1890 Civil War Veterans and Widows Census

Town of Newport

Herkimer County, NY


TOWN OF NEWPORT, COUNTY OF HERKIMER, STATE OF NEW YORK, Enumerated in June 1890 by Millard J. Hawkins. Roll 51, Ed 48.

Transcribed by Paula Pitts from microfilm at Clayton Genealogical Library, Houston, TX. It is suggested that you verify the handwriting interpretation with the microfilm. Brackets [] are added material by Paula Pitts. Spelling has not been changed.

House Number, Family number, Name, Rank and company, Date of enlistment, Date of discharge, length of Service, Post Office, Comments.

D10     F10     Melinda, widow of Fox James,     Private Co. E. 152 NY Inf     9 Sept 1861 - 8 Oct 1863     2Y 1M     Newport NY     Finger shot off right hand. Died of consumption in 1864.

D13     F13     Davis, David B.     Private Co. F 1 NY Vol. Cav     31 Mar 1864 - 21 July 1866     2Y 3M 20D     Newport, NY     Now quite deaf

D27     F27     Jackson, Samuel M.     Mail Carrier Co. B. 97 NY Inf.     Apr 1862 - In Fall 1862     Newport, NY     Typhoid Fever Now totaly blind.

D35     F35     P. Farley, Patrick     Private Co. K 10 NY Cav.     1 Sep 1862 - 27 June 1865     2Y 9M 26D     Newport NY     Sabre cut on right hand.

D54     F55     Maxwell, James     Private Co. G 34 NY Vol.     21 Apr 1861 - 30 June 1863     2Y 2M 9D     Middleville, NY     Shot in arm.

D57     F58     Youngs, Peter     Private Co. H 17 NY Inf & Vol.     [no enlistment] 8 Feb 1863     [no length of service]     Middleville, NY.     Shot in Privats.

D61     F63     Dolly, Orrin     Private Co. C 121 NY Inf     22 July 1862 - 1 July 1865     2Y 11M 21D      Middleville, NY.     Bicack.

D61     F63     Johnson, Henry     Private Co. D 121 NY Inf     3 Aug 1862 - 7 July 1865     2Y 11M 4D     Middleville, NY.

D60     F62     Dibble, Albert     Private Co. K 189 NY Inf     25 Aug 1864 - 30 May 1865     9 M 5D     Middleville, NY.

D85     F88     Haskell, Orrin     Private Co. C 34 NY Vol Inf     [no dates]     3M     Poland, NY.     Kidney, liver and lung trouble.

D88     F91     Cruckshank, Martin     Private 34 NY Vol Inf     Poland NY.     Believed to be a deserter.

D96     F100     Bradbury, Robert     Private Co. G 34 NY Vol Inf     1 Mar 1862 - 1 June 1863     1Y 3M     Poland, NY.     Shot in left leg.

D103     F107     Aiel, Horace     Wagoner Co. G 97 NY Vol Inf     Oct 1861 - Oct 1864     3Y     Newport, NY.

D125     F130     Bateman, Lyman     Private Co B 1 US SS Shooters     6 Sept 1862 - 21 Feb 1863     5M 15D     Newport, NY.

D158     F143     Rost, Benjamin     Private Co. F 34 NY Vol Inf     Apr 1861 - 3 July 1863     2Y     Newport, NY.

D137     F142     Gerry, Jerome     Private 32 NY Inf     Aug 1861 - Aug 1864     3Y     Newport, NY.

D138     F143     Rost, Benjamin     Private Co. G 49 NY Inf     Feb 1864 - Dec 1865     1Y 10M     Newport, NY.

D151     F156     Benson, Thomas,     Private Co. E 34 NY Vol Inf     Apr 1861 - June 1863     2Y 3M     Newport, NY.     Prisoner at Leyby Prison.

D151     F156     do [Benson, Thomas]     Private Co. C 16 NY Art     Aug 1863 - 1865     2Y     Newport, NY.     Sabre cut in head.

D158     F163     Thomas, William     Private Co. F 16 NY Art     23 Dec 1863 - 21 Aug 1865     1Y 7M 28D     Newport, NY.

D153     F158     Rank, John     [blank]     Newport, NY.

D161     F166     Olds, Noah     Private Co. H 1 US SSS     22 Sept 1862 - Dec 1864     2Y 2M     Newport, NY.     Shot in right thigh.

