Frankfort Hill Cemetery

Also Known as Wetmore Cemetery

Frankfort, NY

An original reading done in April 2006 by Steven Knight.

"I started the reading on April 3 and finished on April 11. There is one new burial (probably a spring interment) that was done between those dates but there is no funeral director's marker to indicate the name and no pre-existing headstone.

Frankfort Hill Cemetery, also known as Wetmore Cemetery, is located at 2338 Albany Road at it's intersection with Gulf Road in the Town of Frankfort. From the Village of Frankfort, it is most easily found by taking Cemetery Street south. This street becomes Higby Road when it leaves the village limits. Follow Higby Road until it meets Albany Road, then turn left onto Albany Road. Frankfort Hill Cemetery is about 1.5 miles on the left. It is located adjacent to the Town of Frankfort Highway Department Garage.

The cemetery is currently active and is well maintained. However, about two dozen stones are too broken or deteriorated to read and large empty spaces in the older sections lead one to believe that many graves are unmarked."

Steven Knight
April 2006


all that exists at this site is the base of a stone and a veteran's marker that reads "Veteran 61-65"
?????? Ella L. died 11/17/1878 this stone is next to Sylvester Dyke and may be his wife
?????? Silence unreadable
Abbott Arthur B. 1866-1867 son of James P. & Lizzie B.
Abbott Elizabeth O. 1833-1835 daughter of Samuel D. & Sophronia D.
Abbott Eugene P. 7/19/1876-10/5/1944
Abbott James P. 1836-1922 husband of Lizzie B.
Abbott Lizzie B. 1839-1919 wife of James P.
Abbott Samuel D. 1808-1882 husband of Sophronia D.
Abbott Sophronia D. 1807-1883 wife of Samuel D.
Alton Harold A. 8/16/1884-no date husband of Ina D. Bouck
Alton Ina D. Bouck 10/5/1886-8/12/1914 wife of Harold A.
Alvard Mary (Folts) unreadable "[first] Wife of Amos Alvard" poss. a misspelling of Alvord? [Source: A Genealogy of the Descendants of Alexander Alvord by Samuel Morgan Alvord]
Alvord Dezire [Hakes] [b. 9/22/1814]
died 5/18/1892
aged 77 yrs, 7 mnth & 26 days; wife of Joseph M.
Alvord Eliza Ann [Elmer] (b. 11/15/1836)
died 7/8/1872
aged 35 yrs, 7 mnth & 24 days; wife of John M.
Alvord James 3/11/1812-4/19/1890 husband of Lois M. [Lois Maria (Monroe) Alvord; son of Seth Alvord, Jr.]
Alvord John M. [John Marshall] 1836-1920 husband of Eliza Ann [(Elmer) Alvord; son of Joseph M.]
Alvord Joseph M. [Joseph Marshall] [b. 10/11/1835]
died 2/7/1876
aged 61 yrs, 9 mnth & 13 days; husband of Dezire Hakes [son of Medad Alvord]
Alvord Lois M. [Lois Maria (Monroe)] 12/22/1816-11/28/1873 wife of James
Alvord Mary V. [Mary Vienna] 7/2/1840-8/14/1864 daughter of James & Lois M. [Maria]
Alvord Sarah A. [Sarah Amanda] 6/11/1847- no date [1911] daughter of James & Lois M. [Maria. (Sarah is shown buried in Oak View & Frankfort Hill)]
Ashley Millard J. 1900-1994
