Gravesville Cemetery 2003
Town of Russia
Herkimer County, New York

Part 1, Surnames A - L
A Brand New Reading

The Gravesville Cemetery is an old cemetery but well maintained and still in use. The oldest burial marker I found was dated September 16, 1806, while the most recent was dated 2002. As with many old rural cemeteries, the family names tend to repeat and the variety of spellings gives one pause to wonder if these are the same family or indeed different families. The number of child burials in old cemeteries always troubles a researcher but I was deeply moved by the losses of the Stanclift family. There, in one long row, stands identical stone after identical stone proclaiming the decimation of a family. Today, not a single Stanclift remains in Russia or the surrounding towns.

Directions: Take NY Rt. 28 north from the Village of Poland about 3.5 miles to Gravesville Road. Turn left on Gravesville road and travel approximately 1 mile to the hamlet of Gravesville. Then bear right onto Russia Road for about a quarter of a mile. Take the left fork of the road (Hinckley Road) up a steep winding hill. The cemetery is at the top of the hill on the left-hand side. At the back near the caretaker's building is a plot map carefully done by Mr. Irwin, the present caretaker. The plot map identifies families more so than individuals but is a wonderful help to anyone seeking to find an ancestor.

        Steven Knight
        August 2003

Abeel Cap't. Edgar 1841-1912 husband of Elizabeth Bills; at bottom of stone "Our Little Pet Freddie"
Abeel Elizabeth Bills 1853-1933 wife of Cap't. Edgar; at bottom of stone "Our Little Pet Freddie"
Abeel Lieut. Edgar A. died 1/15/1912 aged 71 years; "Co "C" 81st NY Vols"
Agard Anna died 9/27/1832 aged 75 years
All A. Ernest 1908-1972  
Anderson Emma Hinckley 12/14/1863-5/27/1938  
Anderson John Hinckley 11/14/1880-9/30/1957 husband of Ruth D. Anderson
Anderson Ruth D. 1894-1968 wife of John Hinckley Anderson
Ashford Eleanor Roberts 7/12/1920-4/3/1990 wife of Horace Frederick
Ashford Horace Frederick 12/16/1914-11/26/1981 husband of Eleanor Roberts
Atwood Angeline died 10/21/1852 aged 32 years; "Wife of Solomon Atwood"
Atwood Friend C. died 8/6/1844 aged 15 months; "Son of Solomon & Angeline Atwood"
Atwood William C. died 4/5/1846 aged 15 months; "Son of Solomon & Angeline Atwood"
Austin Benjamin 1886-1958  
Austin Roy H. 1911-1969 US Army World War II
Bardon Naomi A. died 11/?/1844 aged 20 years; "Wife of James Bardon and daughter of ? And L. Blanchard"
Barhydt Emma Bills no dates wife of Perry
Barhydt Henry A. 1870-1928 husband of Minnie M.
Barhydt Minnie M. 1869-1919 wife of Henry A.
Barhydt Perry died 3/7/1912 aged 65 years; husband of Emma Bills
Barhydt Walter died 1/25/1876 aged 1 year & 2 months
Barker Achsah 1830-1898  
Barker Belinda died 9/18/1876 aged 86 years, 6 months and 29 days; wife of James
Barker Belinda died 10/30/1810 aged 1 year; "Children of James and Belinda Barker"; 3 names on the same small stone
Barker Byron died 1842 aged 5 years; "Son of G. and Roxena Barker"
Barker Carolyn no dates "Children of James Barker Jr."; 2 names on the same small stone
Barker Delight died ?/?/1842 wife of John B.
Barker Eliza A. died 12/4/1864 aged 35 years, 10 months and 18 days; "Daughter of James and Belinda Barker"
Barker George died 9/3/1828 aged 2 years, 1 month & 7 days; "Children of James and Belinda Barker"; 3 names on the same small stone
Barker George died 2/5/1832 aged 3 months & 5 days; "Children of James and Belinda Barker"; 3 names on the same small stone
Barker Gorham died 10/29/1877 aged 60 years & 6 months; husband of Roxena
Barker Henrietta M. died 6/16/1894 aged 60 years' "Daughter of James and Belinda Barker"
Barker James died 11/21/1880 aged 96 years, 5 months and 1 day; husband fo Belinda
Barker John B. died 8/3/1823 husband of Delight; this stone is very weathered. Ths first name is my best guess
Barker Louisa M. died 5/16/1844 aged 23 years; "Wife of Francis Barker"
Barker Maritta no dates "Children of James Barker Jr."; 2 names on the same small stone
Barker Marsena H. 6/13/1854-6/12/1923 husband of Mary
Barker Mary 9/18/1853-11/22/1933 wife of Marsena H.
Barker Nellie A. 7/22/1886-7/17/1977 daughter of Marsena H. & Mary; "Wife of Leo F. Payne"
Barker Roxena died 9/28/1849 aged 28 years, 5 months & 22 days; "Wife of Gorham Barker"
Barker Wallace 3/15/1879-4/22/1904 son of Marsena H. & Mary
Barnes William A. 1935-1979  
Barwell Dorothy 1902-1965 on a plot with a large stone with the surname "Brown"
Bassett Earl J. 1887-1914 son of J. Anthony & Josephine
Bassett Elisha S. died 3/23/1897 aged 85 years; Co. "C" 121st NY Vols.
