Gravesville Cemetery 2003
Town of Russia
Herkimer County, New York

Part 2, Surnames M - Z
A Brand New Reading

MacDowall J. Douglas 1951-1994  
MacIntosh Infant Son died 4/26/1828 aged 14 days; son of Sally and Nicholas MacIntosh
MacIntosh Sally died 4/21/1828 aged 23 years; "Wife of Nicholas MacIntosh and her infant son"
Marcy Alpheus 6/17/1779-8/22/1881 husband of Harriet Barrows Marcy
Marcy Betsey died 1/10/1892 aged 56 years, 2 month & 15 days; wife od Storrs
Marcy Clara E. died 6/7/1872 aged 1 year & 4 month; "Daughter of Storrs & Betsey"
Marcy David died 1/13/1891 aged 64 years, 9 months & 6 days; husband of Lucinda Hibbard
Marcy Edith May 1897-1898  
Marcy Harriet Barrows 8/7/1798-10/15/1881 wife of Alpheus
Marcy Jane E. 5/4/1839-5/18/1868 "Daughter of A. & H. Marcy"
Marcy Lucinda Hibbard died 12/26/1891 aged 67 years, 6 monyhs & 14 days; wife of David
Marcy Mary Kate 1877-1974 wife of Phares Eugene
Marcy Phares Eugene 1860-1937 husband of Mary Kate
Marcy Phares R. 10/17/1820-1/29/1849 "Son of A. & H. Marcy"
Marcy Phares Storrs 1899-1922  
Marcy Storrs died 12/27/1892 aged 64 years, 5 months & 9 days; husband of Betsey
Marquart-Turley John 1908-1983 On a stone with the surnames Marquart & Turley; no indication which surname is his
McArthur Mary Blue 8/18/1820-4/8/1905 aged 85 years; "Daughter of Alexander & Christy Blue"
McMaster Catharine died 9/3/1830 aged 70 years & 26 days; wife of James
McMaster Clarisa died 9/8/1874 aged 85 years; "Wife of P. McMaster"
McMaster James died 10/1/1838 aged 88 years; husband of Catharine
McMaster Roxy died 6/9/1823 "Daughter of Philander & Clarisa M. McMaster"
Mealus Betsey died 12/19/1828 aged 27 years; "Wife of Samuel Marlins & Daughter of William & Mary Stanclift"
Mealus Elizabeth died 3(?)/30/1831 aged 7 years; "Daughter of Samuel and Betsey Martins"
Merriman Anna died 2/6/1853 aged 73 years; wife of Benjamin
Merriman Benjamin died 3/28/1842 aged 71 years; husband of Anna
Merriman Esther A. died 9/25/1865 aged 52 years, 9 months & 25 days; wife of Luther G.
Merriman Luther G. died 8/4/1875 aged 68 years and 18 days; husband of Esther A.
Merriman William G. died 8/22/1877 aged 56 years and 9 months
Miller Mary E. 1850-1919 wife of Richard
Miller Richard 1849-1904 husband of Mary E.
Millington Jonathon died 2/27/1854 aged 80 years; possibly wife of Susannah since the graves are side-by-side
Millington Nathan died 2/12/1813 aged 1 years and 9 months; in same plot as Jonathon & Susannah; possibly their son
Millington Sally died 9/1806 aged 5 years, 1 month & 3 days; in same plot as Jonathon & Susannah; possibly their daughter
Millington Susannah died 1/15/186? aged 86 years; possibly the wife of Jonathon since the graves are side-by-side
Moon Abner died 4/11/1886 aged 86 years; husband of Emily
Moon Benjamin died 9/18/1840 there is a newer stone placed in front of the original stone that reads "Benjamin Moon 1761-1840"
Moon Emily unreadable appears to be the wife of Abner
Moon Frank 1894-1958 On a plot with a large stone with the surname "Brown"
Moon Helen R. Harris 1912-1993 "Wife of Howard R. Moon"
Moon Howard R. 1880-1963 husband of Maud E.
Moon Jonathon died 2/16/1824 aged 1 month and 9 days; same plot as Abner & Emily; possibly their son
Moon Lucy died 11/16/1826 aged 9 months and 15 days; same plot as Abner & Emily; possibly their daughter
Moon Lucy E. 5/6/1842-3/10/1903  
Moon Martha E. Ward 1850-1915 wife of Villeroy B.
Moon Maud E. Lehr 1878-1964 wife of Howard R.