Ashley Richard E. 1927-1953 "SC/1 USNR V6 USS Spangler World War II"
Bala Fay Ruth 1952-1965 daughter of James H. & Ruth L.
Bala John Fredrick 4/11/1929-11/26/1967 "PVT 3704 TNG SQ AF"
Bala Ruth L. St. Mary 1930-2002 wife of James H.
Bala James H. 1932-1993 husband of Ruth L. St. Mary
Balch Catharine Brown 1837-1919
Balch Ulysses Jacob 1868-1888
Bardo Leroy 5/17/1927-3/26/1997 "Pete"
Bennett Calista 1/12/1806-5/23/1893 wife of Daniel
Bennett Charles W. 1876-1957
Bennett Clara G. 1908-1954
Bennett Daniel 6/28/1802-12/13/1893 husband of Calista
Bennett Ella B. Lipa 1857-1935 2nd wife of Stephen M.
Bennett Florence Belle 1881-1883 daughter of Orville & Mary L.
Bennett Fred C. 1872-1941
Bennett Herbert F. 1883-1917
Bennett James F. 10/29/1920-4/8/1944
Bennett Leonard 1843-1914 husband of Martha A. Jones
Bennett Lydia F. 10/28/1886-9/26/1952 wife of William H.
Bennett Martha A. Jones 1847-1916 wife of Leonard
Bennett Mary Calista 5/1/1869-3/15/1874 "Daughter of R. W. & D. R. Bennett"
Bennett Mary E. Jones 1839-1878 1st wife of Stephen M.
Bennett Mary L. James 1851-1933 wife of Orville
Bennett Orville 1851-1933 husband of Mary L. James
Bennett Stephen M. 1839-1910 husband of Mary E. Jones & Ella B. Lipa
Bennett William H. 5/29/1884-4/5/1969 husband of Lydia F.
Bickhaffer henry 1870-1955
Bouck Arthur G. 12/4/1881-6/5/1963 husband of Mary A. Hasselkuse
Bouck Daniel 1827-1850 "Son of John & Mary Bouck"; "As requested, erected by Peter Bouck, for father, mother and brother only"
Bouck Fidelia 4/2/1837-10/27/1853 "Daughter of Peter & Susan Bouck"
Bouck Henry 8/20/1794-8/17/1867 husband of Polly
Bouck Henry Jr. 8/25/1822-7/26/1888 husband of Jane Ann Davis
Bouck Henry W. 1/8/1839-11/1/1932 husband of Louisa D. Stewart
Bouck Ida 1854-1900
Bouck Jane Ann Davis 12/25/1831-1/25/1854 wife of Henry Jr.
Bouck John 1801-1879 husband of Mary
Bouck Louisa D. Stewart 2/19/1848-3/2/1926 wife of Henry W.
Bouck Mary 1802-1873 wife of John
Bouck Mary A. Hasselkuse 10/26/1881-11/25/1956 wife of Arthur G.
Bouck Peter 7/26/1815-1/2/1893 husband of Susan
Bouck Peter died 9/4/1849 aged 79 yrs; husband of Sarah
Bouck Polly 8/12/1803-1/7/1890 wife of Henry
Bouck Sarah died 2/5/1854 aged 75 yrs; wife of Peter
Bouck Susan 12/22/1812-8/17/1894 wife of Peter
Bouck Tyler 1/20/1842-1/14/1861 "Son of Peter & Susan Bouck"
Bouck Willie 4/5/1845-6/5/1845 "Son of Peter & Susan Bouck"
Brewer Jacob Jr. 3/11/1816-7/5/1899 husband of Mary A. Utter
Brewer Frank M. 1850-1930 husband of Mary Brooks
Brewer Mary A. Utter 7/15/1822-12/24/1890 wife of Jacob Jr.
Brewer Mary Brooks 1856-1943 wife of Frank M.
Brockway Alfred 1875-1927
Brockway Ann 1839-1926
Brockway Arthur E. 1873-1889 son of Enoch & Margaret C.
Brockway Clifford 1890-1918 "Sgt."; "Killed in France"
Brockway Earl H. 1879-1880
Brockway Elbert S., Sr. 5/24/1892-3/26/1974 husband of Lillie M.
Brockway Eliza 1855-1882 wife of Hiram W.
