Litchfield Cemetery

Town of Litchfield, NY

An original reading of Litchfield Cemetery, Herkimer County, New York, walked and transcribed in July 2006 by Steven Knight.

"Litchfield Cemetery is also known as Kinne Cemetery and Five Corners Cemetery. It's situated about 2 1/2 miles south of Ilion on Barringer Road at the corner of Cemetery Road. The cemetery is active and well kept but many of the older stones are badly deteriorated and difficult to impossible to read. I estimate there are at least three dozen stones I couldn't decipher at all. This reading was done in early July 2006."

Abbott John James 12/25/1844-8/21/1856 son of Sardis & Rebecca Abbott
Abbott Rebecca 5/3/1811-10/3/1888 wife of Sardis Lorenzo
Abbott Sardis Lorenzo 2/18/1810-8/15/1900 hus of Rebecca
Adams Elizabeth A. 1920-1983 wife of Robert F.
Adams Robert F. 1918-1974 hus of Elizabeth A.
Adams Vincent L. 1941-1997 son of Robert & Elizabeth Adams
Applegate Betty Weeden 1922-2004 this is a funeral director's plaque, no stone
Armstrong Orville 1882-1965
Augar LeElla B. 1896-1977 wife of Thomas Sr.
Augar Russell 1921-2005
Augar Thomas Jr. 1928-1955 son of Thomas Sr. & LeElla B. Augar
Augar Thomas Sr. 1884-1964 hus of LeElla B.
Augar unreadable unreadable this marker appears to list more than one name but is badly deteriorated
Augar Willis E. 8/21/1918-3/2/2001
Avery A. Frank 1862-1935
Avery Alonzo L. 1831-7/15/1880 hus of Nancy Wheelock; aged 48 yrs, 11 months & 3 days
Avery Apphia 5/13/1789-8/12/1871 wife of John S.
Avery Clara 1840-1864 wife of Sanford
Avery Cora B. Doremus 1872-1915 wife of John S.
Avery Della N. 1856-1925
Avery Edward H. 1857-1932 hus of Helen M.
Avery Elizabeth R. 1828-1909
Avery Ella M. 1861-1895
Avery Emeline 6/18/1824-9/9/1895 wife of William
Avery Gertrude B. 1905-1971 wife of J. Samuel
Avery Grace R. 1868-1922 wife of Sheridan
Avery Helen M. 1864-1936 wife of Edward H.
Avery J. Samuel 1907-1958 hus of Gertrude B.
Avery John S. 1/27/1792-12/29/1878 hus of Apphia
Avery John S. 1862-1938 hus of Cora B. Doremus
Avery Mary Willems 1926-1995
Avery Nancy Wheelock 1837-1925 wife of Alonzo L.
Avery Raymond D. 1904-1970
Avery Sanford 1825-1905 hus of Clara
Avery Sheridan 1864-1939 hus of Grace R.
Avery William 11/9/181?-3/5/1894 hus of Emeline
Aylesworth Daniel unreadable hus of Julia; lower portion of stone with death date is buried
Aylesworth Elizabeth Jones died 4/20/18?? "wife of Thomas Aylesworth"; aged 65 yrs
Aylesworth Hannah Matteson died 9/15/1841 "wife of Thomas Aylesworth"; aged 43 yrs
Aylesworth Julia unreadable wife of Daniel; lower portion of stone with death date is buried
Badeau Mary A. 1863-1904
Ball Stanley H. 1918-1992
Bean Alcena unreadable
Beckwith Arthur D. 1891-1978 hus of Ella I. Kinne
Beckwith Ella I. Kinne 1893-1965 wife of Arthur D.
Bennett Bertha B. 1897-1985
Binney John A. Sr. 1933-1997 "A1C US Air Force"
Binney Richard 1961-1970 son of John A. Sr.
Binney Robert L. 1921-1980 "US Army"
Blackwell Carl G. 1921-1992
Bott Edward 1822-1904 hus of Jane Kay
Bott Jane Kay 1826-1908 wife of Edward
Bouten Grace J. 1953-1997
Bouten Ralph K. 1955-1978
Bouten Teresa F. 1921-1982
Bowles ???? Maria died 181? "daughter of Elisha & Clarrisa Bowles"
Brainard Edd O. 1856-1932 hus of Florence L.
Brainard Florence L. 1864-1943 wife of Edd O.
Brainard Iva L. 1890-1928
Brayton Almira A. unreadable "wife of Joseph Brayton"
Brayton Benjamin died 1842 "son of Jeremiah & Esther Brayton"
Brayton Betsey died 1830 "daughter of Jeremiah & Esther Brayton"
Brayton Esther unreadable wife of Jeremiah; lower portion of the stone is buried
Brayton Jeremiah died 1840 hus of Esther
Brayton Mary Ann died 18?? "daughter of Jeremiah & Esther Brayton"
Brayton Sarah Ann unreadable "daughter of Jeremiah & Esther Brayton"
Brayton William died 3/10/1890 aged 83 yrs
Brewer Edward D. 1904-1972 hus of Frances I.