Moon Orin P. died 4/13/1859 aged 25 years, 1 month & 5 days; "son of Abner and Emily Moon"
Moon Villeroy B. 1845-1937 husband of Martha E.
Moore John R. 1837-1848  
Moore Loretta A. 1845-1871  
Moore Matilda 1814-1898 2nd wife of Orson
Moore Orson 1801-1881 husband of Thirza & matilda
Moore Orson W. 1862-1924  
Moore Thirza 1810-1842 1st wife of Orson
Morrison Katharine 1901-1991 on a stone with the surnames Marquart & Turley; no indication which surname is hers
Morrison Katharine Topper 1869-1930 wife of Robert L.
Morrison Leda 1891-1924 daughter of Robert L. & Katharine
Morrison Robert L. 1868-1934 husband of Katharine Topper
Mount Mabel Carpenter 1879-1908  
Munn Josephine 4/16/1856-7/2/1879 daughter of William & Rosina M.
Munn Rosina M. 4/6/1834-6/4/1889 wife of William
Munn William 10/11/1831-9/1/1911 husband of Rosina M.
Murray Doris M. 1910-1983 wife of William A.
Murray William 1930-1979 "Pvt. US Army Korean Conflict"
Murray William A. 1908-1979 husband of Doris M.
Mykel Antee 7/28/25 aged 76 years; "Widow of Stephen Mykel"
Nichols Harvey died 1/8/1878 aged 37 years & 9 months; "A member of Co. C 97th NY Vol"
Olenik Helen Cameron 1915-1987  
Page Eveline Lockwood 4/16/1844-6/20/1892 wife of Warren
Page Warren died 3/19/1892 aged 51 years; husband of Eveline Lockwood; Co. "C" 34th NY Vol.
Pardee Ebenezer died 4/6/1852 aged 77 years, 8 months & 2 days
Pardee Elizabeth died 11/18/1893 aged 88 years, 5 months & 27 days; wife of Loren
Pardee Joseph C. died 11/23/1871 aged 34 years& months; father of Merritt J.
Pardee Libbie A. died 12/9/1871 aged 24 years, 10 months & 16 days; daughter of Loren and Elizabeth
Pardee Loren died 1/17/1852 aged 43 years; "Died on his way to California at sea"; husband of Elizabeth
Pardee Lydia ?/14/1785-10/9/1871  
Pardee Merritt died 10/15/1858 aged 25 years
Pardee Merritt J. died 2/21/1875 aged 4 years, 3 months & 7 days; "Son of Joseph and Mattie Pardee"
Parkes Joanna died 11/16/1892 aged 64 years & 5 Months; "Wife of Robert S. Parkes"
Payne DeErman Hoxie 6/12/1847-1/19/1934 husband of Frances Marilla Allen
Payne Edith Mattie 5/4/1884-10/28/1970 wife of Leo F.
Payne Frances Marilla Allen 5/29/1847-10/22/1930 wife of DeErman Hoxie
Payne Hiram 1818-1878  
Payne Leo F. 3/23/1878-7/30/1967 husband of 910 Edith Mattie; & (2) Nellie A. Barker son of DeErman & Frances
Payne Rachel 1821-1874  
Payne Seymour died 8/22/1823 aged 16 years; "Our Brother"
Perkins Ann W. died 12/16/1888 aged 67 years; wife of Norman
Perkins Charles died 2/2/1868 aged 4 years & 8 months; son of Joel & Marcia
Perkins Joel no dates husband of Marcia
Perkins Marcia 1841-1906 wife of Joel; "Passed to the Summerland"
Perkins Norman died 8/9/1876 aged 59 years; husband of Ann W.
