The Fairfield Alumni Directory was published by The Fairfield Alumni Association in August 1936. The alumni are from what was called at various times, Fairfield Seminary and Fairfield Military Academy. It was a type of secondary school, offering what today's high schools offer as well as some more advanced courses. It was not a college. It only once achieved that distinction, back in the medical college days. Many of the students proceeded to colleges from Fairfield. Married names of female graduates, and wives of male graduates, appear in parentheses following the entry. The Alumni Association no longer exists.


* Deceased
+ Last known address

*Abbey, Fred P.: '94 Honeoye, NY
Abbott, Fred E.: '89-90 (Photography), 609 E Monroe St. Little Falls, NY
Abbott, Minnie: '91-92 (Mrs. H. S. Steel), Gooding, Idaho
Abbott, Worthington: '89-90, Fort Plain, NY
*Abbott, John: '89-90
*Ackley, Arthur J.: '85-86, Paines Hollow, NY
*Ackley, Stephen C.: '73-74 (Orletta Ives), *1932 Newport, NY
*Ackley, Arthur D.: '94-96, Norway, NY
Allen, Alden W.: '92-94, Lexington, MO
Allen, Bion P.: '86-87 (Physician), Oriskany, NY
Allen, Charles G.: '91-92 (Director Secretarial Science, Albany Business College, 38 Brookline Ave, Albany, NY)
Allen, Fred M.: '73-74
Allen, John F.: '72-73
Allen, Robert F.: '73-74
Allen, Nellie: '96 (Mrs. Harry Ayling), 825 Sumner Ave, Syracuse, NY
Allum, Ida: '98 (Mrs. Barton Nellis), Salisbury Center, NY
Alexander, Kate: '68-70 (Mrs. Harte), 4230 King St, Denver, Col.
*Amuck, William J.: '70-71, *1922 Ballston, NY
Anderson, Frederick: '97-98, Canandaigua, NY
Anderson, Helen: '86-87 (Mrs E. S. Titus), 140 S. Fulton St, Auburn, NY
Anderson, Sonora: '76-77
*Anthony, Grant D.: '90-92 (Teacher), *1927 Brockton, Mass
Antisdale, Carl: '99-00, Brookline, Mass
Armstrong, C.V.: '94-95 (Air Pilot-Tool Maker), 1947 Wakeling St, Frankford, Phila. Pa
*Arnold, Bowen D.: '80-81, Dolgeville, NY
Arnold, Frank: '87-89
*Arnold, George: '78-80, Eatonville NY
+Arnold, George: '00-01, Syracuse, NY
*Arnold, James C.: '89-90, *1922
Arnold, Harry C.: '85-86 (Lottie Fenner), Little Falls, NY
*Arnold, Laura: '86-87, Middleville, NY
*Arnold, Thomas: '86-87, *1896 Herkimer, NY
*Arnold, Miss Polly Smith: '85-87, 225 Bellinger Ave, Herkimer, NY
Ashworth, R. G.: '95-00 (Helen Chase), Heuvelton, NY
*Austin, Laura: '77-78, Norway, NY
*Avery, Fred A.: '78-79, Dolgeville, NY
*Avery, Leon B.: '92-93, Utica, NY
Babcock, George D.: '95-00 (Nona Dean), Summerville, SC
Babcock, Martha E.: '91-92 (Mrs. Harris), 738 S. Union Ave, Los Angeles, Cal.
*Bailey, Frankie: '70-71 *1934 Frankfort, NY
Bainbridge, M.: '91-92, Oskaloosa, Iowa
+Baker, Clarence: '98-99, Canastota, NY
Baker, Florence: '91-92 (Mrs. Grant Theobold), 221 Foltz St, Herkimer, NY
*Baker, William A.: '94-95, Little Falls, NY
Ballou, Clarence: '98-99, Main St., Frankfort, NY
Baldwin, Lou Mary: '89-90 (Mrs. A.H. Neely), 561 Garden St, Little Falls, NY
*Baldwin, Adelia H. :'89-91
+Baldwin, Rosabella: '70-71, Mohawk, NY
Ballentyne, Margaret: '95-96 (Mrs. C.M.Rathbun), 561 Delaware Ave, Syracuse, NY
Banister, Mabel E.: '94-95 (Mrs. J.W. Guilford), 35 N. Prospect St, Amherst, Mass.