Brewer Frances I. 1896-1966 wife of Edward D.
Brewer Harold 1908-1958
Brock Alice G. 1851-1929
Brown Gregory L., Rev. 1951-1985 "SGT US Air Force Vietnam"
Bruce Florence M. 1877-1951 wife of Robert L.
Bruce Robert L. 1875-1953 hus of Florence M.
Brunner Walter C. 1/26/1960-4/26/2002 "SGT US Army"
Budlong Aaron 9/27/1779-3/25/1851 hus of Nancy
Budlong Alice 6/11/1809-2/9/1879
Budlong John died 9/9/1842 hus of Rebecca; aged 70 yrs
Budlong Nancy died 6/?/// wife of Aaron
Budlong Rebecca died 4/6/1843 wife of John; aged 66 yrs
Byington Charles E. 1882-1959
Byington Florence Gay 1905-1973
Champion John ?/12/1801-9/22/1884 hus of Sophia M.
Champion Orlow 10/18/1843-4/20/1853 "son of John & Sophia M. Champion"
Champion Panella died 5/7/1843 wife of Roswell; aged 47 yrs, 7 months & 4 days
Champion Roswell died 2/15/1852
Champion Roswell died 4/10/1863 hus of Panella; aged 70 yrs
Champion Sophia M. 3/2/1806-2/7/1875 wife of John
Chismore Susan died 1844 "wife of Jacob Chismore"
Clements Doris M. 1936-2005
Cole Fannie A. 1888-1959 wife of Starr L.
Cole John 1926-1945 "PFC 89th Div. W.W.II"
Cole Starr L. 1883-1942 hus of Fannie A.
Comes Addison C. 1/17/1827-5/11/1916 hus of Maranda Joslin
Comes Herbert I. 1900-1947
Comes Irving 1865-1936 hus of Julia Loomis
Comes Julia Loomis 1868-1917 wife of Irving
Comes Maranda Joslin 6/12/1834-2/16/1904 wife of Addison C.
Commings Esther died 7/9/1887
Coughlin Dorothy J. Comes 1904-1935
Crimm Francis died 2/12/1847 aged 3?yrs
Culver Elizabeth 1915-1997 wife of Harrison
Culver Harrison 1901-1979 hus of Elizabeth
Davis Esther E. 8/7/1820-2/1/1896 "Mother of Thomas Davis"
Davis Flora 1867-1938
Davis Lora E. 1875-1954
Davis Mary Maria 9/30/1836-3/16/1896 wife of Thomas S.
Davis Thomas S. 1839-1917 hus of Mary Maria; "Civil War Co. K 2nd NY Hvy Art"
DeLong Charles L. 1864-1865 "son of Loring & Lucy DeLong"
DeLong Gibson S. 1806-1871 hus of Mary Bishop
DeLong Loring M. 1823-1902 hus of Lucy Ann Paddock
DeLong Lucy Ann Paddock 1827-1896 wife of Loring M.
DeLong Lucy Crego 1795-1854 "wife of Enoch DeLong"
See Note at Bottom of Page
DeLong Lucy May 1903-1903
DeLong Mary A. 11/12/1852-no date "children of Amos & Hannah M. Tillinghast"; " wife of J. Delevan DeLong"
DeLong Mary Bishop 1807-1897 wife of Gibson S.
DeSantos Joseph 1902-1972
Dibble Milton R. Jr. 1928-2004
Dingledein Albert J. 1906-1984 hus of Dorothy M.
Dingledein Dorothy M. 1907-2002 wife of Albert J.
Dollerd Agnes J. 1891-1910
Dollerd Anthony died 5/25/1893 "son of Michael & Stasi Dollerd"; aged 4 yrs, 5 months and 18 days
Dollerd Michael 1849-1935 hus of Stasia
Dollerd Stasia 1850-1930 wife of Michael
Donahoe Doris R. 1903-1994 wife of Homer I.
Donahoe Glenn 1897-1921 son of James & Ruth Donahoe
Donahoe Homer I. 1900-1967 hus of Doris R.
Donahoe James 1861-1951 hus of Ruth Comes
Donahoe Leon 1894-1905 son of James & Ruth Donahoe
Donahoe Ruth Comes 1869-1926 wife of James
Donahoe Timothy S. 1968-1991
Dow Abigail R. died 10/2?/1833 "wife of A. H. Dow"; aged 28 yrs
Draper Mary A. 1921-2002
Duchon (?) Catherine 4/1826 "daughter of E. I. Duchon (?); the surname is very difficult to read and is a 'best guess'
Duchon (?) Olive 3/1824 "daughter of E. I. Duchon (?); the surname is very difficult to read and is a 'best guess'
Dulak William 10/28/1915-3/5/2000
Edick Glenn E. 1918-1992 hus of Janet F.
