Woodin Corners Cemetery

Town of Russia

Herkimer County, NY

An original reading done in the Spring of 2005 by Steven Knight.

"This is an old but well maintained cemetery. The oldest burial I found was 1818 and the most recent is 1999. There are approximately 25 headstone that are either damaged or so badly worn that they are unreadable."

To get to the cemetery, go north on Route 8 into the village of Cold Brook and turn left onto Military Road. At the top of the hill, turn right onto Grant Road. The cemetery is about 4.2 miles on the left. Another 3/4 of a mile will bring you into the hamlet of Grant.

????? Clarissa ???? stone is unreadable
????? Ireena ???? Stone is badly worn and sunken into the ground so that the death date is covered and only "Wife of" can be seen
????? Lucy Ann ???? Stone is broken and sunken
????? Catherine 2/?/184? wife of William; stone is badly worn
????? Cahrles R. ???? this is a small stone located between the headstones for Clarisa Bousfield and Sarah Bousfield Jones
?????? George ???? Stone is badly worn; located next to Herman Abel (see Herman Abel)
?????? Frank no dates there is no information on this stone except the name "Frank"; it is located next to the stone of Libbie A. Thomas Carruthers
Abel Herman 10/2/1851 aged 6 yrs, 5 months & 18 days; "Son of George & Harriet Abel"
Abel Talithy M. 3/12/1855 aged 8 months & ? days; "Son of George and Harriet Abel"
Abel George H. 2/3/1884 aged 81 yrs, 3 months & 16 days; hus of Harriet
Abel Harriet 7/28/1886 aged 87 yrs, 3 months; wife of George H.
Abel George W. 5/16/1889 aged 71 yrs, 5 months
Abel Hattie T. 3/12/08 aged 51 yrs
Backus John 3/16/1811-8/10/1888 hus of Rebecca
Backus Rebecca 5/31/1813-2/16/1906 wife of John
Backus Ida F. 6/19/1917-11/17/1986
Baker Orlando 10/17/1877 aged 51 yrs, 3 months; hus of Elizabeth
Baker Elizabeth A. 5/21/???? aged 56 yrs; wife of Orlando
Baker Emer V. 1888 aged 24 yrs, 3 months
Barhite Andrew 6/18/1853 aged 51 yrs; hus. Of Rebecca
Barhite Rebecca 6/18/1828 aged 23 yrs; wife of Andrew; odd coincidence in the death date of husband & wife
Barhite David 2/13/1837 aged 8 yrs; "Son of Andrew & Rebecca"
Barhite ?????? ?????? thisa is a small stone between Andrew and David Barhite that is so badly worn that it's unreadable. Possibly another child of Andrew and Rebecca?
Barhite Peter 12/27/1831 aged 65 yrs.
Barhite Peter 3/27/1806-10/16/1877 hus of Manicha
Barhite Manicha 2/17/1819-8/19/188 wife of Peter
Barney Jonathan ???? this stone is partially buried and the date is hidden
Baxter Sarah 1/18/1888 aged 76 yrs; "Wife of James"
Baxter Sarah 12/1/1863 "Daughter of James & Sarah"
Baxter no name 1837 "Son of John & S????"
Baxter Mary 3/?/1841 aged 22 yrs; wife of Duncan
Belcher Clarista 8/29/1850 aged 4 yrs, 9 days; "Daughter of Hezekiah & Louisa M. Belcher"
Bilshorrow Mahala 3/27/1859 aged 27 yrs; "Wife of George"; "Daughter of Z. & S. Popple"; the surname is barely readable on this stone and is a "best guess"
Blue Willie 2/28/1881 "Son of I. C. & P(?). E. Blue"
Blue John L. 1850-1913
Booth Elihu 5/3/1859 aged 64 yrs, 4 months & 12 days; hus of Nancy
Booth Margaret 1871-1949
Booth Huldah M. 9/14/1817-6/19/1903
Booth Nancy ???? wife of Isaiah; stone is broken into pieces; dates not visible
Booth Isaiah May 19(?), 187? aged ? Yrs, 5 months & 15 days; hus. of Nancy; stone broken into pieces.
