1890 Civil War Veterans and Widows Census

Town of Herkimer

Herkimer County, NY

The following census was transcribed from the original handwritten records. As old and poor handwritting can be difficult to read, please view the originals for the best accuracy.

Transcriber's note: The 40th enumeration district is rather confusing. I have transcribed it here as it is presented on the census pages. However, what I've labeled as page 5 and 6 are not numbered pages on the original (i.e. all other pages have 1 thru 4 handwritten on them, these are left blank where the enumerator was to place the page number). Also, the numbering in the left column for page 5 was not "updated" by the enumerator to provide proper sequencing of the soldiers on these pages and the numbering on page 6 does not follow proper sequencing. On top of that the handwritting appears to be from a different person on pages 1 thru 4 and on each of 5 and 6 (i.e. 3 people did the enumeration). Plus all the names on page 5 are crossed out!! The 41st enumeration district has no confusion within it.

H# = House No.
F# = Family No. (40th district did not enter any family numbers)

Supervisor's District 6, Enumeration District 40
Page 1

No.H#NameRankCompany and RegimentDate of Enlist.Date of Disch.Service Length
1 Saphroma Stoddard widow of Ayres StoddardPrivateC 121 NY InfAug 1862Jan 18635 mos
2 Abram L. MillerPrivateF 1628 Dec 186315 Jul 18651y 6m 17d
3 Russell AllenPrivateD 34 NY Inf19 Nov 186130 Jun 18631y 7m 11d
4 Nicholas BottsPrivateE 142 NY Inf3 Aug 186212 Sep 18642y 2m 9d
5 Jacob J. PerryPrivateI 81 NY Inf15 Jan? 186215 Sep 18663y 9m
666Charles ScottPrivateH 20 NY Inf6 Jul 18649 Jan 18662y 15d
7 Charles E. WheelerPrivateF 1 US Cav23 Sep 186221 Apr 18663y 0m 10d
886Bowman Moss alias Beaumant MossPrivateG 18 NY Cav5 Sep 186331 May 18662y 7m
9 William A. SwiftSergtM 1 NY Eng26 Mar 186414 Jul 18651y 5m 18d
10100Catharine Will widow of Philip WillPrivateI 34 NY InfApr 1861Aug 18631y 5m 18d
1197Ellis H. StacyNavy LandsmanLackawana16 Aug 18628 Sep 18631y 23d
12 James V. GrantsCorpE 1 PA Inf1 Aug 18618 Aug 18653y 1m 8d
No.Post Office AddressDisability IncurredRemarks
1Herkimer New York dates from memory discharge lost
4doShot twice and had 2 ribs broke 
9doright foot hurt by bursting shell 
10do discharge cant be found

Page 2

No.H#NameRankCompany and RegimentDate of Enlist.Date of Disch.Service Length
13 Jacob SmithSergtA 2 NY HAT28 Feb 186425 Sep 18651y 6m
14412Hiram H. SmithCorpF 16 NY HAT28 Dec 186328 Aug 18652y 7m
15424Horace E. HeathPrivateH 121 NY Inf11 Aug 18626 Jul 186310m 17d
16 Philip Shenan?PrivateH 97 NY Inf18 Feb 18626 Jul 18641y 5m 5d
17454Jacob SylabachPrivateA 152 NY Inf28 Aug 186215 Jul 18652y 10m 17d
18504Robert HammondPrivateD 60 OH Inf11 Mar 186315 Jul 18651y 10m 26d
19 Lewis LamontPrivateD 132 PA Inf26 Jul 186229 May 18663y 10m 3d
20 Marian Wilson widdow of William W. WilsonCorpA 152 NY Inf21 Aug 18623 Jan 18634m 10d
21 William S. ClarkPrivateB 16 NY HATAug 1863Aug 18652y
22 Nicholas NeuskeamPrivateK 146 NY Inf28 Aug 186223 May 18638m 26d
23 Samuel L. B. BlackPrivateF 157 NY Inf19 Sep 186226 Jul 18641y 10m 15d
24 John H. SpatchattsPrivateE 169 NY Inf30 Aug 186416 Jun 186510m 15d
25 George W. HiltsPrivateK 186 NY Inf21 Aug 18642 Jun 18659m 12d
26 Adam J. foltsPrivateF 34 NY Inf20 Oct 186130 Jun 18631y 8m 11d
No.Post Office AddressDisability IncurredRemarks
13Herkimer New York  
21do dates not known