Edick Janet F. 1921-1998 wife of Glenn E.
Edwards Elizabeth Hull 1911-1998 wife of Thornley G.
Edwards Ruth died 3/9/1870 wife of Thomas
Edwards Thomas died 3/17/1869 hus of Ruth
Edwards Thornley G. 1909-1990 hus of Elizabeth Hull
Ellsworth Martha Kinne 1816-1905 wife of Myron
Ellsworth Myron 1816-1898 hus of Martha Kinne
Evans David 1814-1861 hus of Mary Schooley
Evans David L. 1852-1926 hus of Minnie M.
Evans Herbert L. 1855-1882 "son of David & Mary Evans"
Evans Mary Schooley 1816-1897 wife of David
Evans Minnie M. 1862-1943 wife of David L.
Evans William J. 1842-1863 son of David & Mary Evans; "Civil War PRI Kings Hosp. VA."
Everett Mercy Merry died 1/12/1861 "wife of Jesse everett"; aged 77 yrs
Fahey Amanda Mae 7/10/1978-10/25/1978
Feldman Edith C. 1858-1944
Feldman Grace F. 1899-1970 wife of Karl C.
Feldman Karl C. 1898-1978 hus of Grace F.
Ferguson Clara 1917-1995 wife of Lawrence B.
Ferguson Lawrence B. 1913-1983 hus of Clara
Ferriss Grace M. 1887-1961 wife of Lynn M.
Ferriss Lynn M. 1884-1959 hus of Grace M.
Fish Ada Belle 1861-1931 wife of Charles P.
Fish Alma Parker 6/11/1807-2/1/1883 wife of E. W.
Fish Beatrice T. 1898-1993 wife of Harry L.
Fish Charles P. 1856-1931 hus of Ada Belle
Fish Dorothy Sheridan 1902-1973 wife of Ward C.
Fish E. W. 9/30/1803-6/26/1869 hus of Alma Parker
Fish Emma M. Underwood 7/28/1837-1/31/1901 wife of I. W.
Fish Fred P. 1863-1941 hus of Jennie D.
Fish Harry L. 1896-1952 hus of Beatrice T.
Fish I. W. 4/25/1834-8/18/1903 hus of Emma M. Underwood
Fish Irving Wallace 1894-1969 hus of Laona Whelan
Fish Janet E. Moyer 1932-1996 wife of Ted L.
Fish Jennie D. 1867-1943 wife of Fred P.
Fish Laona Whelan 1892-1959 wife of Irving Wallace
Fish Lillian M. 1890-1959 wife of Warren S.
Fish Mary E. Seckner 8/15/1830-5/20/1886 wife of S. P.
Fish S. P. 3/10/1829-6/27/1900 hus of Mary E. Seckner
Fish Ted L. 1925-2005 hus of Janet E. Moyer
Fish Ward C. 1895-1973 hus of Dorothy Sheridan
Fish Warren S. 1892-1944 hus of Lillian M.; son of Charles P. & Ada Belle
Folts Elah D. 1857-1928 hus of Eva L. Kinne
Folts Eva L. Kinne 1860-1943 wife of Elah D.
Gage Elizabeth died 2/26/1894 aged 59 yrs
Gage Mary Jane 1/23/1838-8/27/1885 wife of Seymour W.
Gage Maud 1880-1923
Gage Permelia M. died 7/6/1887 aged 84 yrs
Gage Seymour W. 11/15/1836-12/17/1921 hus of Mary Jane
Gates Angeline Kinne 1878-1953 wife of John
Gates John 1877-1951 hus of Angeline Kinne
Gates Martha R. 1898-1988
Gay Carmeta M. 1912-1985 wife of Elverton F.
Gay Charles 1837-1912 hus of Mary A.
Gay Elverton F. 1910-2005 hus of Carmeta M.
Gay Floyd 1874-1948 hus of Marjorie
Gay Marjorie 1886-1971 wife of Floyd
Gay Mary A. 1841-1929 wife of Chrales
Gay Maud 1880-1923
Getman Charles W. 1847-1891 hus of Inez C. Matteson
Getman Clarrissa M. 1828-1911
Getman Clyde L. 1880-1965 hus of Vinnie
Getman Enoch C. 1845-1927
Getman Floyd C. 1874-1954
Getman Ida 1852-1938
Getman Inez C. Matteson 1854-1941 wife of Charles W.