+Banker, Bertram D.: '98-99, Genoa, NY
*Banker, Nicholas M.: '83-84 (Attorney) *1936, Gloversville, NY
Barker, Charlotte Miss: '88-89, 101 North St, Auburn, NY
Barker, Edna: '64-67 (Mrs. A.K.Sutton), 2110 N W Flanders, Portland, Oregon
Barker, Frances: '61-65 (Mrs. J.L. Plumb) (Housekeeper), 114 E German St, Herkimer, NY
Barker, Edgar E.: '74-75, RD, Dolgeville, NY
*Barker, Sarah E.: '71-72, North Gage, NY
Barker, William E.: '76-77 (Hardware Dealer), Barneveld, NY
+Barker, Melvin E.: '71-72, Oppenheim, NY
*Barker, Harry W.: '92-93, *1932, Jamestown, NY
Barlow, Minnie: '93-94 (Mrs. Andrew Pierce), 415 Lake Ave, Burbank, Cal.
Barnes, Miss Anna G.: '81-83 (Retired Teacher), Herkimer, NY
Barnes, Miss Carrie M.: '97-99, Fairfield, NY
Barnes, Clarence A.: '90-96 (Postmaster Merchant), Fairfield, NY
Barnes, Miss Cora L.: '72-85, Herkimer, NY
Barnes, Clinton: '91-93 (Ret Mer), *1934, 1134 Seymour Ave, Utica, NY
Barnes, George Edward: '88-90 (Physician), 125 Mary St, Herkimer, NY
Barnes, Harry (Allie Dexter): '92-93, 1412 Oneida St, Utica, NY
Barnes, Chloe: '80-82 (Mrs. J.E. Hendrix), 545 Laurel Ave, St. Paul, Minn.
*Barnes, Eva: '80-82 (Mrs. Evans), *1930, Hollywood, Cal.
*Barnes, Milton A.: '84-86, Salisbury Center, NY
Barnes, E. Elmer: '80-82, Dolgeville, NY
Barney, Fred M.: '81-84 (PhG - MD Retired), Dolgeville, NY
Bass, William H. : '91-92, Northville, NY
Bassett, Charles Wallace: '92-95 (Physician), Lister Bldg, Res. 4500 Olive St, St. Louis, Mo.
*Bastable, Fred J.: '95-98, *1928, Syracuse, NY
Bastable, Stephen: '95-96, 2030 E. Genesee St, Syracuse, NY
Barrigan, Frank: '89-90, RD, Little Falls, NY
Barringer, H.R.: '85-86 (Physician), 77 E. Main St, Bay Shore, NY
Barringer, John F.: '85-86 (Physician), 11 Garfield Pl, Poughkeepsie, NY
*Barrick, Fannie: '87-88 (Mrs. Carlos), Brooklyn, NY
Bates, Nelson: '90-91, Northampton, NY
+Bateman, Augustus S.: '70-71, Roseburg, Oregon
*Bateman, Clifford W.: '70-71, Newport, NY
Bateman, Haidel: '00-01, Newport, NY
*Ball, Blanche: '90-91
Baxter, John R.: '92-94, 215 Rutger St, Utica, NY
Bayliss, Frank P.: '98-99 (Physician), Remsen, NY
+Byalis, Walter F.: '97-98, Syracuse, NY
+Baylis, Bert C.: '97-98, Syracuse, NY
Bauder, E.A.: '91-92, RD, Fort Plain, NY
Baum, Horatio P.: '85-86 (Teacher-High School Principal), 518 N. Adelle Ave, Deland, Fla
Baum, Byron H.: '81-82 (Farmer Retired), 443 No. Prospect St, Herkimer, NY
Beachwood, Grace: '98-99 (Mrs. Knapp), 39 Sunnyside Rd, Utica, NY
Becker, Henry L.: '91-92, 593 E. Monroe St, Little Falls, NY
+Becker, Frank E.: '81-82, Charleston, NY
*Belcher, Delevan G.: '89-91, *1928 Scotia, NY
Belding, Howard: '92-93, Fairfield, NY
Belding, Harry W.: '89-90, Palmyra, NY
Belding, Edward E.: '92-93, 1410 Monroe Ave, Rochester, NY
Belding, Mae: '87-89 (Mrs. John R. Finch), 88 William St, Whitehall, NY
Belding, Hattie: '85-86 (Mrs. Wm McLoughlin), Dolgeville, NY
Belding, Gary E.: '91-92 (Eva Yoran), Barringer Rd, Ilion, NY
*Belding, A.G.: '89-90, *1929 Inwood, LI
*Belding, Minnie '86-87
*Belding, Truman: '70-71, *1924 Dolgeville, NY
Beers, George G.: '93-94, 33 Coleman St, Bridgeport, Conn.
Beers, Charles W.: '98-99, 348 Beechwood Ave, Bridgeport, Conn.
Beers, H.P.: '94-95, Green Farms, Conn.