Philleo Addison died 8/29/1845 aged 26 years, 7 months & 13 days
Philleo Angeline died 4/13/1826 aged 8 months; "Daughter of Darius and Lura Philleo"
Philleo Darius died 4/27/1844 aged 61 years
Philleo Enoch died 8/3/1827 aged 67 years
Philleo Henry C. died 7/23/1833 aged 8 years; "Son of Willis and Mary Jane Philleo"
Philleo Mary Ann died 8/28/1842 aged 28 years & 4 months
Philleo Milton died 3/20/1843 aged 50 years, 9 months & 19 days
Philleo Nancy died 12/13/1869 aged 75 years, 8 months & 10 days
Philleo Orpha died 9/26/1831 ages 1 year; "Daughter of Darius and Lura"
Philleo Susan died 12/29/1839 aged 15 years & 11 months; "Daughter of Milton & Mary Philleo"
Phillips Ruth no dates  
Pittman George 8/13/1817-7/4/1853 husband of Lydia
Pittman Lydia 7/3/1821-8/24/1897 wife of George; "Also wife of James C. Smith"
Plumb Elizabeth R. died 5/28/18?? aged 12 years,?months & ? Days; "Daughter of Luther & Mary Plumb"
Plumb John D. 1850-1924  
Plumb Luther died 9/20/1878 aged 75 years; husbanf of Mary & Roxany
Plumb Mary E. 12/9/1826-8/30/1899 aged 73 years; "Wife of Luther Plumb"; 2nd wife
Plumb Minnie died 2/6/1877 aged 2 years, 9 months & 13 days; "daughter of L(?) and Fannie Plumb"
Plumb Roxany died 5/7/1846 aged 34 years; "Wife of Luther Plumb"; 1st wife
Plumb Roy W. 10/25/1894-4/3/1973 "PFC US Army World War I"
Plumb Sidney A. died 3/16/1885 aged 21 years, 1 month & 11 days
Polly Clara M. died 5/18/1862 aged 4 years & 15 days; "Daughter of James and Jane Polly"
Polly Daniel died 12/26/1853 aged 30 years & 7 months
Polly Deborah died 4/19/1813 aged 31 years; " (1st) Wife of William D. Polly"
Polly Elizabeth died 2/26/1844 aged 51 years & 6 months; "(2nd) Wife of William D. Polly"
Polly Henry died 8/15/1830 "Son of William D. and Elizabeth Polly"
Polly Isaac died 11/28/1831 "Son of William D. and ElizabethPolly
Polly Isaac Newton died 3/5/1812 aged 10 years; "Son of William and Elizabeth Polly"
Polly James died 1/10/1890 aged 64 years; husband of Jane E.
Polly Jane E. died 2/25/1864 aged 51 years & 6 months; "Wife of James Polly and daughter of Hon. Orson and Thirza Moore"
Polly Louisa died 11/13/1826 aged 20 years
Polly William D. died 4/1/1852 aged 74 years, 5 months & 10 days; husband of Elizabeth
Pooler John died 3/6/1891 aged 68 years, 6 months and 9 days
Porter Eleanor Bell 1926-1992 wife of Roy
Porter Roy 1925-1987 "WW II"; husband of Eleanor Bell
Powers Mary B. died 8/25/1882 aged 88 years & 8 days
Prindle Catharine E. Owens 1906-1989 wife of Harvey J.
Prindle Dorothy F. Fairbanks 1900-1978 wife of Spencer W.
Prindle Ebin J. died 10/23/1862 aged 25 years; "Died at Bakersville MD"
Prindle Gaylord T. 1840-1883 husband of Thirza
Prindle Graham died 2/16/1865 aged 59 years & 6 months; husband of Julia Ann
Prindle Harvey J. 1905-1991 husband of Catharine E. Owens
Prindle Jennie I. 1878-1966 wife of John E.
Prindle John E. 1876-1957 husband of Jennie I.
Prindle Julia Ann died 5/5/1877 aged 70 years, 8 months & 22 days; "Wife of Graham Prindle"
Prindle Renewid died 5/4/1808 "Wife of John Prindle"
Prindle Spencer W. 1903-1990 husband of Dorothy F. Fairbanks
Prindle Thirza 1841-1876 wife of Gaylord T.
Reed Mary S. died 3/19/1869 aged 2 years & 2 months; "Daughter of John M. and Carrie Reed"
Roberts David F. 9/7/1880-4/19/1951 husband of Mary W. Roberts; "Born Festiniag, Wales"
Roberts Mary W. 10/17/1891-8/29/1957 wife of David F. Roberts
Roberts Mary W. 2/8/1913-10/19/1926 daughter of David F. & Mary W. Roberts
Russell Ada 1868-1949 wife of Wallace Delo
Russell Amanda 1818-1910 wife of Gilles
Russell Cora B. Haskell 1860-1933 wife of William B.
Russell Emily S. Knights 1845-1914 wife of John A.
Russell Ernest B. 1876-1926 son of John A. & Emily S.