Booth Margaret Caruthers 2/27/1892 aged 52 yrs, 1 month & 22 days; wife of Elihu N.
Booth Elihu N. 1/19/1892 aged 56 yrs, 10 months & 17 days.; hus. Of Margaret Caruthers
Booth Amanda M. 5/10/1832-3/20/1911
Booth Castella N. 5/3/1859 aged 2 yrs, 1 month & 4 days; "Daughter of Elihu & Nancy Booth"
Booth Nancy 9/13/1877 aged 72 yrs, 5 months & 29 days; wife of Elihu
Booth Huldah 6/14/1842 aged 74 yrs
Booth Alexander 7/11/1829 aged 61 yrs
Bousfield Christopher 6/6/1835-11/15/1870 hus of Clarisa Jane
Bousfield Clarisa Jane 1/13/1836-12/29/1873 wife of Christopher
Bronson Elizabeth 6/17/1860 aged 80 yrs, 8 months; wife of Anthony
Bronson Anthony 10/11/1868 aged 78 yrs; hus. of Elizabeth
Bronson Frank A. 1866-1937
Bronson Anthony 2/2/1899 aged 67 yrs, 3 months; hus of Rosella A.
Bronson Rosella A. 10/21/02 aged 57 yrs; wife of Anthony
Bronson Duane O. 1903-1978 hus of Mary E.
Bronson Mary E. 1904-1994 wife of Duane O.
Bunce Hamilton 10/10/1868(?)
Bunce Miranda 8/10/18?? stone is broken; "Daughter of Jacob & Nancy Bunce"
Bunce Jacob 9/20/1872 aged 77 yrs; hus. Of Nancy
Bunce Nancy 1/11/1871 wife of Jacob
Burlingame B. W. 4/12/12 aged 62 yrs; hus of Mattie
Burlingame Mattie 8/22/17 aged 72 yrs; wife of B. W.
Burlingame Elmie S. 5/29/1885 aged 32 yrs, 6 months & 28 days; wife of B. W.; "Daughter of H. & C. Carruthers"
Burlingame Infant 9/4/1887 there is no name given but he is listed on the same ston as Elmie S.; "Infant son of B. W. & E. S. Burlingame"
Burlingame Peter B. aged 83 yrs, 5 months; hus of Sarah E.
Burlingame Sarah E. 4/12/1897 aged 85 yrs, 2 months; wife of Peter B.
Burridge John 9/12/1842 aged 18 yrs, 10 months & 21 days;
Burridge Jennette 2/28/1858 aged 73 yrs; wife of John
Campbell Dougald 3/20/1803-2/5/1885 hus of Dorcass
Campbell Dorcass 8/10/1809-4/12/1883 wife of Dougald
Campbell Malcolm 1835-1909
Campbell Elizabeth 1839-1909
Carpenter Lydia 4/26/1865 aged 68 yrs; wife of William
Carpenter William 8/21/1870 aged 77 yrs; hus of Lydia
Carpenter Lucy A. 8/29/1885 aged 49 yrs; wife of Daniel
Carpenter George ?/29/186? This is a small stone with a lamb on top indicative of a child's grave
Carpenter Lucy 8/24/1886 aged 49 yrs; "Wife of D. P. Carpenter"
Carpenter Daniel P. 5/21/190? aged 83 yrs
Carpenter James O. 6/24/1836-10/29/1901 hus of Margaret B.
Carpenter Margaret B. 4/16/1859-6/27/1935 wife of James O.
Carruthers William 2/26/1875 aged 72 yrs, 4 months; hus of Margaret
Carruthers Margaret 8/11/1869 aged 67 yrs, 11 months; wife of William
Carruthers Robert 4/9/1832-5/30/1832 "Children of William & Margaret"; twin brother of George
Carruthers George 4/9/1832 "Children of William & Margaret"; "Died the Same Day" (as born); twin brother of Robert
Carruthers Henry 3/31/1852 hus of Jane
Carruthers Jane 9/11/1838 wife of Henry
Carruthers William Jr. 4/30/1829-7/4/1899
Carruthers Charles 11/27/1859-1/19/1899
Carruthers Henry 2/12/1824-6/20/1906 hus of Cynthia H. Woodin
Carruthers Cynthia H. Woodin 2/12/1827-10/4/1921 wife of Henry
Carruthers Retta M. 11/3/1856-2/28/1982 "Daughter of Henry and Cynthia Carruthers"
Carruthers Frank W. 1855-1924 hus of Libbie A. Thomas
Carruthers Libbie A. Thomas 1854-1890 wife of Frank W.