Bellinger, George W.: '89-90 (Accountant), 527 E. Monroe St, Little Falls, NY
*Bellinger, Miss Mabel: '91-92, *1936 530 E. Monroe St, Little Falls, NY
Bellinger, Minnie: '85-86 (Mrs. Judson Bridenbecker), Herkimer, NY
Bellinger, B.J.: '99-00, 8 Spring St, Gloversville, NY
Belknap, Mary: '75-81 (Mrs. Cramer), Litchfield St, Frankfort, NY
*Belknap, Stella: '75-76 (Mrs. Jones), Fairfield, NY
Bennett, Miss Ada May: '85-89 (Housekeeper), North Bay, NY
Bennett, Miss Ella W.: '89-90 (Music Teacher), Williamson, NY
*Bennett, Sarah E.: '89-90, *1922
Bentley, Floyd F.: '65-68 (Retired), 407 Elm St, Fayetteville, NY
Berry, Dorothy: '97-00 (Mrs. J.B. McCabe) (Social Worker), 5260 W. Chicago Blvd, Detroit, Mich.
Berry, Edgar B.: '99-00, 59 4th Ave, Gloversville, NY
Birdseye, W.H.: '92-93
Bishop, Maude: '97-98 (Mrs. Hurd), 34 South St, Biddeford, Maine
Bishop, Flora: '97-98 (Mrs. John Young), Fairfield, NY
Bishop, Perry W.: '99-00, Constableville, NY
*Bishop, Hattie: '85-91 (Mrs. J.E. Rafter), Mohawk, NY
*Bishop, Seymour: '75-76, Fairfield, NY
*Bishopp, Grace: '97-98 (Mrs. Edgerton), *1923 Bouckville, NY
Biddleman, Leland H.: '91-92 (Grace Van Nostrand), Little Falls, NY
Biddleman, Leslie M.: '91-92, Little Falls, NY
+Biglow, John D.: '71-73, Center Cambridge, NY
Bleekman, Hattie J.: '77-80 (Mrs. H.O. Madison) (Teacher), 214 Park Ave, Herkimer, NY
*Bleekman, N.O.: '72-74, *1928 Albany, NY
Blackwell, Max: '96-97, 1819 Beverly Rd, Brooklyn, NY
Bliss, Jennie Almira: '75-76 (Mrs. Eugene Wiseman), 270 6th Ave. N., Troy, NY
Bliss, Luella: '77-78 (Mrs. J.H. Cytle), Dolgeville, NY
Bliss, Lillian Emogene: '89-90 (Mrs. Ira G. Wells), Holland Patent, NY
Bliss, Harriet: '93-95 (Mrs. Stocking) (Secretary), 207 Fall Creek Dr, Ithaca, NY
*Bliss, John C.: '86-87 (Supt State Normal), New Paltz, NY
*Bliss, Jacob H.: '74-79 (Educator), *1928 Pasadena, Cal.
Blood, Emma G.: '91-92 (Mrs. Willis Shelp), Guy Park Ave, Amsterdam, NY
Bower, Willis D.: '99-00, Stony Point, NY
*Boyer, Garry H.: '91-92
*Boyer, Libbie E.: '91-92
+Boyd, Warren: '00-01, Syracuse, NY
+Bonta, Edwin W.: '00-01, Fayetteville, NY
+Boyer, Gilbert H.: '80-81, Stratford, NY
*Bolster, William E.: '74-75, Oppenheim, NY
*Boughton, Judson H.: '97-98, Rochester, NY
Brady, Rev. Edward H.: '85-86, St. Vibianos Cathedral, Los Angeles, Cal.
*Brady, William: '85-86, *1927 Newport, NY
*Brainerd, Harold W.: '97-98, *1928 Palmer, Mass.
Bradley, Arthur: '98-00, 816 Livingston Ave, Syracuse, NY
*Brannaugh, Wallace: '91-92, *1919 Carthage, NY
Braybrook, Martin: '86-87, Ilion, NY
Brewster, Hallie: '91-92 (Mrs. Conwell), Sommerville, Mass.
Brinkerhoff, Ernest L.: '94-95, Wolcott, NY
Britton, Earl R.: '00-01 (Physician), New Britton, Conn.
Britton, Ward H.: '79-80, Dolgeville, NY
Broat, Ella: '65-66 (Mrs. John Garlock), RD, Little Falls, NY
Broat, Maude E.: '85-86 (Mrs. Ed Goodell), Mohawk, NY
Broat, Hiram S.: '81-82, Herkimer, NY
*Broat, Cora B.: '73-74 (Mrs. Horace J. Stringer), *1926 Bouckville, NY
Broat, Carrie: '73-74 (Mrs. Will Timmerman), RD 2, Little Falls, NY
*Broat Martha A.: '73-74, *1875 Little Falls, NY
*Broat, James M.: '70-71, *1935 Oakland, Cal.
