Poland Cemetery 2003
Town of Russia
Herkimer County, New York

Part 1, Surnames A - K
A Brand New Reading

This is an updated reading of the Poland Cemetery located on NY Rt. 28 (Main Street) in the Village of Poland adjacent to and behind the Poland Community Baptist Church. The previous reading, usually ascribed to George Hildebrandt, appears to have been done in the late 1920's as the most recent burial recorded therein is that of Emily S. McVoy in 1928. The oldest burial that can be ascertained from reading the gravestones is that of Lydia Newman in 1810. The cemetery continues to be active with burials taking place up to and throughout this summer.

This reading should not be construed as a replacement for the earlier one but as an accompaniment. Some of the stones read by Mr. Hildebrandt are not longer decipherable and his reading is the only information available. In other cases we disagree on the interpretation of spellings and dates on hard to read stones. Whenever I noticed a discrepancy I've tried to go back to the cemetery to check my reading. Probably the most notable difference is the surname RIZON (Mr. Hildebrandt's reading) vs. RIXON (my reading). After rechecking my notes and returning to the actual gravesite I can verify that the spelling on the stones is RIXON. Also, in many cases Mr. Hildebrandt recorded just the year of birth and death even though the day and month are noted on the gravestone. I've added this bit of information to my reading. I've also included additional information recorded on the stones as noted; i.e. spouse, veteran information, etc.

        Steven Knight
        September 2003

Allen Charles 6/10/1808-no dates husband of Nancy
Allen David F. 1845-1907 husband of Martha M.
Allen Georgiana A. Rhodes 1/1/1852-1/15/1937 2nd wife of John M.
Allen Jackson 1825-1903 husband of Maria
Allen John M. 2/21/1843-8/3/1900 husband of Louisa C. & Georgiana A.
Allen Louisa C. 5/20/1846-10/11/1888 1st wife of John M.
Allen Marian E. 1847-1931 wife of Jackson
Allen Martha M. 1846-1927 wife of David F.
Allen Nancy died 3/25/1876 aged 78 years; wife of Charles
Allen Gilbert 12/9/1811-3/3/1893 husband of Melissa
Allen Melissa 8/17/1839-8/24/1920 wife of Gilbert
Arnold Bowen died 10/5/1817 aged 83 years, 1 month & 23 days
Arnold Charels B. died 1/18/1826 aged 21 years; "Son of George and Hannah"
Arnold Edwin R. died 2/17/1845 aged 32 years; "Son of Bowen and Betsey"
Arnold Eliza Wall died 6/6/1842 aged 34 years; "Wife of Albert and daughter of Beriah and Sarah Wall"
Arnold George 7/7/1777-10/29/1851 husband of Hannah
Arnold Gertrude M. died 10/22/1863 aged 23 years, 7 months & 9 days; "Daughter of Samuel and Melissa"
Arnold Hannah 1/9/1780-5/5/1871 wife of George
Arnold Harry died 11/26/1826 "Son of George and Hannah"
Arnold James Furman (?) died 10/9/1827 aged 28 years; middle name is difficult to read
Arnold M. Eliza 5/4/1846-6/20/1900
Arnold Melissa A. died 7/7/1841 aged 22 years, 3 months & 24 days
Arnold Randall 6/12/1837 aged 21 years; "George and Hannah ereceted this stone in emeory of Randall Arnold who died June 12, 1837 in the 21st year of his age."
Arnold Samuel B. died 8/10/1847 aged 34 years; "Son of George & Hannah"
Arnold Susan died 6/29/1825 aged 17 years; daughter of Bowen and Betsey
Arnold Thomas 3/17/1820-3/21/1902
Avery Mattie died 6/7/1884 wife of Russell
Avery Russell S. died 4/18/1896 aged 56 years; husband of Mattie
Ball Marilla died 8/3/1852 "Daughter of Rev G. H. Ball"
Ball Mary Cecelia 9/26/1852 "Daughter of Rev. G. H. and M. L. Ball"
Baltz Edwin 1950-1950 son of Gerald F. and Marian E.
Baltz Gerald F. 1907-1991 husband of Marian E.
Baltz Marian E. 1910-1987 wife of Gerald F.
Banker Charlie 1868-1934 husband of Emma Ellis
Banker Emma Ellis 1869-1937 wife of Charlie
Barrus Julia A. Martin 11/28/1809-11/20-1888
Barth John A. 9/1/1913-8/21/1979 "S/Sgt US Army WWII"
Barth John A. 9/1/1903-8/21/1979
Barwell Emily C. 1852-1903 wife of Henry
Barwell Henry 1838-1919 husband of Emily C.
