Diary of Lena Louisa Kibby

Village of Cedarville
Herkimer County, NY

early Cedarville street

Do you have ancestors who lived in or near Cedarville in the 1880s? Or in Winfield, Columbia, Litchfield, German Flats? Perhaps my great-grandmother, Lena Louisa Kibby (born 1871), mentioned them in her diary!

Skating, operating the telephone, dancing til one in the morning... working for her dad at his general store, picking hops... these are just some of the things that filled her days as a thirteen-year-old growing up in Cedarville.

Wednesday, Jan. 28
10 below 0 at 4 P.M.
Grace came over a little while after school to-night. Practiced to-day. Jennie Beals was married to day to Irving Fish (a good match).
--Lena Louisa Kibby diary, 1885 Cedarville, New York

I'm working on a children's book based on this diary, and am looking for photos, diaries, autograph albums and any other material connected to the many friends and family she mentions.

I've been able to identify most of these people, and I would like to exchange information with others who have ancestors from this area circa 1870s - 80s.

Can you help? I can send you excerpts from her diary and copies of background information I've gleaned from local histories, cemeteries, newspapers, maps, census and tax records.

Here is the list of people she mentions. I've also included the township that I believe they lived in.

If you have a connection or lead to any of them, I hope you'll get in touch. Thanks!

Cory Munson

January - December
Allen, Mr.
Beals, E. Jennie (Litchfield)
Beals, Morrell (Litchfield)
Beals, Rev. Oliver B. (Litchfield)
Bell, Mr.
Bellinger, Gracie (Mohawk)
Bellinger, Henry M. (Mohawk)
Bellinger, May (Mohawk)
Brace, Mr.
Brown, Merton (Litchfield/Columbia)
Brown, Mr.
Burgess, Mrs.
Caswell, Grace (Litchfield)
Clayton, Rev. W.W.
Clements, Hughett (Columbia)
Clements, Mary C. (Columbia)
Cole, Edwin (Ned) (Litchfield)
Crim, Mr.
Crouse, Anna (Columbia)
Devendorf, Albert C. (Mohawk/Herkimer?)
Devendorf, LaMott (Mohawk?)
Devendorf, Stanche Wheeler (Mohawk/Herkimer?)
Easton, Mary Coapman (Litchfield?)
Easton, Maud M. (Litchfield?)
Easton, Sarah M. Bliss (Litchfield?)
Fish, Irving (Litchfield)
Getman, [girls]
Gibson, Mrs. (Mohawk)
Hadley, Leo (Litchfield)
Haggerty, Mrs.
Hewitt, Dr. (Mohawk?)
Hitchcock, Abigail (Mohawk)
Hiteman, Gertie (West Winfield)
Hopkins, Mrs.
Hopkins, Silas B.
Hosford, Clara Evans (Litchfield/Columbia)
Hosford, Frank (Litchfield/Columbia)
Hosford, William
Hudson, Minnie (Warren)
Jacobson, Maud (Litchfield)
Johnson, Anna (Columbia)
Jones, Clara
Kibby, Clara Myers Fredericks (Columbia)
Kibby, Clarence Fredericks (Columbia)
Kibby, Delos L.W. (Columbia)
Kibby, Jane (Columbia/Mohawk)
Kibby, Lena L. (Columbia)
Kibby, Lillian Fredericks (Columbia)
Kibby, Warren Fredericks (Columbia)
Klipple, David (Litchfield)
Link, Mrs.
Miller, Minnie (Winfield)
Morris, Belle (Columbia)
Morris, David (Columbia)
Myers, Arthur (Columbia)
Myers, Bertha (Columbia)
Myers, Fannie (Columbia)
Myers, Floyd (Columbia)
Myers, Frank N. (Columbia)
Myers, Jeremiah (Columbia)
Myers, Momie (Columbia)
Myers, Newbern (Columbia)
Myers, Sophronia Getman (Columbia)
Nichols, Anna (Columbia?)
Nichols, Morgan (Columbia?)
Oakley, Mr.
Rider, Mrs. (Litchfield?)
Rising, Mrs. (Litchfield?)
Sanders, Lucy May (Winfield/Litchfield)
Smith, Sophia
Spaulding, Mrs.
Steele, Ella Devendorf (Mohawk)
Steele, Irving W. (Mohawk)
Stephens, Delia (Frankfort/Columbia/Litchfield)
Stuart, Flora (Winfield/Mohawk)
Stuart, Josie (Winfield/Mohawk)
Stuart, Nancy A. (Winfield)
Stuart, Walter (Winfield/Mohawk)
Terpening, Mina (Columbia?)
Tucker, Mrs.
Tutty, Addie (Columbia)
Tutty, Will (Columbia)
W., Lee
Wilkinson, Burton (Columbia)
Woodart, Harry
Young, Mr.
, Bessie
, Clara
, Clive
, Dick (Mohawk/Herkimer)
, Earl
, Eliza
, Helen
, Jessie
, Julia
, Leora
, Phoebe

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