Page 3

No.H#NameRankCompany and RegimentDate of Enlist.Date of Disch.Service Length
27 Esther A. Woodward widdow of William WoodwardPrivateA 152 NY Inf31 Aug 186222 Jan 18634m 9d
28 Peter I. LepperPrivateA 152 NY Inf31 Aug 186222 Jan 18634m 9d
29 Edward McMahonPrivateK 2 HAT16 Dec 186316 May 18652y 1m
30 Clinton Beckwrite?PrivateF 121 NY Inf(blank)(blank)(blank)
31 Albert C. DevendorfPrivate3 LAT3 Aug 1862Jul 18652y 11m
32 Albert HallPrivateB14 Aug 186226 Jun 18652y 9m 16d
33353James A. SuitesCol34 NY Inf(blank)(blank)(blank)
34 Dovers DryerPrivateA 152 NY Inf31 Aug 186213 Jul 18652y 10m 14d
35 George H. McCraithPrivateB? 16 HAT6 Oct 18637 Jul 186410m
36 Frank DoxtaterPrivate(blank)(blank)(blank)(blank)
37 Mary Deitz widdow of Deitz ?(blank)(blank)(blank)
38 James B. Goff Private(blank)(blank)(blank)
39 Elizabeth Harter widdow of Fredrick Harter Private(blank)(blank)(blank)
40 Margrate Marquire? Widdow of (blank) Private(blank)(blank)(blank)
No.Post Office AddressDisability IncurredRemarks
27Herkimer New York  
30do dates cant be found
31do do
32doleft leg shot offleft leg amputed by shot
33do went in service as major
35do wouded on 12th Aug 1864
37do dates not carried out is
38do because I could not get
39do them

Page 4

No.H#NameRankCompany and RegimentDate of Enlist.Date of Disch.Service Length
41 Darius KillPrivateA 152 NY Inf29 Aug 186215 June 18653y 10m 15d
42 William ClerkPrivate(blank)(blank)(blank)(blank)
43 David PutmanPrivate(blank)(blank)(blank)(blank)
44 Adam FoltsPrivate34 NY Inf24 Feb 186431 Aug 18651y 6m 4d
45 (blank) RousePrivate(blank)(blank)(blank)(blank)
46 Josiah A. SteelePrivate(blank)(blank)(blank)(blank)
47 George C. StimpsonPrivate(blank)(blank)(blank)(blank)
48 Thomas Monroe?Private(blank)(blank)(blank)(blank)
49 LaFayette CasePrivate(blank)(blank)(blank)(blank)
50 Fredrick WeaverPrivate121 NY Inf(blank)(blank)(blank)
No.Post Office AddressDisability IncurredRemarks
41Herkimer N.Y. Blanks occur on this Schedule for the reason that Some are away Some have lost or sent away their discharges

Page 5

No.H#NameRankCompany and RegimentDate of Enlist.Date of Disch.Service Length
[27] Jacob Smith (crossed out)SergentA 2 NY HA24 Feb 186425 Sep 18651y 1m 0d
[28] Hiram H. Smith (crossed out)CorpF 16 HA28 Dec 186328 Aug 18652y 8m 0d
[29] Horrace E. Heath (crossed out)PrivateH 121 NY Inf11 Aug 18626 Jul 18632y 11m 0d
[30] Philip Shenam (crossed out)PrivateH 97 NY Inf18 Feb 186231 May 18643y
[31] James Sweney? (crossed out)(blank)(blank)(blank)(blank)(blank)
[32] Jacob Sylabach (crossed out)PrivateA 152 NY Inf28 Aug 186213 Jul 18652y 11m
[33] Robert Hammond (crossed out)PrivateD 60 OH Inf11 Mar 186315 Jul 1865(blank)

Note: large cross out over lines 27 thru 30 in the Post Office Address column.