Bathke Charles E. 1887-1972 husband of Ethel M.
Bathke Claude M. 1914-1977
Bathke Ethel J. Pierce 1908-2000 wife of Ralph E.
Bathke Ethel M. 1890-1976 wife of Charles E.
Bathke Harold G. 8/11/1912-8/15/1959 "TEC5 Co B 391 Inf. WWII BSM"
Bathke Ralph E. 1911-1979 husband of Ethel J. Pierce
Bathke Raymond F. 1921-1981
Beader Judith Becker 1946-1999 daughter of Harold A. and Mary A.
Becker Harold A. 1909-1981 husband of Mary A.
Becker Jennie M. Smith 1881-1956 wife of Malcolm C.
Becker Malcolm C. 1876-1944 husband of Jennie M.
Becker Mary A. 1908-1987 wife of Harold A.
Bell James H. 1906-1988
Bell Robert L. 1931-1997
Bell Todd Carl 11/9/1972-9/22/1974
Benchley Christopher B. died 6/30/1866 aged 80 years
Benchley Cornelia died 6/1/1825 "Daughter of Jossph and Ruth"
Benchley Daniel died 4/16/1818 aged 3 years; "Son of Jencks and Polly Benchley also an Infant Daughter"
Benchley Gertrude died 6/2/1835 "Daughter of Joseph and Ruth"
Benchley Infant died 5/25/1819 see Daniel Benchley s/o Jencks & Polly
Benchley Jencks died 10/9/1863 aged 79 years & 5 months; husband of Mary S.
Benchley Mary S. 1789-1875 wife of Jencks
Benson Celia S. Maltby 1850-1897 wife of J. George
Benson Elizabeth Haylett 1819-1897 wife of John
Benson J. George 1845-1940 husband of Celia S. Maltby
Benson John 1811-1878 husband of Elizabeth Haylett
Berner Sophia died 9/15/1892 aged 82 years, 6 months & 12 days; wife of William
Berner William died 11/20/1877 aged 68 years, 7 months & 18 days; husband of Sophia
Biebow Edwin S. 1877-1881
Biebow Frank E. R. 1869-1964 husband of Hattie A. Wheeler
Biebow Hattie A. Wheeler 1872-1935 wife of Frank E. R.
Biebow Matilda 1855-1885
Biebow Rudolph H. 1813-1891 husband of Sophia P.
Biebow Sophia P. 1829-1910 wife of Rudolph H.
Bill Fidelia Sprague Dolan 1832-1905 "Wife of Jasper Dolan and Charels Bill"
Blatt Oscar F. 1917-1996
Blue Ianthus 1852-1937 husband of Patience Wood
Blue Kenneth L. 1901-1985 husband of Louise H.
Blue Louise H. 1906-1996 wife of Kenneth L.
Blue Patience Wood 1854-1946 wife of Ianthus Blue
Bly Daniel W. 1879-1958 husband of Jennie E.
Bly Jennie E. 1886-1968 wife of Daniel
Brand Emily 1862-1925 1st wife of Herman
Brand Hattie 1862-1946 2nd wife of Herman
Brand Herman 1865-1953 husband of Emily and Hattie
Brayton Almon A. 4/30/1824-1/29/1885 husband of Caroline Schermerhorn
Brayton Amelia Hoffman 1879-1939 wife of Harvey C.
Brayton Arthur A. 2/13/1863-4/13/1898  
Brayton Caroline Schermerhorn 4/2/1823-4/15/1912 wife of Almon A.
Brayton Cora Johnson 6/27/1860-9/23/1920 wife of Merril Jesse; "Daughter of Joseph & Catherine Johnson"
Brayton Delia Countryman 1847-1918 wife of Omar
Brayton Elizabeth 1886-1975 wife of Glen W.
Brayton Florence Lindsay 1883-1976 wife of Frank H.
