The Fairfield Alumni Directory was published by The Fairfield Alumni Association in August 1936. The alumni are from what was called at various times, Fairfield Seminary and Fairfield Military Academy. It was a type of secondary school, offering what today's high schools offer as well as some more advanced courses. It was not a college. It only once achieved that distinction, back in the medical college days. Many of the students proceeded to colleges from Fairfield. Married names of female graduates, and wives of male graduates, appear in parentheses following the entry. The Alumni Association no longer exists.


* Deceased
+ Last known address

*East, Charles L. Jr.: '87-88, Herkimer, NY
*Earl, Paul C.: '84-85 *1935, Ilion, NY
*Earl William P.: '91-92 (Physician)
*1927, Little Falls, NY Earl, Ralph D.: '91-92, Herkimer, NY
*Eades, Emma: '84-85 (Mrs. Bela Pickert), Middleville, NY
Ecker, Bessie T.: '98-99, Herkimer, NY
+Eaton, Charles: '72-73, St. Paul, Minn.
+Eaton, John S.: '73-74, Washington DC
*Eaton, Elmer S. '76-77, Buffalo, NY
*Eaton, Elmer L.: '77-79, Little Falls, NY
*Eastman, Daniel H.: '79-85, Little Falls, NY
Edwards, Florence M.: '92-94 (Mrs. A.C. Moore), Glen, NY
*Edwards, Evan: '86-87, Newport, NY
+Eggleston, Fannie H.: '70-72, Fulton, NY
+Eggleston, Mary E.: '70-71, Fulton, NY
Elder, Miss A. Marie: '89-96 (Teacher of Art - Preceptress), Huntington, Mass.
+Eldridge, R.D.: '83-85, Sedalia, Mo.
Eldridge, William: '83-84
+Ellis, Rozalia: '70-71, Fairfield, NY
*Ellis, Melburn: '71-72, Fairfield, NY
Ellis, Mary: '85-86 (Mrs. Charles Wallace), Mohawk, NY
*Ellis, John J.: '96-97, *1935, Poughkeepsie, NY
+Ellis, Evelyn E.: '98-99, East Schuyler, NY
Ely, Hattie: '94-95 (Mrs. Mills), 1224 State St., Utica, NY
Ely, Nellie: '88-91 (Mrs. Transue), Seal Beach, Cal.
*Ely, Charles: '73-74, Ilion, NY
+Eltinge, Andries: '71-72, Lloyd, NY
+Elwell, Samuel H.: '85-86, Salisbury, NY
Emery, Charles H:, '97-00, Chadwicks, NY
Emerson, Grace E. : '97-98
*Enos, Fred A.: '73-76 *1934, Middleville, NY
*Enos, Ida V.: '76-79 (Mrs. Jerome Smith), Middleville, NY
*Enos, Jennie D.: '76-78 (Mrs. Irving Jackson), Middleville, NY
*Enos, Gertrude: '79-81
*Evans, John C.: '70-71
+Evans, Musgrove H.: '70-71, Sterlingville, NY
Evans, Robert G.: '70-71, Hyde Park, Ill.
Evans, Sarah L.: '70-71, LaGrange, Texas
Evans, John G.: '72-73, South Trenton, NY
+Evans, Helen M.: '80-82, Long Beach, Cal.
Evans, Edward L.: '94-95, Holland Patent, NY
Evans, Olive F.: '85-86 (Mrs. C. Gillette), Arthur St., Little Falls, NY
Evans, John J.: '89-95, Hinckley, NY
*Evans, George: '89-90, Holland Patent, NY
Evans, Burt W.: '93-96, Barneveld, NY
Evans, Luther E.: '94-95, Seneca Falls, NY
Evans, Ella: '94-95 (Mrs. Crandall) (Teacher) 690 E. 26th St., Paterson, NJ
Evans, Owen E.: '99-00
+Everett, Anna M.: '70-71, Frankfort, NY
*Eysman, Abraham: '85-86, Syracuse, NY
Fairchild, Sarah M.: '72-77 (Mrs. Ernst) 516 William St., Rome, NY
Fairchild, Edward B.: '74-77, 427 N. Prospect St., Herkimer, NY
Farrington, Levenus B.: '81-84 (Pharmacy) 154 Fitch St., Syracuse, NY
*Farr, Allena: '86-87 (Mrs. Cole), DeKalb, NY
*Fargo, Frank F.: '92-93, Carthage, NY
Faulkner, Annette: '99-00, Cazenovia, NY
Faville, Ralph: '85-86 (Nettie Young) (Farmer), Bergen, NY
Faville, Frank: '89-90, Dolgeville, NY
Fay, Elsie Florence: '94-99 (Occupational Therapist) 326 Tennis Ave. Ambler, Pa.