Brockett, Fannie: '78-79 (Mrs. M.A. Richards), 556 E. Monroe St, Little Falls, NY
Brockett, Jean Helmer: '87-90 (Mrs. Clarence E. Morey), 1537 Oneida St, Utica, NY
Brockett, Nellie: '85-86 (Mrs. Roberts), Canastota, NY
Brockett, Zenas C.: '66-69, 567 Garden St, Little Falls, NY
Brockett, Ransom J.: '65-74 (Retired), 74 LaSelle Ave, Kenmore, NY
Brown Carrie: '78-79 (Mrs. Edson Kingsley), Salisbury Center, NY
Brown, Arthur J.: '98-99 (Mechanical Eng), 10527 S. Leavitt St, Chicago, Ill.
Brown, Fred W.: '98-99 (Production Clerk), 71 Furman St, Schenectady, NY
Brown, George A.: '83-84, St. Johnsville, NY
Brown, Franklin H.: '97-98 (YMCA Work), 11427 Longwood Drive, Chicago, Ill.
Brown, Clark: '75-78 (State Civil Eng), 238 S. First Ave, Mt. Vernon, NY
+Brown, Howard W.: '95-96, Baldwinsville, NY
Brown, Samuel E.: '97-98 (Office Mgr Onondaga Heating Supply Co), 103 Rockford Drive, Syracuse, NY
Brown, Jay: '98-99, 808 East High St, Little Falls, NY
Brown, Stella S.: '79-80 (Mrs. Frank H. Cramer), 22 Woodside Ave, Gloversville, NY
*Brown, LaMonte: '85-87, Brooklyn, NY
+Brownell, Albert M.: '72-73, Fairfield, NY
Brownell, E.G.: '88-89
*Brownell, Harold W.: '96-97 (Banker) *1922 New York City
Brownell, Clifford: '96-97
Brownell, Hal B. :'93-94 (Physician), Buffalo, NY
Brower, Herman H.: '91-92, 354 Orange St, Albany, NY
+Brower, George F.: '00-01, Brooklyn, NY
Bronner, Fayette F.: '88-90, 598 E. John St, Little Falls, NY
*Bryan, James V.: '99-00 (Attorney), Rochester, NY
Buck, Ida Lena: '96-97 (Mrs. Curry) Cor Ford and Fonda Ave, Troy, NY
Buck, Flora: '91-92 (Mrs. Harry Holcomb), Poland, NY
Budlong, Warren E.: '88-90 (Retired Farmer), RD 1, Utica, NY
*Budlong, William A.: '90-91, *1935 Utica, NY
Budlong, L.B.: '89-90, RD, Frankfort, NY
*Buell, Howard B.: '69-74, *1936 849 Livingston Ave, Syracuse, NY
Buckley, Addie E.: '88-95 (Mrs. Claude J. Wilkinson), 891 Elmore Ave, Akron, Ohio
Bull, V. LaVerne: '99-00 (Salesman Nat Biscuit Co), 301 Rugby Rd, Syracuse, NY
Bull, Charles W.: '98-99, Chittenango, NY
Bull, Edward H.: '98-99 (Salesman), Chittenango,NY
Bunnell, Charles H.: '80-81, 231 Mary St, Utica, NY
Bunnell, Fred: '85-86, Cortland, NY
Bunnell, Harriet A.: '81-82 (Mrs. C.S. Sheard), 536 E. Monroe St, Little Falls, NY
*Bunnell, Eda: '85-86 (Mrs. Wheeler), *1919 Norway
Bunce, Fannie: '82-83 (Teacher), 383 S. Main St, Gloversville, NY
*Bunce, George H.: '84-85 (Attorney), Herkimer, NY
+Burden, Henry: '95-96, Morrisville, NY
+Burgess G.F.: '98-99, Sommerville, Mass.
Burtis, Cary S.: '96-97, RD, Auburn, NY
Burch, Irving G.: '93-94 (Retired), Atlanta, NY
+Burtis, Edwin C.: '96-97, Auburn, NY
Burt, Nettie, M.: '71-74
Burrell, Seymour: '84-85
*Burrell, Helen: '78-79 (Mrs. Atkinson Sayles), Little Falls, NY
+Burrell, Malvin C.: '74-75, *1933 Utica, NY
*Burrell, Robert B.: '74-75, *1933 Wyandotte, Mich.
