Willse Hill Cemetery

Town of Stark

Herkimer County, NY

S.E. Corner of Stark town old dirt road
From Salt Springville to Willse 4 Corners

No cemetery reading can ever really be considered complete or 100% correct. In the case of the "Wiltse Cemetery", two pages making up the burial list were at some time separated. We originally had a small reading listing only the surnames WELLER, WILTSE, and FISH, later posting a larger list without these same names. Both were read by the same researcher, Mr. Hildebrandt. Thanks to Jean Willse Castele's observation, both lists are combined into one.

Ted and Jean Castele have provided us with more names from an earlier reading done by Mrs. Crim of the DAR many, many years ago. Jean tells us that: "I have a USGS map from 1943 with Willse Hill, Willse Four Corners and Willse Cem. All spelled "Willse". All the Willses in the cemetery are also spelled the same." As the actual stones spell the surname Willse, we'll attribute the former name "Wiltse" to a typographical error made well in the past and now list the cemetery as the Willse Cemetery. Jean's information is listed immediately after Mr. Hildebrandt's reading. Ted Castele kindly provided us with scans of photos taken during trips to the cemetery over three decades. Both Ted and Jean would love to hear from researchers interested in the Willse family.

Dewitt, D. 4-26-1906, 70yr.

Leonard, D. 5-6-1878, 75yr
John, D. 1-31-1878, 77yr., Wf. Phebe
Phebe, B. 1807 - D. 1896, Hus. John
Elizabeth, B. 1834- D. 1907

Mary, D. 9-?-1858, 30yr
Charlotte, NO DATA, 71yr

Margaret, D. 3-18-1872, 61yr, Hus. John
Alvan, D. 4-21-1843, 64yr
Millie, D. 10-19-1870, 3mo, dau of V. & P.

John, D. 10-2-1868, 49yr, Wf. Elmira
Elmira, B. 1812 - D. 1911, 99yr, Hus. John
Irwin, D. 3-2-1855, 2yr, son of John - Elmira
Solomon, D. 5-12-1863, 12yr, son of John - Elmira

Sabrina, NO DATA, dau of B. & M.E.
Mary, D. 10-18-1858, 89yr, Hus. Robaert
Robert, D. 6-26-1835, 67yr, Wf. Mary

Berteil, B. 1866- D.1873, SON = L. & M.

Emeline, NO DATA, dau of Squire & Adelia

Ezekiel, D. 1873, 82yr
Marion, D. 6-24-1878, 6mo
Charles, D. 4-25-1821, 25da
John H., D. 1870, 44yr
Ellen, D. 1860, 18yr, dau of Dexter & Mary

Nancy, D. 11-11-1867, 74yr, Hus. John

Catharine, D. 1-30-1872, 97yr, Hus. Garret
Garret, D. 8-14-1884, 87yr., Wf. Catharine

Mahala, NO DATA
Henry, NO DATA, Wf. Armenia W.
Levianna, D. 12-4-1872, dau of Levi - Elizabeth
Levi, D. 8-7-1863, 46yr, Wf. Elizabeth
Armenia Wiltse, D.6-13-1892, 81yr, Hus. Henry
William, D. 2-18-1864, 44yr
Natala, D. 1877, 36yr, Hus. V. W.
Tunis, D. 5-8-1869, 83yr, Wf. Catharine
Catharine, D. 6-17-1858, 71yr., Hus. Tunis
James, D. 1-12-1830, 9yr, son of Tunis
Jacob, D. 10-12-1890, 76yr, Wf. Clara
Clara, NO DATA, Hus. Jacob
William H., D. 2-20-1841, 9mo, son of John & Phebe

Roxana GRAVES, D. 2-27-1862, 40yr, Hus. Landon
Armenia, D. 4-2-1863, 1yr, dau of Landon & Roxaline
Sarah, D. 4-16-1862, dau of Landon & Roxaline
Geraldine, D. 10-1-185 ?, 24yr, dau of Elisha & Amy

WILLSE (WILTSE on typescript), John, D. 1848, 84yr, Wf. Amy
Amy, D. 1845, 90yr, Hus. John
Gerardus, D. 3-20-1856, 84yr
Sally, D. 1-20-1863, 59yr, Hus. Joseph

Betsey WARNER, B. 1813- D. 1856, Hus. David
David, D. 2-15-1862, 64yr

Jean's extra information:

"I have:
Mary FROST as 36 yrs wife of Dennis
Ezekiel PINKNEY, wife Eleanor dau of John and Amy WILLSE

under Van AUKEN--
Mahala HARRIS, wife of B. Van AUKEN
Armenia, Henry's wife is also the dau of John and Amy WILLSE

You have two Willse Hill Cemetery lists, which confused me at first. The Wellers, Willses and Fishes should be added to the first group. I have a list of John and Amy's children. And some more information that was given to me by an Owen Bowman, who lived in the area all his life. He is the one who showed us the cemetery thirty years ago. I don't know why everyone copied the name wrong except, Wiltse seems to be a more popular spelling. There were Willses, Willseys and Wiltses all living in the area. I think they may have been brothers or cousins."

** Our GenWeb sites and personal research are only enriched by new computer and internet users coming on line. Thank you, Jean and Ted, for photos from September 1963, the 1970s, and the 1990s! **

Photo Group #1: View of the cemetery from 1978 and 1994 (photos 77k)
Photo Group #2: Contrasting views of the stone of John Willse, taken in 1963 and 1973 (photos 92k)
Photo Group #3: Stones of Amy Willse and Armenia Willse VanAuken (photos 114k)

The children of John Willse and Amy Hamil {Hammel} Willse
Robert 1791

Sally 1793
Jacob Weller
Nellie or Eleanor 12/17/17954/29/1883Ezekiel Pinkney
John 17971898Eleanor Lathrop
Joseph 1803
Sally Steel
Blenis 4/29/180510/08/1906Roxanna Tanner b. 12/20/07
Amy 1808
Ehiba Miller
Armenia 18111892Henry Van Auken
George 1813young
Pheby 1815
John Van Auken

Judy Weller Anger is descended from Sally Willse and Jacob Weller. I had an "A" for Jacob which she corrected. I got my info from the "Wiltsie Genealogy Book" by Nelson Simeon Wiltsie, printed in 1964. This book is a collection of info from many Willses, Wiltses, Wiltsies, etc. genealogist (many different spellings).

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