Town of Winfield
Herkimer County, New York

This cemetery is located in "downtown" West Winfield on the south side of West Main St. (US Route 20). It is a very large and still active cemetery. According to the director of the Herkimer County Historical Society, this reading was done by George Hildebrandt, a volunteer there some years ago who is still active at the society. Only dates up to 1930 were taken at the time which explains some of the ??s. The reading was obtained from the files of the Historical Society and transcribed as originally typed. In a few instances [] were added to indicate the editor's awareness that some data didn't quite match, but entered as printed or to give additional information relating to personsallied to the editor's own family. This is a great list with lots of maiden names.

Kathy Huxtable
Town of Columbia Coordinator
March 2000

ACKERMAN, Abba, 1788-1870, 82yr
ACKERMAN, Charity E., 1829-1882
ACKERMAN, Francis E., 1854-1855
ACKERMAN, Ida Mariah, 1851-1852
ACKERMAN, Myra, 1868-1868
ADAMS, Adelia, D.2-20-1860, 22yr, Hus. Gates W.
ADAMS, Cynthia M., D.7-21-1841, 3mo
ADAMS, Gates W., D.1-8-1865, 25yr, Wf. Adelia
ADAMS, James Riley, D.5-11-1854, 6yr-4mo
ADAMS, Sarah Ann Pope, D.5-6-1895, 76yr, Hus. William
ADAMS, Thomas, D.1-4-1873, 59yr-4mo-24da
ADAMS, William, D.12-10-1885, 78yr, Wf. Sarah Ann Pope
ALBRIGHT, Edward, 1846-1924
AMES, Alonzo H., 1842-1869, Wf. Laura Bullion
AMES, Laura Bullion, 1845-1918, Hus. Alonzo H.
ANTHONY, Roe C., 1888-1916
ARMLING, James M, 1822-1886, Wf. Mary Gorton
ARMLING, James, 1867-1906, Wf. Minnie E. Miller
ARMLING, Mary Gorton, 1827-1909, Hus. James
ARMLING, Minnie E. Miller, 1870-??, Hus. James
ARMSTRONG, Adelia, 1860-1918, Hus. John T.
ARMSTRONG, Azariah, 1837-1906, Wf. Hannah
ARMSTRONG, Edna Grant, no data, 1yr
ARMSTRONG, Hannah, 1839-1925, Hus. Azariah
ARMSTRONG, John T., 1849-1920, Wf. Adelia
ARNOLD, Ida W., 1848-1888, Hus. T. Sheridan
ARNOLD, Ivan M., 1883-1887
ARNOLD, John W., D.1852, 29yr
ARNOLD, Joseph B., D.1850
ARNOLD, T. Sheridan, 1849-1888, Wf. Ida M.
ASHPOLE, John, D.5-30-1864, 34yr
ATKINSON, James, 1851-1914
AUSTIN, Frank H, 1864-1926
BABCOCK, Clark, D.1828, 66yr, Wf. Mary
BABCOCK, Dorothy, D.1-27-1893, 77yr, Hus. Ethan
BABCOCK, Ethan, D.3-28-1871, 56yr, Wf. Dorothy
BABCOCK, James E., 1836-1894
BABCOCK, Luke, D.10-27-1870, 77yr, Wf. Theodoria
BABCOCK, Lydia, D.1874, 82yr
BABCOCK, Mary, D.1846, 80yr, Hus. Clark
BABCOCK, Polly, D.1876, 80yr
BABCOCK, Theodoria, D.11-17-1866, 69yr, Hus. Luke
BACKUS, Avery, 1812-1867, 55yr
BACKUS, Olive, no data
BAILEY, Asenaith, 1818-1899, Hus.#1 A. Hodge, Hus.#2 George Bailey
BAKER, Aurilla, D.10-18-1836
BAKER, Collins, D.9-29-1908
BAKER, Hannah, D.11-25-1851, 46yr, Hus. Edwin
BAKER, John, D.11-28-1806, 8yr
BAKER, Russel, D.5-24-1805, 28yr, Wf. Eliha May
BAKER, William, 1799-1870
BARDIN, Park, 1848-1924
BARLETT, Clomentionary, D.1830, Hus. Norman
BARLETT, Norman, 1799-1854, 55yr, Wf. Clomentionary
BARLETT, William M., 1853-1855, 2yr
BARRY, Emma K, 1845-1895, Hus. Henry W.
BARSTOW, Arthur Elias, 1843-1918
BARSTOW, Caroline L., 1829-1900
BARSTOW, Eliza Abby L. Thomas, 1832-1914, Hus. George T.
BARSTOW, Floyd S., 1846-1921
BARSTOW, George T., 1827-1906, Wf. Eliza A.L.Thomas
BARTLETT, Delia, 1843-1846, 3yr-5mo-5da
BATES, Charles, 1-3-1886[D.?], 38yr-8mo, Wf. Louise S.
BEALES, Dr. E.F., 1817-1889, 72yr, Wf. Fanny M.
BEALES, Fanny M., no data, Hus. Dr. E.F.
BEALES, Mary D., 1851-1910
BEEBE, Freeman H., 1868-1898
BEMIS, Esther A., 1822-1892, Hus. Osgar F.
BEMIS, Osgar F., 1822-1897, Wf. Esther A.
BENNETT, Betsey E., no data, Hus. Willard
BENNETT, Joseph, 1854-1859, 5yr-7mo
BENNETT, Willard, 1819-1893, 74yr, Wf. Betsey E.
BENTLEY, Albert, 1841-1917, Wf. Maria Jackson
BENTLEY, Albert, D.1844, 3yr-2mo-2da
BENTLEY, Anstrus, 1768-1843, 75yr-11mo, Wf. Olive
BENTLEY, Arthur, 1881-1897
BENTLEY, Bertha T., 1884-1905
BENTLEY, Celia, D.1893, 86yr, Hus. Ira
BENTLEY, Chauncey, 1814-1870[?], Wf.#1 Elisha, Wf.#2 Deborah, Wf.#3 Polly Clark
BENTLEY, Deborah, 1791-1877, 86yr, Wf.#2 of Chauncy
BENTLEY, Elisha, 1790-1867, 77yr, Wf.#1 of Chauncy
BENTLEY, Esther Washburn, 1829-1899, Hus. Romanzo
BENTLEY, Fred, 1882-1916
BENTLEY, George T., D.1846, 1yr-4mo-19da
BENTLEY, Hannah, 1739-1820, 81yr-11mo
BENTLEY, Ira, D.1877, 73yr, Wf. Celia
BENTLEY, Iva May, 1871-1872
BENTLEY, Jennet, D.1839, 3yr-1mo-12da
BENTLEY, Marcia[?] Jackson, 1843-1921, Hus. Albert
BENTLEY, Oliver, 1843-1921, Wf. Ordella Birmingham
BENTLEY, Oliver Jr., 1765-1820, 55yr-4mo-10da
BENTLEY, Ordella Birmingham, 1843-1902, Hus. Oliver
BENTLEY, Otis C., 1828-1857, 29yr-9mo-20da
BENTLEY, Polly Clark, 1816-1899, Wf.#3 of Chanucy
BENTLEY, Romanzo, 1834-1918, Wf. Esther Washburn
BENTLEY, William, 1796-1884
BISBY, Frances L., 1834-1884, 50yr
BISBY, George, no data, 10mo
BISBY, G. Harvey, 1836-1908, Wf. Jane Ambrose Long
BISBY, Henrietta, 1812-1884, 72yr, Hus. Julius
BISBY, Jane Ambrose Long, 1839-1921, Hus. G. Harvey
BISBY, Julia, D.3-13-1848, 3yr-4mo
BISBY, Julius, 1807-1882, 75yr, Wf. Henrietta
BLISS, Albert, 1800-??
BLISS, Alvin, 1828-1910, Wf. Sarah Wilcox
BLISS, Amanda, 1809-??, Hus. Moses
BLISS, Emeline, 1813-??
BLISS, Moses, 1763-1844, Wf. Beula Wood
BLISS, Roxsina, 1797-1895
BLISS, Sarah Wilcox, 1842-1925, Hus. Alvin
BLOWERS, Cora Hibbard, 1870-1928, Hus. L. Wayne
BONFON, Helen G., 1831-1905
BONFOY, David, 1817-1890, Wf. Martha Hackley
BONFOY, Martha Hackley, 1821-1879, Hus. David
BOSTWICK, Frederick, D.12-15-1864, 18yr, Veteran
BRADLEY, Abram P., 1834-1899, Wf. Julia A.
BRADLEY, Julia A., 1836-1897, Hus. Abram P.
BRAINARD, ??, 1813-1864, 51yr-4mo, Veteran
BRIGGS, Archibald, D.7-3-1837
BRIGGS, D. Bowen, 1823-1907, Wf. Ruth Scott
BRIGGS, Harriet F., D.3-6-1850
BRIGGS, Ruth Scott, 1828-1910, Hus. D. Bowen
BRISTOL, Carrie McRorie, 1863-1909, Hus. Everett
BRISTOL, Everett, 1848-1926, Wf. Carrie McRorie
BROWN, Alice Stuart, 1833-1896, Hus. H. Clark
BROWN, Fred J., 1878-1880
BROWN, H. Clark, 1828-1916, Wf. Alice Stuart
BROWN, Henry S., 1831-1911, Wf. Julia J.