*Burrell, William J.H.: '74-75, Salisbury, NY
Burrell, John: '86-87 (Jennie Parker), Little Falls, NY
Bush, Lloyd C.: '98-99, 1365 Dean St, Schenectady, NY
Bushnell, Handley W.: '73-74 (Farmer), Stittville, NY
Bushnell, Samantha: '59-60 (Mrs. Woodworth), Chittenango, NY
Button, Earl R.: '00-01, Rushville, NY
Byard, James J. Jr: '95-96, 366 Main St, Oneonta, NY
Carpenter, Miss Lulu C.: '85-86, 405 Caroline St., Herkimer, NY
Carpenter, Charles L.: '85-86, Newport, NY
Carpenter, RebaL '91-92 (Mrs. Ward Helligas), 1184 Melbourne Rd. E., Cleveland, Ohio
Carpenter, Harry P.: '98-99, Gouveneur, NY
Carpenter, Carrie: '78-79 (Mrs. Clarence Smith), Newport, NY
*Carpenter, Ralph: '85-86
*Carpenter, Howard: '85-86, Norway, NY
Carpenter, Mason H.: '77-78
Carter, C.D. :'90-91
*Carey, Henrietta: '70-72, West Hebron, NY
+Case Buritt: '98-99, Canandaigua, NY
Cassidy, Edward K.: '98-99 (Attorney), Gloversville, NY
*Casler, Ada: '87-88 (Mrs. Trumbull), *1929 St., Johnsville, NY
Casler, Ira W.: '87-88, RD Little Falls, NY
+Caspares, Ida M.: '73-74, Little Falls, NY
*Caldwell, J. Minott: '79-80, Herkimer, NY
+Cantlin, Peter A.: '72-73, Little Falls, NY
Calman, George O.: '88-89, Mohawk, NY
Carney, Ella: '89-90 (Mrs. George May), Fairfield, NY
Chase, Emma: '75-77 (Mrs. Hinds), Middleville, NY
Chase, Fred W.: '76-77 (Farmer), Umapine, Oregon
Chase, Helen: '97-98 (Mrs. R.G. Ashworth) (Teacher), Heuvelton, NY
Chase, Fred W.: '75-76
+Chase, Horace E.: '71-72, Fairbault, Minn.
+Chalmers, Lena Belle: '82-86 (Mrs. Frank Axel), Morrisburg, Ontario, Can.
Christman, Estella: '83-84 (Mrs. Grant Fenner), Little Falls, NY
Cheesebro, James: '71-72, Oriskany Falls, NY
Childs, Williams R.: '94-95, 3702 W. Maple St., Milwaukee, Wis.
Christopher, Daniel C.: '89-90, Waterloo, NY
*Chapin, Lorin W. : '71-72, Newport, NY
Chapman, Byron E.: '70-71, Little Falls, NY
+Christie, John W.: '70-71, East Schuyler, NY
+Christman, Jacob: '72-73, Ephratah, NY
*Christman, Seymour: '80-82, Herkimer, NY
+Churchill, Frank: '80-81, Little Falls, NY
Churchill, Cora: '82-83
*Clark, Jannie B.: '90-92 (Mrs. Loveland), Cazenovia, NY
Clark, Charles F.: '98-00, Carthage, NY
+Clark, Katherine: '97-98 (Mrs. John S. Thomas) , Little Falls, NY
*Clark, Josiah W.: '93-96 *1899 Soldier Spanish Amer. War, Aiken, NY
*Clark, William H.: '73-74 *1874, Bouckville, NY
Clayson, Frank: '70-71, Cleveland, NY
Clemons, Carrie E.: '89-90 (Mrs. Myers)
Clemons, Fred E.: '86-87 (Retired) Fulton St., Johnstown, NY
*Clemons, Aaron: '70-71, Oppenheim, NY
Clemons, Grace: '88-89
*Clemons, Edward: '88-89, Oppenheim, NY
Cleveland, Susie: '90-91, Sheldrake, NY
Clifford, James D.: '85-86, 14 Sherman Pl. Utica, NY
Cline, Arthur M.: '80-81, St. Johnsville, NY
Cline, Charles: '82-83, Fonda, NY
*Cline, Jennie: '87-88, 607 Plant Pl. Utica, NY
*Cline, Maude E.: '91-92
*Cline, Blanche: '91-92
*Coady, James I.: '89-90, *1934, East Herkimer, NY
*Coffin, Kate M.: '71-72, Ilion, NY
*Coffin, Emma C.: '71-72, Ilion, NY
Cobb, Jessie S.: '92-96 (Mrs. Francis N. Conlon), Hancock, NY
+Cook, Eli: '70-71, Palentine, NY
Cook, Phebe: '70-71, Palentine, NY
Cook, Grace: '89-92 (Mrs. Boyd Ehle), Little Falls, NY
Cook, Claudia: '95-98 (Mrs. Wm. Cowdre), 3 Genesee Ct., Utica, NY
Cook, Lulu: '95-98 (Mrs. Rankin), 24441 Oakhill Dr., Euclid, Ohio
Cook, Sidney C.: '69-70, Leavenworth, Kansas
+Cook, Byron: '00-01, Rochester, NY
*Cook, Able L.: '77-78, Little Falls, NY
Cooper, Maude: '95-97 (Mrs. Quick) (Teacher), 35 William St., Wolcott, NY
Copper, Clarence E.: '97-98
*Cool, Florence: '79-80
Colebrook, Florence: '98-99 (Mrs. Powers) , Rochester, NY
+Colebrook, M.W.: '98-99, Rochester, NY
Cole, Anna E.: '72-74 (Mrs. Lewis), 525 6th Ave. N. St., Petersburg, Fla.
