The Town of Ohio, Herkimer County, 1890 veteran's and widow's census was transcribed from the original microfilm by Lisa Slaski. Lisa supplemented the census data with information from "The Roster of Union Soldiers 1861- 65" and Hardin's 1893 "History of Herkimer County". Further information about six men was added to Lisa's interpretation by Robert Lorick, Contributing Editor, Herkimer/Montgomery Counties NYGenWeb. Spellings are as on the original census sheets.

This segment of the 1890 census is more formally known as the "Eleventh Census of the United States, Special Schedule, Surviving Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines and Widows, Etc." Information gathered on surviving veterans and widows was deemed necessary by Congress due to changes in the pension law extending benefits to a wider range of veterans and widows. The veteran or widow was asked to provide the regiment(s) and company served in, dates of service, and current health status of the veteran. Experienced genealogists know that the 1890 census of the United States was destroyed in a fire several decades later, with material from only a few scattered counties throughout the U.S. surviving. If your Civil War ancestor is listed below, his military and pension records can be ordered from the National Archives.

Lisa: "The remarks within [-] indicate information from the entry that was in question, or additional information found within the two references provided at the end of the list."

Bob: "For men who have a * next to their names - additional information from pre-1863 muster rolls" is in parentheses (-).

Surviving Soldiers, Sailors and Marines, and Widows etc.
Town of Ohio, Herkimer County
Enumerated in June 1890, by Chas. Wallace

*House 49, Family 50
BENNET, Mary, widow of
BENNET, B. (Benjamin) Franklin, Pvt., Co. C, 34th NY Inf., 1861 - 1864
Gray, NY, Liver difficulty and Praylis, in hospital 3 months

House 32, Family 32
BORDWILL, Chas , Pvt., Co. [J?], 146th NY Inf., Sep 1862 - 22 Apr 1863
Gray, NY, heart trouble

House 4, Family 4
BROOKS, Fred, Pvt., Co. C, 2nd NY Art., 3 Feb 1864 - 31 Jul 1864
Ohio, NY, slight wound in left hand

House 38, Family 38
BULLOCK, Wallace W., Sgt., Co. K, 186th NY Inf., 22 Aug 1864 - 2 Jun 1865
Gray, NY, Remittent Fever, sent to hospital 17 Nov 1864

House 114, Family 117
CLARK, Delos, Pvt., Co. C, 152nd NY Inf., 1863 - [no date]
Ohio, NY

House 61, Family 62
COMSTOCK, Edmond C., Pvt., Co. C, 81st NY Inf., Nov 1861 - 1862
Ohio, NY, wounded in leg at Fair Oaks

House 79, Family 81
COMSTOCK, Elisha, [no further info]
Ohio, NY [entire entry added by a different hand]

House 188, Family 191
COMSTOCK, Orrin, Pvt., Co. C, 34th NY Inf., 1861 - 1863
Gray, NY, wounded in the hand at Antietam

House 46, Family 47
CONGDON, Robert, [no further info]
Ohio, NY [entire entry added by a different hand]

House 98, Family 101
DAVENPORT, Isaac, Pvt., Co. C, 81st NY Inf., Nov 1861 - Dec 1864
Ohio, NY, wounded twice and Marlarrial poisoning

*House 80, Family 82
DAVIS, William, Pvt., Co. G, 97th NY Inf., Sep 1861 - [no date]
Gray, NY, Malarial Poison Piles, contracted while in army
(joined for duty at Cold Brook Sept. 21, 1861)

House 53, Family 54
DUBOIS, James V., Pvt., Co. B, 152nd NY Inf., 6 Sep 1862 - 2 Mar 1863
Ohio, NY

House 7, Family 7
FITZGERALD, Martha, widow of
FITZGERALD, Richard, Pvt., Co. C, 87th NY Inf., 27 Nov 1861 - 3 Jan 1863
Ohio, NY

*House 104, Family 107
FLANSBURG, John, [no further info]
Ohio, NY
[ref #1, and ref #2, page 147: John was a Sgt., Co. E, 97th NY Inf.]
(John V. Joined Oct. 20, 186(1) mustered as private. Joined from Wilmurt.)