Bassett J. Anthony 1850-1919 husband of Josephine Marcy
Bassett John died 9/3/1858 aged 78 years; husband of Sally
Bassett Josephine Marcy 1850-1914 wife of J. Anthony
Bassett Polly died 3/22/1813 "Polly daughter of William and Mary Stanclift died 22 March 1813 aged 27 years"
Bassett Sally died 7/31/1873 aged 81 years, 9 months & 13 days; "Wife of John Bassett"
Baumes Charles R. 1859-1924  
Baumes Earl E. 1913-1986  
Baumes Edith M. 1915-1995  
Baumes Emma R. 1883-1970 wife of Frank Baumes
Baumes Frank 1882-1965 husband of Emma R. Baumes
Beecher Almon 11/1/1784-9/2/1872 husband of Elizabeth
Beecher Edward 9/22/1818-6/16/1875  
Beecher Elizabeth 1/9/1784-2/6/1875 wife of Almon
Beecher Isaac 6/16/1810-5/19/1900 husband of Orlina
Beecher Joel died 6/13/?? stone has been broken and repaired with metal braces and is flaking badly
Beecher Miles Moore 8/8/1839-12/21/1915 husband of Sarah
Beecher Orlina 12/17/1814-10/12/1878 wife of Isaac
Beecher Sarah 1/14/1837-7/8/1906 wife of Miles Moore beecher
Betticher Dea. Isaac died 8/25/1857 aged 70 years; husband of Elizabeth
Betticher Elizabeth died 8/26/1864 aged 76 years; wife of Dea. Isaac
Bills Anna 1852-1928 2nd wife of Clinton A.
Bills Anna Sophia died 1854 daughter of Orin l. & Clarinda S.
Bills Charles 1856-1915 son of Orin L. & Clarinda S.
Bills Clarinda S. 1835-1907 wife of Orin L.
Bills Clinton A. 1858-no date husband of Ella J.
Bills Ebenezer 1829-1883 husband of Rosanna Clark
Bills Ella J. 1859-1895 1st wife of Clinton A.
Bills Henry died 7/28/1877 aged 59 years, 3 months & 11 days; husband of Nancy A.
Bills Jeremiah died 8/9/1845 aged 49 years, 4 months & 11 days; husband of Lovina
Bills Lizzie D. died 1880 "Grandchild of Orin L. & Clarinda S."
Bills lovina died 2/23/1864 aged 69 years, 3 months & 15 days; wife of Jeremiah
Bills Nancy A. died 8/10/1854 aged 38 years, 1 month & 9 days; wife of Henry
Bills Orin L. 1828-1905 husband of Clarinda S.
Bills Rosanna Clark 1825-1912 wife of Ebenezer
Bills Sarah A. died 3/21/1876 aged 46 years, 11 months & 24 days
Bliss D. Everett 1941-1992 DVM
Bliss D. Everett 1910-1994 "PROF"; husband of Ruth Westfall Lombard Bliss; married 7/28/1932
Bliss Ruth Westfall Lombard 1911-1999 wife of D. Everett Bliss; married 7/28/1932
Blue Alexander died 4/26/1872 aged 83 years & 6 months; husband of Mary; "A Native of Argyleshire Scotland"
Blue Archibald died 8/27/1875 aged 62 years, 9 months & 17 days; husband of Catharine
Blue Catharine died 5/15/1854 aged 35 years & 5 days; 1st wife of Archibald
Blue Catharine died 9/21/1850 aged 78 years; "Wife of Dugald Blue"
Blue Chester W. died 7/26/1871 aged 6 years, 11 months & 4 days; "Son of Archibalde & Mary Blue"
Blue Christy died 2/18/1822 aged 26 years; "Wife of Alexander Blue"
Blue David (?) died 5/21/1825 aged 13 years; "Son of Dougald & Catherine Blue"
Blue Dugald died 2/21/1848 "Son of A. & C. Blue"
Blue Dugald died 2/28/1853 aged 86 years & 2 months; husband of Catharine
Blue Flora died 3/21/1809 aged 52 years; wife of Malcolm; stone inscribed "In memory of Mr. Malcolm Blue and Flora his wife who was buried in North Knapdale Argylshire Scotland"
Blue Gilbert died 3/26/1829 aged 26 years; husband of Isabel
Blue Isabel died 6/8/1887 aged 83 years; wife of Gilbert
Blue John died 3/12/1852 aged 41 years & 4 months
Blue Malcolm died 6/10/1828 aged 80 years; husband of Flora; stone inscribed "In memory of Mr. Malcolm Blue and Flora his wife who was buried in North Knapdale Argylshire Scotland"
Blue mary died 6/2/1883 aged 82 years; wife of Alexander
Blue Mary W. died 5/26/1878 aged 49 years, 8 months & 25 days; 2nd wife of Archibald
Boyce Lucy W. 18491912 wife of W. Henry
Boyce W. Henry 1839-1920 husband of Lucy W.; "Civil War Vet."
Brenning Jennie J. Farber 1883-1971 wife if Millard J.
Brenning Millard J. 1882-1977 husband of Jennie J. Farber
Brown Anna Maria died 4/30/1852 aged 16 years, 4 months & 27 days; "Daughter of N. D. & L. Brown"
Brown Gardner N. died 6/19/1862 aged 24 years, 5 months & 17 days; "Died in the service of his country"; "Son of N. D. & L. Brown"
Brown Kathryn L. 1946-1996  
Brown Louisa Taylor died 12/7/1886 aged 80 years, 11 months & 15 days; 2nd wife of Nathaniel
Brown Maria died 3/4/1832 aged 30 years; "Wife of Nathaniel D.; Daughter of George and Anna Taylor"
Brown Martha 1842-1926 Wife of William Brown
Brown Nathaniel D. died 3/31/1868 aged 70 years, 3 months & 3 days; husband of (1) Maria & (2) Louisa
Brown William 1839-1905 husband of Martha Brown
Cady Susan B. Moon died 12/30/1879 aged 40 years & 4 months; "Daughter of Abner & Emily Moon"
Campbell Peter died 1/28/1861 aged 53 years
Carpenter Adelaide Marcy 1852-1929 wife of Pelton L.