Getman Martha 1811-1894 wife of Rudolph
Getman Rudolph 1809-1885 hus of Martha
Getman Vinnie 1875-1928 wife of Clyde L.
Gillette Eli Jr. died 9/28/1857 hus of Olive; aged 77 yrs & 6 months
Gillette Harry L. 1813-1815
Gillette Olive died 9/9/1867 wife of Eli Jr.; aged 88 yrs, 4 months & 15 days
Hadley Gilbert W. died 12/4/1887
Hand Bernice H. 1895-1972 wife of Harold
Hand Harold 1887-1960 hus of Bernice H.
Heaton Charles A. III 1928-1996
Hodge Alton Clay 1915-1997
Holden Laval R. 6/13/1922-10/10/2000 "PFC US Army W.W.II VAL Normandy Invasion"
Holden Wilson 12/28/1926-9/7/2000 "PVT US Army WW II"
House Sarah K. 1824-1913
Hovey Helen A. 1896-1959
Hull Herbert H. 10/18/1868-11/21/1945 hus of Katherine Richards
Hull Katherine Richards 3/12/1869-1/12/1961 wife of Herbert H.
Humphrey Florence N. 1907-1984 wife of Frederick G.
Humphrey Frederick G. 1907-1982 hus of Florence N.
Hunt Fred 1871-1959
Hurlburt Adna E. 1846-1914 hus of Aphia Avery
Hurlburt Aphia Avery 1847-1932 wife of Adna E.
Illig Frank P. 1883-1966 hus of Harriet S.
Illig Harriet S. 1881-1959 wife of Frank P.
Jarboe Lorna A. 1893-1942
Jarvis Cora J. Morris 1894-1944 wife of Leon
Jarvis Leon 1893-1958 hus of Cora J. Morris
Johnson Angeline J. 1930-2004
Jones Ann died ?/25/1886
Jones Eleanor died 5/31/1860 "wife of Robert Jones"
Jones George ??89-unreadable
Joslin Caroline E. died 5/7/1872 wife of George; aged 50 yrs, ? Months & 17 days
Joslin Carrie E. 1859-1948 wife of Orlo E.
Joslin Charles H. died 6/3/1909 hus of Delia L. Ellsworth; aged 75 yrs
Joslin David died 9/20/185? hus of Ruth Matteson; aged 58 yrs
Joslin Delia L. Ellsworth 1837-1925 wife of Charles H.
Joslin Earl S. 1880-no date hus of Minnie A.
Joslin George died 1/15/1881 hus of Caroline E.; aged 68 yrs, 6 months & 29 days
Joslin Harriet C. Norton 1845-1934 wife of Merritt F.
Joslin Huldah died 6/?/1876 wife of John
Joslin Isabel died 8/18/1888 "daughter of David & Ruth(?)"
Joslin John died 9/6/1845 hus of Orrilla
Joslin John died 2/16/186? hus of Huldah
Joslin John B. died ?/26/1856 "son of Philo & Mary Joslin"; aged 1 yr, 4 months & ? Days
Joslin Judson 4/19/1826-8/18/1887
Joslin Mary E. died 2/11/1871 aged 45 yrs, 5 months & 11 days
Joslin Merritt F. 1842-1912 hus of Harriet C. Norton
Joslin Minnie A. 1870-1950 wife of Earl S.
Joslin Orlo E. 1870-1948 hus of Carrie E.
Joslin Orrllia died 12/30/1837 wife of John
Joslin Ruth Matteson died 1/6/1842 wife of David; aged 42 yrs
Joslin Sanford 1820-1881 hus of Savally L. West
Joslin Savally L. West 1818-1915 wife of Sanford
Joslin Silas M. died 4/24/1898 aged 53 yrs, 9 months & 29 days
Kay Ann died 4/27/1882 wife of William; aged 89 yrs, ? Months & 5 days
Kay Artemus 1857-1938 hus of Julia Ball
Kay Bert 1883-1972
Kay Bertha Fish 9/5/1885-9/22/1924
Kay Donald L. 1913-2001 hus of Monica P.
Kay Emira L. Matteson died 2/11/1897 wife of John; aged 75 yrs
Kay Gordon C. 1917-1943
Kay James J. died 1969 "Baby"
Kay John died 186? hus of Emira L. Matteson; aged 49 yrs, 9 months & 18 days
Kay Julia Ball 1858-1942 wife of Artemus
Kay Lawrence 1829-1903
Kay Mary 1831-1905
Kay Monica P. 1914-1997 wife of Donald L.
Kay Nelson died 9/4/1882 hus of Margaret; aged 78 yrs
Kay Reynolds 1881-1940
Kay Sarah M. died 1863
Kay Simon 1889-1964
Kay Unie 1891-1974
Kay William unreadable hus of Ann
Kay Margaret 2/12/????- 4/14/???? wife of Nelson
Keeler Albert 1970-2005
Keeler Albert R. 1917-1964 hus of Shirley A.
