Many counties of NY state had county histories published between the years of 1860 and 1900. Within many of these works are biographies of pioneers and well-known residents and family sketches. Listed below are "sketches" of families for the Town of Columbia that were found within the references provided.

Kathy Huxtable
Town of Columbia Editor
December 2000


1) "1879 History of Herkimer County", published by F.W.Beers and Co., 1870.

2) "History of Herkimer County New York", edited by George A. Hardin, assisted by Frank H. Willard, D. Mason & Co., Publishers, 1893, Syracuse, NY, Family Sketches section.

[Note - not all sketches found in this book are included here at this time.]


HAWKS, Thomas, was born in Petersham, Mass., April 2nd, 1784. In 1790 he came with the family to Richfield, Ostego county, N.Y. He learned the clothier's trade of his brother-in-law, Roswell STARR, in the town of Warren, Herkimer county. June 23d, 1811, he married Nancy FITCH, of Richfield, a native of Pawlet, Vt. He had previously (in 1807) moved to the town of Columbia and there, after clearing a place from the wilderness, started a wool carding and cloth dressing establishment. Some years later he built one of the first saw-mills in the town. Here up to the close of his life Mr. HAWKS continued to reside, engaged for the most part in the management of his farm and mill; although relieved in his last years from more laborious duties by his son Samuel. Here he raised a family of nine children, two others dying in childhood. Here, on the 24th of March, 1870, seven years after the death of his wife, and one year before that of his oldest son, Lemuel Fitch HAWKS, he died, retaining his intelligence to the last. Mr. HAWKS served in several minor civil offices. He held a commission as justice of the peace in 1813, signed by D.D. TOMPKINS, and was afterwards elected to the same office by vote of the people. In 1836 he was sent by Herkimer county to Albany, as member of the State Assembly. While holding this office he served on the committee which located the Insane Asylum at Utica. He ever took a lively interest in politics. By close and intelligent observation and extensive reading he attained to a familiarity with the political history of the country which made him an authority upon this subject, and which is rarely found in men whose profession or trade has in itself so little to do with the finer points of national politics. Mr. HAWKS in 1829 assisted in organizing a Universalist society at German Flats, now Mohawk, the object of the society being "the promotion of religion and morality among ourselves and our fellow men." This object he never lost sight of, and was ever a believer in the coming of "the times of restitution of all things, which God hath spoken." He possessed the virtues to which he was entitled by Puritan descent and training, chief of which were loyalty to truth and justice. He was a free mason and for some years an active member of the brotherhood. He was large in stature and of commanding appearance. [Ref. #1, pg 238]

WARREN, Peter Horton, was born November 16th, 1793, near Fishkill, Dutchess county, N.Y. In 1805 he removed with his father's family to Herkimer county, settling in Columbia, in the western part of the town. Soon after coming of age he located in the northern part of the town, building a small tannery and shoe shop, and manufacturing into boots and shoes the leather made in the tannery. On the 4th of June, 1820, he married Emeline, daughter of James and Hannah MORGAN. Their children were, Ellen, who married Colonel Alonzo WOOD, of West Winfield, and Joseph, now living Boston, Mass. The tanning branch of the business promising to yield the best returns, he gave up the manufacture of boots and shoes, and increased the capacity of the tannery. By careful management, frugality and industry he was successful and acquired a competency. He was a member of the Warren Lodge of free masons, and also a received a commission from Governor CLINTON, of captain in the 12th rifle regiment's 4th brigade. He was one of the earliest stockholders in the Mohawk Valley Bank always taking great interest in its welfare, as a director and for several years as its president. He early took an active interest in town and county affairs, and during many years acted as magistrate and supervisor. And from frequent service as referee in settling disputes, was familiarly known as "Squire." In 1844 he, with the late Michael HOFFMAN, represented Herkimer county in the State Assembly. Few persons have enjoyed the confidence and good will of their fellow townsmen and associates to a greater degree, and in the various trusts reposed in him his sterling integrity and strict honesty and sound judgment were unquestioned . His wife died April 7th, 1857. Her ability and shrewdness in reading character was often of valuable assistance to him, and he always attributed a due portion of his success in life to her judicious suggestions. He married for his second wife (June 1st, 1858) Nancy, daughter of Thomas and Nancy HAWKS, who still survives him. They had one son Thomas D., now living with his mother in Columbia. In 1863 he was again elected supervisor, which office he held until the time of his death, June 9th, 1865. The duties of the office during the last years of the war were arduous, requiring frequent absences from home and the attendant labor and anxiety bore heavily on him at his age. He did not hesitate to use his individual credit and means where prompt action was desirable to further the interests of the town and it was a source of gratification to him afterwards to feel that his townsmen and associates recognized and appreciated his public spirit and valuable services during those years. He took great pleasure in fruit culture, and found his principal recreation from business in gratifying that taste. His orchard and garden contained one of the best collections of choice varieties of pears and apples in th county. In religious belief he was a Universalist, and gave liberally for the support and advancement of that faith, and often aided other Christian denominations in the vicinity. His social nature, his genial disposition and strong affection for friends were notable in one so occupied with business cares requiring constant attention, and his old friends always met a hospitable welcome at his home. [Ref.#1, pg 238]