Brockway Enoch 1832-1883 husband of Margaret C.
Brockway George B. 1862-no date
Brockway Hiram W. 1848-1933 husband of Eliza
Brockway Lillie M. 1/9/1892-10/21/1967 wife of Elbert S., Sr.
Brockway Mabel C. 1867-1914 wife of R. Adelbert
Brockway Margaret C. 1836-1924 wife of Enoch
Brockway Mary J. Dempster 1845-1929 2nd wife of Tompkins E.
Brockway R. Adelbert 1867-1904 husband of Mabel C.
Brockway Richard L. 1842-1885
Brockway Sarah Williams 1833-1877 1st wife of Tompkins E.
Brockway Tompkins D. 1885-1913
Brockway Tompkins E. 1823-1896 husband of Sarah Williams & Mary J. Dempster
Brooks Eliza 1852-1881
Brooks James 1826-1906 husband of Sarah Langley
Brooks Sarah J. 1870-1878
Brooks Sarah Langley 1826-1900 wife of James
Brown Albert died 9/6/1850 aged 5 yrs
Brown Angelia died 5/17/1859 aged 3 yrs
Brown Burton died 9/27/1865 aged 22 yrs.
Brown Darius died 5/10/1864 aged 29 yrs; "Lost in a battle at Spotsylvania, his body was not recovered"
Brown Ester died 4/30/1867 aged 15 yrs.
Brown Francelia died 4/1918 aged 63 yrs
Brown Horace died 12/17/1898 aged 59 yrs
Brown Jacob died 3/21/1876 aged 78 yrs
Brown John Z. 10/6/1807-7/21/1887 husband of Selina
Brown Martha died 2/4/1869 aged 21 yrs
Brown Mary died 6/17/1861 aged 19 yrs.
Brown Selina 1/1/1814-3/4/1898 wife of John Z.
Buck Mary died 3/13/1851 aged 68 yrs; wife of Jonathon
Buck William unreadable
Campbell John E. 2/?/1866 husband of Mary E.; Civil War veteran's marker beside stone
Campbell Mary E. no date wife of John E.
Christensen Frederick P. 1906-1980
Comes Albert N. 10/4/1828-10/31/1896
Comes Marcus W. 1827-1983 husband of Margaret St. Mary
Comes Margaret St. Mary 1927-1998 wife of Marcus W.
Comes Ruth A. 1902-1985
Comes Warren A. 3/2/1871-7/16/1871
Cook Clara R. Bennett 1873-1960 wife of Wallace W.
Cook M. Louisa Wetmore 1834-1901 wife of R. Clark
Cook R. Clark 1834-1931 husband of M. Louisa Wetmore
Cook Wallace W. 1869-1956 husband of Clara R. Bennett
Coolidge Fanny died 3/13/1856 aged 28 yrs; daughter of Warren & Rachel
Coolidge Mary died 2/28/1847 wife of Horace
Coolidge Rachel died 6/4/1837 aged 51 yrs; wife of Warren
Coolidge Warren died 7/17/1844 aged 70 yrs;husband of Rachel
Cooper Ina Leitz 1915-1963 "Daughter of Sarah & John Leitz Sr."
Dain Joseph died 5/5/1830 aged 19 yrs, 9 mths & 28 days;
Dana Cordelia no date Child of Joseph and Irena listed on the family stone
Dana Irena Warner 1802-1888 wife of Joseph
Dana Joseph 1797-1866 husband of Irena Warner
Dana Josephine no date Child of Joseph and Irena listed on the family stone
Dana Lydia no date Child of Joseph and Irena listed on the family stone
Dana Priscilla no date Child of Joseph and Irena listed on the family stone
Dana Rachel no date Child of Joseph and Irena listed on the family stone
Daniel Lois M. 1/14/1984-7/24/2001 "Maggie"
Davis Myrtle Way 1894-1977
Davis Nettie C. Risley 1877-1956 "Wife of Thomas R.
Davis Thomas R. 1872-1946 husband of Nettie C.