BROWN, Hiram, 1795-1878, 78yr, Wf. Susan Gorton
BROWN, Julia J., 1834-1897, Hus. Henry S.
BROWN, Nettie Green, 1852-1924, Hus. Philip
BROWN, Philip, 1848-1929, Wf. Nettie Green
BROWN, Susan Gorton, 1807-1902, 95yr, Hus. Hiram
BROWN, Rev. S.W., 1866-1901, Wf. Clara VonBoyer
BUCKLIN, Amy, 1802-1877
BUCKLIN, Eber, 1812-1822
BUCKLIN, Eliza, 1808-1830
BUCKLIN, Ezra, 1821-1822
BUCKLIN, Hannah, 1823-??
BUCKLIN, Isaac, 1816-??
BUCKLIN, Lena Hackley, 1812-1893, Hus. Robert
BUCKLIN, Mary, 1818-1870
BUCKLIN, Mehettabel, D.12-15-1810
BUCKLIN, Mehittabel, 1813-??
BUCKLIN, Martha Ann, 1826-??, Hus. Simeon D.
BUCKLIN, Phebe, 1810-??
BUCKLIN, Robert, 1806-1895, Wf. Lena Hackley
BUCKLIN, Sarah, D.10-8-1819
BUCKLIN, Sarah Town, D.8-4-1823
BUCKLIN, Simeon D., 1830-1882, Wf. Martha Ann
BUCKLIN, Stephen, D.2-20-1804
BUCKLIN, Stephen, 1804-1921
BUCKLIN, Sylvenus, 1803-1803
BURDICK, Eliza, D.1833, 25yr, Hus. Charles J.
BURDICK, William Lee, D.1837, 9yr
BURGESS, George W., 1842-1913, Wf. Lois Flint, Veteran
BURGESS, Julia, 1830-1888
BURGESS, Lois Flint, 1848-1924, Hus. George W.
BURRITT, Henry A., 1843-1917, Wf. Nellie E.
BURROWS, Alvin, 1778-1813, 35yr
BURROWS, Ansel, 1808-1830, 22yr-2mo-25da
BURROWS, John, 1774-1858, 84yr-9mo-10da, Wf. Polly
BURROWS, John R., D.6-28-1825, 2yr
BURROWS, Polly, 1787-1820, 33yr, Hus.John
BURT, Anna, D.3-4-1854, 87yr, Hus.Charles
BURT, Charles, D.1-31-1845, 78yr, Wf.Anna
BUTTON, Esther Bentley, D.1877, 93yr, Hus.John H.
BUTTON, Gould, 1809-1904, Wf. Thurza Adams
BUTTON, Henry, 1848-1904
BUTTON, John H., D.1816, 39yr, Wf.Esther Bently
BUTTON, Samuel G., D.5-10-1864, 22yr, Veteran
BUTTON, Thurza Adams, 1813-1901, Hus.Gould
CALDER, John, 1812-1877
CANEY, Clara E., 1839-1926
CANEY, Harry C., 1864-1925
CANEY, Henry, 1837-1905
CARRIER, Betsey A., 1795-1860, Wf.#1 of David R.
CARRIER, David R., 1795-1880, Wf.#1 Betsey, Wf.#2 Hannah
CARRIER, Hannah, 1823-1894, Wf.#2 of David R.
CARY, Abner B. 1825-1891
CASLER, Eldred, 1891-1895
CASLER, Morris, 1851-1930
CASLER, Stuart, no data, 5mo
CHAPIN, Jotham, D.10-30-1838
CHASE, Frank S., D.1884, 18yr-3mo-13da
CHASE, Ordellia, 1823-1849, 26yr, Hus.Amos
CHURCHILL, Harold, 1897-1905
CHURCHILL, Norman W., 1868-1927
CLAPSON, Charles, 1839-1863, 24yr, Veteran
CLAPSON, Elbert R., 1854-1883, 29yr
CLAPSON, Jane, 1825-1885, 60yr-1mo-8da, Hus. Silas
CLAPSON, Silas, 1816-1890, 74yr, Wf. Jane
CLARK, Adriel E., 1840-1880, 40yr-4mo, Veteran, Wf. Frances A. Countryman
CLARK, Ann Eliza, 1820-1895, 75yr, Hus. Robert
CLARK, R. Cortland, 1845-1852, 7yr
CLARK, Eva, 1855-1858, 13yr-11mo, [one of these number is wrong]
CLARK, Frances A. Countryman, D.1926, Hus. Adriel E.
CLARK, Frank W., 1866-1908, 42yr-3mo
CLARK, Lora Miller, 1852-1929
CLARK, Robert, 1810-1883, Wf. Ann Eliza
CLARKE, Cora Brown, 1867-1921, Hus. Everett A.
CLARKE, Emma Day, 1817-1896, Hus. Bert A.
CLARKE, Everett A., 1856-1912, Wf. Cora Brown
CLARKE, Jerome, 1852-1864
CLARKE, Lewis, 1861-1864
CLARKE, Paul A., 1854-1892
CLARKE, Paulina, 1829-1913, Hus. Charles
CLARKE, W.F., 1865-1920
CLARKE, Charles, 1823-1891, Wf. Paulina
CLEMENT, Frank B., D.8-29-1871, 4yr-1mo
CLEMENTS, Dean A., 1859-1912, Wf. Jane Williams
CLEMENTS, Jane Williams, 1861-1930, Hus. Dean A.
COLE, Amenzo E., 1845-1928
COLE, Elijah, D.1810, 40yr, Wf. Mary Sholes
COLE, Harry, D.1-23-1875, Veteran
COLE, Henry, D.1-23-1875, 47yr
COLE, Willema Jane, 1856-1857
COLEMAN, Ruth, D.5-8-1853
COLEMAN, Sarah, D.6-7-1870, Hus. Russell
COLVELL, Jeanette, 1923-1929
COLVELL, Vernon, 1820-1923[?]
COOK, Ashel B., 1799-1875, Wf. Sabra
COOK, Delavanl, 1846-1928, Wf. Martha Morgan
COOK, Maria M., 1801-1884
COOK, Martha Morgan, 1849-1926, Hus. Delavanl
COOK, Otis, 1833-1895
COOK, Robert, D.12-25-1862, 38yr
COOK, Sabra, 1807-1877, Hus. Ashel B.
CRETOMSKY, John, 1843-1891, 48yr
CRIST, Elizabeth E., 1824-1897, Hus. Hezekiah
CRIST, Flora E. Burgess, 1859-1910, Hus. George B.
CRIST, George B., 1854-1924, Wf. Flora E. Burgess
CRIST, Hezekiah, 1817-1901, Wf. Elizabeth E.
CRIST, Howard, 1900-1901
CRIST, Rena Elizabeth, 1897-1925
CROSS, Frank E., 1868-1930, Wf. Ella E.
CROSS, George W., 1838-1917, Wf. Nancy N.
CROSS, Nancy N., 1835-1904, Hus. George W.
CRUMB, Anna Miller, 1832-1909, Hus. Wm. Henry
CRUMB, Delos, 1830-1910, Wf. Hannah
CRUMB, Flora E., 1867-1924
CRUMB, Hannah, 1833-1921, Hus. Delos
CRUMB, William Henry, 1821-1895, Wf. Anna Miller
CUMMINGS, Cora E., 1856-1861
CUMMINGS, Romelia King, 1823-1906, Hus. Samuel
CUMMINGS, Samuel, 1821-1905, Wf. Romelia King
CUNNINGHAM, Frances L. Warner, 1847-1900, Hus. Haines D.
CUNNINGHAM, Haine[?] D., 1841-1899, Wf. Frances L. Warner
CURTISS, Cornelia, D.2-1-1881, 65yr, Hus. James G.
CURTISS, James G., D.8-16-1884, 68yr, Wf. Cornelia
DAGER, Clara J., 1859-1913, Hus. Warren A.
DAGER, Warren A., 1853-1931, Wf. Clara J.
DAMON, Nelson, 1812-1836, 24yr
DAMON, Oliver, D.10-12-1817?, [List also has 1847?]
DAMON, Rufus, D.5-12-1861
DAVIES, Caleb, 1853-1926, Wf. Lucy R. Jones
DAVIS, Abbie Mathews, 1858-1916, Hus. Asher I.
DAVIS, Alice A. Cummings, 1858-1925. Hus. John E.
DAVIS, Asahel, D.12-13-1862, 28yr, Veteran
DAVIS, Byron, 1860-1926, Wf. Harriet
DAVIS, Catherine, 1845-1913, Hus. David K.
