The Marriage Records of the Reformed Church of Columbia, New York, spanning the years 1825 through 1828, and 1832 - 1836, were contributed by Laura Perkins. Entries are separated using the same headings as on the original typescript pages, which are available for viewing at the Utica Public Library. All spellings are original. Notes in brackets are our notes about the format of the records. Copied by Mrs. M. M. Hatch, South Columbia, NY, through the courtesy of Mrs. Hatch, (Mrs. Thomas D.) Corinne Wheeler Watkins, NSDAR #57999 and (Mrs. Charles E.) Elizabeth A. M. Merritt, DSDAR #178296. Some of the original records have passed out of existence since the copies were made by Mrs. Hatch.

Judy Breedlove
Asst. County Coordinator
August 1999

Marriage Records of the Reformed Church of Columbia,
1825-1828 and 1832-1836
Columbia Center, Herkimer County, New York
Organized 1798

Register of those that joined in the Bands of Matrimony:


27 Sep 1825 John Adam House and Catharine Stroup

1 Jan 1826 Joseph Thursten and Dorothea Steel

7 Feb 1826 George Hoyer and Maria Miller

23 Nov 1826 Christopher Miller and Rebecca Haner

30 Nov 1826 James M. Winn and Emma S. Cady

1 Jan 1827 Joseph Shaul and Clarissa Hendrix

8 Feb 1827 Festus G. Isham and Reumah H. Crain

22 Feb 1827 Martin Vosberg and Catharine Hatter

11 Oct 1827 Alpheus Norton and Margaret Myers

11 Dec 1827 Richard Bunn and Margaret Wright

30 Dec 1827 Doc. Peter P. Murphy and Anna Kayner

30 Dec 1827 Henry L. Baston and Elizabeth Defendorf

22 Jan 1828 John Manning and Almina Fox

23 Jan 1828 John Dixon and Sally Alford

27 Jan 1828 Peter Clapsaddle and Mary Steel

28 Feb 1828 John D. Miller and Catharine Gitman

29 Feb 1828 Christopher Myers and Alzina Orendorf

6 Mar 1828 Henry Pooler and Margaret Shoemaker

23 Mar 1828 Robert Getman and Margaret Piper

27 Apr 1828 David Crim and Eve Crim


Married at Columbia April 19, 1832 by Rev. Asabul Bronson, Isaac Kaples, laborer, aged 24, to Mary Getman, spinster, aged 19, both of Columbia.
Witnesses: John Clapsaddle, Sr. and John Getman

Marriages by David Devoe, V.D.M. 1834:

No Date, Amos Rowland, aged 60, a farmer, Elizabeth Tarpeny, aged 57, housewife.
Witnesses: Marks Krans, Jr. and Frederic Winn

August 14, 1834, Jacob D. Petrie, aged 41, a merchant, and Adalina C. Miner, aged 31, a seamster
Witnesses: Benjamin Golden and Nancy Golden

September 10, 1834, Michael Edict, aged 27, farmer and son of George M. Edict and Nancy Clapsaddle, and Mary Ann Haner, aged 22, school teacher and daughter of Jonas Haner and Lydia Hill.
Witnesses: John J. Edict and Elizabeth Edict.

October 21, 1834, Delos Loomis and Abigail Chamberlin, all of Richfield, Otsego Co.
Witnesses: Jacob J. Miller and wife, Saviah Chamberlin. All of Columbia, Herkimer Co., NY

March 1, 1835, John House and Eve Grant.
Witnesses: David A. Hawn and Eve Shoemaker (a widow)

August 20, 1835, Henry Eygabroad and Clarisa Chappel.
Witnesses: John Crisman and Dayve Eygabroat, all of Warren, Herkimer Co.

October 10, 1835, Ferdenand Tuniclif and Elesebeth Heely.
Witnesses: Coonrod Oxner and wife, Hannah, of Columbia, Herkimer Co.

November 12, 1835, James K. Round and Barbara Clapsaddle.
Witnesses: John D. Clapsaddle and Mary Clapsaddle

December 29, 1835, Jacob L. Getman and Caroline Helmer
Witnesses: Joseph Getman and Margreta Helmer

February 15, 1836, Charles Miller and Sally Vrooman.
Witnesses: Rudolph Petri and Daniel Getman

Copied by Mrs. M. M. Hatch, South Columbia, New York.

Through the courtesy of Mrs. Hatch (Mrs. Thomas D.), Corinne Wheeler Watkins, N.S.D.A.R. #57999 and (Mrs. Charles E.) Elizabeth A.M. Merritt, N.S.D.A.R. #178296. Members of the Genealogical Research Committee of Oneida Chapter, D.A.R. are permitted to copy these records. Some of the original records have passed out of existence since the copies were made by Mrs. Hatch.

Utica, New York
December 1926

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