No.Post Office AddressDisability IncurredRemarks
[27]J Smith Herkimer NDischarge act? Eng? war? 
[28]Hiram H. Smith Herkimer?  
[29]Horace E. Heath Herkimer?"" at close of war 
[30]Herkimer NY  
[32]Jacob Sylabach  

Page 6

No.H#/F#NameRankCompany and RegimentDate of Enlist.Date of Disch.Service Length
41 John W. VroomanLandsmanVanderbuilt1 Nov? 18641 Aug 18659m
42 (blank)     
Add 43337/359Susan Lampherewidow U.S. Sol(blank)(blank)(blank)(blank)
"" 44262/271James K. JohnsonU. S. Sol.(blank)(blank)(blank)(blank)
"" 45198/205John BatesU. S. Sol.(blank)(blank)(blank)(blank)
"" 46461/479James SweeneyU. S. Sol.(blank)(blank)(blank)(blank)
"" 47410/426Jacob S. SmithU. S. Sol.(blank)(blank)(blank)(blank)
"" 48465/483Philip BlamerU. S. Sol.(blank)(blank)(blank)(blank)
No.Post Office AddressDisability IncurredRemarks
41  Vrooman is in Europe wife can't find discharge but gave information from memory
Add 43Herkimer New York  
"" 44"" "" ""  
"" 45"" "" ""  
"" 46"" "" ""  
"" 47"" "" ""  
"" 48"" "" ""  

Supervisors District 6, Enumeration District 41
Page 1

No.H#/F#NameRankCompany and RegimentDate of Enlist.Date of Disch.Service Length
11/1George H. GraySergtC? 121 NY Inf31 Jul 186223 Nov 18651y 3m 22d
223/23Theodore WildePrivateNY Inf5 Sep 186213 Jul 18652y 10m 8d
322/22John H. SmithPrivateNY Inf26 Aug 186429 Jun 186510m 3d
4 Mentler JosephPrivateNY Inf29 Aug 18643 Aug 186511m 4d
529/30Lockwood OscarPrivateNY Inf4 Jul 186217 Jun 18652y 11m 13d
617/17Whitney Perry P.PrivateA 117 NY Inf3 Aug 18628 Jun 18652y 10m 5d
734/35Folts JoshuaPrivateD 16 NY HR?3 Nov 186331 Aug 18651y 9m 28d
845/47White James M.PrivateK 2 NY HA19 Oct 18619 Mar 18642y 4m 20d
9 Johnson William H.PrivateI? 121 NY Infunkunkunk
10104/108Shackleton JosephPrivateH 32 MA Inf19 Aug 186329 Jun 18651y 10m 10d
11123/126Richardson John MPrivateC 121 NY Inf23 Sep 186225 Jun 18652y 9m 2d
12168/172Tylar CharlesPrivateG 34 NY Inf10 Nov 186130 Jun 18631y 7m 20d
No.Post Office AddressDisability IncurredRemarks
1Herkimer NYGun Shot wound right ankle joint 
2Herkimer New York  
3Herkimer New YorkMalaria 20 years 
4Herkimer New York  
5Herkimer New YorkConsumption 20 years 
6Herkimer New YorkRheumatism Crippled 
7Herkimer New YorkCancer? 20 years 
8Herkimer New York  
9Herkimer New York  
10Herkimer New York  
11Herkimer New YorkParial Deafness 
12Herkimer New York  

Page 2

No.H#/F#NameRankCompany and RegimentDate of Enlist.Date of Disch.Service Length
13170/174Weber William W.PrivateG 34 NY Inf1 May 186130 jun 18632y 1m 29d
14105/110Whitehead William H.SergtC 121 NY Infunkunk(blank)
15190/195Farmer Darwin J?SergtI? 92 NY Inf1 Oct 186131 Jun 18628m 30d
16242/248Trever Jacob H.PrivateK 34 NY InfMay 1861Mar 1862unk
17242/248Traver Jacob H. ReenlistedPrivateB 16 NY HA26 Sep 186329 Aug 18651y 11m 2d
18220/224Hanter IsaacPrivateB 10 NY HA8 Aug 18627 Jul 18652y 10m 29d
19221/225Pierce Alvin I?PrivateE 9 NY Inf11 Feb 186525 Jun 18661y 4m 14d
20249/259Cristman JacobPrivateK 152 NY Inf15 Aug 186223 Mar 18637m 8d
21258/268Pierce Christopher C.PrivateK 2 NY HAunkunkunk
22263/274Pierce Walter B.PrivateF 35 NY Inf9 Dec 186130 Jan 18631y 1m 21d
23 Smith PeterPrivateK 110 NY Infunkunkunk
24327/342Hilts AndrewunkD 121 NY Inf11 aug 186221 Jun 18652y 11m 10d
25341/356Bellenger Henry H.unkA 152 NY Inf31 Aug 186215 Jul 18652y 10m 13d
26352/356Wires Perry G.PrivateA 152 NY Inf18621863unk
No.Post Office AddressDisability IncurredRemarks
13Herkimer New Yorklost right leg in service
14Herkimer New York  
15Herkimer New York  
16Herkimer New York  
17Herkimer New York  
18Herkimer New York  
19Herkimer New York  
20Herkimer New York  
21Herkimer New YorkSun Stroke [?] Service 
22Herkimer New York  
23Herkimer New York  
24Herkimer New YorkGun Shot left leg 
25Herkimer New York  
26Herkimer New Yorkspine injured in Service 