DAVIS, David K., 1826-1898, Wf. Catherine
DAVIS, Edward H., 1847-1915, Wf. E. Jennie
DAVIS, Eleanor, 1797-1889
DAVIS, Fred H., 1869-1896
DAVIS, Hugh, 1820-1888, Wf. Jane
DAVIS, Hugh L., 1859-1892, Wf. Lucy B.
DAVIS, Jane, 1819-1905, Hus. Hugh
DAVIS, John E., 1845-1910, Wf. Alice A. Cummings
DAVIS, Lucy B., 1858-1893, Hus. Hugh L.
DAVIS, Mary H., 1877-1921
DAY, ??, 1818-1876, Wf. Ruth Washburn
DAY, Albert, 1844-1900, Wf. Emma C. Winchell
DAY, Almira, 1803-1871, 68yr, Wf.#2 of ELi
DAY, Almond, 1819-1901, Wf. Sarah A. Park
DAY, Alvin G., 1818-1877, 59yr, Wf.#1 Ludentia Beckwith, Wf.#2 Emily Wadsworth
DAY, Caroline Countryman, D.7-23-1922
DAY, Eli, 1791-1876, 85yr, Wf.#1 Phebe E., Wf.#2 Almira
DAY, Emily Wadsworth, 1836-1917, Wf.#2 of Alvin
DAY, Emma C. Winchell, 1850-1919, Hus. Albert H.
DAY, Ludentia Beckwith, 1820-1872, 52yr-8mo, Wf.#1 of Alvin
DAY, Phebe E., 1805-1858, 53yr, Wf.#1 of Eli
DAY, Ruth Washburn, 1818-1876
DAY, Sarah A. Park, 1834-1912, Hus. Almond
DEKATOR, Mary, 1845-1923
DEWEY, Alex, 1812-1881, Wf. Luretia
DEWEY, Capt. Dennis A., 1841-1923, Wf. Mary Armling, Veteran
DEWEY, Ever, 1850-1866, 16yr
DEWEY, Luretia, 1816-1893, Hus. Alex
DEWEY, Mary Armling, 1845-1888, Hus. Capt. Dennis A.
DICKENS, George B., D.1844, 2yr-5mo
DICKENS, William W., D.1842, 6yr
DODGE, Charles H., 1852-1886
DORR, Charles, 1863-1925, Wf. Emma
DOWNING, Sara E. B., 1841-1928, Hus. Zeno
DOWNING, Warren Z., 1873-1892, 19yr
DOWNING, Zeno, 1837-1910, Wf. Sara E. B.
DROZ, Hannah Simms, 1799-1881
DUESLER, Earl F., 1877-1901, Wf. Eunice Williams
DUESLER, Eunice Williams, 1876-1922, Hus. Earl F.
DUESLER, Ida May, 1859-1897
DUESLER, John F., 1846-1902, Wf. Julia E.
DUESLER, Julia E., 1842-??, Hus. John F.
DYKE, Wilfred C., 1921-1927
EASON, Andrew, 1840-1848
EASON, Chales K., 1846-1848
EASON, Everett, 1850-1850, 2mo-19da
EASON, Maryette, 1830-1853, 23yr
EATON, Roxey, 1802-1824
EDICK, ??, 1912-1930
EDICK, Emma, 1855-1880
EDMUNDS, Perry, D.3-15-1862, 28yr-6mo-17da
EGGLESTON, ??, D.1901, 64yr, Wf. Hannah E. McLaughlin
EGGLESTON, Hannah E. McLaughlin, D.1917, 77yr
EGGLESTON, Kittie E. Weaver, no data, Hus. Wm. Seymour
EGGLESTON, William Seymour, no data, Wf. Kittie E. Weaver
ELDRED, Addison M., D.6-22-1864, 26yr, Civil War Veteran
ELDRED, Laura, D.5-29-1877, 76yr-10mo
ELDRED, Moses, D.3-31-1865, 30yr, Veteran
ELDRIDGE, Mary E. Brown, 1855-1920, Hus. Harry Sr.
ELIOTT, Hannah E., 1822-1896, Hus. Henry
ELIOTT, Henry, 1821-1905, Wf. Hannah E.
ELMER, Elizabeth B., D.8-11-1847, Hus. Philander
EMUNDS, Catharine M., D.2-22-1850, 9yr-9m-12da
EMUNDS, Selmda, D.11-14-189?, 83yr-7mo-19da
ENGLAND, Robert H., 1867-1925
EVANS, Jane Jones, 1820-1860, Hus. John
EVANS, John, 1824-1912, Hus. Jane Jones
EVANS, John W., 1856-1911
FAIRCHILD, Anson, D.9-1-1868, 73yr-8mo-13da, Wf. Emily
FAIRCHILD, Charles, 1852-1896
FAIRCHILD, Charles W., D.5-11-1825, 8yr
FAIRCHILD, Emily, D.4-27-1856, 58yr-10mo, Hus. Anson
FAIRCHILD, George W., 1837-1894, Wf. Marietta
FAIRCHILD, Henry A., 1824-1909, Wf. Louise A.
FAIRCHILD, John P., 1863-1884
FAIRCHILD, Louise A., 1831-1910, Hus. Henry A.
FAIRCHILD, Marietta, 1840-1904, Hus. George W.
FAIRCHILD, William H., 1831-1875
FARGO, Fred B., 1876-1923
FENTON, Delia Darling, 1839-1909, Hus. Joel C.
FENTON, Joel C., 1831-1915, Wf. Delia Darling
FENTON, Kate M. Jones, 1862-1913, Hus. Edward W.
FENTON, Mary A., 1835-1885, Hus. Milo B.
FENTON, Milo B., 1828-1911, Wf. Mary A.
FITCH, Arlina Coats, 1847-1923
FOLTS, Esther P., 1823-1903, Hus. Jeremiah
FOLTS, Jeremiah, 1823-1898, Wf. Esther P.
FULFORD, Libbie, 1831-1907
GALLINGER, Jessie Huttleston, 1876-1928, Hus. Stanley W.
GALLINGER, Stanley W., 1872-1930, Wf. Jessie Huttleston
GARDNER, Cora, 1859-??, Hus. Porter J.
GARDNER, Dennis E., 1883-1916
GARDNER, Gladys M., 1898-1928
GARDNER, Porter J., 1845-??, Wf. Cora
GARDNER, Robert Alden, D.1924, 5wks
GARLOCK, Charles B., 1852-1923, Wf. Nettie R.E.
GARLOCK, Nettie R. Eymer, 1865-1919, Hus. Charles B.
GEER, Alice M. Mott, 1879-1922, Hus. Thomas
GEER, Betty, 1923-1924
GEER, Father, 1845-1918
GEER, Mother, 1848-1919
GEER, George A., 1845-1916
GEER, Lela M., 1886-1915
GETCHELL, Benjamin, 1815-1886, 71yr
GETCHELL, Grover P., 1850-1851, 1yr
GETCHELL, Levid, 1841-1867, 26yr
GETCHELL, Winanta, 1852-1862, 10yr
GILMAN, Emma G., 1878-1930
GOLDTHWAIT, Benjamin, D.5-23-1840, 64yr-2mo-13da, Wf. Orphia
GOLDTHWAIT, Harriet, no data, 7yr
GOLDTHWAIT, Orphia, D.1-25-1850, 64yr-2mo-2da, Hus. Benj.
GORIFON, Russell B., 1810-1835, 25yr
GORTON, Abigail, 1833-1928, Hus. Dyer
GORTON, Dyer, 1822-1899, Wf. Abigail
GORTON, Esther, 1796-1871, Hus. Jediah
GORTON, Jediah, 1788-1841, Wf. Esther
GORTON, Joseph, 1815-1908, Wf. Lydia Firman
GORTON, Lina E., 1857-1923, Hus. D.B.
GORTON, Lydia Firman, 1820-1897, Hus. Joseph
GREENE, Maranda A.E., 1808-1895, 87yr-9mo-13da, Hus. Samuel
GREENE, Samuel A., D.1-18-1851, 45yr, Wf. Maranda A.E.
GRIFFITH, Sarah Davis, 1850-1895
GRIFFITHS, Catherine, 1927-1930
GUILD, Almond Lamot, 1830-1851, 21yr
GUILD, Elijah, 1766-1806, 40yr
GUILD, Horace, D.1827, 24yr
GUILD, Lydia, D.12-25-1806, 95yr
GUILD, Oliver, D.1774-1816, 42yr
GUILD, Rastus, 1799-1853, 54yr
GUILD, Ruth, 1743-1804, 61yr, Hus. Samuel
GUILD, Samuel, 1733-1816, 83yr, Wf. Ruth
GUILD, Samuel, 1786-1863, 77yr
GUILD, Samuel, D.2-13-1844
HACKLEY, M. Alena, 1858-1907
HACKLEY, Dr. Alice M., 1868-1924
HACKLEY, Amanda, 1799-1876, Hus. Salinus
HACKLEY, Edwin, D.1851
HACKLEY, Emeline Carpenter, 1815-1853, Wf.#1 of A. Hubbard
HACKLEY, Esther, D.1876
HACKLEY, Hannah, D.1833
HACKLEY, Henry Carlton, 1853-1901, Wf. Martha E. Sears
HACKLEY, A. Hubbard, 1817-1897, Wf.#1 Emeline Carpenter, Wf.#2 Jennie E. Hunt
HACKLEY, Hubert, D.1811
HACKLEY, Jennie E. Hunt, 1831-1912, Wf.#2 of A. Hubbard
HACKLEY, Dr. John, 1779-1871
HACKLEY, John S., D.1822
HACKLEY, Martha, 1827-1907, Hus. Salinas
HACKLEY, Roxanna, D.1824
HACKLEY, Roxanna, D.1845
HACKLEY, Salinas, 1827-1907, Wf. Martha
HACKLEY, Salinus, 1805-1892, Wf. Amanda
HACKLEY, Samuel, D.1826
HACKLEY, J. Willard, D.1832,
HAGGERTY, Frank L., 1867-1922, Wf. Jennie B.
