Van Hornesville Cemetery

Town of Stark
Herkimer County, New York

This cemetery list was graciously donated by Town of Stark Editor Ron Smith and prepared by Town of Stark Coordinator Carol Perry. As with all of our Herkimer County cemetery lists, for further information about anyone listed, please direct all queries to or order research from the friendly and helpful staff of the Herkimer County Historical Society.

NameBirth & DeathKinship
Armstrong, Emma J.1847-1915 Wife of William
Armstrong, Ethel K.1878-1898 Dau. of William and Emma J.
Armstrong, William 1843-1917
Backus, Catharine (Nicholson 1824-1898 Wife of Daniel
Backus, Daniel1828-1910
Backus, Irena 1793-1887Wife of William
Backus, William1792-1863
Borst Julia Anne1806-1883Wife of Benjamin
Borst, Benjamin1809-1909
* Death Certificate 1900

Bronner, Anderson 1837-1915
Bronner, Betsy Ann (Fikes) 1840-1925 Wife of Anderson
Bronner, Michael1860-1888Son of Betsy Ann and Anderson
Countryman, Charity1837-1927Wife of James
Countryman, James1834-1854
Cramer, Jeremiah1823-1858Son of John and Nancy
Cramer, John-- 1853
Cramer, Nancy 1805-1871Wife of John DeGarmo, Arden A.
--1879 Son of Luther and Rose
DeGarmo, Luther 1858-1899
DeGarmo, Rose 1858 -- Wife of Luther
Eckler, Clinton1858-1910
Eckler, Henry H.1822-1910
Eckler, Lovina (Shimel)1826-1903Wife of Henry H.
Eckler, Minnie J. (Moyer) 1865-1925 Wife of Clinton
Edick, Adam1830-1864
Edick, Henry1836-1889
Edick, John Henry1862-1884Son of Henry and Martha
Edick, Margaret1836-1927Wife of Adam
Edick, Martha 1844-1899Wife of Henry
Elwood, Delevan1835-1917
Elwood, Margaret (Snyder) 1824-1892 Wife of Delevan
Fetterly, Calathial1840-1915
Fetterly, Lany (Snyder)1837-1931Wife of Calathial
Fikes, Adam1834-1881
Fikes, Adam1814-1867
Fikes, Amanda (Shimel)1835-1906Wife of Adam
Fikes, Catharine1810-1893Wife of Adam
Fikes, Elizabeth (Countryman) 1790-1875 Wife of Jacob
Fikes, Henry1810-1857
Fikes, Jacob1789-1864
Fikes, Jacob A.1839-1910
Fikes, Mary-- 1814Wife of Michael J.
Fikes, Mary L. (Phillips) --- --Wife of Jacob A.
Fikes, Menzo1836-1898 Son of Henry and Peggy
Fikes, Michael J.1728-1818
Fikes, Peggy 1810-1858Wife of Henry
Filkins, Alda 1822-1890Wife of Cornelius
Filkins, Cornelius 1822-1876
Filkins, Delina1815-1928Wife of John
Filkins, John D.1810-1890
Filkins, Joseph1784-1873
Filkins, Margaret 1788-1854Wife of Joseph
Hicks, Martha (Snyder)1838-1890Wife of Rufus
Hicks, Rufus1837-1925
Hollenbeck, Ira1864-1895
Hollenbeck, S, Jane (McIntyre) 1835-1921 Wife of Ira
Hollenbeck, Solomon1836-1864Husband 2 of Charity
Keller, Ezekiel1844-1911
Keller, Lillie M. 1865-1940Wife of Ezekiel
Kershaw, Benjamin 1814-1894
Kershaw, Elizabeth (Conklin)1815-1872 Wife of Benjamin
Kershaw, James 1853-1890
Kershaw, Joseph 1841-1879
Kershaw, Lucia 1843-1860 Wife of Joseph
Kinter, Blanche 1886-1887 Dau. of John W. and Hattie
Kinter, Charles 1796-1859
Kinter, Harriet (Vincent) 1931-1902 Wife of Charles
Kinter, Hattie (Tunnicliff) 1859-1926 Wife of John W.
Kinter, John R. 1793-1871
Kinter, John W. 1858-1895
Kinter, Lavieia (Guywitts) 1834-1894 Wife of Stephen
Kinter, Polly (Warner) 1795-1885 Wife of John R.
Kinter, Richard 1847-1887
Kinter, Stephen 1828-1882
Kinter, Sylvia 1843-1893 Wife of Richard
Lathrop, Anderson 1812-1883
Lathrop, James 1814-1895
Lathrop, Martha (Monk) 1824-1907 Wife #2 of James
Lathrop, Mary 1823-1855 Wife #1 of James
Lunn, Elizabeth 1861-1918
Lunn, Henrietta 1858-1918
Lunn, Mary A. 1856-1918
Lunn, Priscilla 1836-1912
Lunn, William 1806-1883
Maxfield, Ann (Snyder) 1854-1926 Wife of Seffrenua
Maxfield, Lany (Walter) 1811-1884 Wife of Stephen
Maxfield, Seffrenua 1837-1901
Maxfield, Stephan 1795-1888
Mentler, Charles -- -- Son of Joseph and Christina
Mentler, Christina -- -- Dau of Joseph and Christina
Mentler, George -- -- Son of Joseph and Christina
Mentler, Joseph 1829-1902
Mentler, Nancy 1835-1891 Wife of Joseph
Miller, John 1833-1901
Miller, Permelia 1834-1927 Wife of John
Morrell, Betsey Ann S. 1829-1875 Wife of Sylvester
Morrell, Sylvester 1823-1877
Moyer, Howard 1882-1948
Moyer, John I. 1828-1887
Moyer, Lessie Fort 1881-1947 Wife of Howard
Moyer, Marianne (Snyder) 1833-1920 Wife of Moses
Moyer, Mary (Drain) 1816-1904 Wife of John
Moyer, Moses 1833-1889
Moyer, Myron 1855-1938
Moyer, Viola (Smith) 1860-1896 Wife of Myron
Ostrander, Daniel 1854-1928
Ostrander, Ida 1859-1945 Wife of Daniel
Shaul, George 1854-1874 Son of Richard and Mary Ann
Shaul, Mary Ann 1819-1898 Wife of Richard
Shaul, Richard 1816-1881
Shaver, Abram 1820-1900
Shaver, Elizabeth1795-1871 Wife of Elizabeth
Shaver, Maria (Gordon)1827-1894 Wife of Abram
Shaver, Nicholas1790-1857
Silver, Amy1821-1890Wife of Robert
Silver, Robert1817-1898
Siver, John1786-1859
Siver, Mary1792-1864Wife of Johan
Smith, Elizabeth (Eckler) 1781-1851 Wife of Nicholas
Smith, John A. 1848-1888
Smith, John N.1803-1875
Smith, Margaret1824-1888Wife of William
Smith, Nancy (Schall)1810-1889 Wife of John N.
Smith, Nicholas1779-1850
Smith, Rosa (VanAuken)1850-1933Wife of John A.
Smith, William N. 1820-1891
Snyder, Catharine (Backus) 1811-1883 Wife of Daniel Jr.
Snyder, Daniel Jr.1810-1873
Snyder, James G.1810-1900
Snyder, Margaret (Hoke)1811-1899Wife of James
Springer, David M.1815-1893
Springer, Jacob1798-1845
Springer, Loadwick 1774-1857
Springer, Mary (Coon)1870-1820Wife of Loadwick
Springer, Mary (Dater) 1798-1888Wife of Jacob
Springer, Nicholas 1811-1888
Springer, Rachel (Nicholson) 1817-1882 Wife of Nicholas
Springer, Sally (Eckler) 1820-1910 Wife of David M.
Tilyou, Edwin 1840-1871Son of Joseph and Rebecca
Tilyou, Joseph 1808-1882
Tilyou, Ranslaer1842-1861 Son of Joseph and Rebecca
Tilyou, Rebecca (Kenter)1808-1868 Wife of Joseph
Tunnicliff, Marrjette (Cook) 1837-1891 Wife of Orange
Tunnicliff, Adelbert1845-1911
Tunnicliff, Alice 1791-1855Wife of Thomas
Tunnicliff, Charlotte1849-1916 Wife of Adelbert
Tunnicliff, Joseph1812-1898
Tunnicliff, Mary (Kide) -- 1892Wife of Joseph
Tunnicliff, Orange1834-1895
Tunnicliff, Thomas1788-1864
Walts, Clarissa1852-1881Wife of Menzo #2
Walts, Cynthia 1839-1868Wife of Menzo
Walts, Margaret1811-1860Wife of William
Walts, Menzo1836-1888
Walts, Nelson 1831-1866
Walts, William 1756-1824
Wick, Caroline 1825-1897Wife of John
Wick, John1825-1878
Wiles, Daniel 1798-1862
Wiles, John1833-1874
Wiles, Mary1807-1874Wife of Daniel
Wiles, Sabrina 1837-1890Wife of John
Winslow, Catharine (Keller)1822-1906 Wife of Dewitt
Winslow, Dewitt1819-1906
Winslow, Nancy 1850-1861Dau. of Dewitt and Catharine
Winslow, Orvill1854-1855Son of Dewitt and Catharine
Young, Henrietta (Lunn) 1859-1915 Wife of Orange
Young, Orange 1840-1903