Russell Fannie Lanning 1851-1852 daughter of Gilles & Amanda
Russell Gilles 1821-1903 husband of Amanda
Russell John died 11/29/1860 aged 89 years; husband of Sarah
Russell John A. 1847-1925 husband of Emily S. Knights
Russell John W. 1865-1955 husband of Mary
Russell Lena 1891-1917 daughter og John W. & Mary Williams
Russell Mary 1870-1918 wife of John W.
Russell Pauline Mary 1906-1921 daughter of Wallace & Ada
Russell Sarah died 2/10/1866 aged 84 years, 11 months & 1 day; wife of John
Russell Solon 1849-1849 son of Gilles & Amanda
Russell Solon W. 1880-1952  
Russell Wallace Delo 1857-1944 husband of Ada
Russell William B. 1855-1903 husband of Cora B. Haskell; possibly son of Gilles & Amanda; listed on the same stone
Rust Abel 12/17/1830-6/7/1864 Sgt. 2nd NY Artillery; "Killed before Petersburgh"; son of Hiram & Mary; husband of Laura R.
Rust Abel died 2/27/1847 aged 95 years; husband of Lydia; "A soldier of the Revolution"
Rust Arvilla died 2/25/1850 aged 35 years; "Daughter of Philo & Lucy Rust"
Rust Cecilla 1823-1901 daughter of Hiram & Mary
Rust Emma L. died 10/22/1873 aged 50 years; "Wife of Norman Rust"
Rust Erastus D. died 1/25/1840 aged 14 years, 11 months & 10 days; son of Hiram & Mary
Rust Henry H. died 4/2/1843 aged 10 years & 10 month; son of Hiram & Mary
Rust Laura R. no dates wife of Abel
Rust Lucy died 9/9/1867 aged 76 years & 6 months
Rust Lydia died 2/5/1831 aged 75 years; "Wife of Abel Rust"
Rust Mary 1802-1888 wife of Hiram
Rust Norman 10/6/1812-4/10/1892 husband of Emma L.
Rust Philo died 1/7/1830 aged 13 years & 8 months
Rust Sarah Ann died 3/14/1848 aged 27 years; daughter of Hiram & Mary Rust
Rust William 1836-1891 son of Hiram & Mary
Rust Hiram 1794-1886 husband of Mary
Schroeder Margaret G. Roberts 1921-2001  
Seavey Ann 4/30/1813-5/29/1892 wife of Elijah
Seavey Elijah 8/7/1812-5/23/1895 husband of Anna J. Owen
Seavey Jerome L. 1839-1920 husband of Sarah L. Millington
Seavey Mary died 10/9/1847 aged 70 years, 7 months & 15 days; "Relict of William Seavey"
Seavey Sarah L. Millington 1840-1910 wife of Jerome L.
Shaw Josiah died 9/27/1863 aged 31 years
Sheldon Julia M. 1799-1877 wife of Raymond
Sheldon Raymond 1777-1867 husband of Julia M.
Shove Aurilla died 6/11/1856 aged 72 years; "Wife of Samuel Shove"
Shove Orilla 1781-1868 wife of Samuel
Shove Ransom 1827-1897 husband of Sophia
Shove Samuel 1784-1856 husband of Orilla;
Shove Sophia 1846-1917 wife of Ransom
Slade George C. 1891-1955 husband of Grace M. Harvey; 26th R.R. Trans. Co. US Army World War II
Slade Grace M. Harvey 1889-1982 wife of George C.
