Satie Wilson Sweet

Fairfield, Herkimer County, NY

This rescued autograph album was found in Indiana, and donated to the Swizterland Co. INGenWeb. It is presented under Rhoda Bliss,on their website and graciously donated to us by the donor and Swizterland Co. INGenWeb on 25 Aug 2018.


Submitted by Shelley Cardiel, 21 Jul 2018, who writes:

I've "rescued" a beautiful old autograph album belonging to Miss Satie A. WILSON aka Sarah WILSON of Fairfield, Herkimer Co., NY. The album contains entries from 14 family members and 29 friends with dates from 1890 to 1899. I am hoping to locate someone from this family so that this wonderful old treasure can be returned to the care of her family. If you are a member of this family, or you know someone who might be, please contact me.

Family entries include:

  • William WILSON - her Father
  • N. E. WILSON - her Mother
  • Mabel E. WILSON - her Sister
  • Grandpa BLISS (Justus BLISS) - her Grandfather
  • Grandma BLISS (Sarah BLISS) - her Grandmother
  • Carrie MELLICK - her Cousin from East Enterprise, IN
  • Mabel E. WILSON - from Fairfield, NY - her Sister
  • Gracie WILSON - from Fairfield, NY
  • E. W. WATERMAN - from Taberg, NY - her Cousin
  • Emma MARKLAND - from Markland, IN - her Cousin
  • Philip MARKLAND - from Markland, IN
  • Irena M. SWEET - her Sister-in-law
  • J. H. CYTLE - from Salisbury, NY - her Great Uncle
  • Luella S. CYTLE - from Salisbury, NY - her Great Aunt
Ebenezer Bliss
b. 1773 Massachusetts Bay Colony
d. 1853 Fulton County, New York
Justus Bliss
d. Herkimer Co, NY
Levi Bliss
 d. Switzerland Co, IN 
|  |
Nancy E. Bliss
d. Herkimer Co, NY
m. William Wilson
Rhoda Bliss
d. Switzerland Co, IN
 m. Charles Markland 
|  |
Satie Anna Wilson
d. Herkimer Co, NY
Emma Markland
d. Switzerland Co, IN

Friends identified in the album come from Fairfield, NY; Salisbury, NY; Newport, NY; Northfield, MN; Oneida, NY; Poland, NY; and Little Falls, NY.

Based on limited research I was able to locate the following information regarding Satie and this family:

Satie Anna WILSON was b. 21 Apr 1882 in Fairfield, NY to parents William WILSON (1846-1939) and Nancy E. BLISS (1851-1942). Satie married Ermon John SWEET (1882-1960) and together they had two children, Wilbur William SWEET (b. 31 Mar 1912 - d. 1912) and Grace Elizabeth SWEET (b. 26 Jan 1917-d. 2010). Their daughter Grace married into the DARLING Family. Satie died 22 >Aug 1957 in Little Falls, NY and is buried in the Dolgeville Cemetery in Dolgeville, NY.

Irene SWEET identified in the album as her [Satie's] Sister-in-law was b. 29 Apr 1885 to parents Norman SWEET (1859-1949) and Cora E. SMITH (1863-1930). Ermon John SWEET who married Satie was her brother and they had two other siblings, Nellie L. SWEET HOMRIGHAUS (1887-1945) and Howard SWEET (1898-1972). Irene married Frederick Anson IVES (1879-1939) and she died 11 >Nov 1972 and is buried in the Salisbury Cemetery in Salisbury, NY.

John Henry CYTLE Jr. (identified in the album as her Great Uncle) was b. 8 Jan 1854 in Germany to parents J. Henry CYTLE Sr. and Hannah GRASSEL. John married Luella BLISS (b. 7 May 1860 in Salisbury, NY) on 21 Dec 1881 in Salisbury, NY. Luella died in 1924 and he remarried Lillian CRAMER (1870-1946). Luella was the daughter of Justus BLISS (1817-1894) and Sarah M. STEDMAN (1819-1906). Luella is buried in the Salisbury Cemetery in Salisbury, NY along with siblings, Jeanette Laura BLISS (1848-1869); Nancy E. BLISS (1851-1942); Elvira Elizabeth BLISS BROCKETT (1853-1913); and Merrilla BLISS (1863-1864).

Satie's Grandparents signed in the album are, Sarah M. STEDMAN b. 18 Dec 1819 in Western, NY to parents Hazard STEDMAN (b. 2 Apr 1777 in Massachusetts-d. 1864) and Elizabeth COUNTRYMAN (b. 19 Nov 1790 in Montgomery Co. NY-d. 1868). Sarah was one of 5 children born to this couple including siblings, Nancy STEDMAN HARRINGTON; David STEDMAN; Oliver STEDMAN; and Jennett E. STEDMAN DINGMAN, all born between 1808 and 1830. Sarah married Justus BLISS (b. 21 Aug 1817 in Stratford, NY) on 17 Dec 1846 in Stratford, NY and together they had 5 children including, Jeannette; Nancy; Elvira Elizabeth; Luella; and Merrilla, all born between 1848 and 1863. Sarah died 1 Nov 1906 in New York and is buried in the Salisbury Cemetery in Salisbury, NY.

Satie's Grandfather was Justus BLISS b. 31 Aug 1817 in Stratford, NY to parents Ebenezer BLISS (1773-1853) and Roxie or Roxey Lana BLAKELY (1779-1858). Justus was one of 7 children born to this couple including siblings, Thomas; Benjamin B.; Eli; Levi; William; and Eleanor BLISS KIBBE, all born between 1800 and 1822.

Satie's Mother Nancy E. BLISS was b. 1 Mar 1851 in Salisbury, NY and married William WILSON (b. 9 Dec 1846 in Lincolnshire, England) on 22 Jun 1879 in Salisbury, NY. The couple had three children including, Justus J. WILSON b. 31 Aug 1880 in Fairfield, NY; Satie Anna WILSON b. 21 Apr 1882 in Fairfield, NY; and Mabel Elvira WILSON b. 19 May 1887 in Fairfield, NY. Daughter Mabel married William Atwater DODGE. Satie's Mother Nancy died 26 Apr 1942 in Dolgeville, NY and is buried in the Fairfield Cemetery West in Fairfield, NY. Her husband William WILSON died in 1939 and is buried in the same Fairfield Cemetery West, in Fairfield, NY where he had been the superintendent for many years.

Satie's cousin Emma MARKLAND was b. 14 Mar 1862 in Markland, IN to parents Charles MARKLAND (1826-1906) and Rhoda BLISS (1836-1898) and married Charles N. SCUDDER (1861-1932) on 30 Apr 1906. Emma died 11 Mar 1947 in Markland, IN and is buried in the Hastie Cemetery in Markland, IN. Philip S. MARKLAND signed in the album is Emma's brother b. 1875 and died 1936. Their Mother Rhoda was the daughter of Levi BLISS (1814-1875) who was a brother to Satie's Grandfather Justus BLISS.

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