HAGGERTY, Jennie B., 1866-1918, Hus. Frank L.
HALL, Carolyn Clarke, 1878-1896, Hus. Perciool
HAMMOND, Katherine M., 1899-1903
HAMMOND, Teresa E., 1892-1918
HARDIN, Abner Clark, 1836-1867, 31yr
HARDIN, Amanda Backus, 1803-1877, 74yr, Hus. Joseph
HARDIN, Ironic, 1831-1831, 3mo
HARDIN, Joseph, 1805-1870, 65yr, Wf. Amanda Backus
HARDIN, Mary E., 1844-1880, 36yr
HARDIN, Nathan, 1779-1867, 88yr, Wf. Philena
HARDIN, Philena, 1783-1866, 83yr, Hus. Nathan
HARDIN, William H., 1839-1866, 27yr
HARRISON, Hubert, 1871-1915
HARRISON, Mary Eliza, 1867-1929
HARRISON, Mary Watson, 1810-1890, Hus. Stephen
HARRISON, Olive Alexander, 1839-1893, Hus. Thomas E.
HARRISON, Stephen, 1806-1894, Wf. Mary Watson
HARRISON, Thomas E., 1836-1920, Wf. Olive Alexander
HARWOOD, Trisian, D.8-15-1816, 39yr-7mo-8da, Wf. Lovina
HASSETT, Thomas J., 1844-1915, Veteran
HAY, Phebe, 1801-1868, 67yr-9mo-10da
HAYES, Charlotte, 1818-1842, 24yr
HIBBARD, Bessie, 1874-1876
HIBBARD, Edwin L., 1835-1896, Wf. Marian M.
HIBBARD, Marian Maxin, 1838-1901, Hus. Edwin L.
HICKOX, Edith L. Murray, 1848-1902, Hus. Wm. Butler
HICKOX, Willaim Butler, 1835-1890, Wf. Edith L. Murray
HILL, George B., 1840-1911, Wf. Sarah R. Holmes
HILL, Holmes Devere, 1868-1894
HILL, Sarah R. Holmes, 1837-1906, Hus. George B.
HINDS, Armetta Tooley, 1859-1930, Hus. Frank E.
HINDS, Frank E., 1856-1911, Wf. Armetta Tooley
HISTED, Orlie A., 1860-1920, Hus. Charles E.
HISTED, Charles E., 1856-1921, Wf. Orlie A.
HISTED, Emma S., 1857-??, Hus. Kenneth
HISTED, Kenneth, 1888-??, Wf. Emma S.
HITEMAN, Henry, 1848-1919, Wf. Louise Mehner
HITEMAN, John, 1854-1928, Wf. Mary Cula
HITEMAN, Louise Mehner, 1852-1908, Hus. Henry
HITEMAN, Mary Cula, 1864-1903, Hus. John
HITEMAN, William Edwin, 1871-1924, Wf. Nellie Cole
HOLLENBECK, Sarah M. Rice, 1850-1923, Hus. Hermon A.
HOLMES, Albert A., 1870-1872, 2yr-9mo
HOLMES, Asa, 1807-1888, Wf. Eliza Strattor
HOLMES, Augustus, 1842-1894, 52yr, Wf. Nettie E.
HOLMES, Bertha M., 1873-1892, 19yr
HOLMES, Charles H., 1884-1927
HOLMES, Clinton, 1826-1892, Wf. Harriet
HOLMES, Eliza Stratton, D.1882, 66yr-10mo, Hus. Asa
HOLMES, Fred A., 1855-1906, Wf. Clara Mallory
HOLMES, Harriet A., 1819-1895, Hus. Clinton
HOLMES, Nettie E., D.4-5-1908, Hus. Augustus
HOPKINS, Abbott W., 1861-1917, Wf. Mary T.
HOUGHTON, Sarah A. Parkhurst, D.2-21-1881, 52yr, Hus. V.A.
HOUGHTON, V.A., D.6-20-1900, 76yr, Wf. Sarah A. Parkhurst
HOUSE, Frank Jr., 1860-1899, Wf. Jennie E. Place
HOUSE, Jennie E. Place, 1853-1925, Hus. Frank Jr.
HUBBARD, Charles, D.1852, 41yr
HUGHER, Edith, 1879-??, Hus. Stephen
HUNTLEY, Fred, 1868-1930
HUNTLEY, James C., 1797-1879, Wf. Laura Wood
HUNTLEY, Jennie C., 1875-1906
HUNTLEY, Laura Wood, 1799-1865, Hus. James C.
HUNTLEY, Mary E., 1844-1907, Hus. Starr D.
HUNTLEY, Mary E., 1838-1860, 22yr, Hus. Porter
HUNTLEY, Mattie Geer, 1887-??
HUNTLEY, Porter, 1828-1891, Wf. Mary E.
HUNTLEY, Starr D., 1842-1914, Wf. Mary E.
JACKSON, Eloise F., 1849-1871
JACKSON, Martha M., 1819-1900, Hus. William
JACKSON, William, 1816-1892, Wf. Martha
JOHNSON, Adelia, D.2-20-1860, 22yr, Hus. Gates
JOHNSON, Gates W., D.1-8-1865, 25yr, Wf. Adelia
JOHNSON, Mary Jane, D.8-2-1861, 25yr, Hus. William
JOHNSTON, James, 1817-1855, 38yr
JONES, Alfred D., 1879-1899
JONES, Benjamin, D.11-28-1864, 24yr, Veteran
JONES, Bessie Atkinson, 1887-??, Hus. Newell T.
JONES, Celestine A., 1844-1916, Hus. Morris D.
JONES, Cora T. Smith, 1859-1911
JONES, Edna L., 1844-??
JONES, Elizabeth, 1810-1883, Hus. Owen
JONES, George T., 1890-1916, Wf. Margaret
JONES, Jane, 1843-1907
JONES, John A., 1846-??, Wf. Katharine Davis
JONES, John I., 1852-1930
JONES, John T., D.1-14-1863, 16yr, Veteran
JONES, Katharine Davis, 1853-1927, Hus. John A.
JONES, Levi S., D.9-13-1863, 22yr, Veteran
JONES, Margaret, 1858-1922, Hus. George T.
JONES, Morris D., 1838-1915, Wf. Celestina A.
JONES, Nettie M., 1869-1917
JONES, Newell T., 1887-??, Wf. Bessie Atkinson
JONES, Owen, 1809-1876, Wf. Elizabeth
JONES, Robbie, 1869-1872
JONES, Robert, 1840-1865
JONES, Robert, D.1-27-1877, 37yr-26da
JONES, J. Watson, 1846-1916
JOSLYN, Clara J. Terry, 1842-1903, Hus. Menzo
JOSLYN, Clarrissa E. Bliss, 1835-1927, Hus. Deloss
JOSLYN, Deloss R., 1822-1903, Wf. Clarissa E. Bliss
JOSLYN, Elizabeth, 1850-1922
JOSLYN, George M., 1842-1917
JOSLYN, Henry, 1820-1891, Wf. Sarah F. Warner
JOSLYN, Menzo, 1838-1913, Wf. Clara J. Terry
JOSLYN, Sarah F. Warner, 1830-1924, Hus. Henry
KILBOURN, Betsey E., 1812-1888, Hus. D.M.
KILBOURN, D.M., 1804-1888, Wf. Betsey E.
KILBOURN, Mary Anna, 1844-??
KING, Almira, 1835-1911, Hus. Franklin F.
KING, Alonzo, 1832-1920, Wf. Harriet Beebe
KING, Curtis, 1842-1870, 28yr
KING, Franklin F., 1845-1898, Wf. Almira
KING, Harriet Beebe, 1845-1929, Hus. Alonzo
KING, John, D.12-20-1863, 30yr, Veteran
KING, Persis Wood, 1805-1890, Hus. William
KING, William, 1798-1868, Wf. Persis Wood
KING, William, D.1871, 4yr
KINNEY, Horace B., D.1902, 69yr, Wf. Julia Walker
KINNEY, Julia Walker, D.1910, Hus. Horace B.
KNAPP, Henry W., 1827-1898, Wf. Lucia
KNAPP, Lucia, 1820-1873, Hus. Henry W.