Brayton Frank H. 1874-1940 husband of Florence Lindsay
Brayton Glen W. 1879-1963 husband of Elizabeth
Brayton Harvey C. 1883-1939 husband of Amelia Hoffman
Brayton Jesse 1873-1929 son of Omar and Delia; husband of Susan
Brayton Jesse died 6/14/1870 aged 83 years; husband of Olive
Brayton Merril Jesse 7/20/1852-2/19/1924 husband of Cora Johnson Brayton; "Son of Almon & Caroline Brayton"
Brayton Olive died 7/8/1868 aged 82 years; wife of Jesse
Brayton Omar 1849-1925 husband of Delia Countryman
Brayton Susan 1876-1929 wife of Jesse
Brayton Thomas J. 1877-1995  
Brown Jennette died 2/17/1892 aged 52 years; "Wife of Alonzo Brown"
Brown Martha F. 1893-1966
Buck Eliza J. Irwin 2/10/1840-7/1/1891 wife of Charles D.
Buck Frances M. Ferris 6/24/1838-8/18/1930 wife of Lyman H.
Buck George W. 3/21/1835-3/5/1907 husband of Georgiana Ashley
Buck Georgiana Ashley 3/12/1848-10/17/1934 wife of George W.
Buck Gudrida no dates mother of Lyman H. Buck Olmsted
Buck Lyman H. 1/2/1837-3/31/1894 husband of Frances M. Ferris
Buck Sarah W. 7/28/1848-10/17/1888 "Daughter of William Nad Susan"
Buck Susan Millington 8/24/1816-10/10/1895 wife of William
Buck William 10/6/1807-5/19/1880 husband of Susan Millington Buck
Bucxk Charles D. 8/5/1839-3/30/1898 husband of Eliza J. Irwin
Bunce Ada E. 1871-1965 wife of Myron R.
Bunce Amy R. 1885-1944 wife of Fred L.
Bunce Fred L. 1873-1943 husband of Amy R.
Bunce Myron R. 1871-1965 husband of Ada E.
Burwell Charles died 3/15/1812 aged 38 years, 9 months & 25 days
Buttolph Carol Elizabeth 11/21/1949-5/18/1954
Carrigan Dorothy Bathke 1908-1992 wife of Robert J.
Carrigan Robert J. 1909-1972 husband of Dorothy Bathke; "USN Veterans of WWII"
Case Eliza 1821-1905
Case Jane 1822-1911 wife of Wheeler
Case Polly 1792-1885
Case Wheeler 1827-1889 husband of Jane
Casey John E. 1877-1964 husband of Sarah A.
Casey Margaret Russ 1913-1997 daughter of John E. and sarah A.
Casey Sarah A. 1877-1964 wife of John E.
Cave Reuben died 12/15/1897 aged 35 years
Chaffee Jon L. 7/26/1941-12/6/1973 stone has a New York State Police emblem in color
Christman Arthur F. 1918-1911 husband of Ruth Brown Christman
Christman Ruth Brown 1920-1981 wife of Arthur F.
Coffin Cora 1879-1948 wife of Leon
Coffin Leon 1871-1952 husband of Cora
Coffin Raymond 1905-1958 son of Leon and Cora
Coleman Marion Philleo 1831-1895 "Wife of Rev. Lyman Coleman"
Compo Estus B. 1882-1938 husband of Lena B.
Compo Harry L. 1879-1912  
Compo Lena B. 1873-1948 wife of Estus B.
Conklin Daniel 10/4/1836-4/2/1891 husband of Elizabeth Lawton Conklin
Conklin Elizabeth Lawton 4/9/1839-11/16/1933 wife of Daniel
Conrey George L. 1898-1979 husband of Helen Wheeler
Conrey Helen Wheeler 1885-1964 wife of George L.
Cookinham Carol Joan 1953-1953 aged 1 month; daughter of Edward S.; "Baby Daughter"
Cookinham Edward S. 1913-1997 "Ned"; father of carol Joan
Coonradt Alice H. 1897-1952 wife of Clarence E.
Coonradt Arba B. 1885-1930
Coonradt Clarence E. 1887-1950 husband of Alice H.; "Veteran of WWI"
Coonradt David H. died 5/22/1887 aged 54 years, 3 months & 24 days; husband of Frab=nces
Coonradt Elmer H. 1861-1933 husband of Olevia J.
Coonradt Elvira H. 1896-1969 wife of Leo J.
Coonradt Eric James 11/7/1969-5/11/1971
Coonradt F. Elon 1913-1981 son of Frank A. and Mattie L.
Coonradt Frances died 6/10/1904 aged 76 years, 8 months & 5 days; wife of David H.
Coonradt Frank A. 1870-1943 husband of Mattie L.
Coonradt Grace Talbot 1875-1949 wife of Leon H.
Coonradt Leo J. 1892-1955 husband of Elvira H.