YOUNG, D.G. The home of D. G. YOUNG is situated in the town of Columbia, in the south part of Herkimer county, bordering on Otsego, and has a flag station on the railroad leading from Utica to Richfield Springs, seven miles from the latter place. The farm, one of one hundred and twenty-five acres and used for dairy purposes nearly fifty years, was first settled in 1796 by Martin MCKOON and his wife, Rhoba WILLIAMS, who came from Rhode Island and continued to reside upon these premmises till their death, the former living to the age of eighty-four and the latter ninety-seven years. Martin was a descendant, on the maternal side, from Martin LUTHER, the Protestant reformer. Rhoba was the daughter of Rev. John WILLIAMS, a descendant in the fifth generation from Roger WILLIAMS, the first settler of Rhode Island. To Martin and Rhoba MCKOON were born fifteen children, ten sons and five daughters. Elizabeth, the youngest child, was born March 14th, 1816, and was married March 14th, 1841, to D. G. YOUNG, who purchased and took possession of the homestead in the fall of the same year. David Golden YOUNG, son of Israel and his wife, Christina MILLER, was born October 4th, 1814. He was the third of ten children, three sons and seven daughters; two daughters having died in infancy, before his birth, he was thus the eldest of eight children who attained maturity. Israel, when fourteen years old, came with his parents, Asa YOUNG and his wife, Anna CLARK, from Rhode Island in the year 1798 to Richfield, Otsego county, and in 1815 settled on a farm near Miller's Mills, where he resided till his death in 1847. Christina, daughter of Henry A. MILLER and Lana VAN DEUSEN, who were among the first settlers of Columbia, lived to the age of seventy-five years. The children of David G. and Elizabeth M. YOUNG were Floyd D., born November 7th, 1842 and Helen E., born September 5th 1845. Floyd enlisted in 1861, in the Forty-fourth regiment of New York volunteers, was mortally wounded in the battle of Hanover Court-house, May 27th,1862, died June 5th, following, and was brought home by his father and buried with military honors. Helen was married to Rev. James HUXTABLE, November 12th, 1873. Mr. YOUNG has been engaged for many years in the manufacture of dairy knives, of which he is the inventor. He has been called to fill the most important positions in the town, and also the church of which he is a member. [Ref.#1, ppg 238-239]

SMITH, A. R., was born in Columbia N.Y. in 1819. He married Mary HARTER in 1843. She was born in Westchester county, N.Y. in 1819 and died in 1866. He married Miss D. CLAPSADDLE in 1868. He has held the offices of commissioner of highways and assessor, each six years. His father was born in Hartford county, Conn., in 1788. His mother was originally a Miss REMINGTON, born in 1788. [Ref.#1, pg 239]

BROWN, Daniel, was born in German Flats, N.Y., in 1805. He married Alvira LOOMIS, who was born in Salem, Conn., in 1807, and who died in 1847. They had four children. Mr. BROWN has been a successful cheese-maker since 1842. His father, Henry BROWN, was a native of New London county, Conn. He sent a substitute to Sackett's Harbor in the war of 1812. [Ref.#1, pg 239]

CLAPSADDLE, D.A., was born in Columbia, N.Y., in 1840. He married Nancy BELLINGER, who was born in Mohawk in 1840. His father, John, who was born in the same town in 1805, has held the offices of justice of the peace and supervisor of that town. He married Mariette HATCH in 1836. He died in 1859. [Ref.#1, pg 239]