*Cole, Gertrude A.: '72-76 (Mrs. Jones), *1908 Charlotte, Michigan
*Cole, John C.: '72-74 *1916, Little Falls, NY
*Cole, Sarah H.: '73-78 (Mrs. Metcalf), *1923 St. Petersburg, Fla.
Cole, Truman: '75-79 (Edith Forf) (Farmer-Merchant-Retired), 68 Prospect St. Little Falls, NY
*Cole Flora: '91-92 (Mrs. Leonard F. Hardy), *1928 Huntington, Mass.
Cole, Herbert B.: '81-82 (Dentist), Charlotte, Mich.
Cole, Myra: '78-80 (Mrs. Charles Smith), Somerville, Mass.
Collins, Abbie L.: '75-76
Collins, Miss May H.: '83-85, North Chatham, NY
Collins, John J.: '91-92, 325 Mary St., Utica, NY
*Collins, George C. :'95-98 (Mining Eng) *1928 , Colton, Cal.
Collins, Florence B.: '95-98 (Mrs. Squyer) (Secretary) , 108 Upland Rd. Syracuse, NY
*Coleman, Bertha C.: '88-89 (Teacher, German, Drawing), Brockport, NY
Colton, Julia: '69-70 (Mrs. Brown), Adams, NY
Comstock, Miss Florence: '93-95 (Pres. World's Religious Education) , Norway, NY
Comstock, Miss Jennie H.: '59-60, Yorkville, NY
Comstock, Fred U.: '89-90
*Conant, Roger O.: '92-94 (Newspaper Work) , Buffalo, NY
Conant, Stuart: '92-94 (Mech. Eng.), 609 Spring Garden St., Phila., Pa.
*Coggeshall, Harry T.: '93-95, Redlands, Cal.
*Cottrell, Lora: '93-94 (Mrs. Irving Burch), N. Cohocton, NY
*Congdon, C.E.: '79-80, Middleport, NY
*Corey, Wm. H.: '75-75 (Emma Simpson), *1925 Salisbury Center, NY
+Corey, Grace: '82-83
Cornell, Charles A.: '95-99, Yonkers, NY
Cowden, James E.: '99-01
Covert, Claudius B.:'97-99, 1066 Summit Ave., Lakewood, Ohio
Covert, Frances: '97-98 (Mrs. Harte), 3210 137th St., Cleveland, Ohio
Covert, William H.: '85-87 (Carrie M. Kinnie) (Life Insurance Salesman), 324 Lexington Ave., Syracuse, NY
Cox, John: '81-82 (Margaret McEvoy), 37 Emerson Ave., Utica, NY
Coxe, J. Maude: '91-93 (Mrs. Wm. A. DeVolt), Barneveld, NY
+Cox, Lou M.: '70-71, Little Falls, NY
Crawford, Maurice: '95-96, Grant St., Nyack, NY
Cramer, Ella: '85-86 (Mrs. Woolever), Dolgeville, NY
Cramer, Frank H.: '84-85 (Stella Brown) (Retired Glove Mfr) , 22 Woodside Ave., Gloversville, NY
*Cramer, Mary E.: '92-93 (Mrs. Tanner), *1935 Salisbury Center, NY
*Cramer, Hannah: '87-88 *1932, Dolgeville, NY
*Crist, Daniel B.: '76-77, Middleville, NY
*Crofoot, Henry A.: '79-82, *1925 (Marietta Kilts), Little Falls, NY
*Crofoot, George: '85-86
Cross, John: '91-92
Crossett, Ovetta L.: '85-86 (Mrs. Waters) 62 Bellclair Dr., Rochester, NY
+Crouch, Charles C.: '96-98, Binghamton, NY
+Crouch, Walter G.: '97-98, Binghamton, NY
+Crouse, William W.: '76-78, Johnstown, NY
*Crouse. Gordon M.: '80-82, Oppenheim, NY
Cronk, Walter H.: '99-00, 342 N. Peterboro St., Canastota, NY
*Cronkhite, W.H.A.: '79-80
Crowinshield, Walter: '91-92
Crumb, J. Mott: '97-98 (Physician), South Otselic, NY
*+Crumby, Lizzie S.: '79-80 (Mrs. Nugent), Herkimer, NY
*Crumby, George F.: '71-73, Newport, NY
Cruikshank, Millard S.: '91-92, Gravesville, NY
*Cruikshank, E.G.: '91-92 *1918, Ilion, NY
+Curtice, John C.: '98-99 (Henry Co), Eminence, Ky.