Coonradt Leon H. 1875-1938 husband of Grace
Coonradt Louise E. 1914-1997 daughter of Frank A. and Mattie E.
Coonradt Marie C. 1885-1960
Coonradt Mattie L. 1872-1957 wife of Frank A.
Coonradt Olevia J. 1861-1930 wife of Elmer H.
Coonradt Paul T. 1897-1954 son of Leon and Grace Coonradt
Cooper Charles W. 1873-1995 husband of Lillian Orvis
Cooper Lillian Orvis 1879-1968 wife of Charles W.
Countryman Carrie 1864-1934 wife of J. Dayton
Countryman Elizabeth Lawton 1820-1908 wife of John
Countryman J. Dayton 1854-1938 husband of Carrie
Countryman John 1817-1877 husband of Elizabeth
Countryman Webster A. 1828-1872 "Co E 175th New York Vols"
Crittenden Emma J. 1855-1942
Daniels Nahum died 9/27/1852 aged 83 years, 6 months & 26 days
Daniels Nahum G. died 10/7/1849 aged 34 years; "at Stockton, California"
Daniels Susan Enos 6/13/1784-7/10/1858 aged 74 years; "Wife of Nahum Daniels"
Davis F. George 1937-2002
Dickens Marion Howe 1895-1990 wife of Wiley Hyer Howe
Dickens Wiley Hyer 1903-1968 husband of Marion Howe Dickens
Dodge Marion Evans 1843-1909 wife of William W.
Dodge William W. 1835-1907 husband of Marion Evans
Dolan Jasper G. died 5/7/1856 aged 26 years; 1st husband of Fidelia Sprague
Eddy John H. 1886-1942 Husband of Mabel E.
Eddy Mabel E. 1892-1986 wife of John H.
Ellis Alanson 1828-1898 husband of Louisa
Ellis Louisa 1849-1910 wife of Alanson
Enos Elisha died 3/31/1831 aged 79 years; husband of Sarah
Enos Sarah died ?/ 5/1818 wife of Elisha
Evans Almira Countryman 7/30/1845-4/20/1917 wife of Robert
Evans Amasa died 2/25/1906 aged 66 years; "Co B 152nd New York Vols."
Evans Robert 9/26/1839-2/11/1904 husband of Almira Countryman Evans
Fahey Clarence 1873-1949 husband of Gertrude Vickery Fahey
Fahey Gertrude Vickery 1891-1973 wife of Clarence
Farrell Lawrence F. 1926-1969
Fenner Edward 1809-1870 husband of Esther O. Knight
Fenner Edward K. 1847-1864
Fenner Ellen 1862-1900
Fenner Esther O. Knight 1818-1885 wife of Edward
Fenner Olive A. 1882-1886
Fisher Carrie J. 1868-1953 wife of Charles
Fisher Charles 1855-1933 husband fo Carrie
Fleming Carrie E. 1861-1950 wife of John Wesley
Fleming John Wesley 1864-1941 husband of Carrie E.
Forbes Caroline died 6/12/1893 aged 66 years, 11 months & 21 days; wife of Chauncey R.
Forbes Chauncey R. 10/11/1821-10/20/1906 husband of Caroline
Forbes George 9/13/1859-10/18/1862 son of Chauncey R. & Caroline
Forrest Robert D. 1920-1962 son of Fred E. and Bertha H.
Forrest Bertha H. 1891-1966 wife of Fred E.
Forrest Fred E. 1887-1952 husband of Bertha H.
France Betsey D. Gilbert died 6/15/1878 aged 41 years, 5 months & ? Days; 1st wife of Henry A.
France Ella M. died 5/19/1885 aged 31 years, 6 months & 9 days; 2nd wife of Henry A.
France Henry A. "MD" 1832-1912 husband of Betsey D. & Ella M.; "1st Reg't Berdan's Sharp Shooters"
France Jacob 6/20/1806-11/23/1882 aged 76 years, 5 months & 9 days; husband of Lucy
France Jennie Evans 1854-1929
France Lucy died 12/13/1866 aged 57 years, 2 months & 5 days; "Wife of Jacob France"
French Belinda S. 7/23/1809-6/2/1894 "Wife of Sylvester French"
Galloway Henry 1937-1945 son of Marjorie Gibson Galloway
Galloway Marjorie Gibson 1915-1937 mother of Henry Galloway
Gauthier Stephen Arthur 1979-2003 This is a funeral director's marker (W. E. Authenrith)
Gay Daniel died 8/16/1817 aged 47 years & 11 days; husband of Lucinda
Gay George M. died 6/?/? "Son of Daniel and Elizabeth"
Gay Lucinda died 10/22/1869 aged 65 years; wife of Daniel
Gianini Charles A. 1868-1935 husband of Florence E. Peterson
Gianini Elinor S. 12/1/1915-5/11/2000 wife of Gerald A.