CLAPSADDLE, D.L., was born in Columbia, N.Y., in 1829. He married Miss Harriet BECKWITH in 1863. She was born in the same town in 1840. His father was born in Herkimer county in 1801. His mother was born in the same county in 1799. Her maiden name was Margaret HESS. [Ref.#1, pg 239]

EDICK, Jacob, was born in Columbia, N.Y., in 1807. He married Almira YOUNG, who was born in 1809. Of their eight children six are living. He was six years deputy-sheriff. He was a recruiting officer during the civil war. His father, Jacob EDICK, was a Revolutionary soldier, and fired the first gun from Fort Herkimer that killed an Indian. [Ref.#1, pg 239]

EDICK, Jacob H., was born in Columbia, N.Y., in 1827. His wife was Hannah GEORGE, born in the same town in 1828. They had five children, of whom four are living. Their son Edwin was killed by a horse in 1873. Mr. E. is a blacksmith and drover. He was constable twelve years and commissioner of highways six years. [Ref.#1, pg 239]

ECKLER, Matthias, was born in Stark, N.Y., in 1817. His wife, Charity WALRATH, was born in the same town the same year. They had eight children, of whom seven are living. His father, Henry, was a native of Stark. He was at Sackett's Harbor in the war of 1812. [Ref.#1, pg 239]

FAY,Charles, was born in 1834. Miss Mary ALLEN, his wife, was born in 1832, both natives of Otsego County, N.Y. They had one daughter, Jennie, born in 1861. His father and mother were both natives of the same county. The father was during six years an assessor in Springfield. [Ref.#1, pg 239]

FRITTS, John V.R., was born in Schoharie County, N.Y., in 1810. He married Nancy STERNBURG, who was born in the same county in the same year. His father, John FRITTS, and his wife Catherine LANE, were both natives of the same county. [Ref.#1, pg 239]

GETMAN, William Henry, was born in Columbia, N.Y. in 1828. In 1867 he was married to Mary E.M. HOUSE, who was born in Warren, N.Y., in 1837. His Father, Andrew GETMAN, was born in Frankfort, N.Y., in 1797. His wife was Elizabeth EDICK. [Ref.#1, pg 239]

GITMAN, David, was born in Columbia, in 1829. His wife was born in Warren, in 1824. Her maiden name was Margaret SHAUL. He has been a blacksmith since 1844. His father, B.B. GITMAN, was a native of Schuyler. His mother, whose maiden name was Elizabeth GRANT, was born in 1788. [Ref.#1, pg 239]

GRANT, M.J., was born in Columbia, N.Y., in 1820. His wife was Mary GETMAN, born in 1828. He was the adopted son of Marks GRANT, who was a soldier in the war of 1812. Mr. G. has held the office of commissioner of highways in the town of Columbia. [Ref.#1, pg 239]

HOPKINSON, James, was born in England, in 1815 . He came to Herkimer county in 1851. He married Anne M. ACKLER, who was born in Springfield, N.Y., in 1813. [Ref.#1, pg 239]

HOPKINSON, William, was born in England, in 1817, and came to Herkimer county in 1830. He served four years as commissioner of highways. His wife was Catherine YOUL, who was born in Warren, N.Y. in 1822. Her grandfather came from Ireland when eighteen years of age. [Ref.#1, pg 239]

HOSFORD, Lorenzo, was born in Winfield, N.Y., in 1812. He commenced business at Cedarville, N.Y., in 1833, as a tanner and shoemaker. He married January 13th, 1836, to Julia Ann, daughter of Henry DEVENDORF, of Cedarville. Their children are Seward, Alanson B., Israel, and Frank B. His father, William HOSFORD, was a tanner and currier. He came to Cedarville in 1810, and died at the age of sixty-eight years. Mrs HOSFORD's father was one of the fist settlers of Cedarville. Mr. HOSFORD is now superintendent of the poor in Herkimer for the term ending with 1878. He was also supervisor of his town in 1869. [Ref.#1, pg 239]

HOUSE, Delos, was born in Warren, N.Y., in 1842. In 1867 he married Mary J. GARNWELL, who was born in this county in 1850. His father, Henry HOUSE, was a native of Columbia, N.Y. His wife was Mary FYKES. [Ref.#1, pg 239]

HOUSE, Mrs. Regina, was born in Columbia, N.Y., in 1843. She married Lorenzo HOUSE, who was born in Warren in 1840. Her father was Nelson TYLER, who was born in Winfield in 1809. He was a magistrate during eight years. Her mother's maiden name was Elizabeth MYERS; she was born in Columbia, in 1842. [Ref.#1, pg 239]