House 17, Family 17
FRINKLE, Joseph, Pvt., 16th NY Art., Dec 1862 - Aug 1865
Ohio, NY, Marlaril Blood poison

House 39, Family 40
HALL, Benjamin C., Pvt., Co. K, 186th NY Inf., 20 Aug 1864 - 2 Jun 1865
Gray, NY, Rheumatism of strained back & side, laid up 3 weeks

*House 46, Family 47
HALL, Fannie
Ohio, NY [entire entry added by a different hand]
[ref #2, family sketches, pg 16, Fannie was the widow of Dennis Hall, of Gray, NY, drum major, 97th NY Inf., 3 years]
(Dennis T. Hall age 43. Musician with Co. G of the 97th. From Gravesville.)

House 163, Family 166
HALL, Warren, Pvt., Co. K, 186th NY Inf., 1865 - 1865
Gray, NY

House 96, Family 99
HANE, James, Sgt., Co. C, 81st NY Inf., 23 Oct 1861 - 21 Aug 1865
Ohio, NY

*House 176, Family 179
HEIDLE, Christopher, Pvt., 34th NY Inf.
Ohio, NY, gunshot wound in the body
[ref #1, Christopher was in Co. C],
(joined June 15, 1861, age 22)

*House 128, Family 131
KOHLER, Christopher, [no further info]
Ohio, NY [entire entry added by a different hand]
[ref #1, Christopher might have been in Co. C, 34th NY Inf.]
(Muster roll of company C lists him as Christopher Kahler, age 28)

House 18, Family 18
LAIRD, Eli, Pvt., Co. D, 10th NY Calvalry, 11 Oct 1861 - 25 Nov 1864
Ohio, NY, wounded in the body with a stake

House 75, Family 77
MANNING, Edward, Pvt., Co. B, 152nd NY Inf., 14 Oct 1862 - 8 May 1865
Ohio, NY, Piles Malarial Fever

House 178, Family 181
MAX, John, Pvt., 152nd NY Inf., [no dates]
Ohio, NY
[ref # 1, John was in Co. B]

House 95, Family 98
MCINTOSH, John B., Sgt., Co. B, 152nd NY Inf., 29 Jul 1862 - 1864
Ohio, NY, "no in poor health"

House 175, Family 178
PERRY, Nathan, Fireman Cl[imatas?], 1864 - 1865
Ohio, NY, dislocated big toe joint, right foot

House 14, Family 14
STOBEL, David C., [no further info]
Ohio, NY [entire entry added by a different hand]
[ref #1, possibly in Co. D, 10th H.A.]

House 169, Family 172
JOHNSON, Elizabeth, widow of
TOMPKINS, Charles R., Sgt., Co. B, 152nd NY Inf., 1862 - 1865
Gray, NY

House 195, Family 198
UNDERWOOD, Harriet, widow of
UNDERWOOD, Elisha, Pvt., Co. B, 152nd NY Inf., 1861 - 1863
Gray, NY, gunshot wound in knee which caused death in 1879

House 82, Family 84
WARNER, William N., Pvt., Co. C, 34th NY Inf. [no dates], and Sgt, Co. K, 186th NY Inf. [no dates]
Gray, NY, wounded in the knee at Fair Oaks
[ref #1, William was a Capt in Co. K, 186th NY Inf.]

House 54, Family 55
WILCOX, Annie, widow of
WILCOX, John P., Pvt., Co. B, 81st NY Inf., Nov 1861 - Jan [no year date]
Ohio, NY

House 140, Family 143
WILLIAMS, Thomas, Cpl, Co. C, 121st NY Inf., 1863 - [no date]
Gray, NY, wounded in left shoulder

House 67, Family 67
WOOD, John [G?], [no further info]
Ohio, NY [entire entry added by a different hand]

ref #1: "The Roster of Union Soldiers 1861-5" New York volumes, Broadfoot Publishing Co., Wilmington, NC, copyright 1997

ref #2: "History of Herkimer County NY", by George A Hardin, Syracuse, NY, D. Mason and Co. Publishers, 1893, from the section of family sketches

Source: This electronic text was transcribed from original microfilm of the 1890 US census by Lisa Slaski. Due to the difficulties in transcribing old and stylized handwriting, the original census should be referred to. Additional information was added by Robert A. Lorick.
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