Gianini Florence E. Peterson 1880-1958 wife of Charles A.
Gianini Gerald A. 8/16/1918-10/24/2002 husband of Elinor S.
Gibson Ruth E. Strobel 1893-1983 wife of Willis W. Gibson
Gibson Willis W. 1888-1965 husband of Ruth E. Strobel
Gilson Donald J. 1914-1994
Gilson James E. 1870-1957 husband of Mary B. Blue Gilson
Gilson Mary B. Blue 1883-1914 wife of James E.
Gleason Charles S. 1854-1854 "Son of William and S. E."
Gleason William D died 8/22/1866 aged 45 years, 11 months & 11 days
Gleason Willie B. 1854-1854 "Son of William and S. E."
Goodney Edgar E. 1881-1953 husband of Ida M. Green
Goodney Florence Owens 1911-1992 wife of Richard D.
Goodney Ida M. Green 1890-1966 wife of Edgar E.
Goodney Richard D. 1914-1993 husband of Florence Owens
Goodney Robert F. 2/14/1924-7/13/1996 "CPL US Army World War II"
Grant Florence McMahon 1885-1940 daughter of Andrew and Nellie McMahon
Graves Anna died 5/18/1845 aged 57 years & 6 months; wife of Levi
Graves Levi died 11/12/1825 aged 40 years & 4 months; husband of Anna
Hammond Arlene Hanley 1912-1996 wife of Robert
Hammond Robert 1911-1949 husband of Arlene; "HQ D87th Traffic Regulating Group WWII"
Hampston R. Willis 1908-1980
Hane Minnie B. 1871-1951
Hanley Bill G. 1892-1961 "Uncle"
Hanley Dolph M. 1886-1947 husband of Jennie D.
Hanley Jennie D. 1895-1970 wife of Dolph M.
Hannahs Elmer E. 4/30/1861-3/22/1892
Harrison Polly died 9/15/1833 aged 54 years
Hemstreet Edward C. died 4/21/1847 aged 8 years, 3 months & 11 days
Hemstreet John 1827-1910
Hemstreet Lydia Ann died 3/26/1848 aged 15 years, 5 months & 4 days; daughter of Richard I. And Sarah
Hemstreet Mary J. died 5/19/1891 aged 58 years, 7 months & 11 days; "Wife of James Hemstreet"
Hemstreet Richard I. "MD" died 7/14/1865 aged 60 years & 11 months; Husband of Sarah; "Died at Poland, Herkimer Co., NY" ; "Universally beloved by relatived and friends and the circle in which he moved. His life was one of Untiring devotion to the sick and afflicted. For nearly thirty years he
Hemstreet Sarah died 1/2/1877 aged 75 years, 8 months; wife of Richard I.
Herkel Catherine O. 10/17/1830-1/11/1884 this stone is adjacent and identical to the stone of John W. Owens which may indicate that Catherine is John's wife
Hoch Gerald A. 1928-1999
Hodge Aleta 1915-1981 daughter of William W. and Lodema Miller
Hodge Martha A. 12/9/1850-3/14/1898
Holcomb Flora M. 1871-1945 wife of Harry H.; mother of George A.
Holcomb George A. 5/16/1896-9/29/1896 "Son of Harry & Flora Holcomb"
Holcomb Harry H. 1869-1946 husband of Flora; father of George A.
Holcomb Ivan B. 1904-1968
Holcombe Paul E. 1900-1940
Holliday C. Wray 1905-1955 husband of Phyllis
Holliday Phyllis 1903-1984 wife of C. Wray
Hopkins Emma 1854-1915
Hopkins Marcia Arnold died 6/19/1881 aged 78 years; wife of William C.
Hopkins William C. died 12/27/1824 husband of Marcia Arnold
Hotchkiss Norman J. 1888-1969 husband of Weltha Tidd
Hotchkiss Weltha Tidd 1885-1968 wife of Norman J.
Howard Jason S. died 4/21/1894 aged 75 years, 4 months; husband of Rosalia
Howard Lester J. 1888-1906 son of Nellie M.