HUNTER, Griffin J., was born in Westchester couny, N.Y., in 1831.He came to Herkimer county, N.Y., when seven years of age. He married Annette WILCOX, who was born in Otsego county, N.Y., in 1838. His father, James HUNTER, was born in 1796. [Ref.#1, pg 239]

HUNTER, John D., was born in New York City in 1835, and came to Columbia, N.Y., in 1839. His wife, Catherine L. HOUSE, was born in Springfield in 1840. He is a merchant. He was five times elected clerk of Columbia, and once collector. His father, James HUNTER, was born in Westchester county in 1795. His mother's maiden name was Disa L. GRIFFIN. Both are dead. [Ref.#1, pg 239]

RAYNER, Peter, was born in 1806. IN 1840 he married Catherine CRIM, who was born in Warren in 1817. She was a descendant of the pioneer family of the same name. [Ref.#1, pg 239]

KIBBY D.L.W., was born in Winfield, N.Y., in 1830. His wife was Addie L. REYNOLDS. She was born in Columbia, N.Y., in 1845. His father was born in Connecticut in 1792. He was supervisor of Winfield two or three terms. He was at Sackett's Harbor in the war of 1812. His wife was Lydia BARBER, born in 1797. [Ref.#1, pg 239]

LYMAN, George W., was born in Warren, N.Y., in 1829. His wife, who was Louisa A. NORTHRUP, was also born in Warren the same year. His father, Alvin LYMAN, had his birth in Warren in 1799, as did also his wife, Abigal BENEDICT, the same year. [Ref.#1, pg 239]

MILLER, C., was born in Columbia in 1829. He married Mary CRISTMAN in 1849. They have one son, Clark, who has been during two years a student in Hamilton College. Mr. M. was elected magistrate in 1863, and he still holds the office. Anson MILLER, his father, was born in Windham Greene County, N.Y., in 1797. He was at Sackett's Harbor in the war of 1812. His wife was Prudence NOBLE, born in German Flats, N.Y., in 1802. [Ref.#1, pg 239]

MILLER, John C., was born in Columbia, N.Y., in 1836. His wife was Miss Rosetta HOUSE, who was born in Warren in 1834. They have one son, who was born in 1862. J.G.'s father, Christopher MILLER, was a native of Columbia, as was also his mother, whose maiden name was Rebecca HOUSE. They had four children, two of whom are living. Christopher was under sheriff during two terms. [Ref.#1, ppg 239-240]

MILLER, J.W., was born in Columbia, N.Y., in 1823. He married Jane A. GALLUP, who was born in the same town in 1852. They have two children. Her father was Jacob GALLUP, also of Columbia. [Ref.#1, pg 240]

MILLER, Susannah M., daughter of John Miller, was born in Columbia, N.Y.,in 1829. Her grandfather built the first grist-mill and saw-mill in Columbia, at what has since been called Miller's Mills. Her father was supervisor of Columbia in 1829. [Ref.#1, pg 240]

MILLER, William J., was born in Columbia, N.Y., in 1796. He was two years Supervisor of the town. He died in 1876. His wife was Nancy HAINES, who was born in Columbia in 1796. [Ref.#1, pg 240]

MILLS, John L., was born in 1834 in Columbia, N.Y. He was chosen justice of the peace in 1868. His wife was Maria HARDER, born in the same town in 1834. His parents were also natives of Columbia. His father was born in 1807, and his mother in 1808. His grandfather was clerk of Herkimer County, member of Assembly, member of the House of Representatives, and Presidential elector. [Ref.#1, pg 240]

MYERS, Abraham, was born in Columbia, N.Y., in 1811. He married Elizabeth FULMER, who was born in 1811 and died in 1874. Of their three children one is living. [Ref.#1, pg 240]

ORENDORF, Dr. O.C., was born in Columbia N.Y., in 1830. He commenced the study of medicine in 1853 and graduated at the Philadelphia University in 1857. The same year he began the practice of medicine at Richfield Springs, where he remained till 1872. His wife was Elizabeth SKINNER, a native of Columbia. His father was also a native of Columbia. He married Miss TUNNICLIFF, who was a native of Otsego county. They had five children. [Ref.#1, pg 240]

