Many counties of NY state had county histories published between the years of 1860 and 1900. Within many of these works are "family sketches". The list below are sketches of families for the township of Danube that were found within the references provided.


1) "History of Herkimer County New York", edited by George A. Hardin, assisted by Frank H. Willard, D. Mason & Co., Publishers, 1893, Syracuse, NY, Family Sketches section. Note:  there are additional sketches in this book that have not been transcribed here.

2) "1879 History of Herkimer County", published by Beers

Family Sketches:

BELLINGER, George P., Danube, was born on the old farm in 1867.  He was liberally educated at Fort Plain and at the Clinton Liberal Institute and assisted his father on the farm until the death of that gentleman, when he succeeded to the property, which occurred on the 2d of November, 1888.  He married Grace JOHNSON on the 9th of September, 1891, and they have a daughter, Ruth, born November 18, 1892.  Christian BELLINGER, great-grandfather to George P., settled here early in the seventeenth century; his great grandfather, Christian BELLINGER, was taken prisoner by the Indians.  His father, James BELLINGER, lived and died on the old farm.  He owns about 125 acres of find dairy land and keeps about forty head of stock. [ref #1, pg 6]

BELLINGER, John P. and George R., are the sons of Daniel BELLINGER, who was born in German Flats, where he resided until 1809, when he located in Danube, on the farm now occupied by his sons.  Their grandfather, John BELLINGER was in the battle of Oriskany, but almost miraculously escaped without injury.  A sword once belonging to General Herkimer also the steel which that general used to light his pipe after being sounded at Oriskany, is now in the possession of this family, having been presented by General Herkimer to his nephew, General Christopher P. BELLINGER, who in turn gave them to his nephew, Daniel BELLINGER.  John P. BELLINGER was born at the old homestead October 1st, 1819, and George R. BELLINGER was born at the same place in 1824.  [ref #2, pg 241]

BELLINGER, W. was born in Danube, and married Maria ELDRIDGE.  He is the son of Philip C. BELLINGER, who was born in Danube in 1800, married Katie ZIMMERMAN January 1st, 1823, and reared a family of ten children.  His youngest three sons, Horace, James and Washington, are still residents of the town, near the old homestead.  Their grandfather, Christian BELLINGER, was born in January, 1764, and married Barbara DIEFENDORF in 1784.  He located in the eastern part of Danube in 1792, purchasing a farm of the estate of Jelles FONDA.  He was engaged in some capacity in the Revolutionary war and drew a small pension until his death, Mary 2nd, 1838.  He was at one time the owner of four slaves.  [ref #2, pg 241]

CHAMPION, Moses, was born in Stark in the year 1828, and was married to Jusenah WALRATH in 1851.  His father, David CHAMPION was born in Connecticut in 1793, and emigrated with his father's family to Stark in 1800, locating on an unimproved farm now owned by A. B. CHAMPION.  Here he remained until 1836, when he removed to Danube and settled on the farm now occupied by his son Moses. [ref #2, pg 241]

COVELL, Elijah, was born in Danube, on the farm he now owns and occupies, December 27th, 1827.  He was married to Lucetta STAFFORD, a native of Danube, June 13th, 1860.  Until his marriage Mr. COVELL followed the carpenter and joiner's trade, since which time he has devoted his exclusive attention to farming and darying.  He is a stockholder in the Danube Cold Spring Cheese Factory.  His grandfather Eliphalet COVELL, a native of Connecticut, came from Schoharie county, N.Y., to Danube in 1805, and located where Elijah now resides.  He was a Revolutionary soldier.  Elijah's father, Daniel, was born in Connecticut in 1784: came to Danube with his father, succeded him in the possession of the farm, and resided here until his death in 1863. [ref #2, pg 241]

CRAMER, Abraham A., was born in Danube March 10th, 1829, and married Nancy ALDINGER in 1864.  He is still a resident of the town, and has always followed farmer.  John CRAMER, the gradfather of Henry A. and Abraham A., was born in Minden, montgomery county, in 1760, and their father, Abraham, was born in the same town in 1797.  The latter located on the farm now owned by Abraham A. in 1833. [ref #2, pg 241]