Carpenter Carlyle M. 1878-1948 husband of Florence
Carpenter Charles no dates son of William S. & Sarah P.
Carpenter Edith L. Broughton 9/14/1872-1872-no date wife of Edmund Lincoln
Carpenter Edmund Lincoln 7/19/1865-2/26/1910 "husband of Edith L. Broughton"
Carpenter Elizabeth E. 4/15/1827-5/21/1855 "Wife of Lebbeus Carpenter"
Carpenter Florence 1883-1942 wife of Carlyle M.
Carpenter Harry no dates son of William S. & Sarah P.
Carpenter Ida Ette died 6/11/1878 aged 15 years, 1 month & 20 days; "Daughter of Lebbeus and Hannah H. Carpenter"
Carpenter Jessie 1884-1958  
Carpenter Katharine 1909-2000 daughter of Carlyle M. & Florence
Carpenter Lebbeus S. died 4/14/1889 aged 67 years, 4 months & 15 days; husband of Elizabeth; father of Ida Ette
Carpenter Loren A. 9/21/1829-7/10/1894 husband of Narcissa M.
Carpenter Narcissa M. 2/26-1826-10/14/1893 wife of Loren A.
Carpenter Pelton L. 1853-1927 husband of Adelaide Marcy
Carpenter Robert W. 1908-1999 son of Carlyle M. & Florence
Carpenter Roy no dates son of William S. & Sarah P.
Carpenter Sarah P. 1850-1928 wife of William S.
Carpenter Thankfull Perlena (?) died ?/?/1827 aged 22 months & 8 days
Carpenter William G. 1875-1924  
Carpenter William S. 1848-1914 husband of Sarah P.
Carrier H. Jane L. died 7/13/1873 aged 24 years, 6 months & 11 days; "Daughter of R. T. and Harriet Lindsay"
Carruthers Elizabeth died 3/21/1856 aged 62 years, 6 months & 8 days; "Wife of Henry Carruthers"
Case Elizabeth 9/7/1826-5/22/1896 wife of Oliver
Case John no dates son of Oliver & Elizabeth
Case Oliver died 2/6/1887 aged 72 years, 2 months; husband of Elizabeth
Charpell Esther 1848-1921 wife of James
Charpell James 1833-1892 husband of Esther; "Co "C" 34th N. Y. Vols"
Charpell Polly died 10/12/1864 aged 67 years & 1 day; "Wife of Horace Charpell"
Citerley Eliza died 9/5/1839 aged 6 years, 2 months & 24 days; "Daughter of Abraham & Jullians Citerley"
Citerley Sally Ann died 9/8/1839 "Daughter of Abraham & Julliana Citerley"
Clark Hannah 1/13/1811-6/6/1888 aged 77 years, 4 months & 23 days; wife of Robert H.
Clark Robert H. died 9/12/1875 aged 69 years, 11 months & 15 days; husband of Hannah
Clarke Electa A. died 8/21/1810 aged 8 years, 4 months & 24 days; "Daughter of Orin & Martha Clarke"
Clarke Electa Ann died 7/1/1839 aged 6 years, 3 months & 16 days; "Daughter of Robert H.& Hannah Clarke"
Clarke Emma M. Howe 1847-1930 wife of Henry D.
Clarke Henry D. 1847-1923 husband of Emma M.
Clarke Mabel 1879-1968  
Clarke Martha died ?/?/1841 wife of Orin
Clarke Orin died 12/31/1854 aged 81 years, 9 months & 8 days; husband of Martha
Clemons Albert 1855-1941 husband of Melvina
Clemons Arthur E. 11/17/1882-10/5/1967 husband of Jennie M. Clemons
Clemons Jennie M. 2/1/1891-9/14/1966 wife of Arthur E. Clemons
Clemons Melvina 1857-1941 wife of Albert
Collins Almira died 8/17/1885(?) last numeral of death year is hard to read; aged 70 years and 8 days; wife of Benjamin R.
Collins Benjamin R., died 12/9/1873 aged 72 years, 3 months and 4 days; husband of Almira
Collins Benjamin R., Jr. 1838-1912 son of Benjamin R. & Almira
Collins Fannie Hubbard 5/18/1863 aged 38 years; wife of George W.
Collins George died 9/25/1852 aged 75 years, 8 months and 16 days; husband of Zurviah
Collins George W. died 5/12/1864 aged 35 years; husband of Fannie Hubbard; "Died on the battlefield May 12, 1864 aged 35 years"
Collins Zurviah died 10/13/1850 aged 63 years; wife of George
Congdon Althea E. died 11/18/1866 aged 24 years; daughter of Benjamin G. & Eliza E.
Congdon Benjamin G. died 3/31/1861 aged 44 years, 6 months and 23 days; husband of Eliza E.
Congdon Dwight R. died ?/15/1852 son of Benjamin G. & Eliza E.
Congdon Eliza E. died 10/7/1887 aged 75 years, 4 months and 7 days; wife of Benjamin G.
Conkling Herbert G. 1855-1936 husband of Mellissa
Conkling Mellissa 1861-1939 wife of Herbert G.