D163     F168     Jones, Israel     Private Co. F 117 US Vol     4 Aug 1862 - 7 June 1865     2Y 10M 3D     Newport, NY.     Now has rheumatism.

D201     F206     Louisa M. Holt widow of Daniel M. Holt     sugean 121 NY Vol     3 Sept 1862 - 14 Oct 1864     2Y 1M 11D     Newport, NY.     Died of consumption in 1868.

D207     F213     Merritt, Thomas E.     Private Co. C 13 NY SN     23 Apr 1861 [blank]     Newport, NY.     Entered regular army as Lieut May 16th 1866. Now on retired list as Capt US Army USA.

D207     F213     do [Merritt, Thomas E.]     Discharged from Vols. 25 Apr 1866     5Y

D260     F268     Henrietta, Widow of Smitt, Algenon E.     2d Leut 117 NY Vol Inf     14 Aug 1862 - 15 May 1865     2Y 6M 1D     Newport, NY.     Appointed in regular service 2nd Leut 7 US Cav Aug 9, 67 Kill at Battle Little Big Horn June 25, 1876.

D260     F268     do [Smitt, Algenon E.]     1st Leut     27 Apr 1863     Newport, NY.

D260     F268     do [Smitt, Algenon E.]     Captain     12 Oct 1864 - 15 May 1865     Newport, NY.

D227     F233     Wells, Dewitt     Private Co. E 121 NY Vol Inf     Aug 1862 - July 1865     2Y 11 M     Newport, NY     Shot in leg (right)

D232     F259     McMitchell, Henry     Private Co. K 186 NY Vol Inf     1863 - 1865     2Y     Newport, NY.

D253     F260     Doyle, John H.     Private Co. A 22 NY Vol Inf     16 May 1862 - [no date]     Newport, NY.     Wounded in both legs with shell. Prisoner in Libby Prison.

D269     F277     Genette, S., widow of Barney, Ira B.     Musician 152 NY Vol Inf     24 July 1862 - 13 July 1865     2Y 11M 19D     Newport, NY.

D270     F278     Moon, Clinton A.     Captain Co. C 121 NY Vol Inf     23 Aug 1862 - 14 Jan 1863     4M 21D     Newport, NY.     Typhoid Fever.

D274     F282     Fisher, Henry I.     Private Co. B 44 NY Vol Inf     18 Aug 1861 - 18 Aug 1864     3Y     Newport, NY.

D277     F285     Elizabeth widow of Cummings, Stewart     Private Co. K 189 NY Vol Inf     Sept 1864 - [No date]     Newport, NY.     Killed at Battle of Hatchers Run Feb 6, 1865.

D306     F318     Bullard, John     Private Co. B 152 Ny Vol Inf     Aug 1862 - July 1865     2Y 11M     Newport, NY.     Shot through left leg.

D307     F319     Kavanaugh, Timothy     Private Co. C 121 NY Vol Inf     22 July 1862 - 7 July 1865     2Y 11M 18D     Newport, NY.     Foot cut with ax. Lost arm since the war.

D311     F324     Jubin, Henry     Private Co. B 1 US SSS     17 Aug 1862 - June 1865     2Y 10M     Newport, NY.

D310     F328     Brady, John     Sailor Posaic     20 June 1863 - 28 June 1864     1Y 0M ?D     Newport, NY.

D331     F346     Smith, Marshall     Private 122 NY Vol Inf     1862 - June 1865     3Y     Poland, NY.     Shot in left Shoulder.

D344     F360     Davis, Samuel C.     Private Co. H 127 Ill Vol Inf     10 Aug 1862 - 5 June 1865     2Y 9M 25D     Poland, NY.

D355     F370     Denn, George     Private Co. C 6 NY Art.     23 Dec 1863 - 25 Aug 1865     2Y 8M 2D     Middleville, NY.     Shot in right foot.

D391     F411     Edward Coe     Private Co. C 121 NY Vol Inf     23 July 1862 - 22 May 1865     2Y 9M 29D     Middleville, NY.

D391     F411     Linda widow of Jay H. Coe     Private Co. C 121 NY Vol Inf     23 July 1862 - [No Date]     3Y     Middleville, NY.     Shot in hand. Died in 1888.

D400     F420     Ladue, Stephen     Private Co. F 16 NY Art     1862 - 1865     2Y 10M     Middleville, NY.     Chronic Diarhea.

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