PASSAGE, George E., was born in Columbia, N.Y., in 1848. He Married Miss Libbie SEEBER, who was born in German Flats in 1849. They have one son, Adam, who was born in 1873. G.E.'s father, Adam PASSAGE, was born in Columbia in 1821 and died in 1876. His mother, nee Melinda COSTER, was born in Little Falls in 1825. His grandfather COSTER was in the Revolution at the age of fourteen. [Ref.#1, pg 240]

SECKNER, A.E., was born in Columbia, N.Y., in 1853, and was married to Miss Flora HALL, who was born in Stark, N.Y., in 1856. His father, Jacob SECKNER, was born in Columbia in 1813. In 1837 he married Mandana WHITNEY, who was born in German Flats in 1816. Mr. Seckner was commissioner of highways. He died in 1876. [Ref.#1, pg 240]

SHAUL,Levi, was born in Stark, in 1827. In the 89th National Guards he rose from the rank of lieutenant to that of major. He was elected supervisor of his town in 1866 and 1867, and justice of the peace in 1872 and 1878. He was railroad commissioner in 1868-9. He married Harriet EHLE. She was born in Palatine, N.Y., in 1831, and died in 1868. His father, Jacob SHAUL, was born in Stark, in 1797. His mother, whose maiden name was Catharine WALTER, was born in Danube, in 1797. His grandfather, with two of his brothers, was made prisoner by the Indians and taken to Canada, where he remained seven years. His father was a substitute for his brother in the war of 1812. [Ref.#1, pg 240]

SHIMEL, Rufus W., was born in Springfield, N.Y., in 1841. He married Samantha SMITH, who was born in the same town, in 1851. They had one son, Dayton, who was born in 1870. The father of Rufus W. was born in Stark, N.Y., in 1809. He married Nancy JORDAN, a native of the same town. [Ref.#1, pg 240]

SKINNER, Benjamin, was born in Columbia, N.Y., in 1820. He married Rachel C. CARVER, who was born in Rensselaer county in 1822. His father, John SKINNER, was a native of Schuyler, N.Y. His grandfather, Gershom, was a Revolutionary soldier. He and John settled in the town when it was a wilderness, and cleared the farm on which Benjamin resides. [Ref.#1, pg 240]

SKINNER, Francis L., was born in Columbia, N.Y., in 1851. His father, Gershom, was born in the same town in 1813. He married Jane DYGERT, who was born in Schuyler, N.Y., in 1820. Francis and his brother are farmers. [Ref.#1, pg 240]

SKINNER, John W., is a farmer in Columbia, and a son of Gersham SKINNER, also born here. He was a son of John SKINNER, of this town, and his father was Gersham, a soldier of the Revolution. He was attacked by the Indians, receiving a number of wounds. He hid under the flume and was there while the Indians burned the mill. John W. married Sarah J. SKINNER, who died in February, 1872. He married second Mary T. CASLER, and they had three children: Leon C., Jacob W. and Ora B. Gersham SKINNER married Jane E. DYGERT, and they had six children: Mary E., Carmi M., Cornelia C., John W., Lucien F. and Lucius F. Mary T. SKINNER is the daughter of Jacob F. CASLER , born in Little Falls, and is still living in this town. He was the son of Frederick CASLER, a native of this county, born the second year of the Revolution, in a house that was afterward a fort. [ref.#2, ppg 246-247]

SKINNER, John, was born in Columbia, N.Y., in 1810. His wife, who was Nancy MILLER, was born in the same town also in 1810. Mr. SKINNER was commissioner of highways six years. His grandfather was a miller at Little Falls and was taken prisoner by the Indians and tories during the Revolution and sentenced to be put to death by tomahawks. He received nine wounds in the head from the Indians and made his escape. He died in 1824 at the age of seventy-four years. His wife died in 1840 at seventy-eight. [Ref.#1, pg 240]

SMITH, Levi, was born in Winfield, N.Y., in 1800. His wife was Elizabeth HOWARD, born in Winfield in 1810. He has been eight years a magistrate. He has also been a director of the Ilion Bank, and director of the Ilion and Cedarville plank road. [Ref.#1, pg 240]

SMITH, Levi C., was born in Winfield in 1848. He married Mary GREEN, who was born in Chenango county, N.Y., in 1848. His father was born in Winfield in 1805. Albion, Otsego county, was the place of his mother's birth. [Ref.#1, pg 240]