Keeler Roger A. 1942-2001
Keeler Shirley A. 1920-1996 wife of Albert R.
Kencharek Jean F. 1924-2001 wife of Walter S.
Kencharek Walter S. 1920-1997 hus of Jean F.
Kenyon Desire Lewis 1796-1885 "wife of Wescott Kenyon"
Kilbourn Bernard S. D.D.S. 2/13/1924-6/29/2005 hus of Joan A.; "Tech 5 US Army WW II"
Kilbourn Bruce B. 1929-1955
Kilbourn Joan A. 1930-2000 wife of Bernard M.
Kilbourn Minnie N. 1894-1979 wife of William M.
Kilbourn William M. 1892-1946 hus of Minnie N.; "W.W. I"
Kinne Angelina Marvin 1815-1901 wife of Samuel H.
Kinne Betsey A. 1873-1949 wife of Charles B.
Kinne Candace ?/18/1838-3/4/1857 "daughter of Samuel & Angelina Kinne"
Kinne Charles B. 1872-1950 hus of Betsey A.
Kinne Clarissa Henry died 12/28/1857 wife of Thomas; aged 76 yrs
Kinne E. Lucinda 1860-1948
Kinne Emma A. Whitney 1842-1912 wife of Manuel H.
Kinne Jeremiah 1821-1909 hus of Mary G. Kenyon
Kinne Jeremiah Wilcox 1846-1902
Kinne Judson W. 1903-1969
Kinne Manuel H. 1840-1918 hus of Emma A. Whitney
Kinne Martha Jane 1846-1930
Kinne Mary G. Kenyon 1824-1888 wife of Jeremiah
Kinne Mary I. 1863-1950
Kinne Phebe Armstrong died 4/2/1806 wife of Thomas; aged 24 yrs
Kinne S. Whitney 1865-1891 son of Manuel H. & Emma A. Whitney; "Buried in Peru, S.A."
Kinne Samuel H. 1815-1895 hus of Angelina Marvin
Kinne Thomas died 8/18/1857 hus of 1) Phebe Armstrong & 2) Clarissa Henry; aged 77 yrs
Kinne Thomas D. 1897-1900
Kinney Ethel H. 1924-1979 wife of Paul N.
Kinney Paul N. 1914-1998 hus of Ethel H.
Latt Frederick A. 1929-1996
LaVeck Joseph 1849-1921 hus of Lucy Avery
LaVeck Lucy Avery 1840-1921 wife of Joseph
Lints Nathan 1881-no date hus of Winifred
Lints Winifred 1887-no date wife of Nathan
Love Elaine G. 3/5/1928-3/13/1985
Love Mollie 1899-1984 wife of Stanley R.
Love Richard C. 1919-1995
Love Stanley R. 1900-1957 hus of Mollie
Love Edith 1914-1994
Lum Chancy 1868-1949 hus of Theta D.
Lum Theta D. 1877-1949 wife of Chancy
Lyman Marjorie J. 1926-2006
Lynch Alma I. 1922-1997
Marcoline Iva Kinney 1916-1995
Matteson ?elson died 1819
Matteson Althea died 5/4/1879 wife of Stephen A.; aged 88 yrs
Matteson Artemus A. died 1869 "son of Stephen & Althea Matteson"
Matteson Charles died 6/9/1856 hus of Clarissa A. Loomis; "son of Stephen & Althea Matteson"; aged 42 yrs
Matteson Clarissa A. Loomis died 2/?/1887 wife of Charles
Matteson H. R. died 12/29/1879 "Civil War Co. E 152nd NY Inf"
Matteson Hannah died 6/6/18?? wife of Jesse; aged 70 yrs
Matteson Jesse died 6/9/1850 hus of Hannah; aged 82 yrs
Matteson Laban unreadable hus of Susan
Matteson Lauren F. died 10/4/1880 hus of Roxy; aged 59 yrs
Matteson Roxy died 3/5/1894 wife of Lauren F.; aged 61 yrs
Matteson Stephen A. died 10/9/1866 hus of Althea
Matteson Susan died 183? wife of Laban
Matthews Herbert 1879-1930 hus of Kate C.
Matthews Kate C. 1883-1943 wife of Herbert
Maus Anna G. 1886-1975 wife of John C.
Maus John C. 1887-1947 hus of Anna G.; "Co. C 8th M. G. BT."
Maxwell Gladys Wheelock 1901-1973 wife of Harold W.
Maxwell Harold W. 1897-1980 hus of Gladys Wheelock
Merry Alanson 12/8/1791-3/25/1842 hus of Elizabeth
Merry E?????? died 4/24/1867 wife of John; aged 82 yrs
Merry Elizabeth 2/2/1792-12/7/1871 wife of Alanson
Merry John died 4/17/1813
Merry John died 11/16/1857 hus of E???????