Cipperlie Betsey 8/?/1870 this stone is badly worn; It also contains this unique inscription "Wife of Bernard Cipperlie, formerly of Robert McChesney"
Combs Jacob L. ???? This stone is very badly worn but I could make out additional listings for two wives. The name & dates of the 1st wife are unreadable. The name of the 2nd wife is unreadable. The dates for the 2nd wife are 1846-1933
Combs Charles 1873-1935
Combs Mary L. 1869-1958
Combs George E. 1836-1898 hus of Mary C.
Combs Mary C. 1849-1919 "Wife of George E. Combs"
Combs George E. 1869-1880 "Son of G. & M. Combs"
Conkling John 1853-1881
Conkling Jennie 1878-1880 "Daughter of John"
Conkling Morris G. 3/7/1914 aged 73 yrs; Co. "C" 81st Reg. NY Vols; hus of Henrietta
Conkling Henrietta 1849-1929 wife of Morris G.
Conkling Charles M. 1888-1931
Conkling Alvin no dates there are no dates on this stone but there is a veteran's marker and flag so I assume that there is a burial here
Conkling Lewis A. 1882-1883 "Son of George W. & Mary E"
Conkling James E. 1876-1899 "Son of George W. & Mary E"
Conkling George W. 1851-no date hus of Mary E. Pruyn
Conkling Mary E. Pruyn 1853-no date wife of George W.
Cooley Daniel M. 1822-1888 hus of Elizabeth
Cooley Elizabeth B. 1830-1910 wife of Daniel
Coonradt Ellen 1/7/1857 aged 9 months & 20 days; "Daughter of Abram & Maria Coonradt"
Coonradt Abram 2/7/1872 aged 66 yrs; hus of Maria
Coonradt Maria 2/28/1880 aged 68 yrs; wife of Abram
Coonradt John 8/6/1862 aged 26 yrs
Cramer Nuton 11/25/184? aged 22 days; "Son of Jacob & Malanda Cramer"; stone is badly worn and the first name is very difficult to read. This is a "best guess".
Cramer Davida C. 10/29/1856 aged 28 yrs; wife of Peter A.
Cramer ???? ????? stone is very worn and mostly unreadable
Cramer Laura A. Pooler 2/7/1897 aged 60 yrs, 14 days; "Wife of P. A. Cramer"
Cramer Nancy 9/23/1834 listed at the bottom of the stone of Nuton Cramer; "Also Nancy died Sept. 23, 1834"
Cullis William 12/16/1867 aged 64 yrs, 4 months & 29 days
Cummings George 1844-1930 hus of Sitry
Cummings Sitry 1870-1949 wife of George
Cummings Albert 1896-1916
Cummings George 1905-1984
Davenport Charles ?/?/1841 this stone is located next to the stone of John & Sally Davenport
Davenport John 1875 aged 71 yrs. Hus. Of Sally
Davenport Sally 8/31/1881 aged 81 yrs.; wife of John
Davenport Ellen Maria ?/24/1853 aged 23 yrs.; "Daughter of Richard & Bridget Davenport"
Davenport Richard 1/17/1849 aged 74(?) yrs
Davies Sarah 7/14/1854 aged 2 months; "Daughter of David & Mary"
Davis Albert L. 1882-1949 hus of Margareta A.
Davis Margareta A. 1890-1969 wife of Albert L.
Davis Leland E. 1912-1912 son of Albert L. & Margareta A.
Davis Lyle E. 1914-1921 son of Albert L. & Margareta A.
Davis Margaret 1915-1915 daughter of Albert L. & Margareta A.
DeLong Anna 2/9(?)/1841 aged 30 yrs, the rest is unreadable; wife of Daniel
Delong Margaret 8/22/1853 aged 28 yrs; wife of Daniel
Dicker William U. 10/17/1830-1/5/1890 hus of Catharine Smith
Dicker Catharine Smith 8/1/1833-9/12/1898 wife of William U.