SPOHN, J.A., was born in Columbia, N.Y., in 1828. His wife, Mary BALD, was born in Little Falls in 1836. He was elected commissioner of highways in 1873, and he still holds the office. His father, Nicholas, was born in Herkimer, N.Y., in 1787. His mother, who was originally Elizabeth DOYER, was born in Schuyler in 1787. She died in 1861. [Ref.#1, pg 240]

STANBROUGH, Rev. R.M., was born in Crawford, Orange county, N.Y., in 1832. He became a clergyman in 1861, and he is now pastor of the Reformed church at Columbia Center. In 1873 he was married to Miss Ellen SNELL, who was born in Manheim, N.Y., in 1873. His father, twenty years a piano builder, was born on Long Island in 1790, and died in 1862. His wife, to whom he was married in 1812, was Miss Jane EGER. She was born in Orange county in 1788, and died in 1861. [Ref.#1, pg 240]

STEPHENS, Frank E., supervisor of Columbia and postmaster of Cedarville, is also a dealer in general merchandise. He was born at Frankfort Hill April 5, 1862. He married Mamie E., daughter of Jeremiah MYERS. His father was Stewart STEPHENS, a son of Roswell, a native of Stoningham, Conn., who married Sophie CONNABLE about 1809 and came to Frankfort. He died in 1854. He served in the War of 1812, was wounded at Lundy's Lane July 12, 1814, and was discharged that year. [Ref.#2, pg 189]

STRAUSS, Ferdinand, was born in Germany in 1844, and came to this country in 1868. In 1875 he married Mary E. SKINNER, who was born in Columbia, N.Y., in 1843. He purchased the SKINNER farm in 1876. He had no means when he landed in America. He is a cheese maker and farmer. [Ref.#1, pg 240]

STROUP, David, was born in Columbia, N.Y., in 1818. He married Deborah ACKLEY, who was born in Columbia in 1820. His father, Daniel, was during thirty years a blacksmith. [Ref.#1, pg 240]

VAN DEUSEN, C., was born in German Flats in 1826. He was nine years an assessor in Columbia. He married Mary Ann YOUNG, who was born at Miller's Mills in 1829. His father, Andrew, was born in Rennselaer county, N.Y., in 1805 and died in 1868. His mother, whose maiden name was Elizabeth FILKINSON, was born in 1808. [Ref.#1, pg 240]

VANALSTYNE, George, was born in Columbia, N.Y., in 1838. His wife, Miss L. GETMAN, was born in 1836. He was chosen supervisor of Columbia in 1874. His father, Danforth, was born in Columbia in 1812. His mother was also a native of Columbia. [Ref.#1, pg 240]

VAN DEUSEN, N., was born in 1833 in German Flats. He married Martha D. MILLER, a native of Plymouth, Chenango County, N.Y. She died in 1871 and he married Eliza MILLER. He had one daughter by his first wife. [Ref.#1, pg 240]

WESTFALL, John, was born at Sand Lake, Rensselaer County, N.Y., in 1820. His wife Catharine, daughter of Andrew MILLER, was born in Columbia in 1822. They had seven children, of whom six are living. His father was born in Rensselaer county in 1795. His mother, whose maiden name was Rachel BARNES, was born in 1795, and died in 1820. [Ref.#1, pg 240]

WIDRIG, John, was born in Frankfort, N.Y., in 1814. He married Miss Charlotte FILAGE, who was born in German Flats, N.Y., in 1816. Of their seven children three are living. His father, John, was the son of General George WIDRIG. He was born in 1789 and was in the war of 1812. He married Mary CRISMAN, a native of Oneida County. [Ref.#1, pg 240]

WILLIS, M.P., was born in Sangerfield, N.Y., in 1827. His wife was Sarah WALRATH. His father, Thomas, was born in 1792. He was in the war of 1812. His wife was Alice LYMAN, born in 1792. [Ref.#1, pg 240]

YOUNG, H.M., was born in Columbia in 1822. His wife was Lydia Buckland, who was born in Vermont in 1785. They have had three children. His father was born in Rhode Island in 1784, and came to this State in 1800. His mother's maiden name was Christina MILLER. She was born in Greenwich, Rensselaer county, in 1788. His father died in 1875, his mother in 1863. [Ref.#1, pg 240]

YULE, Delos, was born in Stark, N.Y., in 1843. He married Malvina SPRINGER, who was born in 1842. His father, George F. YULE, was born in Warren, N.Y., in 1815. He died in 1876. His wife was Elizabeth SHAUL, a native of Stark. She died in 1873. [Ref.#1, pg 240]