CRAMER, Henry A., was born in Danube July 19th, 1822, and was married to Helen ROOF June 8th, 1859.  He is by occupation a farmer, has always been a resident of the town, and located where he now resides in 1867.  He was for seven years a member of the military company known as the Danube Grays.  [ref #2, pg 241]

CRONKHITE, Cornelius, grandfather of the subject of this sketch, came from Dutchess county, N.Y., in 1786, and purchased for one hundred pounds a tract of land from the Abraham Lansing patent.  He lived here improving his land and following agricultural pursuits until his death.  He was the father of six children, three sons and three daughters.  He was succeeded by his two sons, Henry C. CRONKHITE and John C. CRONKHITE, Henry C. CRONKHITE, the father of James H. CRONKHITE, receiving for his share 109 acres, to which he added 18 acres.  Henry C. was drafted in the war of 1812 and served by sending a substitute in Sackett's Harbor.  James H. CRONKHITE was born February 11, 1823, and succeeded to 127 acres of land, to which he has added 75 acres of beautiful dairy land adjacent to the village of Minden.  He married Miss Margaret MOYER, of this town and they have had three children, two of whom survive, one son and one daughter.  Mr. CRONKHITE has served twenty-one years successively as justice of the peace.  At the present writing he has retired from active agricultural pursuits.  [ref #1, pg 29]

CRONKHITE, Daniel, was born in Danube in 1829.  His early manhood was employed in teaching, after which he turned his attention to farming.  He was twice elected supervisor of his town.  Cornelius CRONKHITE, the grandfather of James H. and Daniel, settled in Danube in 1786.  Their father, Henry C. CRONKHITE, was born in Dutchess county, N.Y., in 1788, married Sally DELAVANGE in 1810, and raised a large family.  He died November 5th, 1842.  His wife survived him until July 3d, 1873.  [ref #2, pg 241]

CRONKHITE, James H., was born in Danube in 1823, and married Margaret MOYER in 1846.  He is engaged in farming and was for sixteen years a justice of the peace of his town.  [ref #2, pg 241]

CRONKHITE, Jonas, Danube, was born November 12, 1836.  He succeeded to the old homestead upon which his grandfather Cornelius settled in 1786.  This was originally part of the Lansing patent.  Cornelius, upon his death, left the land to his son, John C. CRONKHITE, father of Jonas, to whom it descended.  The farm contains 118 acres of fine dairy land, upon which Mr. CRONKHITE has erected a magnificent residence.  He married Ann McKENZIE, and they have one son, Grant J., who married Kitty SEEBER, and they have one son, Ralph.  Jonas CRONKHITE has served as inspector of elections, commissioner of highways, etc. [ref #1, pg 24]

DECKER, Alvin, was born in Columbia county, N.Y., in 1807, from whence he came to Danube January 1st, 1828, and was married in 1835 to Lydia M. VANDENBURG. He is by occupation a farmer and dealer in dairy products.  He was elected supervisor of Danube in 1874 and again in 1875. [ref #2, pg 241]

DILLENBECK, Charles, whose father was Jacob M. DILLENBECK, was born where he continues to reside in Danube in 1856.  He was married in June, 1877, to Lucy SHARP.  His occupation is farming. [ref #2, pg 241]

DILLENBECK, Luther, was born in Danube in 1831, and was married in 1851 to Margaret SMITH, who died in 1866. In 1868 he was again married to Sophia DILLENBECK.  His grandfather, John B. DILLENBECK, settled  on the farm now owned and occupied by Luther about 1792, soon after his marriage to Hannah MOKE.  His father, John DILLENBECK, was born on this farm in 1796 and died in 1865.  He enlisted in the 192nd regiment New York State militia in 1813, under Colonel William JENKINS, and served until the regiment was disbanded, seven years later. [ref #2, pg 241]