Slocum Alma died 3/21/1814 "Daughter of E. & E. Slocum"
Slocum Delilah died 5/4/1815 aged 17 years; "Daughter of Ebenezer and Elizabeth Slocum"
Slocum Ebenezer died 4/30/1864 aged 75 years, 6 months & 19 days; husband of Elizabeth
Slocum Elizabeth died 5/26/1885 aged 92 years, 6 months & 17 days; wife of Ebenezer
Slocum John died 10/26/1858 aged 61 years, 6 months & 10 days
Slocum John J. died ?/?/1833 aged 7 years & 4 months; "Son of John E. & Hellen Slocum"
Slocum John N. died 12/3/1845 aged 47 years, 3 months & 4 days
Slocum Pardon died 1/13/1836 aged 19 years, 9 months & 6 days; "Son of John & Martha Slocum"
Slocum Polly died 9/29/1865 aged 48 years, 10 months & 7 days; "Daughter of Ebenezer & Elizabeth Slocum"
Smart Caroline 2/16/1817-10/26/1856 "Wife of M. M. Smart"; appears to be his 1st wife
Smart Mary Ann McMaster 4/10/1819-9/14/1899 "Wife of M. M. Smart"; appears to be his 2nd wife
Smart Rev. M. M. 5/12/1812-10/2/1885 husband of Caroline
Smart William M. 7/15/1845-6/3/1864 "Battle of Cold Harbor"; possibly the son of Rev. M. M. & Caroline
Smith Elisha died 1/24/1825 aged 44 years
Smith Farley died 1/4/1889 aged 80 years
Smith Henry died 5/15/1854 aged 1 year & 11 months; "Adopted son of Harrison and Betsey Smith"
Smith Henry R. 1878-1927 "Son of Morris D. & Mary Jane Holliday Smith"
Smith Julia Ann 2/29/1812-7/30/1884
Smith Louisa died 11/16/1844 "Wife of Farley Smith"
Smith Mary Jane Holliday 1842-1929 wife of Morris D. Smith
Smith Merrick Wood 1902-1982  
Smith Morris D. 1841-1941 husband of Mary Jane Holliday Smith
Smith Philinda died 4/24/1866 aged 89 years
Smith Winfield died 9/20/1851 aged 6 months & 17 days; "Son of Harrison and Betsey Smith"
Smith Almon B. 2/17/1842-1/1/1916 husband of (1) Wealtha E. & (2) Nellie G.
Smith Amanda died 2/12/1872 aged 52 years, 9 months & 17 days; wife of Jeremiah
Smith Anna died 11/25/1822 aged 20 years; daughter of Duncan and Catharine Smith
Smith Aurilla 9/22/1806-2/19/1843 wife of Richard
Smith Catharine died 10/18/1846 aged 70 years; wife of Duncan; "Natives of Argyleshire Scotland
Smith Daniel D. died 12/29/1847 aged 2 years, 7 months & 14 days; "Son of P. & M. Smith"
Smith Duncan died 3/25/1818 aged 44 years; husband of Catharine Smith; "Natives of Argyleshire, Scotland"
Smith Harrison died 12/2/1877 aged 60 years
Smith Helen M. 1838-1924 wife of John F.
Smith Jeremiah died 4/26/1880 aged 74 years, 10 months & 24 days; husband of Amanda
Smith John F. 1838-1904 husband of Helen M.
Smith John W. 1880-1895 son of John F. & Helen M.
Smith Nellie G. 6/14-1853-9/27/1942 2nd wife of Almon B.
Smith Richard 12/25/1801-12/27/1877 husband of Aurilla
Smith Wealtha E. 2/10/1843-2/7/1886 1st wife of Almon B.
Snell Joseph L. 1827-1919 husband of Violetta Pooler
Snell Violetta Pooler 1840-1921 wife of Joseph L.
Sperry Ama died 5/29/1852 aged 83 years, 2 months & 3 days; "Relict of John Sperry"
Sperry Aner 1812-1907 son of Pitkin & Lucy; husband of Nancy B.
Sperry Asa died 5/14/1822 aged 85 years; husband of Esther
Sperry Esther died 4/10/1819 aged 74 years; wife of Asa
Sperry Frederick S. 1825-1917 husband of Sarah G. Moon; 2nd Wis Vol Inf; Principal Musician 69 Ill.Vol. Inf; 3rd Wis Vet. Vol Inf.
Sperry John died 12/1/1829 aged 62 years
Sperry Laura 1802-1892 daughter of Pitkin & Lucy Sperry
Sperry Lucy 1776-1847 wife of Pitkin
Sperry Nancy B. 1818-1888 wife of Aner
Sperry Perinola (?) Ann died 5/9/1813 aged 3 years & 1 month; "Daughter of ?? and Sophia Lanning Sperry'
Sperry Pitkin 1775-1853 husband of Lucy
Sperry Sarah A. died 8/18/1887 aged 68 years
Sperry Sarah G. Moon 1836-1889 wife of Frederick S.
Squires Albert M. 1/3/1819-11/21/1899  
Squires Charles G. 1867-1950 husband of Effie
Squires Charlotte 2/4/1823-1/4/1901  
Squires Effie 1871-1944 wife of Charles G.
Squires George L. died 10/12/1867  
Squires Hattie F. 1851-1867  
Squires Herman D. 1839-1911 husband of Nellie C.
Squires James G. 9/11/1820-no date  
Squires John G. 5/5/1785-11/17/1873 husband of Roba.
Squires Mary Ann 2/24/1817-no date  
Squires Nellie C. 1859-1932 wife of Herman D.