Conrey (?) Hubbart C. ?/?/1856 aged 1 year, 8 months & ? Days; "Son of Richard and Melia Conley"
Cook Jane 1835-1886  
Coon David W. died 8/2/1831 "Son of David and Esther Coon"
Coon Doctor David died 6/29/1834 aged 32 years
Coonradt Frank W. 1864-1927
Coonradt Mary Ray 1840-1900 wife of John
Coons Harriet N. died 12/6/1839 aged 6 years & 10 months; "Daughter of William and Sarah Coons"
Coons Sarah died 12/11/1838 aged 46 years; "Wife of William Coons"
Coons William died 3/6/1846 aged 68 years; husband of Sarah
Corey James 1830-1923 "34 reg't Co. C"
Corp Alvin B. died 9/5/1832 aged 5 years, 6 months & 16 days; "Son of Daniel & Nancy Corp"; same death date as Hannah E.
Corp Daniel died 5/13/1867 aged 76 years; husband of Nancy
Corp David died 9/11/1850 aged 88 years; "Son of Elder B. Corp"
Corp David C. died 3/11/1842 aged 42 years & 9 months; husband of Susan Marble Corp
Corp Elder Benajah 6/23/1839 "A Free Communion Baptist, settled in this area in 1797, then a wilderness, who died June 23, 1839 aged 92 years"
Corp Hannah E. died 9/5/1832 aged 11 months & 12 days; "Daughter of Daniel & Nancy Corp"; same death date as Alvin B.
Corp Mary A. died 12/11/1894 aged 81 years, 1 month and 28 days
Corp Nancy died 12/29/1856 aged 64 years; "Wife of Daniel Corp"
Corp Susan Marble died 11/2/1813 aged 17 years; "Wife of David C. Corp
Cramer rebecca died 2/15/1884 aged 86 years, 8 months & 17 days; "Our Mother"
Cruse Daisy Crist 1877-1954  
Cruse Esther Anne 1913-1920
Cruse Francis James 1908-1949
Cruse Georgiana Turp 1905-no date
Cruse James 1841-1926  
Cruse Joseph 1849-1868 son of Patrick & Mary Cruse
Cruse Joseph James 1873-1949  
Cruse Katherine 1843-1918  
Cruse Mary 1810-1888 wife of Patrick
Cruse Patrick 1807-1889 husband of Mary Elizabeth
Cummins Lloyd A. 1903-1954 "I will lift mine eyes unto the hills"
Cummins William H. 1878-1936  
Cunningham C. C. 8/24/1805-?/14/1891 husband of Mary
Cunningham Mary 10/9/1803-7/14/1892 wife of C. C.
Dack Clarence S. 1903-1993  
Dagenkolb "Baby Girl" 6/14/1963-6/14/1963  
Dagenkolb John W. 1917-1981  
Darrow John T. doed 2/23/1864 aged 66 years; "In Russia"
Darrow Rachel died 3/16/1874 aged 70 years, 3 months & 5 days; wife of John T.; "Died at Russia"
Davis Elizabeth 1856-1889 wife of Isaac N.; "Lizzie"
Davis Isaac N. 1843-1865 husband of Elizabeth
DeVolt Emily Moon 1871-1924 wife of William A.
DeVolt William A. 1871-1962 husband of Emily
Dodge Elizabeth died 11/16/1847 aged 73 years; wife of Parker
Dodge Lyman L. died 10/31/1850 aged 18 years, 3 months & 26 days; "Eldest son of Lewis and Lydia Dodge"
Dodge Parker died 4/1/1867 aged 93 years; husband of Elizabeth
Doris Francis H. 1914-1985 husband of Marie M.Doris
Doris Marie M. 1898-1993 wife of Francis H. Doris
Dorn John W. 1868-1936 son of Wealthy T.
Dorn Wealthy T. 1838-1914 mother of John W.
Dutcher Katherine died 4/30/1824 aged 70 years
Edwards Elizabeth A. died 3/7/1845 aged 19 years; "Wife of Frederick Edwards"
Estherbrooks Elder Caleb died 12/31/1830 aged 50 years
Fagan Charles L. 8/2/1907-2/2/1976 Cpl US Army World War II; husband of Marjorie M. Fagan
Fagan Marjorie M. 1910-1979 wife of Charles L.
Fahey Annie Lanning 1844-1899 wife of George W.
Fahey George W. 1843-1913 Co. "C" 121st NY Vols.
Fahey Herbert E. 1875-1896 son of George W. & Annie
Fahey Nellie Williams 1883-1915 wife of E. Durward Fahey
Farber John A. 1842-1919 husband of Louisa R. Snyder
Farber Louisa R. Snyder 1854-1919 husband of John A.
Ferris Laura 1811-1831  
Fielding Rozelia 1833-1874  
Forrest Abigail died 12/31/1889 aged 75 years, 10 months & 22 days; wife of William
Forrest Alvira died 2/9/1863 aged 7 years, 4 months & 29 days; "Daughter of Mark & Angeline Forrest"
Forrest Angeline 1824-1899 wife of Mark
Forrest David J. 3/31/1851-2/20/1896 husband of Lillias
Forrest Edna J. 1888-1962 daughter of David J. & Lillias
Forrest Grace M. 1893-1974 daughter of David J. & Lillias
Forrest Ida died 1/5/1864 aged 1 year, 4 months & 7 days; "Daughter of Mark & Angeline Forrest"
Forrest Jessie M. 1895-1984 daughter of David J. & Lillias
Forrest John died 11/1/184? aged 13 years, 5 months & 11 days; "Son of William & Abigail Forrest"
Forrest John died 4/14/1855 aged 81 years; husband of Martha
Forrest Lillias 1858-1935 wife of David J.