Dodson John 10/23/1882 aged 56 yrs; hus of Lucy Kirbey
Dodson Lucy Kirbey 1827-1907 wife of John
Dodson George H. 11/17/1867 "Son of John & Lucy"
Doran Leah 8/14/1854 wife of John; I presume that since she is buried next to John Dorn the difference in surname spelling is an error on the part of the engraver.
Dorn John 2/13/1844 aged 42 yrs, 1 month & 18 days; probably the hus of Leah Doran
Dorn Mary 3/24/1839 aged 42 yrs, 3 months & 7 days
Dyer Samuel B. 1/30/1826-7/28/1883 hus of Lorena
Dyer Villa 7/15/1862 aged 3 yrs, 6 months; "Only child of S. B. & L. Dyer"
Dyer Lorena 12/29/1833-9/3/1864 wife of Samuel B.
Dyer Lovina 8/?/1871 wife of Samuel B.
Dykeman Emory 8/26/1888-7/24/1964 hus of Myrtle B.
Dykeman Myrtle B. 10/6/1895-3/29/1977 wife of Emory
Dykeman Ray 1886-1964
Dykeman Louis 1890-1955 "Co "H" 2nd Pioneer Inf. NY W. W. I"
Egelston Ernest 1901-1967 "Pvt. Btty "C" 104th Coast Art. W.W.II"
Egelston George W. 1896-1949
Egelston J. E. 1860-1934 hus of Carrie M. Hicks
Egelston Carrie M. Hicks 1869-1920 wife of George W.
Egelston William A. 1891-1957 "Co. "C" 336th Bn Tank Co W. W. I"
Egelston Violet Peon 1902-1957
Emery William H. 6/18/1912 aged 87 yrs, 4 months & 23 days; hus of Mary Ann
Emery Mary Ann 10/30/1872 aged 47 yrs, 5 months; wife of William H.
Emery George 5/7/1881 aged 15 yrs, 7 months & 25 days; "Son of William H. & Mary Ann Emery"
Erwin Charlotte Wiley 1858-1928
Evans John 5/17/18?7 aged 24 yrs & 10 months; this stone is broken and has been repaired but the seam runs through the death date making it difficult to read
Evans Griffith H. 4/24/1850-2/1/1927 hus of Melissa M. Berhite (note variation of spelling of "Barhite")
Evans Melissa M. Berhite 2/1/1889 wife of Griffith H.; (note variation of spelling of "Barhite")
Fanning Sarah A. 4/11/1879 aged 47 yrs, 10 months & 25 days; "Wife of John"; "Daughter of Dugald & Dorcass Campbell" (note variation of spelling of Dougald, see Campbell)
Fari Amy 1918 aged 7 weeks
Fenner Seth G. 1850-1916
Fitzgerald James 2/27/1887 aged 68 yrs; "Co. C, 81st NY vols"
FitzWilliams John 4/27/1860 aged 35 yrs
FitzWilliams Agnes 1/12/1859 aged 1 yr & 1 month; "Daughter of J. & Helen"
Flansburg George F. 1873-1949 hus of Maude A. Jones
Flansburg Maude A. Jones 1879-1935 wife of George F.
Fowler Thomas 1829-1908
Fowler Mary V. 1/23/1888
Fowler Charlie 2/27/1866 aged 9 months & 3 days
Frank Roxia 1/29/1889 aged 38 yrs, 4 months
Garlock Phillip 12/22/1866 aged 73 yrs; hus of Elizabeth; name is spelled with two "L"'s on his stone but with only one "L" on his wife's stone
Garlock Elizabeth 4/7/1844 aged 54 yrs; wife of Philip
Garlock ???iram 18??-???? Co. "D" 81st NY Vols; hus of Anna Cipperlie
Garlock Almira Cipperlie 1815-1890 "Wife of ???iram"
Garlock George I. 1843-1916 hus of Rachel M. Jones
Garlock Rachel M. Jones 1852-1932 wife of George I.
Garlock Corey W. 1857-1921 hus of Abbie E. Jones
Garlock Abbie E. Jones 1855-1923 wife of Corey W.