KNAPP, Mary A., 1857-1926
KNAPP, William, 1867-1921
LACKEY, Sabina, 1843-1894, 51yr
LAMB, Amos, D.1-7-1864, 22yr, Veteran
LAWTON, Avoline Potter, 1809-1893, Hus. William
LAWTON, William, 1805-1881, Wf. Avoline Potter
LECKY, Benjamin R., 1873-1877
LECKY, Charles, 1835-1908, Wf. Mary Holmes
LECKY, Florence, 1871-1877
LECKY, James, 1841-1879
LECKY, Jane Wilson, 1808-??, Hus. Samuel Ferguson
LECKY, Mary Holmes, 1845-1928, Hus. Charles H.
LECKY, Matilda, 1820-1886, 66yr, Hus. William
LECKY, Samuel, 1845-1852
LECKY, Samuel Ferguson, 1800-1863, Wf. Jane Wilson
LECKY, Sarah Jane, 1837-1856
LECKY, C. Sidney, 1869-1898
LECKY, William, 1816-1886, Wf. Matilda
LEHAMAN, Carrie, 1880-1904
LEHAMAN, Joseph W., D.1885, 34yr-7mo-14da
LILLEY, Lydia, 1850-1875, 25yr
LINES, Mary A., 1838-1863, 25yr, Hus. James
LINTZ, Margarete, D.4-16-1862, 58yr
LUCE, Adeline E., D.10-4-1912, 85yr, Hus. Orrin
LUCE, Allan D.F., D.10-2-1854, 1yr-11mo-16da
LUCE, Alma V., D.8-15-1862, 7yr-11mo
LUCE, Orrin, D.3-21-1893, 75yr, Wf. Adeline E.
MACMANIMAN, Rev. George Edward, 1852-1910
MACOMBER, Ellen D., 1841-1923
MACOMBER, G. Stanley, 1873-1915
MAINE, Catharine Moore, 1790-1873
MARRIOTT, Elizabeth, 1861-1921, Hus. Thomas R.
MARRIOTT, Thomas R., 1859-1901, Wf. Elizabeth
MATILER, Clarissa Wilcox, no data, Hus. Jere
MATTESON, Carrie E., 1907-1908
MATTESON, Everett C., 1911-1911
MCDONALD, Catharine C., 1826-1910, Hus. Rev. Wm. G.
MCDONALD, Rev. Wm. G., 1820-1894, Wf. Catharine C.
MCFARLAND, Alzina R. Hubbard, 1831-1911, Wf.#2 of Levi
MCFARLAND, Ann Eliza Joslyn, 1823-1858, Wf.#1 of Levi
MCFARLAND, Edwin P., 1844-1912, Wf. Mary E. Stout
MCFARLAND, Levi P., 1819-1903, Wf.#1 Ann Joslyn, Wf.#2 Alinza [sp?] Hubbard
MCFARLAND, Mary E. Stout, 1850-1906, Hus. Edwin P.
MCLAUGHLIN, Albert, 1854-1896, Wf. Elmera
MCLAUGHLIN, Elmera, 1855-1903, Hus. Albert
MCLAUGHLIN, John E., 1879-1910
MCLAUGHLIN, Lucy Smith, D.1888, 88yr, Hus. William
MCLAUGHLIN, William D.1890, 84yr, Wf. Lucy Smith
MCMILLAN, Neil L., 1855-1924
MEADE, George W., D.12-31-1864, 22yr, Veteran
MEADE, Joseph S., D.11-?-1864, 25yr, Veteran
MERCHANT, Abel, 1819-1836, 17yr
MERCHANT, Jane, no data
MILLER, Almira, 1794-1880, 86yr, Hus. James
MILLER, Alonzo P., 1837-1927, Wf. Hester A. Dade
MILLER, Calvin, D.11-26-1903, 68yr, Veteran
MILLER, Hester A. Dade, 1848-1927, Hus. Alonzo P.
MILLER, James, 1785-1868, 83yr, Wf. Almira
MILLER, Myron, 1829-1905, Wf. Frances Lecky
MILLER, Willie, D.5-31-18??, 1yr-2mo-18da
MINER, Benjamin, 1780-1857, 77yr, Wf. Rebecca
MINER, Eli, 1815-1851, 36yr, Wf. Mary
MINER, Mary, 1809-1874, 65yr, Hus. Eli
MINER, Rebecca, 1785-1872, 87yr, Hus. Benjamin
MIRRICK, Calista, D.2-6-1849, 40yr, Wf.#2 of Rufus
MIRRICK, Myra, D.8-10-1829, 22yr-5mo, Wf.#1 of Rufus
MIRRICK, Rufus, D4.4-10-1841, 34yr-3mo, Wf.#1 Myra, Wf.#2 Calista
MITCHELL, James, 1850-1930
MOORE, Hattie M. Pettengill, 1857-1887
MOORE, Israel P., 1826-1887, Wf. Marie Murdock
MOORE, Marie Murdock, 1830-1909, Hus. Israel P.
MOORS, Dr. Alfred A., 1832-1907, Wf. Mary J. Cook
MOORS, Harry, 1862-1865
MOORS, I.L., 1805-1895, Wf. Mary Simms
MOORS, Joseph, 1761-1849, 87yr, Rev. War. Vet, Wf. Margaret L.
MOORS, Margaret Lynds, 1769-1850, Hus. Joseph
MOORS, Mary J. Cook, 1835-1891, Hus. Dr. Alfred
MOORS, Mary Simms, 1805-1880, Hus. I.L.
MORGAN, Ann S., 1796-1884, Hus. Peter
MORGAN, Anna Rhoda, 1811-1894, Hus. John I.
MORGAN, Azubah Townsend, 1812-1901, Hus. Nathaniel M.
MORGAN, Caleb C., D.11-27-1847, 26yr-5mo
MORGAN, Clara, D.4-28-1866, 66yr-3mo-26da
MORGAN, Corning, D.4-1-186?, 75yr-3mo-24da
MORGAN, H. Curtis, 1840-1915
MORGAN, Fred, D.1888, 31yr-25da
MORGAN, George, D.1881, 31yr-8mo-9da
MORGAN, Harry E., 1870-1883
MORGAN, Harvey D., D.3-21-1877, Wf. Lovina H.
MORGAN, Henry H., 1830-1905, Wf. Katie E.
MORGAN, Jennie A., 1843-1923, Hus. Milton
MORGAN, John I., 1809-1879, Wf. Anna Rhoda
MORGAN, Julia A. Fairchild, D.1894, 65yr, Hus. Sewell
MORGAN, Katie E., 1836-1907, Hus. Henry H.
MORGAN, Lillian Crumb, 1861-1921, Hus. William
MORGAN, Lovina H., D.3-2-1910, 95yr, Hus. Harvey D.
MORGAN, Martha, D.1823, 65yr, Hus. Peter
MORGAN, Mary Hinghman, 1813-1849, Wf.#2 of Roswell
MORGAN, Milton, 1840-1907, Wf. Jennie A.
MORGAN, Nathanial M., 1810-1897, Wf. Azubah Townsend
MORGAN, Peter, 1794-1874, Wf. Ann S.
MORGAN, Peter, D.1830, 72yr, Wf. Martha, Veteran
MORGAN, Polly, D.1813, 29yr
MORGAN, Roswell, 1796-1874, Wf.#1 Roxana Knight, Wf.#2 Mary Hinghman
MORGAN, Roxana Knight, 1797-1838, Wf.#1 of Roswell
MORGAN, Sarah Louisa, 1851-1852, 1yr-11mo
MORGAN, Sewell S., D.1885, 57yr-1mo-7da, Wf. Julia A. Fairchild
MORGAN, William, 1865-??, Wf. Lillian Crumb
MORRIS, Ethel, 1898-1901
MUNAN, Minnie Miller, 1869-1919, Hus. James
MURDOCK, Emeline, 1814-1878, Hus. Perez
MURDOCK, Emma Davis, 1879-1906, Hus. Harry D.
MURDOCK, Harriet, no data, Hus. Perez
MURDOCK, Harry D., 1879-1929, Wf. Emma Davis
MURDOCK, Perez, 1795-1887, Wives: Emeline & Harriet
NEWELL, Lena H., D.1876, 23yr
NICHOLS, Elizabeth McFarland, 1842-1928, Hus. Horatio
NICHOLS, Horatio, 1835-1901, Wf. Elizabeth McFarland
OWENS, Andrew, 1843-1926, Wf. Mary
OWENS, Catherine, 1854-1924, Hus. R.
