1825 New York State Census

Town of Fairfield
Part 1

1825 New York State Census, Fairfield, Herkimer Co., NY - Film 0526203

Transcribers Notes

There are many columns in the original census which are not included here since they were mostly unused. Where a mark or number WAS made, I have tried to note that item in the last "Note" column. Questions asked are about the preceeding year. The column numbering used here is not the same as in the complete census. Full list of the questions at the end (on the last page).

Transcribed by Ronald J. Reid, 2003, therefore all the errors are mine. This transcription was reviewed by Jane Dieffenbacher, Fairfield Town Historian, on 2/13/04, and several corrections were made.

Column 1Head of Family
Column 2The whole number of male persons in the family including the Head
Column 3The whole number of female person in the family including the Head if female
Column 4Number of male persons subject to militia duty and between 18 and 45 years
Column 5Number of male persons qualified to vote at elections
Column 6Whole number of married female persons under the age of 45 years
Column 7Whole number of unmarried female persons between 16 and 45 years
Column 8Whole number of unmarried female persons under the age of 16
Column 9Whole number of improved acres occupied by the family
Column 10Number of Neat Cattle
Column 11Number of Horses
Column 12Number of Sheep
Column 13Number of Hogs
Column 14Number of yards of Fulled Cloth in the family during preceeding year
Column 15Number of yards of Flannel and woolen cloth, not fulled, in family during preceeding year
Column 16Number of yards of linen cotton or other thin cloths in family during preceeding year

Peter P. Nellis74101126555436163838821 female birth &
1 female death
Andrew Goodell1111100184274000 
Jacob Seller46-9100340421112156561 female birth
William Kilts21-2100035148202204175 
Conrad Kilts211110011000001430 
Daniel Younglove310110010100210532 
Jacob Harter211110021002000 
William Merill6311102401153012161324 
John Windecker1201010801281615121250 
Frederick Windecker331110210130190121552 

George Sponenburgh1311102011319570 
Jacob P. Nellis431110282213379201 male birth,
1 male death
Nicholas Hadcock5501104020020001 pauper,
2 male deaths
Isaac Fisk240010300000000 
John Keller553301320041106016110060 
John J. Keller232211110020620110050 
Joseph Pickert1111100200600049 
Christian Pickert35010221004112531450401211 female marriage
Abner Reed2401021104215116779 
Benjamin P. Churchill33111111002861319161520 
Peter Ward3412021602483512205060 
Stephen Hammon37012053063115303047 
John Pier11000102101312150 
Reuben Hammon1211101240440120 
Simon Hammon111110020002000 
John Nelson5201101602526163829105 
Elijah Stanton44112107019723164567100 
Paul Nelson33120116016620152015120 
Harry Churchill211110068163109000 
Daniel? Davis4211110801571123022100 
Henry Davis43010116615524637930 
Christian Davis44111024014401520050 
Solomon Keller531110140104255401040 
Robert Alexander57110337019739103550175 
William Roberts22000013394190002 male aliens
not naturalized
Thomas Cole321101030831712251980 
George Porter320200135843552550651 male alien
not naturalized
William Porter210010002000000 
John Cole440112013038610.881210070 
Thomas Cole121111000000125030 
Elisha Cole54111032384245401601 male birth, 1 female birth
Linus Evarts4301101652154671035481 female death
Benjamin Ford4201110351145683578166 
Nathaniel Hull1201010120018012 
Temperence Griswold020000100000000 
David Benchley3201001406223744065 

Gideon Barlow120110001000000 
John Bucklin110100090281636252020100 
John Bucklin Junr351111300000000 
James Delong222110190723421630401 female birth
Nathaniel Brown6431012300406250101003201001 female death
Collins Wood4511112702435317221530 
Edmond Wright42010100300036025 
Thomas Wilcox42120200674043040100 
Isaiah Wood31121001009325162033791 male birth
Joseph Cole330211165125409164047 
Jeremiah Pearce37121236024352162655100 
George W. Phillips42121014072454116271 male birth
Allen Beach1211101364274980 
Willliam Fenner331101134103289186080 
Parker Sedgewick4430103010000001 female birth
Joseph Moyer6311102353220200100 
Daniel Hadcock83111025012432133021461 female birth
Peter G. Eigabroat15111043015432400241 female birth,
1 male death
Samuel Todd62240011201976511354030 
William Parkis561112235194369401680 
Nathan Parkis35010228534956115030130 
Nicholas Whipple442302075323311206870 
David Sandford2301011702334043025401 male death
George Eigatbroat210 00000000000 
George Wilcox2501104000002010451 female birth
Erastus Hamlin44011126528340212025701 female birth
Nathan Wood55011134820231142230401 female birth
Reuben Mestanathan?26011140100001419 
Aaron Smith2601105501231910816311 female birth
Silas Hicock1301011554322111045100 
Thomas Harman351201310031037243275137 
Enos Dickens640111202004040401 male birth
Samuel Green441103015532143016100 
Joseph Brown4201101020621716301 male birth
Paul Green3101000440226454040 
William Pardee21110006016472921201121 male death

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