Forrest Maragret E. died 2/?/1859 aged 4 years, 6 months & 26 days; "Daughter of William and Abigail Forrest"
Forrest Mark died 11/17/1869 aged 51 years; husband of Angeline
Forrest Martha died 8/29/1854 aged 81 years; wife of John
Forrest Mary died 11/6/186? "Daughter of John & Martha Forrest"
Forrest Raymond H. 2/28/1888-7/9/1898 son of David J. & Lillias
Forrest Unreadable died 4/11/1823 aged 13 years; "Son of John and Martha"
Forrest William died 5/15/1878 aged 72 years, 9 months & 1 day; husband of Abigail
Frame Elizabeth died 2/13/1809 aged 11 months & 3 days;
Frame Mary died 5/28/1814 aged 3 months & 1 day; "Daughter of William and Claracy Frame"
Franklin Abigail died 12/22/1854 aged 23 years; "Wife of David C. Franklin"
Gay Mary Smith died 7/7/1890 aged 78 years; "Wife of William Gay"
Gilet Fanny died 10/27/1825 aged 37 years; "Wife of Rodric Gilet, daughter of Abiathar and Elizabeth Joy"
Goodman Eilzabeth C. 1910-1990
Gottlieb "Father" 1847-1898 husband of Catherine
Gottlieb Albert 1880-1926 same plot as "Father" & "Mother"; possibly a son
Gottlieb Catherine 1846-1925 "Mother"; wife of "Father"
Gottlieb George 1875-1885 same plot as "Father" & "Mother"; possibly a son
Gottlieb Louis 1878-1947 same plot as "Father" & "Mother"; possibly a son
Gottlieb Thomas 1874-1954 same plot as "Father" & "Mother"; possibly a son
Graham William E. died 10/24/1863 aged 43 years
Graves Abigail 12/27/1810 "Wife of John Graves Esq."
Graves Abigail died 7/10/1823 aged 1 year & 1 month; "Daughter of John and Esther Graves"
Graves Albert H. 8/27/1818-11/10/1902 husband of Ann M.
Graves Ann M. 6/15/1820-no date wife of Albert H.
Graves Annah Millington died 4/10/1823 aged 67 years; "The former wife of John Graves"
Graves Carlton 7/31/1856-no date son of William G. & Elizabeth
Graves Caroline died 3/25/1813 aged 5 months; "Daughter of Henry and Abigail Graves"
Graves Caroline P. 1835-1918  
Graves Charles Albert 6/16/1845-5/10/1929 husband of Mary Elizabeth
Graves Crosby died 5/22/1822 aged 20 years & 7 months; "Son of John & Abigail Graves"
Graves Crosby John 11/9/1845-no date  
Graves E. Sophia 3/3/1809-9/14/1866 wife of G. Henry
Graves Edward Oriel 8/3/1843-2/9/1909  
Graves Elijah died 1836 aged 86 years; husband of Patience
Graves Elizabeth 5/4/1825-8/6/1903 wife of William G.
Graves Esther died 10/10/1860 aged 75 years, 9 months & 21 days; "Wife of John Graves
Graves Esther 11/29/1791-48481866 wife of George T.; at the base of this stone is carved "Williams Rome" which may have been the maker
Graves G. Henry 11/23/1811-5/1/1875 husband of E. Sophia
Graves George T. 1/30/1788-7/17/1868 husband of Esther; at the base of this stone is carved "Williams Rome" which may have been the maker
Graves Henry 2/8/1801-2/21/1828 "This monument is erected sacred to the memory of Henry, only son of William anf Anna Graves who was born Feb. 2, 1801, Graduated Union Col. 1822 and died Feb. 21, 1828 at Washington State of Missi among strangers far from his native land aged 27 years";
Graves Henry Clay 3/7/1846-9/26/1861 son of William G. & Elizabeth
Graves I. Newton 1828-1914  
Graves John died 2/17/1855 aged 76 years
Graves John R. died 5/26/1840 aged 31 years, 2 months & 25 days
Graves Margaret Smith 2/27/1821-3/14/1903 wife of Solomon
Graves Mary died 11/8/1818 aged 16 years
Graves Mary Elizabeth 4/14/1860-10/20/1943 "Wife of Charles Albert Graves"
Graves Millard 1/1/1852-7/6/1869 son of William G. & Elizabeth
Graves Patience died 11/26/1823 aged 71 years; wife of Elijah
Graves Solomon 2/24/1819-4/13/1897 husband of Margaret Smight Graves
Graves Thomas Jefferson died 3/3/1829 aged 1 year, 2 months & 11 days; "Son of John & Esther Graves"
Graves William G. 7/28/1817-5/22/1886 husband of Elizabeth
Graves William Henry 9/14/1850-10/15/1868  
Grossmeyer Theodore 1914-1988  
Hall Mercy died 2/2/1836 aged 32 years; "Wife of Elisha C. Hall"
Halladay Josiah died 8/14/1829 aged 86 years; husband of Mary
Halladay Mary died 12/13/1869 aged 84 years & 10 months; wife of Josiah
Halladay Reuben died 5/16/1813 aged 16 years, 7 months & 10 days
Halladay William R. died 1/9/1861 aged 40 years;
Halliday Catherine died 5/5/1902 aged 83 years; "Wife of William and Reuben"
Halliday Catherine died 5/124/1850 aged 28 years; "Wife of Reuben"
Halliday Margaret died 3/13/1854 "2nd wife of Reuben"
Halliday Reuben died 1/15/1892 aged 78 years; husband of Catherine
Halliday Sarah Ann died 3/2/1862 aged 30 years; "Wife of Reuben"
Hamblin Mary 1867-1935  
Hardell LeRoy F. 1948-1968 "Let the world open their eyes and see the sorrow there, and once again take God's hand and let love fill the air"
Hardell Melvin F. 1913-1981  
Hardy Janet Kidder Guilfoil 1905-1996  
Harvey Ella E. Snell 1870-1956  
Harvey Sewell E. 1864-1951  
Hathaway Ethel Irwin 1915-1976 wife of Gordon L.