*Fay, Arthur C.: '94-97 *1922
Fay, George L.: '95-96, 930 Darlington Ave., Huguenot Pk., Staten Island, NY
Fay, Louise: '97-00 (Mrs. C.E. Howarth) (teacher of Voice), Huntington, W.Va.
Fellows, Charles R.: '88-89 (Attorney), Newport, NY
Fellows, F.H.: '87-88
Fenner, Everad Dean: '69-72 (Farming), Newport, NY
*Fenner, Delia H.: '72-74, Little Falls, NY
+Fenner, William D.: '73-74, Middleville, NY
*Fenner, Charles J.: '77-78, East Aurora, NY
*Fenner, George B.: '81-84 (Foreman, Carding Room, Felters Co.) *1935, Middleville, NY
Fenner, Lottie: '85-86 (Mrs. Harry Arnold), Little Falls, NY
Fenner, Jennie A.: '85-86 (Mrs. H.B. Fairweather), Imlay City, Mich.
Fenner, Fred W.: '84-85
Fenner, James: '69-70, Imlay City, Mich.
Fenner, Grant: '83-84 (Estelle Christman), RD, Herkimer, NY
+Fenner, Frank A.: '70-71, Little Falls, NY
Feeter, James W.: '76-78 (Under Sheriff, Ulster Co.) 118 Washington Ave., Kingston, NY
Feeter, John: '77-79
*Feeter, Charles M.: '78-80
Feeter, Frank B.: '79-82 (Dairy Farm), Truxton, NY
*Fitchgerald, John W.: '73-78, Little Falls, NY
Filkins, Monroe: '77-78
Fisher, Fannie M.: '83-83
Fisher, Miss Anna: '90-91, Cold Brook, NY
Fisher, Emma: '91-92
Fisher Frank: '91-92, Cold Brook, NY
Fish, David W.: '93-94 (Wood Worker) 38 Spoencer St., Dolgeville, NY
Fish, Olin: '93-95, Williamson, NY
*Finton, George R.: '87-89, Poughkeepsie, NY
Fitch, William C.: '87-90 (Maggie Groff) 419 E. 57th St., New York City, NY
Finlan, Edmond M.: '91-92 (Libbie Boyer)
*Flansburg, Dean R.: '85-87 *1930, Johnstown, NY
Flansburg, Olive A.: '86-87 (Mrs. Hemstreet) RD, Cold Brook, NY
Flansburg, Jessie: '87-88 (Mrs. Conklin) Ohio, NY
Folsom, Nellie: '85-87 (Mrs. E.A. Burnett, Wife of Pres. Neb. University) 3256 Holdredge St., Lincoln, Neb.
Folsom, Gertrude: '86-87 (Mrs. Rice) 304 Entwistle St., Hamlet, NC
Folts, Mary A.: '81-82
*Folts, Ada: '74-77 (Mrs. P.S. Richardson) *1934, Utica, NY
Folts, Ida J.: '73-74 (Mrs. Thompson) E. German St. Herkimer, NY
Folts, Belle: '79-80 (Mrs. L.G. Helemr) RD, Herkimer, NY
Folwell, Harry L.: '88-89, 33 Acton St., Rochester, NY
*Foote, Myron C.: '94-95
Foote, Ada: '93-94 (Mrs. Fred Benton), Stockbridge, NY
*Ford, Albert P.: '59-60 *1936, Highland, NY
*Ford, Horace M.: '70-74 *1935 Traverse City, Mich.