ZOLLER, Burton, was born in 1840. He married Lucinda HASKELL, a native of Frankfort, in 1863. He enlisted in 1861 in the 14th regiment, N.Y.V., and was discharged in May, 1863. His father enlisted in the 5th N.Y. heavy artillery, was wounded, and died at Georgetown in 1865. His brother, Wellington, was in the same regiment, was also wounded and died at Ilion, N.Y. The father was a captain, the brother a commissary sergeant. [Ref.#1, pg 240-241]

Among other residents of the town well and favorably known may be named H.J. HELMER, John D. MILLER and Almira SECKNER. [Ref. #1, pg 241] **********

new 8/29/08   The 8 Columbia-related sketches below, from Hardin's History of Herkimer County, were graciously contributed by H. Geywits!

ANGELL, Delavan A., Winfield, is agent and operator at Cedarville Station on the Richfield Branch of the D. L. & W. R. R. He was the first station agent there and had his office in a box car the first summer, that of 1870, when this branch was completed to Richfield Springs. He is a trustee of the Universalist church at Cedarville. He was born where he and his sisters now live in Chepachet. Their grandfather, Emer Angell, married Lydia Rice in 1797 and emigrated from Providence, R. I. To New Berlin, N.Y. as one of the first settlers, journeying by marked trees. [Ref. #2]

ACKLER, John A., Litchfield was born in Columbia July 29, 1853 and settled on the farm where he now lives in 1867. He married Belle, daughter of Elijah Manning of Columbia. John A. is a son of Jacob Ackler, a native of Columbia and he was a son of Jacob who came to Columbia from Danube with his father, Leonard Ackler, who was a soldier of the Revolution, entering the army at the age of sixteen. His parents were German and were among the first settlers of Danube. Jacob Ackler, Grandfather of John A. had seven children: Jacob Jr., David, Deborah, Dorathy, Mary, Phillip and Emily Ackler. All are living in this county. [Ref. #2]

BELL, Charles - Herkimer, was born in Columbia, Herkimer County. He received his education in the Cedarville High School and Whitestown Seminary and commenced the study of law with Earl & Prescott and was admitted to the bar from the office of Steele & Prescott June 20, 1884. On January 19, 1885, he formed a copartnership with H. D. Henderson for the practice of law, which firm still exists, and is one of the most prominent law firms in Herkimer county. Mr. Bell is a member of the police and fire commissioners which offices he has held since their organization in 1787. He was selected chairman of the Democratic County Committee in 1889 which office he still retains. He also is a member of the Masonic fraternity, having taken his thirty-second degree, and is identified with various social and benevolent institutions. He married Carrie, daughter of J. J. Steele, of German Flats. Mr. Bell's father is Warner Bell, his grandfather Nicholas Bell and his great-grandfather Philip Bell, the latter having been killed in the Revolutionary War. The ancestry of the family is Mohawk Dutch. [Ref. #2]

BROWN, Charles H., Winfield, was born in Columbia, Herkimer County, December 21, 1831 and is a son of James Brown, who came to this county when a child, about 1810 with his father, Philip Brown of Half Moon, N. Y., who was one of the first settlers of Columbia. James Brown had five children, Charles H., Milo H., Eusebia, Euphemia L. and Philip H. Their farm is in the northeast corner of Winfield, a part of the farm being in Columbia, also a part in Richfield. Charles H. Brown married, November 11, 1857, Barbara A., daughter of Marks Folts, of Herkimer who was a son of Peter Folts and Barbara Rasbach. She was a daughter of Marks Rashbach. They were some of the first settlers of the town of Herkimer. Charles H. and Barbara A. Brown have had eleven children, three of whom are deceased: James. H., Charles J. and Leon L. There are eight living; Carrie E., Laura E., Flora E., Mary E., Fanny E., Nettie L., Philip H., and Benjamin G. Marks and Elizabeth Folts have had ten children of whom three have died, Mary A., Isaac and Saloma A. Seven are living; Catharine, Fanny, Marcus, Joseph M., Barbara A., Elizabeth and Andrew. Mr. Brown is one of the assessors of the town of Winfield, which position he has held most of the time for about twenty years. He is a member of the Pomona Grange of Herkimer County. [Ref. #2]