Merry Unreadable died 11/?/1853
Merry Unreadable died 6/5/1865
Metzger Jacob 1862-1937 hus of Laura K. Kinne
Metzger Laura K. Kinne 1864-1928 wife of Jacob
Mezger David F. 11/9/1860-9/22/1876 son of Jacob & Eliza
Mezger Eliza Reuter 9/22/1836-4/28/1907 wife of Jacob
Mezger Jacob 4/7/1836-4/22/1886 hus of Eliza Reuter
Mischke Franz 1881-1960 hus of Marie
Mischke Marie 1887-1982 wife of Franz
Morris Samuel 1858-1928 hus of Vinnie I.
Morris Vinnie I. 1867-1958 wife of Samuel
Murray Charles F. 1932-1988 "A1C US Air Force Korea"
Nicholas Dan B. 1857-1931 hus of Julia Matthews
Nicholas Elmer 1903-1962 hus of Wanda
Nicholas Julia Matthews 1867-1944 wife of Dan B.
Nicholas Wanda 1913-1997 wife of Elmer
Nichols Nelson B. 1889-1925 hus of Ruth Comes
Nichols Phoebe died 8/2/1889 aged 83 yrs
Nichols Ruth Comes 1892-no date wife of Nelson
Nichols Wallace L. 1896-1979
No surname Addie J. 1868-1951
No surname Ellen 1854-1895 "dau of Ann Jones"
No surname Grace M. 1899-1903
no surname Lavega M. 1849-1910
No surname Mary Brown no dates "his wife"
No surname Rebekah died 1822 "wife of Job D?????"
No surname Seymour S. 1845-1923
No surname Stutley 1808-1874
Northrup Nancy K. 1834-1912
Paddock Alma Tillinghast 1805-1879 wife of John
Paddock John "Col." died 4/2/1861 hus of Alma Tillinghast; aged 60 yrs, ? Months & 18 days
Paddock Mahetable Johnson died 2/12/1872 wife of William Jr.
Paddock William died 8/31/1834 aged 83 yrs
Paddock William Jr. died 7/13/1849 hus of Mahetable Johnson
Palmer Clayton F. 1890-1965 hus of Maude Shaw
Palmer John J. 1899-1975 hus of Ruth Fish
Palmer Maude Shaw 1896-1987 wife of Clayton F.
Palmer Ruth Fish 1902-1983 wife of John J.
Paro Melinda M. 1889-1978
Perkins Robert A. 11/14/1956-5/10/1987
Pickett Genevieve 1920-1990
Pikul Emma 1902-1989
Plantedi George 1899-1989 hus of Martha Kinne
Plantedi Martha Kinne 1895-1967 wife of George
Platt Michael D. 9/5/1959-10/24/1959
Platts Augusta Smith 1851-1924 wife of Edward M.
Platts Caroline Schooley 1819-1900 wife of George G.
Platts Edward M. 1853-1936 hus of Augusta Smith
Platts George G. 1823-1860 hus of Caroline Schooley
Platts Julia A. 1850-1922
Platts Montraville A. 1846-1863 "Civil War PRI 152 NY Inf."
Poirier Frieda Burger 1903-1999 wife of Reginald F.
Poirier Reginald F. 1911-1985 hus of Frieda Burger
Randall Emily died 2/23/1853 "wife of Dr. O. W. Randall"; aged 33 yrs, 4 months & 15 days
Randall Otis W. died 3/18/1853 aged 49 yrs, 3 months & 9 days
Rands Gladys Fish 1899-1969 wife of Leon Franklin
Rands Leon Franklin 1901-1966 hus of Gladys Fish
Rebaud Edward 1867-1942 hus of Mary Louise
Rebaud Mary Louise 1874-1963 wife of Edward
Richards Aldah 4/14/1908-9/9/1908 "daughter of B. Frank & Giffie Richards"
Richards B. Frank 1874-1942 hus of Giffie Matthews
Richards Benjamin 1829-1899 hus of Jane
Richards Cora M. 1878-1932 "daughter of Benjamin & Jane Richards"
Richards Elizabeth 1867-1920 "daughter of Benjamin & Jane Richards"
Richards Giffie Matthews 1877-1960 wife of B. Frank
Richards Homer H. 1913-1947
Richards Jane 1841-1919 wife of Benjamin
Richards John H. 1870-1949 hus of Orpha K.
Richards Orpha K. 1870-1943 wife of John H.