Hathaway Florence E. 1889-1983  
Hathaway Gordon L. 1914-1988 husband of Ethel Irwin
Haver Sally died 1/23/1839 aged 66 years
Head Seymour N. 1900-1955  
Hemstreet A. W. 1860-1864 child of Allen & Jane
Hemstreet Allen 1834-1908 husband of Jane
Hemstreet Jane 1834-no date wife of Allen
Hemstreet M. C. 1857-1895 child of Allen & Jane
Henckley Samuel no dates Probably should be "Hinckley"; in a plot with other "Hinckley"
Hicks Peter died 3/5/1878 aged 75 years; husband of Sally
Hicks Sally died 3/5/1881 aged 69 years; wife of Peter
Hinckley E. Gardener 8/14/1867-3/25/1952  
Hinckley Edward F. 10/9/1870-2/14/1942  
Hinckley Elijah died 3/29/1822 aged 58 years; husband of Zeruiah
Hinckley Elijah G. 12/12/1830-12/29/1830 son of Gardener & Elizabeth Atwood Hinckley
Hinckley Elijah G. died 4/12/1869 aged 26 years; "Son of Samuel and Mary"
Hinckley Elizabeth Atwood 8/7/1810-9/12/1874 wife of Gardener Hinckley
Hinckley Emma J. 10/15/1846-2/28/1848 daughter of Gardener & Elizabeth Atwood Hinckley
Hinckley Gardener 10/2/1808-3/15/1875 husband of Elizabeth Atwood
Hinckley Gardner died 4/18/1842 aged 76 years; husband of Polly
Hinckley Leila M. 9/6/1909-9/28/1934  
Hinckley Mary 3/5/1820-3/14/1875 wife of Samuel
Hinckley Mary E. 11/8/1840-3/15/1929 daughter of Gardener & Elizabeth Atwood Hinckley
Hinckley Mary Frances 9/28/1873-3/11/1960  
Hinckley Polly died 1/19/1826 aged 54 years; wife of Gardner
Hinckley S. G. 8/5/1832-5/27/1921 husband of Sarah Fern Hinckley
Hinckley S. Helen 10/1/1843-8/17/1918 daughter of Gardener & Elizabeth Atwood Hinckley
Hinckley Sally died 12/28/1808 aged 39 years; wife of Elijah
Hinckley Samuel 1878-1959  
Hinckley Samuel 1910-1987  
Hinckley Samuel 3/11/1802-10/2/1873 husband of Mary
Hinckley Sarah Fern 10/25/1835-7/17/1919 wife of S. G. Hinckley
Hinckley Theodore B. 9/22/1880-12/13/1930  
Hinckley Un-Named no dates "This stone is erected in memory of 3 children, 1 son and 2 daughters, of Elijah and Sally Hinckley who died in infancy"
Hinckley Zeruiah died 6/8/1847 aged 71 years; wife of Elijah
Hinman Eliza B. 1814-1909 wife of Gideon E.
Hinman Frances Mills 1841-1924
Hinman Gideon E. 1810-1874 husband of Eliza B.
Hinman Milo C. 1842-1901 son of Gideon E. & Eliza B.
Hitzeroth George M. 1893-1976 husband of Mildred G. Hitzeroth
Hitzeroth Mildred G. 1894-1981 wife of George M. Hitzeroth
Hodge Erma 1888-1976 wife of LeRoy
Hodge LeRoy 1891-1945 husband of Erma
Hodge Walter M. 12/31/1922-2/20/1999 "CPL US Army World War II"
Hoffstra Ann J. 1849-1899 "Aunt Ann"; in the Jencks plot
Holladay Harriet Nichols 1833-1916 wife of Solomon Holladay
Holladay Solomon 1834-1930 husband of Harriet Nichols Holladay
Holliday Florence B. 1889-1976 wife of Warren S.
Holliday Jane died 1918 2nd wife of Roselle
Holliday Marion died 8/21/1878 aged 22 years, 9 months & 24 days; "Wife of Wm. R. and daughter of R. T. and S. L. Lindsay"
Holliday Roselle 1840-1913 husband of (1) Serena & (2) Jane
Holliday Serena died 1877 1st wife of Roselle
Holliday Warren S. 1875-1947 husband of Florence B.
Hopkins George died 9/5/1845 aged 14 years; son of Orange and Phila
Hopkins Orange died 10/14/1852 aged 61 years; husband of Phila Melia Beecher
Hopkins Phila Melia Beecher died 1/3/1847 aged 56 years; wife of Orange
House Bertha Lanning 1889-1966 wife of Fred Ellsworth House
House Fred Ellsworth 1890-1968 husband of Bertha Lanning
Howland Ben H. 1892-1928 this stone lies next to the caretaker's building and doesn't appear to be an actual grave.