OWENS, Magdalena M., 1878-1919
OWENS, Mary, 1846-1924, Hus. Andrew
OWENS, Mary Jones, 1836-1914, Wf. Mary A. Jones
PALMER, Alice Digman, D.5-5-1890, 40yr-3mo
PALMER, Bertha, 1878-1915
PALMER, Charles, 1818-1849, 23yr
PALMER, Elmira M. Hubbard, 1836-1919, Hus. Vose
PALMER, Francis, D.1866, 30yr
PALMER, George W., 1876-1925
PALMER, Ida Morgan, 1854-1917, Hus. Luther
PALMER, Jothan, D.1823
PALMER, Luther, 1853-1916, Wf. Ida Morgan
PALMER, Rachel Smith, 1812-1860, Wf.#1 of Walter
PALMER, Sally Chapin, 1791-1888, Hus. Vose
PALMER, E.B. Thurston, 1812-1879, Wf.#2 of Walter
PALMER, Vose, 1789-1872, Wf. Sally Chapin
PALMER, Vose, 1833-1913, Wf. Elmina M. Hubbard
PALMER, Vose Jr., D.1822, 3mo
PALMER, Walter, 1811-1881, Wf.#1 Rachel Smith, Wf#2 E.B. Thurston
PARKHURST, Carrie Butterfield, 1852-1914, Hus. Harvey
PARKHURST, George, no data
PARKHURST, Harvey, 1836-1927, Wf. Carrie Butterfield
PARKHURST, Henry, D.10-28-1883, 76yr, Wf. Lovina Johnson
PARKHURST, Horace H., 1865-1898, Wf. Cora E. Day
PARKHURST, Louise A. Moore, 1842-1903, Hus. William H.
PARKHURST, Lovina Johnson, D.10-14-1891, 81yr, Hus. Henry
PARKHURST, William H., 1840-1923, Wf. Louisa A. Moore
PATTENGILL, Adelia Bennett, 1815-1871, Hus. Alanson
PATTENGILL, Alanson, 1808-1885, Wf. Adelia Bennett
PATTENGILL, Alma Bartlett, 1853-1902, Wf.#2 of Lemuel
PATTENGILL, Hattie E., 1857-1887, Wf.#1 of Lemuel
PATTENGILL, Kate A., 1882-1929
PECKMAN, Ira D., 1841-1917, Wf. Sarah Bentley, Veteran
PECKMAN, Montie, 1869-1875, 9yr
PECKMAN, Perrin L., 1869-1875
PECKMAN, Sarah Bentley, 1848-1925, Hus. Ira D.
PELTON, Mrs. Mary, 1828-1912
PELTON, Mary A., 1853-1913
PERKINS, Byron, 1855-1894, Wf. Olive
PERRY, Sarah M., 1821-1849, 28yr-6mo-8da, Hus. Allen
PHILIPS, Charles, no data
PHILIPS, Flora C, D.1857, 6yr-7mo-8da
PHILLIPS, Amanda Caroline Briggs, 1818-1901, Wf.#2 of Leander
PHILLIPS, Leander, 1819-1903, Wf#1 Maria M. Merriss, Wf.#2 Amanda Caroline Briggs
PHILLIPS, Maria M. Merriss, 1819-1860, Wf.#1 of Leander
PLACE, Alice, D.12-10-1869, 20yr-5mo-18da
PLACE, Sarah Howard, 1833-??, Hus. Stephen L.
PLACE, Stephen L., 1832-1873, Wf. Sarah Howard
PORTER, Stephen, no data, Veteran
PORTER, William, D.7-1-1863, 46yr, Veteran died at Yorktown
POTTER, Adelia, D.8-26-1855, 6yr-5mo-26da
POTTER, Marcellis, 1850-1855, 5yr-3mo-2da
PRESTON, Moriah Lousia, 1834/1839, 5yr
PUGH, Edward, 1847-1922, Wf. Margaret J.
QUINN, Louisa Jane Sherman, 1834-1899, Hus. Andrew
REED, Ralph Nelson, 1896-1927, Veteran
REED, Ruth C., 1890-1925, Hus. Frank
REID, Chester, 1825-1885, 60yr, Wf. Mary A.B.
REID, Lyman T., 1851-1923, Wf. Ella Page
REID, Nelson, 1855-1921, Wf. Clara Miller
REIS, Michael, 1807-1871, 64yr, Wf. Nancy
REIS, Nancy, 1801-1829, 28yr, Hus. Michael
REUSCH, Dorthea, 1835-1896, Hus. Jacob
REUSCH, George, 1861-1914
REUSCH, Jacob, 1811-1879, Wf. Dorthea
REUSCH, Maggie, 1857-1867, 10yr
RHODES, Benjamin B., D.1860, 50yr-9mo, Wf. Margaret Butler
RHODES, Margaret Butler, D.1880, 66yr-9mo-7da, Hus. Benjamin B.
RICE, Albert, 1853-1929
RICE, Charles H., no data, Veteran
RICE, Cyrenus, 1855-1921, Wf. Frances Clark
RICE, Frances Clark, 1837-1921, Hus. Cyrenus
RICE, Jessie E., 1872-1873
RICE, Lewis W., 1879-1901
RICE, Mary J. Miller, 1848-1908, Hus. Byron
RICE, Mary J. Wood, 1829-1907
RICH, Carrie E., D.5-22-1875, 1yr-4mo
RICH, Cora Fulford, 1864-1928, Hus. Edward
RICH, Edward L., 1851-1911, Wf. Cora Fulford
RICH, Frankie W., D.10-11-1888, 12yr
RICHARDS, Sarah, 1852-1914
RIDER, Boughton, 1829-1914, Wf. T. Deette
RIDER, T. Deette, 1834-1914, Hus. Boughton
RIDER, Harry C., D.1-26-1918, Veteran at Camp Devens
RINDGE, Delos R., D.8-7-1833, 3yr-3mo
RINDGE, Jane Ellen, D.4-18-1842, 9yr-18da
RINDGE, Louisa, D.1-6-1832, 5mo-21da
RINDGE, Orrissavill, D.9-10-1850, 40yr-5mo-8da, ?? Delos
RIPLEY, Hannah Holmes, 1804-1871, 67yr, Hus. Samuel
RIPLEY, Samuel, 1788-1866, 78yr, Wf. Hannah Holmes
ROBBINS, Mary S., D.1829, 11yr
ROGERS, Emily, D.1882, 26yr, Hus. W.F.
ROGERS, Jennie, 1837-1924
ROSE, Alleine E. Wood, D.1883, 19yr-2mo, Hus. Orion D.
ROSE, Arthur J., D.1-23-1873
ROSE, Edward R., 1885-1929, Wf. Rosie Cole
ROSE, son, D.1883
ROSE, Isabell Pomeroy, D.1883, 37yr-3da
ROSE, James P., D.2-3-1863, 23yr
ROSE, Lydia Jane Beckwith, 1821-1906, Hus. E. Pomeroy
ROSE, Orion D., 1860-1930, Wf. Alleine E. Wood
ROSE, E. Pomeroy, D.1888, 70yr-6mo-24da, Wf. Lydia Jane Beckwith
ROSE, Rosie Cole, 1853-1923, Hus. Edward R.
ROUND, Alfred A., 1813-1884, Wf. Alice
ROUND, Alice, 1813-1892, Hus. Alfred A.
ROUND, Retta H., 1847-1892, Hus. William H.
ROUND, William H., 1838-1924, Wf. Retta H.
ROUNDS, T. Morris, D.12-14-1864, 21yr, Veteran [see note at end of page]
SANFORD, Adelia Lamb, 1837-1887, Hus. Thomas
SANFORD, Charles, 1835-1915, Wf. Hannah Smith
SANFORD, Elizabeth, 1867-1925, Hus. John A.
SANFORD, Hannah Smith, 1841-1919, Hus. Charles
SANFORD, Jennie Crandall, 1825-1844, 19yr, Wf.#1 of Thomas
SANFORD, John A., 1864-??, Wf. Elizabeth
SANFORD, Thomas, 1830-1910, Wf.#1 Jennie Crandall, Wf.#2 Adelia Lamb
SAUNDERS, Eleanor, 1773-1853, 80yr, Hus. Hezekiah
SAUNDERS, Hezekiah, 1767-1861, 94yr, Wf. Eleanor
SAUNDERS, Heskiah, 1737-1812, 75yr
SAUNDERS, Lovina, D.6-20-1873, 66yr-9mo-22da
SAUNDERS, Maude E. Adams, 1866-1927, Wf.#2 of Melville
SAUNDERS, Melville E., 1858-1910, Wf.#1 Sarah Empit, Wf.#2 Maude E. Adams
SAUNDERS, Sarah Empit, 1863-1898, Wf.#1 of Melville
SEAMANS, Alice Reusch, 1865-1922, Hus. Frank
SENN, Clara Beach, 1833-1916, Hus. W.A.
SENN, W.A., 1833-1927, Wf. Clara Beach
SESSIONS, Henry, D.6-2-1865, 22yr, Veteran
SEYMOUR, Hannah J., 1829-1829
SEYMOUR, Hannah Tompkin, 1789-1842, Hus. Silas
SEYMOUR, Silas, 1785-1841, Wf. Hannah Tompkin
SEYMOUR, William, 1811-1829
SHERWOOD, Grace Tyler, 1888-1926
SHOLES, Almira, 1823-1916, Hus. Nelson
SHOLES, Caroline Wood, 1828-1917, Hus. Newton
SHOLES, M. Ella, D.1868, 17yr-1mo-21da
SHOLES, Emeline, 1839-1913, Hus. Roderick J.