Squires Roba. 12/29/1790-11/6/1851 wife of John G.; her name "Roba" has a period after it
Squires Sarah M. 9/?/ 1828-4/19/1888 "Daughter of A. M. Squires"
Squires Sophia S. Smith 10/2/1828-9/25/1857  
Squires Susan M. 1821-1852  
Squires Susan M. died 12/23/1862(?) aged 31 years, 10 months & 3 days; last numeral of birth date is very difficult to read; "Daughter of G. L. Squires"
Squires Truman H. 3/31/1823-no date  
Stancleft Harrison died 8/7/1845 aged 8 years & 11 months; the surname appears to have been carved out and replaced with "Stancleft"; the name is now in a rectangle recessed below the surounding surface
Stancleft Mary Ann died 7/7/1852 aged 41 years; "Wife of Robert Stancleft"
Stanclift Betsey W. died 8/1/1832 aged 27 years; "Wife of Robert Stancleft"
Stanclift Daniel died 7/8/1828 aged 5 years, 1 month & 1 day; "Son of Ransom and Olive Stanclift";
Stanclift Jacob died 7/6/1813 "Jacob son of William and Mary Stanclift died 6 July 1813 aged 28 years"
Stanclift Mary died 1/17/1836 "Wife of William Stanclift"
Stanclift Mary died 4/7/1841 aged 13 years & 5 months; "Daughter of Ransom and Olive Stanclift"
Stanclift Phebe died 3/28/1831 aged 16 years; "Daughter of Danford and Zilpha Stanclift"
Stanclift Ransom died 8/20/1827 "Ranson son of William and Mary Stanclift was killed by lightening 20 August 1827 aged 39 years"
Stanclift Roxanna died 3/22/1831 aged 1 year and 5 months; "Daughter of Danford and Zilpha Stanclift"
Stanclift Roxy died 2/28/1827 "Roxy daughter of William and Mary Stanclift died 28 Feb. 1826 aged 27 years"
Stanclift Russel died 2/22/1813 "Russel son of William and Mary Stanclift died 22 Feb. 1813 aged 20 years"
Stanclift Sally Jane died 3/22/1831 aged 13 years; "Daughter of Danford and Zilpha Stanclift"
Stanclift Washington died 9/4/1829 "Son of Robert and Betsey Stanclift"
Stanclift William died 10/23/1813 "William son of William and Mary Stanclift died 23 Oct. 1813 aged ??"; the stone is badly weathered and William's age is not readable.
Stanclift William died 11/11/1837 aged 75 years, 3 months & 2 Days; husband of Mary
Stanclift William died 12/2/1852 aged 37 years; "Son of Ransom and Olive Stanclift"
Stanton Caroline H. 1834-1912  
Stanton John W. no dates  
Stanton William H. 1843-1913  
Steed Nancy 1873-1944 On a plot with a large stone with the name "Wilson"
Stone Celina M. Taylor 1850-1937 wife of Clarence F.
Stone Clarence F. 1857-1933 husband of Celina M. Taylor Stone
Stone George 4/11/1833-9/29/1864 "Born April 11,1833, member Co. "H" N. Y. Vols. Killed in action at Chapin's Farm VA Sept. 29, 1864
Stuber Mary E. died 7/1/1876 aged 22 years; "Sister of S. S. Stuber"
Sweet Liza J. died 8/19/1872 aged 1 year, 1 month & 17 days; "Daughter of Robert & Lucelia
Sweet Marcus D. died 7/23/1849 aged 22 years
Sweet William W. died 8/15/1858 aged 27 years
Talcott Jeffrey S. died 5/6/1845 aged 76 years & 7 months; husband of Sarah
Talcott Olive M. died 5/15/1840 "Daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Talcott"
Talcott Sarah died 11/4/1813 aged 64 years; "Wife of Jeffrey S. Talcott"
Tanner Roselle C. 1864-1933 husband of Viola A.
Tanner Viola A. 1866-1961 wife of Roselle C.
Taylor Anna L. died 7/28/1847 aged 73 years; wife of George
Taylor Anna M. died 4/21/1841 aged 31 yeast & 4 months; "Wife of William S. Taylor"
Taylor Autentia A. Phillips 1818-1852 wife of Silas F.
