West Winfield

Town of Winfield

Herkimer County, NY

Off Route 20, South Side

This Roman Catholic cemetery was contributed and prepared by Betsy Voorhees from the copy available at the Herkimer County Historical Society. As the most recent burial on this list was 1930, it was probably active at the time of the reading. Further information about persons buried in this cemetery should be sought of the Herkimer County Historical Society.

NOLAN, John, B.1857 - D.1924, Wf. Anna Donahoe
NOLAN, Anna Donahoe, B.1858 - D.1928, Hus. John
NOLAN, John, B.1879 - D.1913, SON= Anna & John
NOLAN, William, B.1863 - D.1916
NOLAN, John, B.1822 - D.1916
MARTIN, Amanda Burke, B.1863 - D.1928, Hus. James
MARTIN, William, B.1829 - D.1908, Wf. Joanna
MARTIN, Joanna, B.1828 - D.1908, Hus. William
MARTIN, Henry, B.1858 - D.1914
CONNOR, Mary Julia, B.1809 - D.1907
CONNOR, Myles, B.1845 - D.1926
KEHOE, Thomas J., NO DATA, 11 weeks
KEHOE, Doris M., NO DATA, 7 weeks
HINCKLEY, Michael H., B.1881 - D.1907
McCARTHY, Daniel, B.1844 - D.1928, Wf. Margaret
MATTHEWS, Carrol R., B.1918 - D.1928, DAU= George & Edith
MATTHEWS, Helen Gillespie, B.1892 - D.1924, Hus. William
MATTHEWS, Edward J., B.1884 - D.1924
MATTHEWS, Edward J., B.1860 - D.1908
WOOD, Anna Hand, B.1859 - D.1922, Hus. Jerome A.
WALRATH, Byron W., B.1894 - D.1930, Wf. Julia Matthews
CONNORS, Thomas, B.1847 - D.1926
CROAK, John B., B.1838 - D.1925
CROAK, George H., B.1875 - D.1901
DOYLE, Maurice, B.1843 - D.1923, Wf. Ellen
DOYLE, Arthur J., B.1873 - D.1899
JORDAN, Moses, B.1823 - D.1907, Wf. Nancy
JORDAN, Nancy, B.1816 - D.1910, Hus. Moses
KEHOE, Andrew, B.1849 - D.1923, Wf. Ellen Collins
KEHOE, Ellen Collins, B.1859 - D.1918, Hus. Andrew
CARSON, James, B.1843 - D.1908, Wf. Katherine Swords
CARSON, Katherine Swords, B.1846 - D.1902, Hus. James
CARSON, Minnie M., B.1874 - D.1901, DAU=Katherine-James
KING, Anna E. Bermingham, B.1867 - D.1930, Hus. Peter
BERMINGHAM, Michael, B.1842 - D.1911, Wf. Bridget Quinn
BERMINGHAM, Bridget Quinn, B.1829 - D.1910, Hus. Michael
BERMINGHAM, Mary E., B.1869 - D.1905, DAU=Bridget & Michael
HARVEY, William A., B.1851 - D.1921
HARVEY, Anna M., B.1849 - D. ?
HARVEY, John, B.1882 - D.1918
HARVEY, Anna, B.1914 - D.1918
HARVEY, John A., B.1919 - D.1921
NOLAN, Michael, B.1847 - D.1911, Wf. Mary Connolly
NOLAN, Mary Connolly, B.1848 - D.1915, Hus. Michael
HARVEY, Eugene E., B.1878 -D.1914
DOYLE, Arthur, B.1852 - D.1929, Wf. Katherine Kehoe
SUPLEY, Helena B., B.1900 - D.1928
BYRNES, Marcella, B.1865 - D.1930, Hus. James
MARTIN, Winifred, W., B.1863 - D.1924, Hus. James B.
HANNON, Mary Hassett, B.1838 - D.1896, Hus. Anthony
HANNON, Anthony, B.1833 - D. ? Wf. Mary H.