SHOLES, Nelson, 1822-1907, Wf. Almira
SHOLES, Roderick, 1798-1897, Wf. Zama
SHOLES, Roderick J., D.1873, 34yr-5mo-7da, Wf. Emeline
SHOLES, Zama, 1804-1880, Hus. Roderick,
SHOULES[sp?], Newton, 1824-1905, Wf. Caroline Wood
SIMMONS, Mary A., 1863-1926
SLADE, Mary A. Wilcox, 1847-1918
SMITH, Ada C., 1855-1916, Hus. Larkin D.
SMITH, Carrie, 1827-1880
SMITH, George, 1849-1912, Wf. Ida McGee
SMITH, George F., 1886-1923
SMITH, Ida McGee, 1886-1923, Hus. George
SMITH, Jennie M. Wheelock, 1821-1914, Hus. William H.
SMITH, Larkin D., 1825-1894, Wf. Ada C., Veteran
SMITH, Mary Ann Bartlett, 1805-1892, Hus. Samuel
SMITH, Mary D., 1842-1903
SMITH, Rachel C., 1843-1863, 20yr
SMITH, Samuel, 1800-1881, Wf. Mary Ann Bartlett
SMITH, Samuel, D.8-30-1865, Wf. Sarah J.
SMITH, Samuel McKee, 1853-1926
SMITH, Sarah J., D.3-25-1873, Hus. Samuel
SMITH, Sarah J., 1867-1868, 9Mo
SMITH, Susan, 1827-1922, Hus. J. Wallace
SMITH, Susan, D.8-22-1861, 12yr
SMITH, J. Walace[sp?], 1827-1901, Wf. Susan
SMITH, William H., 1816-1901, Wf. Jennie M. Wheelock
SMITH, William S., 1857-1862, 6yr
SNODGRA[?], ??, no data, Union Soldier
SNOW, May Weeks, 1862-1915
SPENCER, E.S.B., D.2-3-1892, 35yr, [Son. of Dr. Nathan and Sophronia]
SPENCER, Grace Winifred, D.9-9-1874, [1yr-3mo], [Dau. of Herbert and Nellie]
SPENCER, Dr. Herbert J., 1847-1915, Wf. Nellie
SPENCER, M[ary] Adell, D.5-17-1891, 36yr, [Dau. of Dr. Nathan and Sophronia]
SPENCER, Dr. Nathan, 1809-1874, 65yr-8mo-18da, [Wf. Sophronia Bailey]
SPENCER, Nathan Osmer, 1843-1845, 2yr-1mo-22da
SPRINGER, Josephine , 1869-1875, 6yr-2mo
STANTON, Caroline, 1833-1915, Hus. Alexander
STEBBINS, Carrie Brigham, 1860-1926
STEENBERG, ??, 1857-1930
STEPHENS, Margaret, 1829-1914
STEPHENS, May L., 1863-1906
STEPHENS, Stewart, 1822-1900
STOUT, Abtemisia Phinney, 1817-1887, Hus. James
STOUT, Edward W., 1846-1892
STOUT, Emily T., 1839-1863, 24yr-2mo-23da
STOUT, G. Ione, 1853-1876, 23yr-4mo-3da
STOUT, James, D.9-2-1883, Wf. Abtemisia Phinney
TALBERT, L. Dpusilla, 1853-1923, Hus. Frank T.
TALBERT, Frank T., 1842-1912, Wf. Dpusilla
TALBERT, Nellie, no data, 5mo
TAYLOR, Caroline Burriett, 1840-1921, Hus. Theodore H.
TAYLOR, Charles, 1877-1905
TAYLOR, K.P., 1832-1872, 40yr-5mo-11da
TAYLOR, Lodenia Brown, 1829-1881, 52yr
TAYLOR, Nellie, 1841-??, Hus. Timothy
TAYLOR, Ralph, 1881-??
TAYLOR, Theodore H., 1833-1921, Wf. Caroline Burrett
TAYLOR, Timothy, 1839-1901, Wf. Nellie
TAYLOR, Walker C., 1826-1851, 25yr-10mo
TAYLOR, William, 1875-??
THOMAS, Anna M., 1837-1913, Hus. W.L.
THOMAS, Lt. Benjamin H., D.7-8-1863, 20yr, at Gettysburgh
THOMAS, Capt. Calvin H., D.11-30-1864, 30yr, at Franklin
THOMAS, Carrie Weeks, D.1875, 34yr
THOMAS, Charles D., 1861-1930, Wf. Jennie M.
THOMAS, Dorcas G., 1834-1916, Hus. John M.
THOMAS, Edward, 1834-1915, Wf. Katherine
THOMAS, Flora Brown, 1808-1898, 90yr, Hus. Harry
THOMAS, George G., D.1875, 4yr-6da
THOMAS, Harry, 1801-1891, Wf. Flora Brown
THOMAS, Jennie M., 1862-1898, Hus. Charles D.
THOMAS, John N.[?], 1826-1896, Wf. Dorcas G.
THOMAS, Katherine, 1834-1910, Hus. Edward
THOMAS, Sarah A., 1831-1853, 22yr
THOMAS, W.K., 1830-1913, Wf. Anna M.
TIFT, John J., 1785-1851, 66yr-8mo
TOMPKINS, Lois J., no data, Hus. Nathanial
TOMPKINS, Nathanial, D.9-30-1887, 63yr, Wf. Lois
TOOLE, Fannie L. Jones, 1861-1926, Hus. Morgan F.
TOOLE, Morgan F., 1858-1930, Wf. Fannie L. Jones
TRENHEM, Susanna B. Eames, 1836-1920, Hus. William T.
TRENHEM, William T., 1833-1900, Wf. Susan B. Eames
TYLER, Francis A., D.1857, 8yr
TYLER, Herbert J., 1860-1927
VANSLYKE, Hiram, D.10-12-1862, 43yr-7mo
VANSLYKE, Peter, D.10-20-1858, 75yr
VEBER, Asenath Caswell, D.1884, 83yr, Hus. Bliss
VEBER, Bliss, D.1889, 88yr-5mo, Wf. Asenath Caswell
VINCENT, Ann Davis, 1835-1901, Hus. William
VINCENT, Charles L., 1860-1866
VINCENT, William, 1831-1916, Wf. Ann Davis
VINCENT, William C., 1871-1910, Wf. Jennie W.
WADELL, Albert, 1868-1869
WADELL, Edward L., 1873-1873
WADELL, George C., 1838-1917, Wf. Sarah E.
WADELL, L. Marie, 1880-??
WADELL, Sarah E., 1844-1924, Hus. George C.
WADSWORTH, George Henry, 1832-1905, Wf. Henrietta Phinney Stout
WADSWORTH, George I., 1895-1895, 3mo
WADSWORTH, Henrietta P. Stout, 1837-1904, Hus. George C.
WADSWORTH, Joel, 1800-1897
WADSWORTH, Marjorie, 1894-1895
WADSWORTH, Sarah Goodier, 1802-1868, Hus. Joel
WALDRUFF, Minnie, 1866-1913, Wf.#1 of Charles
WALDRUFF, Olive, 1877-1922, Wf.#2 of Charles
WALKER, Azuban, 1797-1880, Hus. Joseph
WALKER, David, 1797-1861, Wf. Polly Bliss
WALKER, H. Dcette [?], 1837-1907
WALKER, M. Delane Moors, 1834-1904, Hus. Dwight B.
WALKER, Dwight B., 1828-1878, Wf. M. Delane Moors
WALKER, Edward E., 1838-1917
WALKER, Ira, D.1873, 74yr, Wf. Julia Foster
WALKER, Joseph, 1790-1889, Wf. Azuban
WALKER, Julia Foster, D.1882, 78yr, Hus. Ira
WALKER, Polly Bliss, 1798-1887, Hus. David
WALKER, Watson, 1904-??
WALKER, William, 1880-1929
WARD, Clifford L., 1915-1919
WARMUTH, Lillian M., 1912-1913
WARMUTH, Lloyd R., 1910-1910
WARNER, Eva D., 1851-1862, 11yr
WARNER, Hannah M., D.3-26-1851, 17yr-8mo
WARNER, son, D.3-4-1829
WARNER, Josiah W., 1813-1889, Wf.#1 D.M. Morgan, Wf.#2 Pamela Brainard
WARNER, Dr. Loomis, D.12-28-1881, 77yr, Wf. Mary Ann Root
WARNER, Mary Ann Root, D.3-30-1884, 79yr, Hus. Dr. Loomis
WARNER, D.M. Morgan, 1813-1872, 59yr-6mo, Wf.#1 of Josiah W.
WARNER, Pamela Brainard, 1815-1889, Wf.#2 of Josiah W.