Richards Thomas 1873-1917 "son of Benjamin & Jane Richards"
Rogers Mary unreadable "wife of A. Rogers"
Rogers Newton unreadable "son of A. & M. Rogers"
Rogers Rufus 1/16/1767-3/20/1836 "Born in Hampton, Windham Co., Conn. - Died in Litchfiled, Herkimer Co., N.Y."
Rose Ida R. 1860-1944
Ross Adalin died 12/11/184? "daughter of Ansel & Mary Ross"; aged 16 yrs
Ross Alethea died 8/20/1834
Ross Alfred D. died 1/13/1872 aged 57 yrs, 10 months & 20 days
Ross Artemus died 2/19/1826 "son of John & Olive Ross"; aged 21
Ross Hibbard P. died 1/29/1821 "son of Artemus & ??? Ross"; aged 2 yrs, ?months & ? Days; "son of Artemus & Penelope Ross
Ross John 8/10/1780-2/21/1860 hus of Olive; aged 79 yrs, 6 months & 11 days
Ross Olive died 11/12/1866 wife of John
View Olive's Tombstone
Rowland Faith Ann no date this is a funeral director's plaque; grave marked by a small marble angel with no engraving
Russell Benjamin F. 1869-1953 hus of Bessie M.
Russell Bessie M. 1875-1957 wife of Benjamin F.
Russell Olive Stearns 1902-1996 wife of Shirley LaVeck
Russell Shirley LaVeck 1903-1972 hus of Olive Stearns
Ryan Susan died 7/?/1812 "wife of Patrick Ryan'
Schonfeld Augustus 1868-1898 hus of Bertha
Schonfeld Bertha died 6/12/1902 wife of Augustus
Schooley Amy died 5/7/1875 wife of James
Schooley Andrew 5/27/1814-6/27/1889 hus of Emma Wineger
Schooley Charles C. 2/6/1863-3/19/1865 "son of Andrew & Emma Schooley"
Schooley Elmer J. 1906-1922 "son of James A. Schooley
Schooley Emma Wineger 6/8/1826-8/20/1905 wife of Andrew
Schooley James died 12/8/1863 hus of Amy
Schooley James A. 1856-1939 "son of Andrew & Emma Schooley"
Schooley Lester A. 1908-1990
Schooley Mary died 7/6/1841 "wife of Robert Schooley"; aged 92 yrs & 14 days
Schooley Warren H. 1853-1929 "son of Andrew & Emma Schooley"
Seymour Karen Ann 7/15/1943-11/21/1943
Sherman Merinda 1/18/1800-1/18/1879
Skiff Nancy J. died 4/12/1832 "sister of Hannah M. Tillinghast"; aged 22 yrs
Smith Bernard 1914-1914 son of Delano & Leola
Smith Delano 1885-1953 hus of Leola
Smith John L. died 3/19/1833 "son of Gaylord & Polly Smith"
Smith Leola 1885-1990 wife of Delano
Smith Polly died 3/14/1868 wife of Gaylord; aged 69 yrs
Sprague Richard W. 3/4/1920-2/12/2004 "PFC US Army W.W.II"
Sproston Marguerite C. 1907-1971
Steele Adaline Paddock 1835-1928
Steele Mary Frances 1875-1963 "daughter of Adaline Paddock Steele"
Teeter Barbara R. 1926-2003 wife of William F.
Teeter William F. 8/1/1925-12/10/1998 hus of Barbara R.; "LTJG US Navy WW II"
Tennant Donald Quaife 11/15/1919-2/12/1972
Tillinghast Amos 12/27/1809-12/17/1868 hus of Hannah M. Skiff
Tillinghast Amos Sr. 1764-1858 hus of Mary Noble
Tillinghast Byron S. 3/13/1849-5/19/1911 "son of Amos & Hannah M. Tillinghast"
Tillinghast Hannah M. Skiff 8/24/1812-2/13/1900 wife of Amos
Tillinghast Jedediah 1/16/1819-5/24/1895 hus of Mary J. Kinne
Tillinghast Joseph C. 1838-1868 "Civil War Capt. Co. B NYSV"
Tillinghast Mary J. Kinne 2/24/1820-5/19/1911 wife of Jedediah
Tillinghast Mary Noble 1784-1877 wife of Amos Sr.
Tillinghast Nancy P. 1/4/1840-10/11/1855 "daughter of Amos & Hannah M. Tillinghast"
Turner Helen E. Hoyt 1909-1992 wife of Ralph I.
Turner Paul Richard 8/20/1958-11/9/2000
Turner Ralph I. 1905-1993 hus of Helen E. Hoyt
Underwood J. Eva 1848-1898
Underwood Mary A. died 10/14/1891 wife of William E.
Underwood William E. died 4/16/1877 hus of Mary A.