HASSETT, Michael, NO DATA, Wf. Elizabeth
HASSETT, Elizabeth, NO DATA, Hus. Michael
HORIGAN, James, B.1884 - D.1923
PERKINS, Mary Davis, B.1867 - D.1925, Hus. Fred
SANFORT, William, B.1867 - D.1918, Wf. Delia Clancy
SANFORT, Delia Clancy, B.1867 - D.1918, Hus. William
BURKE, John, B.1854 - D.1912
BURNS, James A., B.1854 - D.1912, Wf. Ellen
BURNS, Mary E., B.1888 - D.1908, DAU= Ellen & James
McDERMOTT, Marion R., B.1901 - D.1902
McDERMOTT, James, B.1856 - D.1902
HORIGAN, James, B.1835 - D.1907 , Wf. Mary Britt
HORIGAN, Mary Britt, B.1845 - D.? , Hus. James
MITCHELL, Anna E. Byrnes, B.1863 - D.1914, Hus. James
MITCHELL, Francis, B.1892 - D.1910
MORGAN, Thomas J., B.1856 - D.1913, Wf. Mary H.
MORGAN, Mary H., B.1866 - D.1928, Hus. Thomas J.
SHANLEY, Katie E., B.1873 - D.1895
BURNS, Ellen, B.1816 - D. 1893, Hus. John
BURNS, John, B.1817 - D.1889, Wf. Ellen
JORDON, Frank D., B.1848 - D.1898, Wf. Ellen Shanley
JORDON, Ellen Shanley, B.1840 - D.1899, Hus. Frank D.
HENDRICKS, Patrick, B.1834 - D.1914, Wf. Margaret
HENDRICKS, Margaret, B.1840 - D.1914, Hus. Patrick
HENDRICKS, Mary J., B.1869 - D.1887
CASSIDY, Christopher F., B.1865 - D.1916
TOOLE, Peter, B.1836 - D.1916, Wf. Eliza
TOOLE, Eliza, B.1837 - D.1893, Hus. Peter
SNODGRASS, Joseph, B.1862 - D.1901, Wf. Hannah
SNODGRASS, Hannah, B.1861 - D. ? , Hus. Joseph
SNODGRASS, Joseph, B.1886 - D. ? , SON= Joseph & Hannah
SNODGRASS, Mary E., B.1891 - D. ? , DAU= Joseph & Hannah
CODY, Thomas, B.1825 - D. ? , Wf. Mary A.
CODY, Mary A., B.1837 - D.1888, Hus. Thomas
CODY, Edward, B. ? - D.1874, SON= Mary & Thomas
KELLY, David, B.1825 - D. ? , Wf. Ellen
KELLY, Ellen, B.1834 - D. ? , Hus. David
KELLY, Michael, B.1860 - D.1902, SON= David & Ellen
KEHOE, Andrew P., B.1888 - D.1921
KNOWLES, Jane, B.1895 - D.1927
SINNOTT, James, B.1817 - D.1911, Wf. Bridget Hammon
SINNOTT, Bridget Hammon, B.1822 - D.1899, Hus. James
SMITH, George, D. 9-18-1898, 61yr, Wf. Isabel Mohan
SMITH, Isabel Mohan, B.1844 - D.1915, Hus. George
SMITH, Thomas, B.1859 - D.1925
SMITH, Mathew M., B.1868 - D.1929
O'NEIL, Timothy, B.1865 - D.1923, Wf. Mary Green
O'NEIL, Mary Green, B.1872 - D.1929, Hus. Timothy
LYNCH, Michael, B.1849 - D.1927
PERRONE, Joseph, B.1864 - D.1924, Wf. Anna M.