DUESLER, W. H., was born on the farm he now owns and occupies in Danube in the year 1844.  This farm was first settled during the Revolution by Mr. DUESLER's grandfather, John D. DUESLER, a native of Germany, who came to America for pleasure, bringing with him his wife, a newly made bride, but being pleased with the country he was induced to remain.  Mr. DUESLER's father, William, was born on this place and died here in 1871 at an advanced age. [ref #2, pg 241]

FOX, Cyrus, was born in Little Falls in 1821, and located on the farm now owned and occupied by him in company with his brother Matthew in 1845.  Matthew FOX was born in Little Falls in 1833 and married Margaret SEEBER in 1859. [ref #2, pg 241]

GARDINIER, Albert, Danube, was born on the old farm upon which he still lives and owns, April 19, 1834.  This land was bought by his grandfather who lived and died upon it and is buried in the old burying ground on the farm.  His father, John GARDINIER, also lived, died and is buried here.  Albert GARDINIER received a good education in the schools of this vicinity and has served the town of Danube as assessor several terms.  He married Fanny BURRELL of Herkimer county and they have three sons and three daughters.  He is a successful farmer and has about two hundred acres of fine dairy land and keeps on an average fifty head of cattle besides other stock.  [ref #1, pg 181]

GARDINIER, John, sen., was born in Canajoharie, Montgomery county, October 17th, 1800, and in 1808 removed with his father, John M. GARDINIER, to his present farm home in Danube.  He was married to Polly DYGERT February 11th, 1824, and reared a family of ten children.  His wife died in 1858, and in 1860 he married as his second wife Mrs. Almira RICHMOND. He was captain of an artillery company seven years, and has held the office of assessor fourteen years.  His son Alvin GARDINIER was born where he still resides in 1835 and married Fanny BURRELL December 13th, 1876.  [ref #2, pg 241]

GARNER, George C., Danube, was born in the town of Danube, December 25, 1851.  His grandfather, John GARNER, settled in Jefferson county, N.Y.  His father, Peter GARNER, had a family of four children, three sons and one daughter.  George C. GARNER married Helen M. WALTMOUTH; they have no children.  Mr. GARNER owns 300 acres of land devoted to dairy purposes and about forty head of stock.  He is a member of the Grange and has served as excise commissioner of Danube. [ref #1, pg 52]

GREENE, Lester was born in Danube in 1822 and was maried to Elizabeth WALRATH in 1843.  His grandfather, John L. GREENE, came from Rensselaer county, N.Y., and located in Danube, one mile south of Indian Castle Church, as early as 1795. [ref #2, pg 241]

GREENE, Willis, Danube, was born onthe old farm in Danube, September 17, 1846.  He received a liberal education in Fairfield Seminary and at Fort Edward.  Mr. GREENE owns fifty-four acres of land on the river road, Danube, and follows the occupation of market gardening, in which he has been very successful.  His wife was Margaret Le ROW, and they have one child, a son.  This branch of the GREENE family descent is traced from General GREENE of Revolutionary fame. [ref #1, pg 181]

HARRID, George, Danube, was born in England, February 16, 1839: he has lived in this country about thirty-eight years and has owned his farm of forty acres of land lying on the Odesa Creek, for nearly twenty-seven years.  He married Mary FINALE and they have four children, two sons and two daughters. He is an excellent farmer and a thorough and honorable man. [ref #1, pg 183]

HESS, Augustus D., was one of the patentees of Burnetsfield patent, issued in 1725, and proprietor of lot No. 10, at Little Falls.  he was also one of the patentees of Staley's patent in German Flats.  Some of his descendants fix the date of his birth in 1719.  he was shot and instantly killed by an Indian in July, 1782, near the stone church in German Flats.  His son, Augustine HESS, was born in German Flats in 1752, and was a member of the Tryon county committee of safety from that district in 1775.  He participated in the battle of Oriskany, where he was taken prisoner but escaped the same day.  Augustus HESS, a son of the latter was born in German Flats in 1774 and died April 12th, 1857.  he reared a family of eight children, four of whom are still living, viz.: Margaret, born in 1803; Augustus D., born in 1806; Isaac, born April 25th, 1811, and Elizabeth, born February 8th, 1821.  They are all unmarried and reside under one roof in the northwest part of Danube, where they own a large estate. [ref #2, pg 241]