Day Ada M. 1881-1910 wife of fred
Day Fred 1868-1949 husband of Ada M.
DiMare Luigi 1874-1916
DiMare Theda L. 1919-1997
Doolen Alice died 1/30/1890 aged 37 yrs; "Wife of O. E. Doolen"
Doolen Carrie M. died 1/23/1890 aged 17 yrs; "Daughter of O. E. & Alice Doolen"
Dwyer Melville E. 1923-1971
Dyke Albert 12/5/1841-3/7/1849 son of Rufus and Amanda; "Their Only Son"
Dyke Amanda Russell 1/1/1822-3/1/1903 wife of Rufus
Dyke Olive died 1810 aged 36 yrs; wife of Rufus
Dyke Rufus 2/16/1816-7/8/1894 husband of Amanda Russell
Dyke Rufus died 1856
[died 2/28/1856]
stone is broken and barely readable
[5/12/2015 - See note at end of page]
Dyke Sylvester died 11/16/1884 aged 68 yrs, 7 months & 13 days
Edwards Cora Inman 1888-1964 "Wife of Samuel Edwards"
Edwards Harry S. 10/31/1916-2/20/1988 husband of Jennie; "CGM US Navy World War II"
Edwards Jennie 1916-1973 wife of Harry S.
Ellis Clara Balch 1865-19-- no date
Eychner Earl Artmus 1882-1952 husband of Lula Palmer
Eychner Glenn P. 1902-1978
Eychner Lula Palmer 1884-1927 wife of Earl Artmus
Farrell Alto L. 1879-1951 "Mother"
Farrell Francis R. 1912-1946 "Erected by his Daughter"
Farrell Stella May 1896-1900
Flint Mina O. Norton died 11/25/1885 "Wife of A. R. Flint"
Foss Jacob M. 11/5/1847-10/14/1886 [husband of Emily Ketchall]
Gardner John died 1/30/1872
Gaylord Lucy A. 4/12/1821-1/6/1897 wife of Marquis L.
Gaylord Marquis L. 8/27/1823-4/8/1888 husband of Lucy A.
Gerhardt Clara G. 1908-1954
Gorham Amelia S. 1844-1916 wife of Eugene
Gorham Eugene 1843-1914 husband of Amelia S.
Gorham Rolly 10/18/1879-7/24/1880 "Son of Eugene & Sophia Gorham"
Groom Sarah J. died 1817 aged 2 yrs; "Daughter of William & Sarah Groom"
Grundy Mary died 4/17/1877 wife of Robert
Grundy William died 2/24/1852 aged 36 yrs & 4 months
Hamlin Benjamin John 2/1977-1/1993
Hasselkuse Edwin died 1846 aged 25 yrs; "Son of Nicholas & Lucretia Hasselkuse"
Hasselkuse Lucretia died 1862 aged 75 yrs; wife of Nicholas
Hasselkuse Maria died 1829 aged 16 yrs; "Daughter of Nicholas & Lucretia Hasselkuse"
Hasselkuse Mary A. died 6/26/1897 aged 71 yrs.; wife of Taylor
Hasselkuse Nicholas died 1845 aged 64 yrs; husband of Lucretia
Hasselkuse Taylor 1/17/1818-12/11/1890 husband of Mary A.
Henning Jennie S. 1865-1892
Henning Margret 1891-1891
Holland A. Elizabeth 1836-1922 wife of George L.
Holland Daniel 1873-1933 husband of Lillian Geyer
Holland Floyd E. 1907-1999 husband of Gustaba V.
Holland George L. 1835-1916 husband of A. Elizabeth
Holland Gustaba V. 1915-2003 wife of Floyd E.
Holland lillian Geyer 1887-1959 wife of Daniel
Holland Loren E. 1913-1993 husband of Reubena Elkin
Holland Reubena Elkin 1914-2005 wife of Loren E.
Hopper Lillian J. 1892-1964 wife of Walter H.
Hopper Walter H. 1891-1967 husband of Lillian J.
Hopper Wilbur F. 9/16/1914-4/13/1991 "MM3 US Navy World War II"
Howell Margret 1841-1888 wife of Thomas