Page 3

No.H#/F#NameRankCompany and RegimentDate of Enlist.Date of Disch.Service Length
27343/358Bellenger Jacob GLieutK 152 NY Inf1862unkunk
28 Woolever MonroeCorporalUS Receiving? Ship186419 May 1865unk
29354/367Harter Jacob H.PrivateA 152 NY Inf25 Aug 1862?unk
30145/149Crew AlbertPrivateG 34 NY InfApr 1861? Jun 1863unk
31 Valentine Elezer (perhaps should be VanAlstine?)PrivateC 152 NY Inf1 Aug 18621 May 18652y 11m
32 Harriett widow of Dodge Daniel O.PrivateE 10 NY HA10 Dec 186321 Aug 18651y 8m 11d
33426/434Kirby EdwardPrivateG 34 NY Inf1 May 186130 Jun 18632y 1m 29
34431/438Lewis RichardPrivateC 121 NY Inf3 Aug 186227 Jun 18652y 10m 24d
35449/456Fulmen FredrickPrivateH 95? NY Infunkunkunk
3637/38Pierce CharlesPrivateF? 34 NY Inf18611863unk
37435/442Morris Capt Byron B.CaptF? 81 NY Inf19 Nov 186131 Aug 18653y 9m 12d
38439/440Braelbring? JamesPrivateJ? 152 NY InfAug 1862unkunk
39 Orvis? AaronPrivateC 121 NY Inf5 Aug 186225 Jun 18652y 10m 20d
40 Bradley George S.CorporalD 26 NY Inf8 May 186128 May 18632y 20d
No.Post Office AddressDisability IncurredRemarks
27Herkimer New York  
28Herkimer New York  
29Herkimer New York  
30Herkimer New York  
31Herkimer New York  
32Herkimer New York  
33Herkimer New York  
34Herkimer New York  
35Herkimer New York  
36Herkimer New Yorkenlarged joints Rheumatism 
37Herkimer New YorkDestacation? Right Hip ? Service 
38Herkimer New York  
39Herkimer New York  
40Herkimer New York  

Page 4

No.H#/F#NameRankCompany and RegimentDate of Enlist.Date of Disch.Service Length
41 Bradley George S.PrivateC 3 NY LA10 Dec 186314-Jul1y 7m 4d
4225/25Caswell Homerunk(blank)(blank)(blank)(blank)
4326/27Laura A. widow of Perry Jacobunkunk(blank)(blank)(blank)
4444/46Diadcent? Dennis R.unkunk(blank)(blank)(blank)
4559/62Rease Harveyunkunk(blank)(blank)(blank)
4670/78Palmer Alanson W.unkunk(blank)(blank)(blank)
4788/90Shell Davidunkunk(blank)(blank)(blank)
4897/101Marshall Andrewunkunk(blank)(blank)(blank)
49107/111Reardon Edmonddis in Washington(blank)(blank)(blank)(blank)
50124/127Walby Ceylonunkunk(blank)(blank)(blank)
No.Post Office AddressDisability IncurredRemarks
42Herkimer New YorkShot in left leg 
43Herkimer New York  
44Herkimer New York  
45Herkimer New York  
46Herkimer New York  
47Herkimer New York  
48Herkimer New York  
49Herkimer New YorkGun Shot left leg 
50Herkimer New York  

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