Taylor Betsey W. died 3/14/1812 aged 4 months; "Children of Samuel and Cynthia Taylor"
Taylor Cynthia died 3/25/1842 wife of Samuel
Taylor Ellen M. 1847-1886
Taylor George died 2/17/1810 aged 3 months; "Children of Samuel and Cynthia Taylor"
Taylor George died 3/26/1852 aged 80 years, 8 month & 26 days; husband of Anna
Taylor Lydia   AGED 70 YEARS; WIFE OG Sanford
Taylor S. P. 9/21/1803-7/11/1889  
Taylor Samuel died 8/4/1819 husband of Cynthia
Taylor Sanford died 2/12/1826 aged 76 years; husband of Lydia
Taylor Silas F. 1815-1896 husband of Autentia A. Phillips
Taylor Westal W. died 5/15/1819 aged 2 years; "Children of Samuel and Cynthia Taylor"
Taylor William G. 1/19/1813-4/21/1899  
Thayer James A. ?/17/1842 aged 5 months & 15 days; "Son of Amela and Harry Thayer"
Thomas Gertrude Lanning 1926-1987 wife of Joseph L.
Thomas Joseph L. 1913-1984 husband of Gertrude Lanning
Topper Edwy H. 1877-1946 husband of Helen L.
Topper Helen L. 1879-1930 wife of Edwy H.
Topper Jessie H. 1913-1914 daughter of Edwy H. & Helen L.
Tyler Nathan 6/9/1809-2/7/1872 husband of Sarah
Tyler Orcella died 4/23/1833 "Daughter of Nathan & Sarah Tyler"
Tyler Sarah 6/15/1811-6/9/1847 wife of Nathan
Unknown   empty headstone base next to Emily Moon
Unknown A. L. no dates small srone near Topper
Unknown Elizabeth died 3/1/1830 aged 46 years; "Wife of James"
Unknown Freddie no dates appears to be in the same plot as Rev. W. L. & Amy E. Johnson
Unknown Frederick no dates small stone near Cap't. Edgar & Elizabeth Abeel
Unknown Henry no dates small stone near Squire family plots
Unknown Lillian no dates small stone near Topper & Plumb
Unknown William no dates small stone next to Laura R. Walcott; maybe be a son?
Vandover John died 7/17/1883 aged 50 years; "Co "E" 20th NY Vols"
Varney Col. M. G. died 8/22/1855 aged 42 years
Varney Hon. Edmund 6/6/1778-12/2/1847  
Varney Thankfull died 4/12/1820 aged 74 years & 9 months; "Wife of John Varney"
Vincent ???? ?/?/1826 "Son of Rodman and Polly Vincent"; stone is very badly weathered; same stone as George
Vincent Abel Burt ?/?/1833 aged 2 years, ? months & ? days; "Son og Rodman G. and Polly Vincent
Vincent Anna L. 1872-no date wife of Ray W.
Vincent Elizabeth 1830-1910 same plot as Ray W.; possibly his mother
Vincent George died ???? "Son of Rodman and Polly Vincent"; stone is very badly weathered
Vincent Leon J. 1901-1995 son of Ray W. & Anna
Vincent Mercy died 11/2/1855 aged 90 years, 7 months & 11 days; wife of Noel
Vincent Noel died 2/4/1844 aged 82 years & 2 days; husband of Mercy
Vincent Polly H. died 1/20/1899 aged 98 years; "Polly H. Vincent, a real daughter and a charter member of Fort Stanwix Chapter, DAR, Rome, NY placed by her chapter 1932"; wife of Rodman
Vincent Ray W. 1878-no date husband of Anna L.
Vincent Rodman G. died 11/11/1868 aged 68 years; husband of Polly H.
Vines Harriet Snell 1852-1936  
W. M. W. ???? ???? a small stone being used to hold the cemetery gate open; appears to have been a foot stone
Walcott Laura R. 4/6/1843-1/23/1876 wife of Charles D.
Ward Ann died 6/5/1842 "Daughter of Ebenezer and Abigail Ward"
Warnick Daniel Patrick 2/12/92  
Watkins Lura Taylor 12/26/1807-11/25/1886 "Wife of Caleb Watkins"
Wears Anny died 10/5/1823 aged 73 years; "Wife of John Wears"
Wears Archibald died 5/12/1860 husband of Flory
Wears Flory died 9/7/1848 aged 69 years; wife of Archibald
Wentworth Edith S. Russell died 5/22/1843 aged 38 years; "Wife of Sylvanum Wentworth"
Wheeler Albert 10/23/1805-6/8/1878 husband of Rebecca A.
