Town of Frankfort

Herkimer County, NY

Reading taken August 1998

Thanks to the efforts of the Frankfort Summer Youth Program, this small cemetery, located in the Town of Frankfort on Jones Road, abandoned for many years and covered by weeds and brush, has now been cleared, making it possible to once again wander past the old stones. So with pad and pencil in hand, I set out to gather the names on the gravestones, but found, due to age and condition, that some inscriptions were faint or only partially visible. I later compared my reading to a list from the Herkimer County Historical Society, and have noted their differences or other information by parenthesis ( ), with additional names at the bottom of my list. A number of stones had inscriptions, but most were only partially readable and so I have not included them.
Laura Perkins
Town of Frankfort Coordinator, Herkimer County NYGenWeb
September 1998

Jane, daughter of Harvey and Huldah MOREHOUSE, died Nov (15), 1866 (stone broken), aged 23yrs-11mo

Stone next to above reads Father (stone broken) MOREHOUSE

Samuel MOREHOUSE, died Aug 21, 1854, aged (69 yrs)

Jane, wife of Samuel MOREHOUSE, died Dec 3, ___ (stone broken), aged ___yrs and 9mos


Small stone only says - S. M.

Small stone only says - J. M.

Melissa A., wife of Gilbird E. FORD, died Apr 12, 1853, age 33yrs-10mo and 15(6)da, (no hus. listed)

Mary Jane, wife of William W. BALCH, died June 4, 1859, aged 23yrs-2(3)mos-17da

Inscription reads: Gone But Not Forgotten Amy, wife of Benjamin HARVEY, died May 27, 1856, aged 50 years

Mary Josephine, wife of Andrew W. MILLER, died May 20, 1880, aged 53(55?)yrs-1mo-10da (no hus. listed)

Andrew W. MILLER, died May 01, 1896, aged 77yrs-(7mo)-19da

Sarah Ann, daughter of Michael and Susannah NICHOLAS, May 26, 1849 (15yr-9mo-15da)

Mariah(n?) S., wife of Mathew W. MILLER, died June 28, 18(51), aged (33yr-5mo-15da)

Wellington L., son of (unreadable)

John BALCH, died Apr(Aug) 4, 1847 in the 50th year of ___ (stone broken)

Margaret BALCH, born Dec 15, 1806, died May 19, 1887



Joseph HOLDREDGE, died May 23, 1846, (72yr)

Contenty, wife of Joseph HOLDREDGE, died July 18, 1822 in the 48 years of her life

Inscription reads: Sadly We Miss Thee
Maria L., wife of Joseph J. GROSSMAN (CROSSMAN), died Dec 15, 1857, aged 39yrs-9mo-21da

Clara, daughter of ____GROSSMAN (CROSSMAN), died (Feb 3, 1856, 1mo-4da)

Emeline, daughter of Alfred? and Sarah WINFIELD?, died Jan 4, 1851, age 7yrs

Inscription: Sadly We Miss Thee
Esther M., wife of Colgate TISDALE, died Feb 1, 1859, aged 18yrs-10mo

Calista A. BALCH, wife of Jacob WILLIAMS, born Jan 13, 1826, died Oct 17, 1882 (no mention of hus.'s last name of Williams)

_____, James S. and Lucy HARVEY, died ____


________, son of John and Mary DAVIS, died _____

Appears to be 3 stones, two of which unreadable, third stone unreadable except for ______DAVIS, _____ England to America, June?, 1821, died Feb ___ aged 53

Sarah Jane, HOLDREDGE (HOLDRIDGE), wife of Thomas J. EDWARDS, died Aug 21, 1853, age (29yrs)

Harriet F., daughter of ______(HOLDRIDGE), died (Oct 01, 1848), age 5yrs (6mo-4da)


On one stone:
Abigail CUMMINGS, died Feb 5, (1846), age (43yrs)-10mo-(3)da Then there is an inscription (unreadable), and below that reads:
Abijah, infant son of _____ Abigail CUMMINGS, born Jan 14, 1846, died Feb 15, 1846


Mary E., daughter of Peter and Delana WEAVER, died Apr 29, 1835(1853), aged 5mo

Edward R., son of Peter Jr. and Delana WEAVER, died July 21, 1868(1863), aged (4yrs-11mo-23da)

Charity, wife of Jacob M. WEAVER, died (Sept 14, 1841) in her (79th yr)

James HOWARD, died ___24, 1855, aged 81yrs (?)-9mo-14da

Patience, wife of James HOWARD, died Mar 15, (1839?1889), aged 65yrs-(10mo)-13da


Seth HOWARD, died Aug 22, (1871), age 72yrs
Lany, his wife?, died Aug 16, 1869, age 35yrs

Jones Monument: Emily, wife ______unreadable

Inscription: Parted Below United Above
Martha M., wife of Rev John GRENZEBACH and daughter of James G. and Catharine VANSLYKE, died July 28, 1864, aged 23yrs-___mo-25days

_______, _______ of Henry G. ______, died May 11, 1857, aged 9mo

Arvilla A., daughter of Benjamin and Catharine TISDALE, died Mar 30, 1855, aged (2yrs-2mo-2da)

Mary A., daughter of _____and Eliza TISDALE, died Aug 15, 185(7), age 6mo-2da



Newton A. TISDALE, died Aug 22(20), 1856, aged 22yrs-10mo-2da)


Unreadable - only says: Our Clarence

Charity, wife of Peter WEAVER, died Feb 14(19), 188(5), aged 89yrs-(6mo)

Peter WEAVER, died May 18, 1881, aged 81 yrs


Clarrissa E.(T)., daughter of _____and Abigail CUMMINGS, died Oct 20, 1837, 2yrs-5mo-27da

CHURCH Monument - one side reads: Carrie M. CHURCH, died Dec 12, 1871, aged 26 yrs-(3mo-27da)
Below it says:
Louisa P., wife of Maurice M. WILLIAMS, died Dec 19, 1871, age 23yrs-(22yrs-6mo-7da) (she was listed as Louisa P. Church, hus. Maurice M. only)

Other side reads: Oliver CHURCH, died June 18___,

Below that says: Foster P. CHURCH, died July 16, 18? , aged ___

Separate stones next to Church Monument for same individuals:

Foster P. CHURCH, Civil War - Pri Bat'y A Lt Art'y NY, 1844 -1864
Oliver CHURCH, Civil War - Pri Bat'y A Lt Art'y NY, 1841 -1864
Louisa (unreadable)

Additional names from list at Herkimer County Historical Society:

CHURCH, Ann, died May 23, 1857, 40 yr, hus. William
COOK, Sidney, died Mar 23, 1845 (?1815), 2yr-11mo
DAVID, Lewis, died Sept 13, 1831, 2yr-1mo-20da
FORD, ??. died Dec 23, 1857, 18yr-6mo-22da
HARVEY, Hellen, died Oct 10, 1856, 7yr-4mo-20da
HOLD, Andrew, died Jan 22, 1835
HOLDRIDGE, William, died Apr 13, 1833, 1yr-3mo-29da
HOLDRIDGE, Munson, died Oct 3, 1848, 4yr-11da
MOREHOUSE, Harvey, died Apr 1, 1883, 75yrs, wf Hulda
MOREHOUSE, Hulda J., died May 31, 1871, 50yrs, hus. Harvey
RUSSELL, Amos E., died July 10, 1855, 25yr
WEAVER, Acobie?, died Feb 8, 1821, 4yr
WHITFIELD, Hamblin D., died Jan 4, 1851, 7yr

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