KLOCK, David, was born in Danube in 1810 and married Betsey SNELL in 1847.  They have a family of three children.  Mr. KLOCK is by occupation a farmer, and resides in the eastern part of the town. [ref #2, pg 241]

LANDT, Randolph, was born in Danube September 10th, 1829, and married Polly JONES, of Danube, January 9th, 1850.  His grandfather Jeremiah F. LANDT was born in Holland in 1755, and in 1760 emigrated with his parents to America and located at Claverack, Columbia county, N.Y.  In 1785 he was married to Elizabeth DIEDERICK, of Columbia county, and in 1793 removed to Danube and located on a farm about one mile east of the present village of Newville, where he resided until his death in 1823.  His eldest son, Jeremiah J. LANDT, succeded him by will in the possession of this estate.  The latter was born here in 1793, and in 1823 he married Nellie E. OSTRANDER, of the same town.  He was the father of seventeen children, and died in 1853.  In 1865, by purchase from the estate, the farm came into the possession of Randoph LANDT, second son of Jeremiah J., who still owns and occupies it. [ref #2, pg 241]

LEWIS, Francis, was born in Connecticut in 1806, from whence he removed to Danube with his family in 1839, locating in the southwestern part of the town, where he still resides, engaged in agricultural pursuits. [ref #2, pg 241]

MESICK, Henry, was born on the farm he now owns and occupies in Danube, May 24th, 1827.  He was married February 2nd, 1854, to Nancy BELLINGER, a native of Danube, who died February 21st, 1878.  Mr. MESICK is extensively engaged in farming and dairying, and is one of the stockholders in the Elm Grove Chesse Factory, located on his farm.  His father, Thomas I. MESICK, was born in Columbia county, N.Y., May 20th, 1786, and removed to Danube in February 1818, where he resided until his death, march 16th, 1868.  He married Elizabeth SKINKLE, of Columbia county, February 24th 1811, who still survives him.  He was a captain of militia under Col. Van RESSELAER in the war of 1812.  He was one of the first justices of the town of Danube and was elected supervisor in 1837. [ref #2, pg 242]

MOYER, Seward, was born on the farm which he owns and occupies, in 1851.  He was married to Alvira AHLE in 1872.  His father was proprietor of this farm for over fifty years. [ref #2, pg 242]

OSTRANDER, John, was born on the farm where he still resides in Danube in 1816.  He was married to Sarah SMITH in 1839.  His father, William, came from Columbia county and located on this farm in 1797.  At that time the nearest settlement was at Van Hornsville, five miles distant.  [ref #2, pg 242]

SAUNDERS, Henry S., was born in Danube September 30th, 1814, and married Gatty Ann DINGNIAN of Danube, march 4th, 1838.  He still resides on the farm where his father settled about 1800. [ref #2, pg 242]

SCHUYLER, Felix, was born in Danube in 1827, and was married in 1855 to Frances SCHUYLER.  His father, George N. SCHUYLER, was born at Fall Hill in 1796 and married Lydia GREENE. Nicholas SCHUYLER, the grandfather of Felix, was born in 1760, and was a brother of Hanyost SCHUYLER, both of whom resided in Danube previous to the Revolution. [ref #2, pg 242]

SHALF, Peter was born in Danube in 1839, and married Martha BROOKMAN in 1873.  He is by occupation a farmer. [ref #2, pg 242]

SHULL, Catharine, daughter of Jacob SHULL of Danube married Professor Joshua THORP. They are the parents of John J. and Louise A. THORP.  [ref #1, pg 127 - bio. of John J. THORP]

SIMMS, Ralph, was born in Canterbury, Connecticut, September 9th, 1802.  In 1820 he came to the southern part of Herkimer county, and was engaged in teaching for a few years, after which he purchased a farm and turned his attention to farming for about ten years, when he removed to Newville and embarked in the mercantile business.  He remained at Newville until his death, August 13th, 1877.  His son, C. R. SIMMS, now occupies the homestead. [ref #2, pg 242]