Howell Margret E. 1872-1891
Howell Thomas 1828-1910 husband of Margret
Hubbell Azubah 4/1/1801-3/27/1892 wife of Nathaniel
Hubbell Charles 7/5/1822-4/2/1889 husband of Mary A. Howard
Hubbell Mary A. Howard 4/22/1826-9/24/1905 wife of Charles
Hubbell Nathaniel 7/1/1799-5/14/1886 husband of Azubah
Hughes Anne J. died 2/26/1898 aged 28 yrs, 7 months & 12 days; "Daughter of Hugh & Martha Hughes"
Hughes Elizabeth died 9/7/1881 aged 83 yrs; wife of Hugh
Hughes Hugh died 3/30/1897 aged 73 yrs, 4 months & 3 days; husband of Martha
Hughes Hugh died 1/22/1858 aged 62 yrs; husband of Elizabeth
Hughes James H. died 3/2/1871 aged 32 yrs; son of Hugh and Elizabeth
Hughes Martha died 1/24/1911 aged 72 yrs, 11 months & 7 days; wife of Hugh
Hughes Mary A. died 1/7/1894 aged 36 yrs, 3 months & 12 days; "Daughter of Hugh & Martha Hughes"
Ingarham Lydia died 12/20/1840 aged 26 yrs
Ingersoll Charles P. died 6/19/1869 aged 53 yrs & 10 months
Ingersoll Frederic died 8/12/1826 aged 2 yrs; son of Nathan & Naomi
Ingersoll John P. 6/22/1832-1/9/1899 husband of Sarah Ann Whitfield
Ingersoll Malinda died 9/19/1830 aged 2 yrs & 4 months; daughter of Nathan & Naomi
Ingersoll Mary died 3/29/1891 aged 88 yrs, 6 months & 4 days
Ingersoll Naomi died 4/28/1877 aged 75 yrs; wife of Nathan
Ingersoll Nathan died 12/12/1878 aged 81 yrs; husband of Naomi
Ingersoll Nettie S. died 4/11/1869 aged 19 yrs & 8 months; daughter of Charles P. & Polly
Ingersoll Polly died 188? aged 74 yrs & 10 months
Ingersoll Sarah Ann Whitfield 4/25/1836-11/29/1903 wife of John P.
Inman Amasa E. 1860-1939 husband of Louisa C.; this stone also lists children Clara L. and Henry as well as the notation "And Two More Infants"
Inman Clara L. 1905-1918 daughter of Amasa E. & Louisa C.
Inman Henry 1889-1909 son of Amasa E. & Louisa C.
Inman Louisa C. 1868-1916 wife of Amasa E.
James Henry 1/18/1819-7/13/1888 husband of Livonia
James Idabell E. died 9/10/1858 aged 8 mnth & 7 days; "Daughter of Henry & Livonia James"
James Lewis E. died 7/24/1871 aged 9 yrs, 2 mnth & 2 days; "Son of Henry and Livonia James"
James Livonia [b.2/27/1825]
died 12/8/1891
aged 66 yrs, 8 mnth & 11 days; wife of Henry [dau Roswell & Sophia (Conable) Stephens]
James William H. died 8/1/1864 aged 18 yrs, 1 mnth & 12 days; "Son of Henry and Livonia James"
Johnson David died 10/3/1887 husband of Sarah
Johnson Frank T. 1851-1920
Johnson Samuel 11/20/1848-3/2/1910
Johnson Sarah 5/11/1820-7/9/1905 wife of Samuel
Jones Bertie died 1897
Jones Eliza A. died 2/1/1872 aged 58 yrs, 5 months & 12 days; wife of George W.
Jones Francis H. died 8/21/1847 aged 2 yrs & 3 months; son of George W. & Eliza A.
Jones George W. died 7/8/1887 aged 78 yrs; husband of Eliza A.
Kelly William K. 1900-1978
Kilstrom Pearle L. Hopper 3/26/1917-10/13/2001
Kisselburgh Edith A. Holland Tuttle Kelly 1911-1994 wife of Melvin C. Tuttle
Kriegel Frank A. 1896-1971 husband of Maie Seeger
