Town of Winfield
N.W. Corner of Babcock Hill and Albany Roads
North Winfield, Herkimer County, New York

Stiles Cemetery View

"I just completed a genealogy sweep up through Herkimer County and beyond. The previous photos of the "Stiles" cemetery were quite depressing; however, due to a lot of work by Alicia and Stu Copperwheat and others, it is now maintained in a very acceptable state. The local town furnished the fencing and Stu Copperwheat and a couple others erected same. Many of the stones are still lying flat but many are readable. The list is somewhat larger than the list already on the Herkimer Site. Among their finds was my gggg-grandfather (think I got that right) Reuben Rider, who died in 1816. His wife Prudence has already been listed on the Herkimer site. Have a great day! Al White"


Robert Wilson
Died Jan 29, 1848
43 years

Robert Wilson
died Jan. 29,1848
Aged 43 years
Happy the man that finds the
company of Gods choosen race
The Wisdom coming from above
The faith that sweetly work by love

Laura Perrand
Died Oct 8 1870

What is home without a mother
Laura Perrand
Oct 8 1870
Aged 66 yrs 6 mo 23 days

Infant Penny
(Byron Penny)

foot stone

Died Oct 21, 1848

son of Seth & Rosett
died Oct 21, 1848

Adelbert Penny
foot stone

Died Sept 4, 1853
2 yrs

son of
SS & R. Penny
died Sept 4, 1853
aged 2 yrs

Jennie R. Penny
foot stone

died Sept 28, 1871
6 yrs

We shall Mett Again
Jennie R.
daughter of
Seth & Rosett Penny
Sept 28, 1871
aged 6 yrs 3mo 20 days

Lydia Gallup
died March 14, 1841

to the memory of
Lydia Gallup
who died
March 14, 1841 in the
92 year of her age

Horace Rising
died March 14 1860
21 yrs

Sadly we miss thee
Horace Rising
March 14 1860
aged 21 years

Thomas Palmer
[Thomas and Ann are on one stone]

died Oct 15, 1873
89 yrs

At Rest
Thomas Palmer
Oct 15, 1873
aged 89 yrs 2 mo 3 ds

Ann Palmer
died June 15, 1865
75 yrs

wife of
Thomas Palmer
died June 15, 1865
aged 75 years

Marina Hay
foot stone

died Sept 14th 1833
30 yrs

In Memory of
Marina, wife of
Coonrod Hay
who died Sept 14th
1833 aged 30 yrs

Eunice Yaw
June 24,1861

48 yrs

wife of Chauncy Yaw

I know that
my ------ liveth
wife of
Chancy Yaw
June 24 1861
aged 48 years 11 mo
& 22 days

Roxanna Sanders



Submit Peck
died Nov 3 1833
69 yrs

Submit Peck
Died Nov 3 1833
aged 69 years

Rebecca P. Rider
foot stone

died May 8, 1861
58 yrs

What is home without a mother
Rebecca P
wife of
Charles P. Rider
May 8, 1861
Aged 58 years & 6 mo
Her sufferings are ended
Her sorrows are o'er,
She is blissful and happy
On Canaan's bright shore.

William Penny
died Oct 17 1841

William Penny
Oct 17 1841
aged 61 years

Almira Gitchell
died Oct 23d. 1842
23 yrs

Almira wife of
David B. Gitchell
Oct 23d 1842, aged 23 years & 2 mo's
Ye sons of man and daughters gay
Jehovah's calls you must obey
The grave must surely be your bed,
And like me be numbered with the dead

Zadock Rider

In memory of
Zadock Rider
who departed this life
June 23, 1827
in the 76 year of his age
the storm that ----------
No more disturb my silent breath
Nor --------
While I lie slumbering in the death
(can't read the rest)

Naomi Rider
died March 30 1816

In memory of
wife of
Zadock Rider
died March 30 1816
age 81 yrs & 7 mo's

Eunice Hadley
foot stone

died Jan. 29, 1825
68 yrs

In memory of Mrs Eunice Hadley
wife of
Abraham Hadley
who died
Jan. 29, 1825 in her 68 year
Depart my friend dry
up your tears
Here I must lie 'till
Christ appears

Lydia Corbit
died 25 th 1801
12 yrs

In memory of
Lydia daughter
of Eldad and
Lydia Corbit
who died 25th
aged 12 Y and 6 months

Reuben Rider
died Dec 1 1816
66 yrs

In memory of
Reuben Rider
who died Dec. 1 1816
aged 66 years

Tertullus Rider
died Feb. 21 1862
66 yrs

Tertullus Rider
Feb. 21 1862
aged 66 yrs
& 2 mo's

Prudence Rider
died Feb. 25, 1839

In memory of
wife of
Reuben Rider
who died Feb 25 1839
aged 80 yrs.

Abaina Hadley
foot stone

died Feb 5, 1827
8 yrs

Abaina Hadley
daughter of ---
Lucy Hadley,
died Feb 5 1827
in the 8th year
of her age

Emeline Hay
foot stone

In memory of
daughter of
Coonrad &
Marina Hay
who died Sept
25 1833 aged
2 months

Ebenezer Ryder
[Ebenezer and Huldah are on one stone]

died March 1, 1813
34 years

In memory of
Ebenezer Ryder
who died March 1, 1813
aged 34 years
Ye mourning souls, that sit
In darkness and distress
Look from the borders of the pit
To his recovering grace

Huldah Ryder
foot stone

died Feb 22, 1826

Also of Huldah his wife
who died Feb 22, 1826
aged -- years
My dear friends as you pass by
As you are now so once was I
As I am now so you must be
prepare for death and follow me

Rebecca Cole

wife of
Loni Cole
41 years & 11 mo's & 11 da's

Stone broken in half (vertically) reads


* Monument *

Eunice Yaw
1813 - 1861

wife of
Chauncy Yaw 1813-1861

Roxanna Sanders

Roland Stiles

Roland Stiles

Sallie Stiles
1780- 1825

his wife

Henry Stiles

Edward Stiles

George Stiles

Orton Stiles

8 foot markers in front of monument (reads from cemetery to hedge)
Roxanna Eunice Henry Edward Mother Father George Orton [closest to hedge]

(can't read) Griggs
foot stone SGP

died May 21, 1821

In memory
(blank) Griggs
second son of

died May 21 1821
(can't read the rest)

slate stone with W&R

slate stone with Mary

slate stone with JW

foot stone LF

foot stone RC

Missing top of stone

Died Feb 15 1849
aged 9 mo

"The list was compiled by Alicia and Stu Copperwheat. I think it was done in 2005. Al"

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