SMITH, Edwin P., Danube, was born on the old farm February 15, 1854;  his grandfather, John SMITH, settled here early in the seventeenth century and during the war of the Revolution was captured by the Indians and taken to Canada, where he was sold for five dollars, and after two years of servitude was allowed to escape, when he returned.  Edwin's father, John SMITH, lived and died on the farm which is rich in historic incidents.  A branch of the Mohawk tribe had their headquarters there and several battles between the British and patriots were fought upon it; skulls, arrow heads, cannon balls, etc., are frequently plowed up.  Mr. SMITH owns three hundred acres which extend into both counties.  He is a member of the Grange, etc.  [ref #1, pg 98]

SMITH, John, was born in Minden, Montgomery county, January 20th, 1810, and married Margaret COOK of the same town in August, 1831.  He has been a resident of Danube since 1827.  His father, John M. SMITH, was born in the same town in 1765.  At the age of fourteen he was captured by Indians, taken to Canada, and sold to a Frenchman, who retained him about two years, when he provided him with money and sent him home by the way of Lake Champlain.  He died in 1835. [ref #2, pg 242]

SPOOR, John, was born in Danube in 1814 and has always been a resident of the town. [ref #2, pg 242]

SPOOR, S. G., was born in Danube in 1823, and married Elizabeth WALTON in 1848.  Robert SPOOR, the father of John and S. G., was born in Columbia county, N.Y., in 1767.  He settled in Danube in 1804 and died here in 1849. [ref #2, pg 242]

STAFFORD, Abeel, owns and resides on the farm where he was born in 1822.  He was married to Phebe FORT in 1865. [ref #2, pg 242]

STAFFORD, John, was born in Danube December 7th, 1829, and married Martha ELDRIDGE, of the town of Stark, September 17th, 1865.  Stephen STAFFORD was the father of Abeel and John.  Their grandfather, John M. STAFFORD, came from Dutchess county. N.Y., and located on the farm occupied by Abeel in 1802.  He was a ship carpenter by trade, and during the Revolution was employed by the British government.  He was at one time sent into the North Woods to procure ship timber.  While there a party of American soldiers came across his camp and appropriated his provisions.  The British, learning of this, accused him of willingly feeding the Colonial troops, and attempted to arrest him, but he made his escape to Dutchess county. [ref #2, pg 242]

STEVENS, W. R., was born at Middleville, Herkimer county, in 1811, and in 1840 was married to Julia REED, who died June 12th, 1863.  He was again married in 1865, to Harriet S. REED, and in 1866, located in Danube.  His father, Samuel STEVENS, with two brothers, came from Connecticut and settled at Middleville about 1800. [ref #2, pg 242]

TIBBETTS, William M. D., Danube, was born in Saratoga county, N.Y., October 4, 1837.  He received an academic education and eventually graduated in medicine from Bellevue Hosptial College, New York, in 1867.  He immediately thereafter located in Newville, Danube township, where he has since been actively engaged in the practice of his profession.  Dr. TIBBETTS married Elizabeth HOUPT; they have two children living, both of whom are sons.  The doctor has served Danube as supervisor for the past two terms.  He is a member of the County medical Society and is a very skilled and thorough medical practioner. [ref #1, pg 230]

VINCENT, William, was born in Danube in 1834 and married Eliza SNELL in 1854.  he has always been a resident of the town and follows agricultural pursuits.  His father Sherwood VINCENT, was a soldier of 1812. [ref #2, pg 242]

WAGNER, Abraham, was born in Montgomery county, and married Catharine WALRATH in 1819.  He settled in Danube in 1820.  He is by occupation a farmer.  His father, Jacob WAGNER, was present when Walter N. BUTLER was killed at West Canada creek. [ref #2, pg 242]

WAGNER, Jacob, was born in Danube in 1835.  He was married to Emma CASLER in 1864.  He is a farmer by occupation. [ref #2, pg 242]

WAGNER, Fayette, was born in Danube January 15th, 1853, and was married to Ida E. WALRATH, of Minden, Septmeber 15th, 1875.  He has been a life long resident of the town and made farming his principal business. [ref #2, pg 242]