WARREN, Benjamin, no data
WATERS, Chauncey, 1805-1888, 83yr, Wf. Lucy
WATERS, Lucy, 1806-1888, 82yr, Hus. Chauncey
WATTS, David, D.1-7-1900, 80yr-29da, Veteran
WEAVER, Fred L., 1861-??, Wf. Ines E. Neil
WEAVER, Ines E. Neil, 1861-1925, Hus. Fred L.
WEAVER, Nettie Clark, 1844-1930, Hus. Fayette
WEEKS, Abigail, D.1870, 64yr-20da, Hus. Charles
WEEKS, Charles, D.1874, 72y, Wf. Abigail
WEEKS, David M., 1845-1848, 3yr-4mo
WEEKS, Delos, 1834-1912, Wf. Henrietta
WEEKS, Fielder, D.1874, 42yr
WEEKS, Frank Tracy, 1850-1923
WEEKS, Fred, 1878-1888
WEEKS, George S., 1836-1917, Wf. Phebe Burton
WEEKS, Henrietta, 1836-1910, Hus. Delos
WEEKS, Maranda, 1832-1832, 13wk, Twin of Mason
WEEKS, Mason, 1832-1832, 13wk, Twin of Miranda
WEEKS, Phebe Burton, 1842-1916, Hus. George S.
WEEKS, Sophronia, 1838-1838, 2mo
WELTER, Ernest, 1868-1869, 1yr-8mo
WELTER, John, 1790-1848, 58yr, Wf. Nancy
WELTER, John, 1869-1869, 10mo
WELTER, Julia, 1842-1891, 49yr, Hus. George
WELTER, Nancy, 1798-1873, 75yr-10mo, Hus. John
WENDELL, Capt. Nelson, D.5-3-1863, 31yr
WEST, Milton P., 1836-1924, Wf. Olive Wood
WEST, Olive B. Wood, 1836-1924, Hus. Milton P.
WESTOLL, Martha Bemis, 1853-1929
WHALEY, Hall, D.1895, 59yr, Veteran
WHEELER, Arthur, 1860-1909
WHEELER, C., D.7-14-1835, 1yr-3mo-4da
WHEELER, Caroline Penney, 1837-1915, Hus. Charles J.
WHEELER, Charles D., 1859-1923, Wf.#1 Fannie A. Spencer, Wf.#2 Jennie F. Morgan
WHEELER, Charles J., 1835-1923, Wf. Caroline Penney
WHEELER, Fannie A. Spencer, 1858-1901, Wf.#1 of Charles
WHEELER, Frank B., 1858-1869
WHEELER, Harry D., 1884-1913, Wf. Julia A.
WHEELER, Huldah, 1795-1886, Hus. Rufus
WHEELER, Jennie F. Morgan, 1865-1919, Wf.#2 of Charles
WHEELER, Melissa, 1865-1872
WHEELER, Nathan B., 1826-1910
WHEELER, Rufus, 1796-1877, Wf. Huldah
WHEELECK, Clayton, 1836-1916, Wf. Sarah L.
WHEELOCK, Janet M., 1882-1894
WHEELOCK, Mina D., 1885-1894
WHEELOCK, Samuel S., 1858-1911, Wf. Jennie E.
WHEELOCK, Sarah L., 1835-1904, Hus. Clayton
WHITCOMBE, William H., 1862-1925
WHOLAHAN, John J., 1853-1915, Wf. Nellie Wilcox
WILCOX, Abbie A. Brown, 1845-1873, Hus. Willard
WILCOX, Alice Crist, 1850-1913, Hus. Gilbert F.
WILCOX, Alice Puch, 1885-1929, Hus. Ralph A.
WILCOX, Carrie, 1870-1872
WILCOX, Elijah W., 1824-1891, Wf. Theresa P. Winchester
WILCOX, Emily, 1806-1885, Hus. Newton
WILCOX, Fannie B., D.3-30-1883, 2yr-3mo
WILCOX, Frank G., 1855-1925
WILCOX, Gilbert F., 1846-1919
WILCOX, Henry M., D.12-31-1862, 31yr
WILCOX, John, 1771-1848, 77yr
WILCOX, Martha Crist, 1848-1911
WILCOX, Newton, 1805-1872, Wf. Emily
WILCOX, Oliver H., 1840-1925, Veteran
WILCOX, Ralph A., 1886-1918
WILCOX, Sybil, 1778-1842, 64yr, Hus. John
WILCOX, Theresa P. Winchester, 1836-1925, Hus. Elijah W.
WILCOX, E. Walter, 1868-1918
WILLIAMS, Alfred, D.4-10-1849, 52yr-8mo, Wf. Sarah Lewis
WILLIAMS, Almond M., D.5-4-1864, 64yr, Wf. Louisa J.
WILLIAMS, Charles H., 1856-1924
WILLIAMS, Daniel, D.4-10-1859, 85yr
WILLIAMS, Dorcia, D.8-?-1821, 73yr, Hus. Ralph
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth, D.10-20-1839, 86yr, Hus. Samuel Jr.
WILLIAMS, Erastus, D.12-5-1818, 24yr
WILLIAMS, Ida Hammond, 1886-1918
WILLIAMS, Lewis C., 1862-1919, Wf. Maude M.
WILLIAMS, Louisa J., D.10-6-1864, 32yr-6mo, Hus. Almond M.
WILLIAMS, Mary Miso, D.12-22-1861, 81yr
WILLIAMS, Ralph, D.9-?-1838, 60yr, Wf. Dorcas
WILLIAMS, Samuel, D.3-6-1803, 82yr
WILLIAMS, Samuel Jr., D.10-5-1828, 81yr, Wf. Elizabeth
WILLIAMS, Sarah Lewis, D.9-3-1860, 74yr, Hus. Alfred
WILLIAMS, Sarah M., D.12-14-1861
WINCHESTER, Ashley, D.10-31-1873, 36yr, Veteran
WING, Fayette, D.6-20-1864, 31yr
WISKEN, Mary David, D.1887-[born?], 54yr-3mo, Hus. Henry
WISKIN, Mary Elizabeth, D.1906, 54yr
WISKIN, Henry, D.1923, 30yr-9mo, Wf. Mary Davis [sp?]
WOOD, Alfred, 1825-1904, Wf. Helen A. Mitchell
WOOD, Betsey, D.1857, 68yr, Wf.#2 of Daniel
WOOD, Daniel, D.1869, 71yr, Wf.#1 Philaman, Wf.#2 Betsey
WOOD, Don J., 1860-1924, Wf. Florence Brown
WOOD, Frances I., 1902-1914
WOOD, Frank W., 1848-1915, Wf. Nellie Fay
WOOD, Freda E., 1906-1908
WOOD, Helen A. Mitchell, 1831-1914, Hus. Alfred
WOOD, Lyman Bailey, 1834-1906, Wf. Mary E.
WOOD, Lynn D., 1887-1911
WOOD, Mary E., 1848-1914, Hus. Lyman Bailey
WOOD, Nellie Fay, 1850-1928, Hus. Frank W.
WOOD, Orson B., D.1889, 12yr
WOOD, Philaman, D.1864, 43yr, Wf.#1 of Daniel
WOOD, Stanley, 1894-1916
WOOD, Thomas H., 1927-1927
WOODBURY, William, D.6-7-1856
WOODBURY, Willie H., D.9-3-1859, 1yr-6mo
WRIGHT, ??, 1832-1907
WRIGHT, Alonzo, D.2-21[?]-1863, 18yr
WRIGHT, Anna, 1807-1879, Hus. Sadlon B.
WRIGHT, Clifford, 1882-1905, Wf. Olive Blancher
WRIGHT, Deborah, 1838-1913, Hus. Riley
WRIGHT, Eliza, 1809-1869, 60yr
WRIGHT, Frank, 1852-1922, Wf. Helena
WRIGHT, Hannah B., 1827-1893, 66yr
WRIGHT, Harriet Leach, 1819-1900
WRIGHT, Helen Barber, 1871-1914, Hus. Silas
WRIGHT, Helena, 1855-1927, Hus. Frank
WRIGHT, Jeremiah, D.7-7-1864, 30yr
WRIGHT, Mary A. Brown, 1851-1875, 24yr
WRIGHT, Olive Blancher, 1881-??, Hus. Clifford
WRIGHT, Riley, 1830-1918, Wf. Deborah
WRIGHT, Sadlon B., 1804-1887, Wf. Anna
WRIGHT, Silas, 1864-1930, Wf. Helen Barber
WRIGHT, William, 1871-1916
WRIGHT, Willis, 1837-1887, 50yr, Veteran
ZIFFORAH, Treat, D.1857, 89yr
ZUILL, Ada Nash, 1868-1930, Hus. Herbert B.

A correction from Jane Steele Flannery:
Thomas Morris Round [often referred to as T. Morris] is listed on the monument at entrance to cemetery but is actually buried elsewhere - Depot Road Cemetery, Town of Richfield, Otsego Co. He was killed in Dec 1864 in lines in front of Petersburg, VA. He is youngest brother of 3 [Arminius- 34th NYV & Joseph- 121st NYV] who served in Civil War from Winfield. Joseph was mygreat grandfather.

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