Wheeler Amanda 9/12/1801-4/26/1882  
Wheeler Aurilla A. 1826-1908 wife of E. E. Wheeler
Wheeler Aurilla P. died 8/20/1844 aged 30 years; "Wife of E. E. Wheeler"
Wheeler Catharine died 9/9/1849 aged 69 yaers; wife of Ephraim
Wheeler DeWitt Clinton died 9/16/1857 aged 4 years, 9 months & 16 days; "Son of John J. & L. V. Wheeler"
Wheeler Edward died 2/10/1824 aged 79 years; husband of Mary
Wheeler Eliza died 2/1?/1831 aged 3 years, 5 months and 5 days; "Daughter of Schuyler and Samantha Wheeler"
Wheeler Ephraim died 9/15/1841 aged 66 years; husband of Catharine
Wheeler Ephraim died 12/14/1864 aged 14 years and 6 months; "Son of E. and A. A. Wheeler"
Wheeler Ephraim E. died 10/27/1892 husband of Aurilla P. and Aurilla A.
Wheeler Hayden W. died 2/5/1839 aged 10 months; "Son of Ephraim and Aurilla Wheeler"
Wheeler Isabelle died 7/29/1851 aged 8 months & 2 days; "Daughter of John J. & L. V. Wheeler"
Wheeler Mary died 12/10/1823 aged 77 years; wife of Edward
Wheeler Robert died 4/4/1823 aged 3 months and 6 days; "Son of Schuyler and Roxena Wheeler"
Wheeler Rebecca A. Lawton 1/24/1810-6/17/1892 wife of Albert
Whitaker William Jr. 1944-2002
White Dea. Charles died 11/24/1882 aged 72 years, 4 months & 7 days; husabnd of Jane M.
White Jane M. died 8/20/1886 aged 68 years, 8 monthsd & 21 days; wife of Dea. Charles
Wilcox Jeanette 1944-1990  
Wilcox Sally died 11/17/1876 aged 76 years, 1 month & 47 days; "Wife of Henry Wilcox"
Williams Electa M. died 7/1/1852 "Wife of Joseph Williams"
Williams John William died 9/30/1850 aged 7 years; "Son of ? and Sarah Williams"
Williams Joseph died 3/24/1855 aged 64 years, 6 months & 24 days; husband of Electa M.
Williams Lillian T. 1913-1970 wife of Otto N.
Williams Mary Ann 6/23/1832 aged 11 years & 8 months; "Daughter of Daniel and Martha Williams"
Williams Otto N. 1909-1978 husband of Lillian T.
Williams Caroline 1825-1902 wife of John
Williams Ella 1856-1859 daughter of John & Caroline
Williams Infant Daughter 6/17/1816 aged 16 days
Williams John 1822-1895 husband of Caroline
Williams Lecta 1823-1902 sister of John Williams
Woolsey Abigail Wheeler 3/18/1784-1/12/1866 "Wife of William Woolsey"
Woolsey William died 6/1/1860 aged 44 years; husband of Abigail Wheeler Woolsey
Worden George W. ?/?/1829  
Worden William W. died 3/30/1842 aged 7 years
Wright Abigail died 7/29/1845 aged 71 years & 10 days; "Wife of Daniel Wright"
Wyman Edna C. Hughes 1886-1949 daughter of William & Ada Hughes

Additional Notes Regarding
Persons Buried in
The Gravesville Cemetery

Archibald Blue (d. 1875) once peddled teas and coffees from a horse drawn wagon for the Grand Union Tea Co.

Elijah Seavey (1812-1895) was the first postmaster (1845) in Gravesville. The general store where the post office was originally established is still operating as the Gravesville general Store.

George W. Collins (5/12/1864) is the same man whose letters to his cousin, Eunice Earle, are posted in the Town of Russia portion of this site. It's unknown if George W. is really buried at Gravesville. It was common practice, due to the expense of transportation and the poor quality of embalming, to have fallen soldiers buried in a nearby military cemetery and the family would erect a "memorial stone" in their local cemetery.

Mercy Hall (d. 2/2/1836) was the widow of Elisha C. Hall. Elisha, a Revolutionary War soldier had been employed at West Point in the construction of bomb-proof forts. They built a Federal style home at Russia Corners with a beehive brick oven in the first floor fireplace. The house still stands and the present owners have restored it, keeping as much of the original building and plans as possible.

Steven Knight
September 2003

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