Kriegel Maie Seeger 1900-1965 wife of Frank A.
LaDue Earl R. 1898-1973 husband of Ellen Way; married 3/17/1915
LaDue Ellen Way 1898-1982 wife of Earl R.; married 3/17/1915
Lahey Lena P. 1918-1986 wife of William F.
Lahey William F. 1907-1990 husband of Lena P.
Langley Hannah died 12/?/1887 aged 57 yrs & 6 months; wife of Thomas
Langley Thomas died 8/29/1886 aged 62 yrs; husband of Hannah; on the side of this stone there appears to be the names of three children but are so badly worn that they are unreadable
Leitz John E. 6/21/1893-7/15/1976 husband of Sarah M. Bouck
Leitz John E., Jr. 1920-1997
Leitz Sarah M. Bouck 7/6/1879-1/1/1973 wife of John E.
Leitz Thomas Allen 1951-1985 "Burial in Springville, Utah"
Mack Alvin H. 1859-1924
Mack Charley died 4/12/1874 aged 2 yrs & 11 months; son of Henry E. & Mary J.
Mack Florence B. died 4/1/1888 aged 3 months; "Daughter of Alvin & Ida M. Mack"
Mack Henry E. died 12/30/1872 aged 54 yrs; husband of Mary J. Dana
Mack Ida M. 2/19/1860-7/25/1908 "Wife of Alvin H. Mack"
Mack Mary J. Dana died 2/17/1906 wife of Henry E.
Manning Elmina died 5/12/1880 aged 70 yrs, 1 month & 4 days; wife of John
Manning John died 12/3/1877 aged 72 yrs & 9 days; husband of Elmina
Marsh Charles C. 1831-no date husband of Mary F.
Marsh Mary F. 1832-1907 wife of Charles C.
McGowan Archibald H. 1924-2003
Morris Elizabeth 1854-1859 "Daughter of John & Jane Morris"
Morris Jane Williams 1823-1900 wife of John
Morris John 1825-1903 husband of Jane Williams
Morris John H. 1856-1859 "Son of John & Jane Morris"
Morris M. Katie 1865-1869 "Daughter of John & Jane Morris"
Nelson Gladys F. 1901-1984
Newsham Charles 1853-1863 "Son of Zachariah & Jane Newsham"
Newsham George 1838-1864 "Co. L, 2nd N.Y. Heavy Artillery"
Newsham Joseph 1801-1854
Newton A. Nelson died 2/28/1901 aged 86 yrs, 8 months & 17 days; husband of Mary Manning
Newton Jabez died 12/2/1849 aged 59 yrs & 10 months
Newton Mary Manning died 1/19/1909 aged 74 yrs, 5 months & 12 days; wife of A. Nelson
No Surname David W. 1884 "Father"
No Surname Lydia 1899 "Mother"
Norton Albert G. no date "Died in Lake Co., Cal. Aged 80 yrs."
Norton George A. died 10/30/1869 aged 17 yrs, 11 months & 28 days
Norton Olive Dyke died 3/16/1883 aged 68 yrs & 9 months; wife of Albert G.
Palmer Alanson died 9/11/1832
Palmiter Betsey Collins died 5/2/1843 aged 42 yrs; wife of William N.
Palmiter William N. died 10/12/1864 aged 65 yrs; husband of Betsey Collins Palmiter; "Erected by ???? Ann Orton"
Pearson Julia S. died 18?7 "Daughter of William & Sophia Pearson"
Penree Sophie Hula 1/11/1928-9/24/1997 wife of William A. Sr.
Penree William A. Sr. 6/13/1925-11/17/1981 husband of Sophie Hula
Perrone Catherine Geer 1907-1986 wife of Frank A.
Perrone Frank A. 1903-1986 husband of Catherine Geer
Perta Christine M. McNally 1957-2002