*Ford, Emma M.: '70-74 (Mrs. C.W. Parsons)
Ford, Fannie P.: '71-76 (Mrs. W.A. Pepper) 1508 5th St., Portsmouth, Ohio
Ford, Eugene B.: '74-76
Ford, Edith E.: '76-80 (Mrs. Truman C. Cole), 68 Prospect St., Little Falls, NY
*Ford, Mabel: '81-84 (Mrs. Watt), Little Falls, NY
Ford, William I.: '82-888 (Retired - YMCA Sec.) Canandaigua, NY
Ford, Fannie S.: '88-91 (Mrs. J.W. Stevens) 2 Washington Place, Glen Ridge, NJ
Ford, Charles O.: '90-96 (Alice Hurd), Saco, Maine
+Ford, Rodney: '00-01, Binghamton, NY
*Forbes, Cora C.: '89-90 (Mrs. Welch) *1924, Deerfield, NY
+Forbes, Howard A.: '92-93, Taberg, NY
+Foster, Allie: '70-71, Herkimer, NY
*Foster, Marion A.: '71-72, Herkimer, NY
Foster, Hattie C.: '75-76 (Mrs. Albert Moyer), Dolgeville, NY
Foster, Frank S.: '89-90, Herkimer, NY
Forster, William A.: '72-73
Forster, Louis P.: '97-98, 26 Allen Lane, Germantown, Pa.
Fowler, Miss Maude: '97-99, 806 Cornelia St., Utica, NY
Fowler, Richard E.: '91-92
Fox, Edward F.: '95-96 (Molder) 1216 City St., Utica, NY
+Frank, Charles R.: '97-98, Denver, Colo.
+Frank, Dalla: '70-71, Glen, NY
*Frank, Arthur L.: '88-90, Utica, NY
Frank, Jennie, Jennie: '97-99 (Mrs. Arnold), East Herkimer, NY
*Franklin, B.W.: '75-76, Middleville, NY
Franklin, Anna: '90-92, St. Johnsville, NY
Franklin, Adelaide M.: '86-87, St. Johnsville, NY
Frasier, Claude H.: '93-94, Richmondville, NY
*France, Henry J.: '96-97, Far Rockaway, NY
Frickey, Irving: '89-90 (Govt. Clerk) 2507 Wisconsin Ave. N.W., Wash. DC
*Friend, Henry C.: '96-97. Syracuse, NY
*Frier, Frank A.: '97-98, Syracuse, NY
+Frederic, Herman: '99-00, Phoenicia, NY
+Frederic, Harold : '99-00, Phoenicia, NY
*Frederic, Ruby: '99-00, Phoenicia, NY
*Freeman, Minnie: '73-74 (Mrs. L.C. Sands) Salisbury, NY
Freeman, Florence: '87-89 (Mrs. DeZetter), Williamson, NY
+Freeman, David: '94-95, 4246 Jefferson St., Syracuse, NY
Fuller, Fred A.: '90-91 (Nellie Rasbeck) (Paymaster), 324 Prospect St., Herkimer, NY
Fuller, Harry D.: '99-00, 1390 Monroe Ave., Rochester, NY
Fuller, Don P.: '00-01, 33 Holmdel St., Rochester, NY
*Funnell, John B.: '85-91 (Clergyman) *1930, Cortland, NY
Furner, Arthur B.: '94-95 (Life Ins.), 6733 Emlen St., Germantown, Phila, Pa.
*Fynn, Arthur J.: '73-78 (Educator) *1930, Denver, Colo.
*Fynn, Hiram A.: '74-76 (Dental Surgeon) *1928, Denver, Colo.
+Gardner, Lizzie E.: '71-72, Gray, NY
+Gardner, John H.: '99-00, Syracuse, NY
+Garretsee, Nathan S.: '00-01, Rochester, NY
+Garlock, Eugene A.: '89-90
Garlock, George: '89-90
Garlock, Byard F.: '90-91
Gates, Miss Ella: '69-70, RD, LaFargeville, NY
Getman, Melvin: '80-81
*Gibner, Herbert C.: '96-97, San Francisco, Cal.
Gibson, Fred: '93-94, 201 Maine Ave., Fayetteville, Tenn.
Gibson, Byron H.: '70-71, Dolgeville, NY
Gidley, Almina: '98-99 (Mrs. Grey), 2433 Campbell Ave., Schenectady, NY
Gilbert, Albert S.: '78-79, Sidney, NY
*Gillette, Clark: '76-78 *1934, Little Falls, NY
Gillette, Charles: '88-90, Middleville, NY
*Gillette, Claude: '89-92, Pittsburgh, Pa.
+Glazier, Phoebe: '70-71, Norway, NY
*Gleason, Robert J.: '99-00, Union Springs, NY
Goddard, Nettie: '77-78
Goodell, William A.: '85-89, 112 E. German St., Herkimer, NY
Goodell, Fred: '85-88, RD, Little Falls, NY
Goodell, Miss Kittie: '85-86 (Violinist), Little Falls, NY
Gooding, Franc A.: '70-71
+Gooding, Charles A.: '70-71, Lockport, Ill.