Graves Horace 11/27/1875 hus of Rhoda
Graves Rhoda 7/11/1864 wife of Horace
Hamblin Anna A. 1867-1905
Hane Peter H. 1834-1910 hus of Rachel A.
Hane Rachel A. 1835-no date wife of Peter H.
Harvey Helen Hicks 1891-1920
Haskell J. D. 9/19/1862-9/25/1894
Haskell Warren 1/24/1835-6/10/1896 hus of Dorcas
Haskell Dorcas 1/30/1837-7/13/1910 wife of Warren
Hathaway Gordon A. 9/27/1894-7/11/1967
Hess Frederick 1851 the rest of the stone is unreadable
Hess Ellen ???? This stone is broken into pieces; It is located next to Frederick Hess
Hicks Sanford M. 4/3/1893 aged 50 yrs, 2 months & 29 days; hus of Mary A.
Hicks Mary J. 4/20/1918 aged 74 yrs; wife of Sanford
Hoffmeister Augustus H. 1857-1935 hus of Mary J. Combs
Hoffmeister Mary J. Combs 1871-1928 wife of Augustus H.
Huckabone William H. 1836-1925 hus of Ellen J.
Huckabone Ellen J. 1855-1913 wife of William H.
Huckabone Joseph A. 1876-1955 hus of Arlie Smith
Huckabone Arlie Smith 1870-1962 wife of Joseph A.
Huckabone Edward A. 1900-1925
Huckabone Glenn W. 5/31/1920
Huckabone Margaret 1916-1997
Inman Electra 1830 wife of Ahab Inman
Jackson Thomas 8/1841 aged 56 yrs
Jeffers Peter 1/13/1896 aged 67 yrs
Jones Thomas 2/23/1859 hus of Elizabeth
Jones Elizabeth 10/16/1847 aged 80 yrs; wife of Thomas
Jones Sarah Bousfield 3/26/1910 aged 85 yrs
Jones Catharine 9/6/1880 aged 56 yrs; wife of John D.
Jones Leon H. Sr. 1886-1945 hus of Alice M.
Jones Alics M. 1881-1954 wife of Leon H. Sr.
Jones Harris W. 1857-1933 hus of Hattie A. Conkling
Jones Hattie A. Conkling 1852-1934 wife of Harris W.
Jones David R. 1853-1937 hus of Carrie M. Conkling
Jones Carrie M. Conkling 1859-1915 wife of David R.
Jones John D. 5/2/1888 aged 58 yrs; hus of Catharine
Keebler John F. 1900-1971
Kelly Michael 1/18/1836 aged 73 yrs; hus. Of Elizabeth
Kelly Elizabeth 7/10/1835 wife of Michael
Kelly John ???? dates are unreadable
Kohler Francis 1/9/1900 aged 71 yrs
L??lunds William 1833 aged 27 yrs; stone is badly worn
Laning Conrod 3/15/1849 aged 74 yrs, 6 months & 11 days
Laning Martha ?/?/1844 wife of Conrod
Lanning Delia 6/11/1824-12/25/1893 wife of Conrod
Lanning Conrod 3/1/1881 aged 66 yrs, 3 months; hus of Delia
Letson Minnie Hicks 1867-1939
Lewis Emma Orcutt 1862-1910
Looker Esther 5/16/1850 aged 57 yrs, 6 months; wife of William
Lovell William C. 1865-1903 hus of Mary
Lovell Mary 1867-1934 wife of William C.
Lyon Lydia R. 7/15/1838 aged 7 yrs, 2 days; "Daughter of Charles & Lydia Lyon"
Martin Abram 1828-4/25/1900 aged 72yrs; Co. "C" 32nd Reg. NY Vols.
Maurer Andrew 4/14/1814-8/?/1897 hus of Catharine
Maurer Catharine 1/16/1887 aged 70 yrs, 6 months; wife of Andrew
Maxam Eugene 1870-1911
Maxfield Hetty 1818-1868 wife of Rufes G.