Hubbard Ann Eliza died 6/6/1909 aged 85 years; 2nd wife of Solon
Hubbard Grace died 12/12/1842 aged 38 yeasr & 9 months; 1st wife of Solon
Hubbard Heriet died 12/20/1834 aged 1 year & 6 months; "Daughter of Grace & Solon Hubbard"
Hubbard Martha A. died 2/24/1811 aged 1 year, ? months & ? days; "Daughter of Solon and Grace Hubbard"
Hubbard Solon died 10/16/1879 aged 76 years & 1 month; husband of Ann Eliza
Hubbart Martha E. died 2/19/1824 aged 31 years & 10 days; "Wife of Thomas G. Hubbart"
Hubbart Silano (see Thomas Hubbart) died 8/8/1839 aged 72 years; wife of Thomas
Hubbart Thomas died 4/22/1821 husband of Silano (her name is very hard to read but this is my best guess)
Huffman Idamanda died 2/5/1876 aged 5 years, 1 month & 7 days
Hughes Ada 1863-1950 wife of William
Hughes Effie 1863-1891 daughter of William & Ada
Hughes Ellsworth L. 1882-1902  
Hughes Ethel J. 1902-1903 daughter of Ellsworth L.
Hughes William 1863-1926 husband of Ada
Hyndman Joseph 1870-1945 on a plot with a large stone with the name "Wilson"
Ingersoll Eleanor 1920-1984 wife of Thomas D. Ingersoll
Ingersoll Steven D. 1969-1985 son of Thomas D., Jr. & Edna Roberts Ingersoll
Ingersoll Thomas D., Sr. 1904-1981 husband of Eleanor Ingersoll
Irwin Earl Nelson 1924-1945 Staff Sgt; killed in action in Germany 3/18/1945
Irwin Earl R. 1874-1944 husband of Iva Munn Irwin
Irwin Iva Munn 1892-1958 wife of Earl R.
Jencks Anna M. Graves 6/15/1820-12/23/1903 wife of Rufus
Jencks Arthur N. 1879-no date husband of Mabel Rees
Jencks Estelle P. 1855-1916 "Mother" wife of George T.
Jencks George R. 1845-1911 husband of Estelle
Jencks Mabel Rees 1896-no date "Wife of Arthur N. Jecnks"
Jencks Millard H. 1881-1945 "He spent his life working in the field of education and died while serving as President of his alma mater the St. Lawrence University"
Jencks Rachel 1890-no date  
Jencks Rufus 9/15/1810-8/13/1892 "Husband of Anna M. Graves"
Johnson Amarilla 1791-1844  
Johnson Amy E. Carpenter 1851-1918 wife of Rev. W. L.
Johnson Deacon Isaiah 1756-1841  
Johnson Deacon Nathan 1797-1877  
Johnson Edward P. 1838-1864  
Johnson Emma C. died 6/17/1870 aged 23 years, 5 months & 7 days; "Wife of Herman Johnson and daughter of Solon and Ann Hubbard"
Johnson John 1877-1957
Johnson Julia 1800-1874  
Johnson Mary L. died 5/12/1841  
Johnson Nancy died 7/27/1840 "wife of ? J. Johnson"
Johnson Rev. W. L. 1860-1938 husband of Amy E. Carpenter; "MU 81"; "HST 87"
Johnson Rhoda 1801-1847  
Johnson Sarah 1762-1832  
Johnson Sarah 1827-1833  
Johnson Thomas 1792-1852  
Johnson Thomas 1825-1847  
Jones Anna J. Owen 1846-1940 wife of Owen W.
Jones Edgar A. 4/13/1836-9/19/1864 Co. "C" 121st NY Vols.; "Killed at Winchester VA"; husband of Maria
Jones Elizabeth C. 1884-1980 wife of Thomas R.
Jones Jessie V. Stone 1862-1926 wife of Robert W.
Jones Maria 1/15/1837-6/28/1924 wife of Edgar A.
Jones Maynard B. 1903-1965  
Jones Owen W. 1847-1930 husband of Anna J. Owen
Jones Robert W. 1863-no date husband of Jessie V. Stone
Jones Thomas R. 1880-1940 husband of Elizabeth C.
Jones William R. 1893-1971 son of Robert W. & Jessie V.
Joy David died 1/26/1844 stone is badly weathered & year of death is hard to read; husband of Elizabeth; "Late from Vermont" {Note: date should be 1811?
Joy Ebenezer B. died 9/15/1806 aged 2 years and 5 months; "Son of Abiathar and Elizabeth Joy"
Joy Elizabeth died 10/13/1822 aged 27 years; wife of David [Note: if wife of David above, age is in question]
Joy Harriet M. died 7/2/1854 aged 27 years; "Wife of Henry L. Joy"
Joy Harry Eugene died 1853 aged 5 years; "Son of Harriet M. and Henry L. Joy"
Joy Miss Mile (?) died 8/23/1827 aged 31 years
Judson Sibyl 1808-1892 possibly a daughter of Pitkin & Lucy Sperry; name is on the same stone
Keech Robinson died 6/17/1867 aged 80 years
Kested Ernest 1884-1967 husband of Fannie Lanning Kested
Kested Fannie Lanning 1892-1977 wife of Ernest Kested
Key Adaline died ?/6/1822 aged 1 year, 14 month & 21 days; "Daughter of J & Sally Key"
Key Solon died 8/16/1823 aged / years & 87 months; "Son of J. & Sally Key"
King Amy 5/28/1804-1/6/1891 "Wife of Earl S. King"
Knapp Albert E. 1922-1993  
Knights "Baby" no dates on same stone with Clara M. and Ann L.; "Infant children of Edwin and Eliza Knights"
Knights Ann L. no dates on same stone with Clara M. and "Baby"; "Infant children of Edwin and Eliza Knights"
Knights Clara M. no dates on same stone with Ann L. and "Baby"; "Infant children of Edwin and Eliza Knights"
Knights Edwin H. 1851-1917 husband of Eliza M. & Mary C.