Price Sarah Jane died 2/7/1856 "Daughter of Griffith & Ann Price"; "Formerly from Panafal Clynum Mermnedi Shire North Wales" this last inscription is hard to read except for "North Wales"
Provenzano Guy, Sr. 1918-2001
Pryne Henry C. 1849-1931 husband of Irene Mack
Pryne Irene Mack 1852-1929 wife of Henry C.
Risley A. C. no date "Mother"
Risley Alzima M. died 5/1/1817 aged 5 yrs, 1 mth & 17 days; "Daighter of Eli & Ruth Risley"
Risley Amanda C. Curtis died 4/23/1904 aged 75 yrs; wife of George W.
Risley Arthur C. died 3/18/1878 aged 27 yrs
Risley George W. died 6/30/1881 aged 55 yrs; husband of Amanda C.
Risley Ruth died 12/6/1875 Next to this stone is another that is broken and unreadable but may be that of Ruth's husband Eli.
Rockhill James J., Jr. 1934-2003
Russell Cythera E. 1824-1912 wife of Pardon S.
Russell J??athan 12/18/1796-2/21/1887 husband of Mary Stewart
Russell James died 10/28/1831 aged 39 yrs & 3 months
Russell Jonathon died 12/2/1825
Russell Joshua S. 5/19/1801-12/28/1865
Russell Martha unreadable wife of Lewis
Russell Mary 1827-1913
Russell Mary Stewart 9/13/1801-10/18/1873 wife of J??athan
Russell Pardon S. 1830-1899 husband of Cythera E.
Russell Priscilla died 1831 stone is badly deteriorated & hard to read
Sanders Daniel died 11/9/1969 "Infant Son"
Schreck Douglas A. 10/29/1956-11/10/1999
Seaburg Calrence died 2/16/1990 husband of Hilma
Seaburg Hilma died 1967 wife of Clarence
Seeger George Ernst 1875-1988 husband of Verna D. Bouck
Seeger Paul M. 1908-1997 husband of Stephania
Seeger Stephania 1909-1994 wife of Paul M.
Seeger Verna D. Bouck 1874-1968 wife of George Ernst
Spencer R. Sheldon died 4/?/18?? aged 71yrs, 4 months & 9 days
St. Mary Audrey Guise 1931-1978
St. Mary Edith L. 1901-1983 wife of Samuel; married 8/12/1922
St. Mary Samuel 1891-1978 husband of Edith L.; married 8/12/1922
Stannard Charles 1806-1888 husband of Mary Lovedy
Stannard Mary Lovedy 1821-1898 wife of Charles
Stanton Charles A. 1915-1993 husband of Margery Phelps
Stanton Margery Phelps 1916-1984 wife of Charles A.
Stewart Pardon 1799-1871 husband of Prudence Dyke
Stewart Prudence Dyke 1820-1900 wife of Pardon
Story Almon E. 1878-1960 husband of Cora M.
Story Cora M. 1885-1930 wife of Almon E.
Stupor Jacob died 11/18/1887 aged 67 yrs, 5 months & 14 days
Stupor William L. died 3/18/1872 aged 4 yrs & 9 months
Surnear Raymond S. 1847-1996 "Butch"
Thurstin John unreadable poss. a misspelling of Thurston?
Thurston Anise died 3/23/1872 wife of William
Thurston William died 3/17/1851 aged 20 yrs; "Son of William & Anise Thurston"
Thurston William died 4/26/1879 husband of Anise
TRUE Jacob L. died 8/31/1876 aged 87 yrs; husband of Patience
TRUE Jarome died 10/23/1846 aged 21 yrs; "Son of Jacob L. & Patience True"
TRUE Patience died 8/24/1865 aged 71 yrs, 1 month & 8 days; wife of Jacob L.
TRUE William died 4/12/1824 aged 11 yrs; "Son of Jacob L. & Patience True"
Truesdell Clark 1839-1909 husband of Margaret
Truesdell Margaret 1837-no date wife of Clark