Unreadable Abigail T. lower portion of the stone is buried
Unreadable Unreadable unreadable a tall monument with several names barely visible; badly deteriorated
Van Nort Helen Jewell 1916-1985 wife of Kenneth Roselle
Van Nort Kenneth Roselle 1911-1981 hus of Helen Jewell
Vinton Aaron died 7/5/1841 aged 55 yrs, 3 months & 27 days
Vinton Benjamin died 1852 this grave has a War of 1812 flag marker
Vinton Benoni 1754-1837 "Revolutionary War Soldier"
Vinton Rebecca died 10/10/1822 wife of Benoni; aged 66 yrs, ? Months & 10 days
Vinton Samuel died 6/4/1849 aged 65 yrs, 3 months & 6 days
Wainwright Dorothy 1921-2003 wife of Elwood
Wainwright Elwood 1923-2004 hus of Dorothy
Walsh Judith Mary 1959-1978
Walsh Maynard W. 1922-1998
Warren Hudson M. 1854-1877
Warren Mary Ann 1824-1902
Watson W. Arthur died 1868 "son of A. B. & C. A. Watson"; aged 7 yrs, 10 months and ? Days
Weeden G. Roger 1891-1961 hus of Helen Fish
Weeden G. Roger III 1949-1978
Weeden Helen Fish 1893-1962 wife of G. Roger
Weeks Evelyn M. Beckwith 1915-1974
Wellington A. R. 3/30/1844-11/8/1918 "children of Amos & Hannah M. Tillinghast"
Wheelock A. D. "Dr." died 6/17/1873 aged 29 yrs & 10 days
Wheelock Alonzo died 9/12/1840 son of Danford & Margaret Wheelock; aged 1 yr & 10 days
Wheelock Benjamin 1888-1945
Wheelock Cecile M. Comes 1890-1923 wife of Danford
Wheelock Clarence A. 1884-1926
Wheelock Clifford H. 1884-1967
Wheelock Danford died 12/23/1866 hus of Margaret
Wheelock Danford 1886-1929 hus of Cecile M. Comes
Wheelock Danford E. 1920-2000 hus of Elizabeth M.
Wheelock David 1956-1957
Wheelock Edna Van Nort 1896-1984 wife of Francis W.
Wheelock Edwin H. 1895-1907 "son of Henry & Nettie Wheelock"
Wheelock Eliza Copsey 1834-1914 wife of Warren W.
Wheelock Elizabeth M. 1923-2001 wife of Danford E.
Wheelock Francis W. 1897-1969 hus of Edna Van Nort
Wheelock Franklin W. 1854-1869 son of Warren & Eliza Wheelock; aged 14 yrs, 9 months & 20 days
Wheelock Fred W. 1858-1929 hus of Mary J.
Wheelock Henry 1851-1925 hus of Nettie L. Avery
Wheelock Howard M. 1918-2001
Wheelock Jean L. 1932-1949 "daughter of Francis & Edna Wheelock"
Wheelock Margaret died 2/10/1880 wife of Danford
Wheelock Mary J. 1877-1979 wife of Fred W.
Wheelock Mildred 1902-1991
Wheelock Nettie L. Avery 1859-1940 wife of Henry
Wheelock Rose A. 1882-1904 "daughter of Henry & Nettie Wheelock"
Wheelock Warren W. 1816-1893 hus of Eliza Copsey
Whelan Clyndon D. 1881-1938
Whelan Daniel J. 1856-1931 hus of Jennie M. Kinne
Whelan Jennie M. Kinne 1857-1933 wife of Daniel J.
Wilfert Frances Avery 1851-1924
Willems John F. 11/22/1931-9/3/2005
Williams Donald W. 1925-1990 "SM1 US Navy W.W. II"
Williams Ella McDonald 1896-1982 wife of Harry J.
Williams Harold 1924-1991 "Stub"
Williams Harry J. 1879-1963 hus of Ella McDonald
Williams Russell J. 1922-1978 son of Harry J. & Ella Williams
Williams Thelma Mae 1905-1986
Withey Marthana died 8/11/1811 "wife of Henry Withey"; aged 30 yrs & 11 months
Withey Orrilla died 8/10/1850 "wife of Erastus Withey"

updatedI've been doing some research on Lucy Crego Delong (wife of Enoch Delong) who is buried in Litchfield Cemetery. You have her lifedates posted as 1795-1854. Some entries in the IGI and elsewhere have her born in 1785 and after looking at the 1840 and 1850 Census, I would have to agree with them.

In 1840, Enoch Lyman is shown in Columbus, Chenango Co. with a wife of 50 and under 60 (second entry in JohnSCrego file). In 1850, Enoch and Lucy Delong are in New Hartford, Oneida Co., and Lucy is shown as age 65. This calculates to a birth around 1785.

You may wish to double check your tombstone inscriptions to see if the date is actually 1785.

Roy Crego

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