Note from Carol Perry

Ron and Nancy Smith revisited the above cemetery. Benjamin Borst's stone is definitely dated as a 1909 death. Family stories noted he lived to be 100. However, his Certificate and Record of Death (#40545) gives the date of October 2, 1900.

It reads:

I hereby certify that I attended the deceased from 3rd of Aug 1900 to Sept 12, 1900 that I last was him alive on the 12 day of September 1900, that he died on the 2 day of October 1900 about 7 o'clock, A.M., and that to best of my knowledge and belief, the cause of his death was as hereunder written.

Chief Cause, Inflammation of Bladder
Contributing Cause, Senility
Sanitary Observations Good
Witness my hand 3rd day of October 1900
Place VanHornesville, NY Signature:
Date October 4th, 1900
Undertaker, L.J. Brandon J.D. Young, M.D.
Residence, Starkville, NY Starkville, NYv
Date of Death: October 2nd 1900
Full Name: Benjamin Borst
Age in years mo. and days: 96 yrs. 5 mths. 14 ds.
Color: White
Single, Married Or Widowed: Widowed
Occupation: Laborer
Birthplace: Scoharie Co, NY
How long in US if foreign born: Life time
How long a resident here: Life time
Father's Name: William Borst
Father's Birthplace: unknown
Mother's Name: Agnes Borst
Mother's Birthplace: unknown

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