Knights Eliza M. 1848-1895 1st wife of Edwin H.
Knights Ethel Jones 1886-1933 wife of Lucius E.
Knights Lucius E. 1873-1932 husband of Ethel
Knights Margareta 1912-1920 daughter of Lucius E. & Ethel
Knights Mary C. 1854-1922 2nd wife of Edwin H.
Kranze Viola W. 1905-1984 wife of Winfield B.; married 10/8/1930
Kranze Winfield B. 1905-1996 husband of Viola W.; married 10/8/1930
Kucerak Catharine 1909-1990  
Kucerak George 1926-1983  
Lane Cora 1873-1943 wife of Sherman
Lane Edward 1828-1901 husband of Louisa
Lane Jennie Windover 1867-1930 wife of T. Benton
Lane Louisa 1837-1909 wife of Edward
Lane Raymond W. 1890-1980 husband of Ruth Folnsbee
Lane Ruth Folnsbee 1893-1972 wife of Raymond W.
Lane Sherman 1865-1939 husband of Cora; son of Edward & Louisa
Lane T. Benton 1861-1929 husband of Jennie Windover
Lankton Caroline died 5/16/1843 aged 24 years; "Wife of John B. Lankton"
Lankton David died 8/22/1838 aged 2 month & ? Days; "Son of ???"
Lankton Elo? 1813-1903 last letter of the first name is very faint; may be an "N"; husband of Mary
Lankton Emily Jane died 1/1/1852 aged 6 years & 1 month; "Daughter of Joel and Betsey Lankton"
Lankton Frank 1841-1916 husband of Harriet
Lankton Frank C. 1870-no date son of Frank & Harriet
Lankton Harriet 1848-1917 wife of Frank
Lankton Mary A. 1813-1887  
Lankton Mary Tripp 1803-1887 wife of Elo?
Lankton Myron J. 1840-1868 son of Elo? & Mary
Lankton Sarah 1831-no date  
Lanning ???? died 9/12/1830 aged 1 years & 1 months; 3 childre listed on the same stone; "Children of Henry S. Lanning"
Lanning ???? 1831 aged 9 months; 3 childre listed on the same stone; "Children of Henry S. Lanning"
Lanning Alida Baker 1899-1994 wife of Harold
Lanning Anna L. 1876-1907 wife of William
Lanning Annie Lanning 6/19/1843-10/17/1869 daughter of W. B. & Kittie
Lanning Betsey 5/19/1804-4/5/1885 wife of John
Lanning D. W. died 10/27/1871 aged 23 years, 4 months & 18 days
Lanning Frank 1875-1953 husband of lillian
Lanning George N. 2/20/1869-11/30/1876 son of Frank & Lillian
Lanning Harold 1902-2000 husband of Alida Baker
Lanning Henry died 1828 aged 2 years & 10 months; 3 childre listed on the same stone; "Children of Henry S. Lanning"
Lanning Ida C. 1867-1950 wife of John
Lanning John 10/28/1801-8/28/1884 husband of Betsey
Lanning John 1861-1930 husband of Ida C.
Lanning Kittie M. 1/11/1838-5/10/1863 wife of W. B.
Lanning Leonard 1903-1980 husband of Nell I.
Lanning Lillian 1876-1908 wife of Frank
Lanning Mary 6/15/1849-4/25/1922 daughter of W. B. & Kittie
Lanning Nell I. 1900-1972 wife of Leonard
Lanning Ray M. 9/19/1886-2/17/1895 son of Frank & Lillian
Lanning W. B. 1/1/1834-11/25/1909 husband of Kittie M.
Lanning William 1879-1959 husband of Anna L.
Lauder John died 5/11/1861 aged 73 years & 6 months
Lawrence Robert W. 1942-1994  
Lawton "Baby" no dates "Son of H. R. & E. M. Lawton"
Lawton Richard died 2/17/1917  
Lindsay Arthur M. died 12/12/1866 Husband of Carrie L.; Last numeral of death date is very hard to read
Lindsay Carrie L. died 3/11/1872 aged 1 years, 11 months & 10 days; wife of Arthur M.
Lindsay Harriet died 10/5/1850 aged 24 years and 8 months; "Wife of Russell T. Lindsay"
Lindsay No first names no dates stone says "Children of Russell and Sarah Lindsay"
Lindsay Russell T. 1824-1896 husband of Sarah L. Crammer
Lindsay Sarah L. Cramer 1826-1924 wife of Russell T. Cramer
Lloyd Mary Lanning 1872-1950 "Wife of John R. Lloyd"
Lockwood Adaline 1834-1907 "Daughter of Seely and Martha Lockwood"
Lockwood Charlotte died 4/3/1846 aged 18 years and 19 days; "Daughter of Seely and Martha Lockwood"
Lockwood James Henry died 8/29/1832 aged 9 years; "Son of Seely and Martha Lockwood"
Lockwood Martha 3/22/1801-10/23/1868 wife of Seely
Lockwood Seely 8/29/1793-4/9/1873 husband of Martha
Longstaff Harry H. 1921-1993 husband of Helen J. Longstaff
Longstaff Helen J. 1915-1982 wife of Harry H. Longstaff

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