Babcock Hill Road. It is totally uncared for right on the corner of the two roads. It appears that snowplows and whatever short cut across a portion. Totally overgrown with weeds and I guess the name comes from the only monument standing and that is visible. There are a few unreadable stones scattered around if one can find them, but none that I found are readable. I have Rider/Ryder ancestors there as indicated in a much earlier reading."

STILESGeorge 1801-1865
STILESOrton 1811-1869
STILESRoland 1771-1853 Wf. Sallie
STILESSallie 1780-1825 Hus. Roland
STILESHenry 1820-1842
STILESEdward 1802-1816
RYDEREbenezer d. 3-1-1813

RYDERPrudence d. 2-25-1839
Hus. Reuben
RYDERNaomi d. 3-30-1846
81yr 7mo
Hus. Zudock
CARBERLydia d. 4-25-1801

PERRANDLaura d. 4-8-1870
66yr 6mo 23da

PENNYJennie d. 9-28-1871
6yr 3mo 20da
Da. of Seth & Rossett
GALLUPLydia d. 1841

RISING ? d. 1860

HAYMaria d. 9-14-1833
Hus. Conrad
RYDEREmeline d. 1833
Dau. of Maria & Conrad
PALMERThomas d. 10-15-1873
Wf. Ann
PALMERAnn d. 6-15-1865

Hus. Thomas

Stiles Cemetery View

Stiles Cemetery View

As with all cemeteries listed on this site, for further information about anyone listed, please direct all queries to or order research from the friendly and helpful staff of the Herkimer County Historical Society.

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