Maxfield Rufes G. 1812-1884 hus of Hetty
Mc Chesney Robert D. 2/26/1836-6/10/1904 hus of Lucy
McArthur Charles 3/17/1878 aged 44 yrs, 7 months & 16 days
McArthur Donald 1793-1873 Donald's death date is on a large "family" stone but a smaller "footstone" has the dates 1794-1873; hus of Ann
McArthur Ann 1826-1891 Ann's death date is on a large "family" stone but a smaller "footstone" has the dates 1820-1890; wife of Donald
McArthur Ann 3/30/1841 aged 32 yrs, 8 months & 25 days; wife of Donald
McArthur Margaret 3/29/1847 aged 43 yrs, 8 months & 24 days; wife of Donald
McArthur Daniel 1851-1935 hus of Rachel
McArthur Rachel 1852-1915 wife of Daniel
McArthur F. Donald 1920-1920
McArthur John 1856-1921
McChesney Lizzie 4/23/1871 "Daughter of R. & E. McChesney"
McChesney Lucy 9/2/1838-10/20/1901 wife of Robert
McMaster Marion Hicks 1875-1917 wife of Charles
McMaster Charles 1867-no date hus of Marion Hicks
McVoy Josie 1866-1910
Merritt Carleton Jeffery 10/9/1960-2/8/1985 "U. S. Coast Guard"
Miller George ?/?/1884 aged 70 yrs, 7 months & 20 days; hus of Julia Ann
Miller Julia Ann 8/10/1853 aged 34(?) yrs, 5 months & ? days; wife of George
Miller Arthur G. 12/15/1848-5/11/1893 hus of Ella J.
Miller Ella J. 12/1/1848-11/22/1881 wife of Arthur G.
Miller Julia A. 1854-1950 wife of Arthur G.
Miller Edith M. 2/5/1876-3/19/1888 "Daughter of A. G. & E. J. Miller"
Mykel Mary J. 8/26/1855 aged 33 yrs; "Wife of J. H."
Mykel Sylvester P. 8/16/1891 hus of Margaret
Mykel Margaret 1837-1923 wife of Sylvester
Neitg Adam 4/28/1899 aged 63 yrs
Pangburn Frederick 6/6/1849 aged 2 yrs, 7 months & 6 days; "Son of David & Catherine"
Pangburn George W. 6/8/1856 aged 7 yrs & 2 days; "Son of David & Catherine"
Perry John E. 12/29/1928-11/11/1991 hus of Betty J.; "PFC U. S. Army W. W. II"
Perry Betty J. 3/8/1927-3/14/1999 wife of John E.
Perry Walter E. 10/2/1922-4/19/1985 hus of Mildred Davy; "U. S. Army W. W. II"
Perry Mildres Davy 10/20/1931-8/24/1985 wife of Walter E.
Perry John H. 1893-1946 hus of Florence Egelston
Perry Florence Egelston 1893-1968 wife of John H.
Pomichter Joseph 1912-1995 hus of Frances
Pomichter Frances 1912-1981 wife of Joseph
Pomichter Charles 6/8/1924-4/10/1990 hus of Margaret E.; "PFC U. S. Army W. W. II"
Pomichter Margaret E. 1920-1974 wife of Charles
Pomichter Charles G. 1947-1986 "Butch"
Pooler Wilson 1849
Pooler James 12/13/1873 hus of Amy
Pooler Amy 8/3/1880 wife of James
Pooler Catharine 10/15/1887 aged 61 yrs, 4 months & 11 days; wife of George
Popple Katherine 6/8/1852 aged 70 yrs, 3 months & 22 days; wife of William
Popple William 4/13/1856 aged 88 yrs
Popple Roswell K. 5/?/1844 hus. of Katherine
Popple Katherine 1/?//1862 wife of Roswell
Popple Andrew J. 3/25/1858 aged 28 yrs
Popple Daniel F. 12/6/1840 aged 39 yrs
Popple Rhoba 1/7/1830 aged 42 yrs; wife of Daniel
Popple William Jr. 5/28/1847 aged 47 yrs
Popple Lydia 3/3/1887 aged 2 yrs, 3 months & 14 days; "Daughter of R. H. & D. C. Popple"
Popple Willie no date "Children of R. H. & D. C. Popple"; same stone as Charles
Popple Charles no date "Children of R. H. & D. C. Popple"; same stone as Willie
Popple Roswell H. 11/14/1912 aged 73 yrs
Popple Jennie A. 4/18/1930 aged 80 yrs; "Wife of R. H."