Turner Horace 1808-1864 husband of Marinda
Turner Lucinda died 185? wife of Samuel Turner
Turner Marinda 1807-1883 wife of Horace
Turner Samuel died 1866 stone is badly deteriorated & hard to read
Tuttle Melvin C. 1909-1955 husband of Edith A.
Van Nort Irving H. 1889-1953
Van Nort Libbie J. 1855-1881 wife of Stephen C.
Van Nort Stephen C. 1844-1917 husband of Libbie J.; "Civil War PRI Co. K 152 Inf. NY"
Villier Elizabeth Jones died 4/24/1891 aged 58 yrs; wife of Peter
Villier Louisa died 12/11/1879 aged 79 yrs; wife of Nicholas
Villier Nicholas died 12/11/1885 aged 95 yrs; husband of Louisa
Villier Peter no date husband of Elizabeth Jones
Villier Peter H. died 4/19/1873 aged 2 yrs, 1 month & 27 days; son of Peter and Elizabeth
Waltermire Terri Lyn 1960-1969
Way Henry F. 12/23/1891-8/30/1946
Way Henry F. 1862-1913 husband of Mary A.
Way Mary A. 1873-1913 wife of Henry F.
Wetmore Charles W. 1837-1926 husband of Priscilla
Wetmore Elisha died 18?4 aged 79 yrs; husband of Polly
Wetmore Ella P. died 1868 aged 4 yrs, 7 months & ? Days; daughter of Charles W. & Priscilla
Wetmore Henry F. unreadable husband of Sarah Jane
Wetmore Jennie E. died 1/?/186? daughter of Charles W. & Priscilla
Wetmore Mary died 7/28/1880
Wetmore Polly unreadable aged 38 yrs & 10 mnth; wife of Elisha
Wetmore Priscilla 6/5/1840-1/31/1885 wife of Charles W.
Wetmore Sarah Jane died 2/?/1862 aged 17 yrs, 9 months
Whitcomb Susan W. died 12/16/1819 wife of Aiden
Withers Burdett E. 1900-1949 husband of Elizabeth M. Farrell
Withers Elizabeth M. Farrell 1900-1980 wife of Burdett E.

updated 5/6/15  Thank you to Sarah Jane Rios for her correction on the exact year date of Rufus Dyke Sr.'s stone!

"Rufus Dyke Sr. was my family and he died February 28, 1856. His stone is broken and not easily read but I know from meticulous written family records." Thank you, Sarah Jane Rios.

updated 3/11/09   Thank you to Lisa Villiere for advising us that the correct spelling of her ancestors' last names is Villier, not Willier!

updated 4/21/06   Updates to Alvord, Jacob M. Foss and Livonia James readings graciously provided by Carma Stone!

"Please extend a BIG THANK YOU to Steven Knight for the hours of work that he has given to the reading of the OakView and Frankfort Hill Cemeteries. This information is priceless! I have included some additional information that I hope will give other researchers a better idea of the identity of these individuals who are buried at Frankfort Hill."

Carma Stone

IMPORTANT: We thank you in advance for directing ALL requests for further information about this cemetery and persons listed to the historians at the Herkimer County Historical Society, not to the site coordinators. Corrections or additional information should be sent to the coordinators of this website to post with these listings.

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