WALRATH, Jacob, was born in Danube in 1820 and was married to Maria GREENE in 1847.  His father Moses WALRATH, located on the farm now owned by jacob in 1835.  He was at Sackett's Harbor in the war of 1812, and afterward drew a pension until his death in 1866.  Jacob still has in his possession the powder horn which his great grandfather used at the battle of Oriskany, in which he participated. [ref #2, pg 242]

WALRATH, Levi, was born in Montgomery county in 1829, and at the age of nine years removed with his father, Henry, to Danube, near Indian Castle.  In 1851 he married Johanna DAVY, and in 1854 he removed to Columbia.  After a two years residence in that town he returned to Danube and located on the farm which he still occupies.  His great grandfather, John DAVY, was killed by the Indians near Herkimer village with a small party of volunteers in search of a cow which the indians and tories had stolen and secreted. [ref #2, pg 242]

WALRATH, Marvin, Danube, was born in Danube, April 9, 1845, and comes of old Revolutionary stock.  A grandfather of Marvin was a captain in the patriot army, and was killed at Herkimer.  Henry I., father of the subject, was a native of Minden, and followed his trade of merchant tailoring, combined with agricultural pursuits, until his death.  Marvin owns a farm of 137 acres in Danube, is engaged in the wholesale bottling business, putting up cider, lager and cider vinegar, for a trade which extends throughout Herkimer county, St. Johnsville, etc.  Mr. WALRATH married Cordelia INGERSOLL, and they have five children, four sons and a daughter.  He has served his district nine years as trusteee, etc., and is identified with the Masonic fraternity, Royal Alcanum, etc. [ref #1, pg 146]

WALTER, Amasa, is a son of William Walter, who was born in Danube in 1808 and married Nancy FOLTS in 1830.  He has always resided in this town and is by occupation a farmer.  John WALTER, the father of jacob and William, came from Rensselaer county to Danube in 1795, and in 1797 located on the farm where Jacob now resides. [ref #2, pg 242]

WALTER, Jacob, was born on the farm he now owns and occupies in Danube, May 19th, 1800.  He married Catharine SPRINGER, of Stark, May 22nd, 1824, and reared a family of seven children, all of whom are still living.  He has spent his entire life on this farm, engaged in farming and dairying.  He was at one time lieutenant of militia, and was elected supervisor in 1862.  He voted the first anti-slavery ticket in Danube, and has been a total abstinence man for over forty years.  He has been a prominent member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church since 1818. [ref #2, pg 242]

WEST, James, was born in Lingwood, England, March 28th, 1832.  He emigrated to this country, and on January 1st, 1855, was married to Lavina LIVINGSTON, of Minden, Montgomery county.  He located in Danube April 1st, 1872.  His occupation is farming. [ref #2, pg 242]

WINDECKER, Fred, was born in the town of Fairfield January 16th, 1848.  He was married to Sarah C. NEELY, of the same town, September 24th, 1873, and in June, 1875, he located in Danube.  His father, John W. WINDECKER, is still a resident of Fairfield. [ref #2, pg 242]

WETHERWAX, Andrew G., was born in the town of Little Falls January 15th, 1831, and was married to Elizabeth DECKER in 1856.  he has been connected with the dairy business since eleven years of age, and for ten years previous to 1864 he owned a dairy of fifty cows.  In that year he began operating in a factory and has since devoted his time to chees making, having made nearly 4,500,000 pounds of cheese.  In the spring of 1868 he assumed the superintendency of the Newville factory, where he still remains.  In 1869 he made, by special order, four cheeses, the combined weight of which was twelve hundred and eighty pounds, to be used at a Christmas dinner in London, for which he received twenty four cents per pound.  In 1870 he filled a slimilar order, and in 1876 he received a diploma and bronze medal for his exhibition of cheese at the Centennial among twenty six competitors. [ref #2, pg 242]

To the foregoing list might be added the names of William H. and John DAVY, William OSTRANDER, and Ralph LEWIS. [ref #2, pg 242]

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