PERRONE, Anna M., B.1861 - D.1936, Hus. Joseph
KENNEY, Thomas, B.1872 - D.1908
KENNEY, Edward, B.1905 - D.1908
KENNEY, Moses, B.1827 - D.1903, Wf. Catherine
KENNEY, Catherine, B.1842 - D.1919, Hus. Moses
KENNEY, Aidern E., B.1882 - D.1918
KING, James, D. 3-3-1919, 76yr, Wf. Mary
KING, Mary, D. 6-29-1923, Hus. James
KENNEDY, Joseph, B.1833 - D.1905, Wf. Mary Ann
KEHOE, Patrick, B.1847 - D.1905, Wf. Margaret Doyle
KEHOE, Margaret Doyle, B.1857 - D.1920, Hus Patrick
DONOVAN, Ann Hastings, B.1829 - D.1926, Hus Philip
DONOVAN, Catharine, B.1864 - D.1915
HORIGAN, Patrick, B.1866 - D.1924, Wf. Mary A. Donovan
HORIGAN, Mary A. Donovan, B.1866 - D.1925, Hus. Patrick
SHEEHAN, Russell L., B.1900 - D.1927
ROSE, Ormie Earl, B.1889 - D.1924
TIERNEY, Thomas, B.1856 - D.1928
KING, Anna, D. 1-10-1890, 45yr
RADLEY, Raymond G., B.1901 - D.1901, SON= Elizabeth & Wm.
RADLEY, Raphael, B.1901 - D.1901, SON= Elizabeth & Wm.
RADLEY, Margaret H., B.1904 - D.1904, DAU=Elizabeth & Wm.
RADLEY, Bernard M., B.1905 - D.1908, SON=Elizabeth & Wm.
RADLEY, R. Vincent, B.1906 - D.1907, SON=Elizabeth & Wm.
RADLEY, J. Marquette, B.1908 - D.1908, DAU=Elizabeth & Wm.
CURLE, Catherine, B.1809 - D.1894, Hus. Thomas
CURLE, Thomas, D. 2-9-1889, Wf. Catherine
CURLE, Martin, B.1843 - D.1916
McCAULLEY, Mary I., B.1860 - D.1930, Hus. Francis
McCAULLEY, Francis, B.1846 -1898. Wf. Mary I.
McCAULLEY, Michael S., B.1873 - D.1914
HANNON, Anthony, B.1861 - D.1908
HANNON, Michael, B.1823 - D.1909, Wf. Bridget McCarthy
HANNON, Bridget McCarthy, B.1835 - D.1895, Hus. Michael
CURLEY, Peter, B.1845 - D.1917, Wf. Mary
CURLEY, Mary, B.1844 - D.1896, Hus. Peter
CURLEY, Francis P., B.1879 - D. 1930, Wf. Ellen J.
DOWLING, Patrick, B.1834 - D.1909, Wf. Ann Curley
DOWLING, Ann Curley, B.1837 - D.1913, Hus. Patrick
REAL, Mary A., B.1878 - D.1896
O'NEIL, Thomas, B.1844 - D.1925, Wf. Ellen Whitty
O'NEIL, Ellen Whitty, B.1848 - D.1920, Hus. Thomas
BURDICK, Margaret A., B.1888 - D. 1928, Hus. Charles
BURDICK, Anne, B.1921 - D.1930, DAU= Margaret & Charles
O'NEIL, Mary, B.1819 - D.1902
NOLAN, William R., B.1869 - D.1928
TARCZA, Virginia, B.1923 - D.1925
WALSH, John J. Sr., B.1862 - D.1923
COLLINS, Rev. Dennis, B.1861 - D.1894
CAGAN, Margaret Real, B.1860 - D.1916
ROONEY, Margaret I., B.1906 - D.1906, DAU= John & Mary
ROONEY, Catharine, B.1841 - D.1917
AUSTIN, Margaret, B.1866 - D.1916
PERRONE, Roscoe, B.1897 - D.1922, SON= Joseph & Anna
SULLIVAN, Francis, B.1904 - D.1924
BARNAGLE, Michael C., B.1851 - D.1903, Wf. Catharine Kennairy
BARNAGLE, Catharine Kennairy, B.1843 - D.1924, Hus. Michael C.
