1924 Lynch Family Reunion

Fairfield, Herkimer County, NY


This page contains links to graphic intensive pages as the large Lynch Reunion photo is HUGE! However, it's well worth looking at as it contains over 100 individuals, many of whom have been identified (see table below)!

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These photographs were taken at the Thomas, Patrick, Daniel, Maurice Lynch family reunion in 1924. I can verify the date because I was born in December 1923, and I appear in this photo in my Mother's arms (Number 51), and it appears that I am not yet one year old. The large photo and the one of the four brothers, and the index of names, were provided by Joe Wholihan, whose Mother was Helen Lynch Wholihan (Number 101) daughter of Patrick Lynch. Joe is a grandson of Patrick Lynch, (and lives in New Carlisle, OH) while I am a grandson of Thomas Lynch. Much of the genealogical info was provided by Alice Lynch Curtis, daughter of Daniel, who lives in Boston, MA.

Maurice L. Lynch (1816-1881) and Brigette Barrett (1818-1892) and their seven children immigrated to America in 1868 and settled in Newport, N. Y. Their son, Thomas, relocated to Middleville, town of Fairfield, Herkimer County, N. Y. Paul McLaughlin (the author and donor of this material) is a direct descendant of Thomas.

Children of Maurice and Brigette Barrett Lynch were:
     1. Daniel (1840-1923)
     2. Katherine (1844-1912)
     3. Edward (1846-1924)
     4. Patrick (1852-1932)
     5. Thomas (1854-1926)
     6. Maurice J. (1859-1939)
     7. Mary who was born in 1866
Note: The brother of the four, Edward Lynch, was ill at the time, and died not long after the reunion. A sister, Mary, did not attend, and their other sister, Katherine Eustice, died in 1912

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At this point, we don't know why Mary and Maurice families did not attend the reunion. Also, we don't have much data on Daniel and Maurice's descendants. You can link to another photo of the Thomas Lynch family taken in October 1903 by clicking here.

In addition to the large photo, there is also a numbered print (also very large) with an index identifying as many attendees as we could from memory (see links below reunion picture). The table is repeated here for those of you who wish to peruse the names of the individuals who have been identified without opening either of the large photo files.

Below are a couple of pictures for which we're unsure of the date. Dan Lynch is the son of Patrick Lynch. These pictures do not directly relate to the reunion, but they do relate to this family.

Dan Lynch & Katherine Kehoe

Their parents
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The above pictures are that of Dan Lynch and Katherine Kehoe before their marriage [left] and the Lynch and Kehoe parents taken at the wedding reception. Dan and Katherine were the parents of Alice Lynch Curtis.

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