Popple Diana C. 7/2/1889 aged 42 yrs, 2 months; "Wife of R. H."
Popple Jennie E. ?/10/1895 "Wife of R. H."
Popple William 3/20/1833 "Son of J. & Elizabeth"
Popple Louiza 1841 aged 20 days; "Daughter of Zachariah & Soloma"
Popple Catherine 1846 aged 2 yrs & 9 months; "Daughter of Z. & S. Popple"
Popple William Ervin 8/31/1860 aged 25 yrs, 7 months & 12 days
Popple Zachariah 4/30/1889 aged 82 yrs, 7 months & 29 days; hus of Seloma
Popple Seloma 1/7/1862 wife of Zachariah; note the spelling of the first name compared to entry for Louiza Popple
Popple George A. 12/18/1869 aged 14 yrs, 4 months & 17 days; "Son of Z. & S. Popple"
Popple James 3/13/1868 aged 50 yrs, 6 months & 23 days; hus of Ann Eliza
Popple Ann Eliza 1880 wife of James
Popple George G. 9/5/1872 aged 36 yrs, 10 days; hus of Maggie
Popple Maggie 10/1/1890 aged 55 yrs; wife of George
Post John 9/18/1844 aged 46 yrs.
Post Eliza Ann ???? "Daughter of John & ???"; stone is badly worn
Rathbun Joseph 12/19/1841 aged 65 yrs & 6 months; hus of Olive
Rathbun Olive no date wife of Joseph; stone is partially buried covering the death date
Rathbun Catherine S. 2/22/1870 "Wife of J. Rathbun"
Rathbun George 1/23/1891 aged 70 yrs & 2 months
Rathbun Franklin 3/1/1875 "Son of George & Nancy"
Rathbun James H. 10/31/1876 aged 26 yrs, 8 months; "Son of John & Sarah"
Rathbun Joseph 3/16/1893 aged 75 yrs, 11 months & 8 days; hus of Dorothy Mykel
Rathbun Dorothy Mykel 1825-1907 wife of Joseph
Rathbun George W. 2/9/1877 aged 27 yrs, 5 months; "Son of J. & D. Rathbun"
Rathbun Henry James no dates "Aged 8 years, 4 months and 17 days"; there is no death date on the stone, only the child's age
Rathbun Emma no dates "Aged 2 years, 0 months and 20 days"; there is no death date on the stone, only the child's age
Rich Georg 3/25/1867 aged 1 yr, 3 months & 19 days; "Son of Frederick & Fanny Rich"
Rich Henry 3/19/1859 aged 53 yrs
Rich Esther 1845 "Daughter of Henry & Sarah"
Rich Sarah 1841 "Daughter of Henry & Sarah"
Rich Esther 12/6/1865 "Daughter of Frederic & Frances"; small stone with a dog on top indicative of a child's grave
Richer Merritt W. 1867-1925 hus of Alamanza Conkling
Richer Alamanza Conkling 1879-19__ no death date; wife of Merritt
Richer Mary 1870-1912
Rowland Martha Ann 6/26/1843 "Daughter of William & Sarah Rowland"
Smith Castella Booth 12/2/1843-11/6/1883
Smith Thomas E. 1874-1876 "Son of Castella Booth Smith"
Smith George D. 8/6/1912 aged 5 months
Smith Christine 8/31/1877 aged 41 yrs; wife of John
Smith Edward A. 1856-1933 hus of Ella
Smith Ella 1868-1942 wife of Edward
Smith Allen 2/19/1822-1/18/1892 twin brother of Daniel
Smith Daniel 2/19/1822-5/19/1871 twin brother of Allen
Smith Duncan 5/1788-10/19/1871 hus of Isabella
Smith Isabella 11/11/1789-8/30/1869 wife of Duncan
Smith Isabella 12/20/1861 aged 37 yrs & 4 months; "Daughter of Duncan & Isabella"
Smith Duncan 10/5/1858 aged 31 yrs, 2 months & 7 days; "Son of Duncan & Isabella"
Smith Alexander 12/6/1829-2/5/1900
Smith Peter 3/11/1817-1/28/1883 hus of Margaret
Smith Margaret 8/6/1820-4/22/1859 wife of Peter
Smith Stewart A. 2/2/1849-7/17/1905
Smith Margery E. 1901-1951
Snyder Albert 1889-1969 hus of Eunice
Snyder Eunice G. 1888-no date wife of Albert
Tetlock Charles G. 1892-1968
Tetlock Jacob 1841-1917 hus of Mary Remonda
Tetlock Mary Remonda 1849-1905 wife of Jacob
Tetlock Fred W. 1878-1954
Thomas Charles C. 1854-1932
Thomas Catherine 1862-1927
Tiffany Ebenezer 1765-1852 hus. of Silence
Tiffany Silence 1770-1851 wife of Ebenezer
Wagner Herman no dates hus of Mae R.
