List of Jurors, 1813: Town of Columbia
from George A. Hardin, ed.,"History of Herkimer County, N.Y.", 
Syracuse, N.Y.: D. Mason & Co., Publishers, 1893

"After the close of the war settlement in various parts of the town progressed rapidly. The following list of jurors for the year 1813 is worthy of preservation, as it doubtless contains the names of most of the prominent settlers down to 1810:"

Asahel Alford
John Bloodgood
Jeremiah Brown
John Burchdorff
Philip Businger
Elias Benedict
Philip Brown
Christopher H. Benedict
Jacob Bell
Amos Crain
Josiah Crain
William Chapman
John Clapsaddle
Augustenus Clapsaddle
Simon Clark
Henry Cronkright
Daniel Dromdoff
Ira Dethrick
Jabez De Woolfe
William De Wolfe, jr.
Jacob Eaton
Benjamin Eaton
Ephraim Elmer (still living at the age of 113 years at Utica, N. Y.)
George M. Edick
Jacob P. Fox
John P. Fox
Peter P. Fox
Frederick Fox
Abner Gage
John Gorsline
Barnabas Griffith
Henry Getman
George I. Getman
Frederick I. Getman
Stephen Griffith
Timothy Getman
Frederick Getman, jr.
Conrad Gettman
Thomas Hagerty
Henry Helmer
Samuel Hatch
Joseph Hatch
Daniel Hatch
John Harwood
Abner Huntley
Thomas Hawks
Jacob Helmer
William Haner
Jeremiah Haner
Augustenus Hess, jr.
Frederick Hess
Conrad Hess
Henry Jones
Calvin Johnson
Luther Johnson
Michael Jackson
Samuel Lord
Thomas Ladow
Caleb Miller
John Miller
Herny A. Miller
Henry Miller, jr.
Oliver Miner
William Miller
Andrew Miller
John Miller, jr.
Martin McKoon
Joel Merchant
Ephraim Mills
Isaac Mills
John Mills
Andrew Meyers
Joseph Meyers
John D. Meyers
James Morgan
Abraham Maning
Henry S. Orendorff
Jacob Orendorff
George Petrie
Theodore Page
Ira Peck
Dean Pearce
Daniel I. Petrie
Marks Petrie
Frederick Petrie
Reuben Reynolds
John Runyan, jr.
Parley Spaulding
Ralph Sanford
Thomas F. Shoemaker
John Shoemaker
Nicholas Sternburgh
William Stroup
Timothy Smith
George Steele
Elisha Standish
Gerhom Skinner
Peter I. Turpening
Moses Thompson
Hill Truesdale
Samuel Woodworth
Festus Williams
Peleg Wood
Isaac Wright
Charles Young

"Most of the above have descendants at present living in town."

The list of jurors was typed by Chris DeVoe. Chris has contributed several great items to this site - the pension records of Anthony Devoe and Jonathan Averill, and Agnes Devoe's obit.

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