*Curtis, Charles A.: '71-74, Fairfield, NY
Curtis, Gertrude E.: '89-90 (Mrs. O.F. Kauffman), 1204 Piedmont Ave. NE, Atlantic,Ga.
Curtis, Eugenia: '89-90 (Mrs. R.M. Hudson), 2 River Rd., Ft. Lee, NJ
Curtis, Maude: '89-90 (Mrs. Elmer T. Huckans), Broadalbin, NY
*Cummings, Celia C.: '89-90, Forestport, NY
Curry, Charles S.: '92-95 (Salesman), 1634 Dudley Ave., Utica, NY
Dale, Frank A.: '89-90, 1929 Washington Ave., New York City, Bronx
Dale, George I.: '87-88 (Bookkeeper), 212 W. Main St., Little Falls, NY
Dailey, John L.: '80-81, Newport, NY
*Daley, S. Gay: '99-00 (Lawyer) *1920, Syracuse, NY
Daly, John A.: '73-74, Newport, NY
Daley, W.A.: '98-01 (Pres. Gilkey Printing Co.), 1138 W. 9th St. Cleveland, Ohio
Darrow, Calista: '86-87 (Mrs. B.V. Covert), 154 Genesee St., Lockport, NY
Darling, Norman A.: '85-86 (Clergyman), Antwerp, NY
+Daniels, A.A.: '82-83, Gravesville, NY
*Daniels, Emma: '74-75, (Mrs. Frank Kelley), Warren, Pa.
Daniels, Charles J.: '73-74, Warren, Pa.
+Davis, Bret C.: '93-94, Jamestown, NY
Davis, MAry A.: '59-61, (Mrs. Sargeant), Sandy Creek, NY
+Davison, Walter M.: '70-71, Frankfort, NY
*Davin, John B.: '78-80, (Elec. Engineer), *1919, Charleston, SC
Davis, Fred M.: '79-80
*Davis, William J.: '86-87
Davis, Edward R.: '86-89, Stratford, NY
Davis, Minor B.: '90-91
Davis, Willis J.: '85-86
Davies William E.: '89-90, 228 Mary St., Utica, NY
Davis, Mabel A .:'92-93 (Mrs. L.J. Stahl), RD, Little Falls, NY
Davies, Helen: '94-95, (Mrs. F.C. Davis), 2719 Harriett Ave., S. Minneapolis, MN
+Davis, David L.: '69-70, Utica, NY
Davis, Fred M.: '79-80
+Davenport, Mary E.: '74-76 (Mrs. John Scott), New Rochelle, NY
Dean, Onona L.: '96-99 (Mrs. George D. Babcock), Summerville, SC
*Deck, Otis H.: '87-89 (Physician), Herkimer, NY
Decker, Floyd E.: '94-95 (Accountant), Martville, NY
+Decker, M.W.: '00-01, Stony Point, NY
DePew Sadie M.: '96-01 (Mrs. E. B. Peck), Whitney, SC
+DeHart, Anna E.; '70-71, Salisbury, NY
Delevan, Samuel: '70-71, 1113 Seymour Ave., Utica, NY
*Delevan, Edward C.: '85-87 *1917, Watertown, NY
Delevan, George W.: '87-89, Holland Patent, NY
Dempster, William Y.: '85-87
+Dewey, Chauncey H.: '87-89, Washington, DC
+Dewey, Walter E.: '95-96, Binghamton, NY Dewey, A.B.: '99-00
Dew, W. Frederic: '98-00 (Retail Lumber & Coal), 413 S.Peterboro St., Canastota, NY
Devendorf, John C.: '88-90, Baldwin Park, Cal.