KEHOE, Honora, B.1828 - D.1901
KEHOE, John, B.1824 - D.1897
WHELAN, James, B.1829 - D.1908, Wf. Ann Dargy
WHELAN, Ann Dargy, B.1833 - D.1906, Hus. James
WHELAN, John, B.1861 - D.1897
KEHOE, Agnes, B.1902 - D. 1917
DANAHER, Michael, B.1828 - D.1907, Wf. Ann
DANAHER, Ann, B.1831 - D.1904, Hus. Michael
DANAHER, Frank, B.1872 - D. 1903
CASTONOVER, Nicholas, B.1928 - D. 1928
WILLIAMS, Anna S.lN., B.1875 - D.1906, Hus. Merritt
BURNS, John (VETERAN), D. 9-3-1895, 68yr
CLARK, Matthew, B.1836 - D.1905, Wf. Winford
CLARK, Winford, B.1838 - D. ? , Hus. Matthew
BYRNES, Lawrence, B.1857 - D.1926, Wf. Bridget Gagen
BYRNES, Bridget Gagen, B.1861 - D.1924, Hus. Lawrence
BYRNES, Lawrence, B.1813 - D.1892, Wf. Elizabeth Jordon
BYRNES, Elizabeth Jordon, B.1818 - D.1894, Hus. Lawrence
BYRNES, Anne Kelly, B.1858 - D.1968, Hus. Luke
KELLY, Mary Ann, B.1816 - D.1892
KELLY, Byron, B.1850 - D.1896
KELLY, James, B.1861 - D.1917
KELLY, Michael, B.1843 - D.1903
BURNS, Michael, B.1842 - D.1910, Wf. Mary Curley
BURNS, Mary Curley, B.1841 - D.1929, Hus. Michael
DURHAM, John, B.1834 - D.1896, Wf. Celina
DURHAM, Celina, B.1847 - D.1927, Hus. John
BANNO, Lewis, B.1856 - D. ?
BANNO, Mary Ann, B.1847 - D.1912
McCARTHY, Catharine, D. 11-18-1893, 70yr
REILLY, James, D. 1-2-1897, 68yr
JORDAN, Michael, B.1868 - D.1929
ORR, Ellen Jordan, B.1864 - D.1929, Hus. Edwin
BRENNAN, Michael, B.1818 - D.1895, Wf. Eleanor Donovan
BRENNAN, Eleanor Donovan, B.1831 - D.1912, Hus. Michael
BONA, Michael, B.1828 - D.1832
HENDRICK, Miles, B.1834 - D.1895, Wf. Ann O'Neil
HENDRICK, Ann O'Neil, B.1836 - D.1905, Hus. Miles
HENDRICK, Eliza J., B.1860 - D.1928
KELLY, father, B.1854 - D.1895
KELLY, Peter, B.1846 - D.1919, Wf. Kathryn Burke
KELLY, Kathryn Burke, B.1852 - D.1925, Hus. Peter
KELLY, Mary A., B.1886 - D.1889
O'TOOLE, Miles, B.1860 - D.1926
DORAN, John M., B.1910 - D.1911
BURKE, Richard, B.1908 - D.1928
BURKE, Richard, B.1845 - D.1913, Wf. Ann O'Brien
BURKE, Ann O'Brien, B.1845 - D.1898, Hus. Richard
KNOWLES, Mildred, B.1833 - D.1909
KING, Nellie Dorn, B.1869 - D.1929, Hus. James
YEOMAN, Anna A., B.1881 - D.1926, Hus. Charles T.
YEOMAN, Charles T., B.1872 - D.1926, Wf. Anna A.
BURNS, Margaret, B.1861 - D.1917, Hus. Charles
BEUSTER, Mary, B.1872 - D.1926, Hus. John
BROWN, Nellie Tierney, B.1865 - D.1912, Hus. Louis
TIERNEY, Thomas, B.1831 - D.1904, Wf. Mary
TIERNEY, Mary, B.1833 - D.1917, Hus. Thomas
TIERNEY, Mary, B.1857 - D.1862, DAU= Mary & Thomas
TIERNEY, Bridget, B.1860 - D.1863, DAU= Mary & Thomas
TIERNEY, John, B.1854 - D.1888, SON= Mary & Thomas
GRIMM, Olive Louise, D. ?-?-1922, 5yr

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