CLAPSADDLE, Frank, German Flats, was born in Columbia January 17, 1858 and ran a carriage business for some years. He came to Mohawk in 1885 and purchased the horses for running the various lines of street railways there. In 1886 he married Miss Maude Brown and they had one infant son. His grandfather ws one of the early settlers in Columbia. [Ref. #2]

EDICK, Henry, Jr., Herkimer, was born in Columbia. His family are of German descent but located here over one hundred years ago, where they have since continued to live, taking an active part in local business and political circles. In 1889 Mr. Edick assumed charge of the Tower House in Herkimer, changing the name to the Edick House which he and his father continued to run until they purchased the Waverly House in this village and disposed of their interest in the Edick House. Mr. Henry Edick Jr. has held the office of constable to which office he was appointed when twenty-one years of age, deputy sheriff for three years and collector of the town (Columbia) for one year. He is a member of the Knights of Pythias, and associated with local social organizations. His wife was Miss Libbie Barber of Columbia and they have two daughters. His new hotel, the Waverly, has accommodation for from fifty to sixty guests. [Ref. # 2]

MILLER, Dr. Adam, Jordanville was born in Columbia, May 21, 1819 a son of William J. and Nancy Haner Miller. The grandfather, John A. was a son of Andrew, who came from Germany and settled in Rensselear county in colonial days. He was a patriot in the Revolutionary War. He was the first man buried in Columbia church yard. His son, John, was born in Rensselaer county and was a pioneer of Columbia where he lived and died in 1842. His wife was Dorothy Carner. Their children were: Andrew, John, William J., Christopher, Jacob, Susan, Barringer, Nancy, Chamberlain, and Catharine. William J. was born in Columbia in September 1796 where he resided until his eightieth year. He was captain of militia and served as supervisor. His wife died in her eighty-eight year. She was born in Columbia, a daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth Kenter Haner, pioneers of Columbia. Subject was one of ten children: Adam, John, who died aged nineteen, Jacob W., Philip, William, Mary E., Cornelia, Caroline, Catharine and Melinda. Dr. Miller was raised on a farm, received a district and select school education and at nineteen began the study of medicine with Dr. Charles H. Easton. He graduated from Geneva Medical College in January 1844 and located in Jordanville, where he has practiced ever since. He also attended a course at the University of the City of New York, 1854-5, and has been the only physician in this town until 1881. He has been a member of the Herkimer Medical Society since 1844 and has served as its secretary, and also as school superintendent of Warren in 1850-52. He is a Democrat and was postmaster from 1853-1861 and takes an active interest in politics. He was assistant surgeon of the State militia in 1843 and in 1844 was appointed surgeon by Governor Bouck, and was appointed acting assistant surgeon in the Government Hospital near Alexandria, Va. In 1862 which he held until sickness compelled him to return home. In January 18963 he was appointed assistant surgeon of the One Hundred and Fifty-second New York Volunteers and nine months later resigned on account of ailing health. He is a member of F. and A. M. and has been twice married, first to Mary Ann, daughter of Warren Mack of Herkimer. His wife died in 1875. She was an active member of the M. E. Church. His second wife was Mary a. Vining.[Ref. #2]

WHEELER, Clarence J., lives on the farm first settled by Daniel Devendorf being a dairy and stock farm. He was born in Cedarville, April 20, 1849 and settled on this farm in 1868. He married Jane L. Smith, and they have two children, Clara M. and Mary L. Clarence J. is the only son of Moses H. Wheeler, born May 31, 1823 who was a son of Lewis Wheeler whose children were: Marcus L., Moses H., Whitney, Gaylord, Phoebe, Cornelia, Maria and Eliza. Lewis was born in Massachusetts, a son of Moses Wheeler, one of the first settlers. He came from Massachusetts and had six children; Moses, Lewis, Humphrey, Prentis, Artemus and James. Mrs. Jane L. Wheeler was born in Winfield in December 1845, a daughter of Ansel, son of Levi Smith. Levi Smith came from Connecticut and early settled in Winfield. He died April 5, 1855 aged eighty-nine years. His children were: Henry, William, Ansel, Levi, Jr., Laura, Sally, Chloe, Deliverance and Anna. Ansel Smith married Araminta Burdick and they have four children: Levi C., Ansel A., Jane L. and Sarah. Levi Smith Jr. was born in Winfield and settled on this farm, 1834, and lived here until his death, May 27, 1881 aged 91 years. He married Miss Elizabeth Howard of Winfield. [Ref. #2]

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