Devendorf, LaMotte K.: '88-90 (Advertising), 232 Lark St., Albany, NY
Dexter, Allie: '92-93 (Mrs. Harry Barnes), 1412 Oneida St., Utica, NY
Deyo, Harry: '93-94, 32 Church St., Little Falls, NY
*Dickinson, Arthur L.: '91-92 *1934, Binghamton, NY
*Dickerson, George E.: "91-92, Philippine Islands
*Dickens, William H.: '81-82 *1933, Middleville, NY
Diefendorf, Charles: '73-74, Sprakers, NY
Diefendorf, J. Libbie: '73-74, Sprakers, NY
*Dievendorf, Edwin C.: '91-92 *1925, Sprakers, NY
Dievendorf, Fred C.: '91-92 (Physician), Herkimer, NY
Dievendorf, Carrie M.: '95-96 (Mrs. Snow), Sprakers, NY
Dikeman, Ross H. '95-96
*Dillon, Harry E.: '92-95 *1933, Detroit, Mich.
Dillon, Mary May: '98-99 (Teacher), 488 Summer Ave., Newark, NJ
*Dillon, Moses R.: '98-01 (Supt. Chain Store Synd.) *1931, Augusta, Maine
*Dineen, Michael: '80-82, Eatonville, NY
+Dorr, Edward: '86-87, Salisbury, NY
*Donovan, Daniel J.: '87-88, Newport, NY
Donovan, Katie: '81-82
Dockstader, Ida: '88-89 (Mrs. Getman) (Teacher), 16 Matthew St., Johnstown, NY
+Dockstader, alfred H.: '70-71, Little Falls, NY
Dockstader, Ada: '94-95 (Mrs. W.A. MacMillen), Cobleskill, NY
Dockstader, Lavina: '94-95 (Mrs. Vaaler), Milaca, Minn.
Dodge, Herman A.: '80-81, Dolgeville, NY
Dodge, Fred: '71-72
Dodge, Franklin: '99-00 (Carpenter), Salisbury Center, NY
Dollard, John: '00-01, 1020 W. Onondaga St., Syracuse, NY
Douglass, Millie: '94-95 (Mrs. Burns), 208 W. 1st St., Oswego, NY
Douglass, David G.: '66-68 (Retired), Masonic Home, Utica, NY
Dowd, Charles R.: '00-01, 81 Frost Ave., Rochester, NY
*Donnafield, John J.: '74-75, South Trenton, NY
Downer, A. DeEtta: '74-75 (Mrs. Young) 1262 Arsenal St. Watertown, NY
*Downing, Frederic B.: '70-71, Flushing, NY
*Doyle, J. Martin: '87-89
Doyle, John B." '93-96 (Civil Eng. State Dept. Public Wks.) 612 Mercer St. Albany, NY
Drake, Frances: '79-82 (Mrs. J.A. Hill) RD, St. Johnsville, NY
*Drake, Minnie E.: '85-86 (Mrs. Jennings) *1926 Dolgeville, NY
Drake, Georgia: '97-99
*Drew, Alma R.: '74-76, Fairfax, VT
+Drew, George W.: '88-89, Seneca Falls, NY
*DuBois, Sidney N., '72-73 *1918, Manheim, NY
Duckett, Warren: '98-99 (Physician), Reservoir Ave, Jersey City, NJ
Duckett, Miss Mae:'98-99, Reservoir Ave., Jersey City, NJ
Duckworth, Clarence: '96-97, Ilion, NY
Dudleston, Leroy H.: '92-93 (Farmer), RD, Van Hornesville, NY
*Dudleston, Grace: '92-93, Mohawk, NY
*Duesler, O.N.: '88-89, Lasselsville, NY
*Duggan, Blanche: '88-90
*Duggan, Sadie E.: '88-90
*Duignan, Robert E.: '84-86 (Dentist) *1928, Gloversville, NY
Duke, Lydia: '91-92 (Mrs. Simonton) 667 E. 23rd St., Paterson, NJ
Duke, Miss Rosie E.: '91-92, 667 E. 23rd St. Paterson, NJ
+Dumas, William A.: '71-72, Evans Mills, NY
*Duncan, William A.: '92-93, East Syracuse, NY Duncan, Allie: '77-78
Dunton, Bessie: '91-93 (Mrs. J. Palmer) 7 Flandreaux Ave., Glens Falls, NY
+Durand, Charles S.: '82-83 (Physician), Sedalia, Mo.
Dunham, Harriet M.: '90-91 (Teacher), 71 Oxford Rd., New Hartford, NY
+Dunham, Frank H.: '00-01, New Hartford, NY
Dutton, Rena: '75-77 (Mrs. Frank Hildreth) Maple Row Farm, Herkimer, NY
Dutcher, Nellie: '77-78
+Duley, Frank W.: '74-75, Salisbury, NY
*Dunning, Rose: '85-86 (Mrs. Will Manning)
*Dygert, Emma: '70-71 (Mrs. C.A. Willard) Baldwinsville, NY *
+Dygert, Martin D.: '70-71 *1876, Frankfort, NY

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Source: This list was transcribed and provided by Jane Dieffenbacher, Fairfield Town Historian.

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