Wagner Mae R. 1882-1910 wife of Herman
Wall Elizabeth 3/1880 aged 48 yrs
Wall John 2/25/1869 aged 44 yrs
Wall Betsey 4/3/1881 aged 82 yrs; wife of John
Wall John 11/12/1861 aged 71 yrs; hus. of Betsey
Wall Mary Ann 8/30/1860 "Daughter of John & Elizabeth"
Wall Wallis 3/17/1845 aged 2 yrs, 11 months
Wall George 7/20/1843 aged 17 yrs, 8 months & 11 dyas
Wall Mary Ann 3/3/1848 aged 48 yrs; wife of Godfrey
Wall Godfrey 3/15/1845 aged 50 yrs; hus. of Mary Ann
Wall Betsey 8/4/1832 "Daughter of William & Betsey Wall"
Wall Betsey 4/15/1844 wife of William
Wall James 4/1/1833-4/12/1900 hus of Mary C.
Wall Mary C. 12/16/1888 aged 65 yrs, 9 months & 18 days
Wall Amy A. 10/18/1894 aged 26 yrs, 8 months & 6 days; wife of James H.
Wall James H. 1863-1959 hus of Amy A.
Wall Infant 6/4/1883-6/7/1883 "Infant son of D. & C. Wall"
Waller William E. 1908-1974 hus of Beatrice Coward
Waller Beatrice Coward 1910-1992 wife of William E.
Warden Martha Ann 2/22/1844 aged 19 yrs, 7 days; "Wife of ??? Warden"; This stone is next to the "Worden" family and the spelling may be the result of an error by the engraver
Waters John V. D. 9/17/1871 aged 90 yrs; hus. Of Elizabeth
Waters Elizabeth ???? wife of John; stone is broken
Weldon Jane Lucknow 10/9/1897 wife of Peter; There is a stone next to Jane's that is unreadable but may be Peter's
Wheeler Chancellor 1804-1890
Wheeler Rachel Ann 1821-1880
Wheeler Ephraim 1859-1880
Wheelock Wendell 1943-1985
Williams Arleigh 8/10/1893-10/31/1966
Wills Harriet Carpenter 8/19/1844-4/26/1923
Wilt Anton 1/21/1884 aged 39 yrs, 17 days; hus of Susan
Wilt Susan K. Neitg 1850-1931 wife of Anton
Wilt Mary K. 3/19/1888 aged 14 yrs, 9 months; "Daughter of A. & S. Wilt"
Wilt William 2/18/1898 hus of Rosetta B.
Wilt Rosetta B. 9/2/1891 aged 66 yrs, 5 months & 18 days; wife of William
Woodin Isaac 4/29/1841 aged 76 yrs, 3 days
Woodin Isaac 9/1/1869 aged 74 yrs, 5 months; hus. of Sylvie C.
Woodin Sylvie C. 9/24/1881 aged 85 yrs, 5 months; wife of Isaac
Woodin Sylvie F. 3/27/1841 aged 9 yrs, 5 months & 24 days; "Daughter of Isaac & Sylvie Woodin"
Woodin P. Lucretia 4/24/1818 "Aged 12 Hours"; "Daughter of Isaac & Sylvie Woodin"
Worden Jerome 1853-1935 hus. Of Eliza
Worden Eliza 1863-1935 wife of Jerome
Worden George 1885-1918
Worden Mary 1819-1908
Worden Florence M. 1896-1970

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