Howard Lottie R. 1883-1901
Howard Nellie M. 1864-1914 mother of Lester J.
Howard Rosalia died 6/29/1898 aged 70 years, 4 months; wife of Jason S.
Howard Weslay G. 1844-1904
Howe Fenton 6/7/1840-6/16/1899 husband of Helen Franklin Howe
Howe Frank 1863-1945 husband of Minnie Smith Howe
Howe Helen 1901-1913 daughter of Frank & Minnie Smith Howe
Howe Helen Franklin 10/2/1840-11/30/1876 wife of Fenton
Howe Isaac C. 12/7/1807-9/27/1881 husband of Roxalana Fenton Howe
Howe Kate G. Willard 10/21/1851-3/15/1915 wife of Milton
Howe Martha E. 1846-1859
Howe Milton 7/3/1833-8/1/1913 husband of Kate G. Willard Howe
Howe Minnie Smith 1874-1931 wife of Frank
Howe Morris Fenton 1899-1959 son of Frank & Minnie Smith Howe; "Veteran of World War II"
Howe Reuben Fenton 1881-1918
Howe Roxalana Fenton 9/20/1809-11/29/1892 wife of Isaac C.
Hutchinson Mary Blue 1866-1932 wife of Samuel
Hutchinson Samuel 1861-1934 husband of Mary Blue
Hutchinson Sherman U. 1865-1888
Irwin Frances Lockwood 1838-1903 wife of John Jr.
Irwin Ida 1858-1862 daughter of John Jr. & Frances
Irwin Jane 1808-1890 wife of John Sr.
Irwin John "Jr." 1834-1882 husband of Frances Lockwood
Irwin John "Sr." 1806-1893 husband of Jane
Johnson Carrie L. 1853-1939 wife of Lovell G.
Johnson Ira 1850-1926
Johnson Lovell G. 1851-1938 husband of Carrie L.
Johnson Lydia E. 1840-1920
Jones Frank N. 12/3/1883-6/30/1889 "Son of F. R. and E. C. Jones"
Jones Nathaniel 2/4/1821-2/18/1901 husband of Sarah N.
Jones Sarah N. 9/9/1819/7/2/1895 wife of Nathaniel
Keller Arthur S. 1884-1906
Keller Bessie E. 1886-no date
Keller Sarah A. 1864-1953
Keller Simeon G. 1894-1925
Kelley Emma Freeman 1862-1937 wife of Silas W.
Kelley Silas W. 1858-1929 husband of Emma Freeman Kelley
Kellogg ??? died 3/29/1842 aged 23 years & 23 days
Kellogg Alvah died 4/13/1891 aged 73 years; husband of Susan A. Maydole
Kellogg Charles E. M. 1876-1918
Kellogg Mary M. Quackenbush died 10/13/1864 aged 28 years, 11 months & 6 days; "Wife of Alvah Kellogg"
Kellogg Susan A. Maydole 12/30/1842-12/26/1917 wife of Alvah
Kellogg Wesley R. died 7/31/1888 aged 8 yeasr, 4 months & 12 days; "Son of Alvah and Susan A."
Kellogg/Potter Elizabeth 1856-1919 Individual stone placed in front of a large monument "Kellogg/Potter"; no indication of which surname
Kellogg/Potter Estella 1885-1912 Individual stone placed in front of a large monument "Kellogg/Potter"; no indication of which surname
Kellogg/Potter Terrance 1854-1926 Individual stone placed in front of a large monument "Kellogg/Potter"; no indication of which surname
Kilburn Kate M. 1880-1950 wife of Wallace
Kilburn Wallace 1862-1951 husband of Kate M.
Kreutzberg Minnie 1860-1885 located in the "Biebow" family plot; possibly a daughter.
Kreuzer Florence E. 2/11/1900-2/24/1971 wife of Floyd A.
Kreuzer Floyd A. 9/18/1897-2/9/1989 husband of Florence E.
Kreuzer Henry F. 1864-1949 husband of Jessie M. Peterson and Julia M. Daniell
Kreuzer James 1930-1986
Kreuzer Jessie M. Peterson 1870-1933 1st wife of Henry F.
Kreuzer Julia M. Daniell 1862-1941 2nd wife of Henry F.
Kubick Matthew J. 1904-1992
Kulmus Jacqueline 1940-1990
Kurfess Edward J. 10/28/1907-4/10/1981

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