Goldsmith, R.J.: '98-01, 1242 Parkway Blvd., Schenectady, NY
Gorton, George: '91-92
Gorton, Merton: '90-91
*Gould, Frank E.: '97-98, Gloversville, NY
*Gowdy, Olive E.: '87-89
Graham, Dennis: '85-86 (Physician), Leslie, Mo.
Graham, L. Sibley: '92-98 (Director Music) 42 Harris St., Brookline, Mass.
Gray, Ruth: '85-86, New Rochelle, NY
+Gray, C. Vaughn: '85-86, Glendale, Cal.
*Gray, Flora: '85-86 (Mrs. LaFontaine), Chamont, NY
*Green, Nellie J.: '70-71 (Mrs. Smith), Fairfield, NY
Green, John I.: '83-87, 1640 Sunset Ave., Utica, NY
*Greene, Sadie H.: '97-98, New Lisbon, NY
+Green, Louis: '94-95, Jamestown, NY
*Green, Charles A.: '81-82, Torrington, Conn.
+Griffiths, Griffith: '70-71, Prospect, NY
Griffin, Carrie E.: '71-72 (Mrs. Esty) 417 S. Walnut St., Ravenna, Ohio
Griffis, James W.: '89-90
+Griffin, Harry W.: '98-00, Palmer, Mass.
Gridley, Vernon H.: '88-90
*Griswold, James A.: '70-71, Montecello, Iowa
Griswold, Hattie J.: '74-75 (Mrs. B.W. Barnes) 16609 S. Figuera St, Gardena, Cal.
*Griswold, Frank N.: '75-78, Herkimer, NY
Griswold, Dwight M.: '77-80 (Rancher), Valley Center, Cal.
Griswold, Russell K.: '87-88, Ilion, NY
Griswold, Ralph J.: '95-97, 71 Park St., Binghamton, NY
*Groff, Herbert: '88-89
Groff, Maggie: '89-90 (Mrs. Wm. C. Fitch) 419 E. 57th St.,, New York City, NY
Groff, Nettie: '89-90
Gromann, John: '95-96 (Physician and Surgeon) 310 Court St., Utica, NY
+Gross, Albert: '98-00, Syracuse, NY
+Guiou, Frank H.: '80-82, Little Falls, NY
*Gurley, Ellen M.: '93-95 (Mrs. Holder) *1924, Oakland, Cal.
*Habbershon, Wallace: ''97-98, Chadwick, NY
*Habbershon, E.J.: '97-98, Oriskany Falls, NY
Hadcock, Milton J.: '89-90, Emmonsburg, NY
*Hadcock, Myrtie: "85-86, Fairhead, Minn.
Haines, Cora: '88-89
Harden, Coralie A.: '89-90 (Mrs. Oscar Danner) Masonic Home, Alma, Mich.
+Harding, Charles M.: '98-99, Rochester, NY
+Harding, Hugh M.: '98-99, Rochester, NY
Hardy, Leonard F.: '91-92 (Com Pub Util Boston) Huntington, Mass.
Hatch, Charles E.: '92-93, 212 Locust Ave. Mill Valley, Cal.
Hatch, Cecil: '85-86
Hatfield, Dorothea M.: '96-98 (Child Welfare Work) 41 Grant St., Utica, NY
Hatfield, Carrie A.: '89-90 (Mrs. Ottman) 159 Seneca Parkway, Rochester, NY
+Hall, William G.: '74-76, Hallsville, NY
*Hall, Hiram D.: '78-80, Dolgeville, NY
+Hall, Lewis: '77-78, Herkimer, NY
Hall, Anna Belle: '88-89 (Mrs C.M. Root) 132 Stanwix St. Rome, NY
*Hall, James M. Prof: '51-01 *1926 Fairfield, NY
Hall, Louis P.: '95-96, 1124 roadway, Louisville, Ky.
+Hall, Ralph L.: '97-98, Red Creek, NY
Hall, Jennie: '79-80
+Harris, B.F.: '70-72, Newport, NY
+Harris, Charles F.: '70-71, Newport, NY
+Harris, Charles H.: '71-73, Fulton, NY
Harris, Minnie L.: '85-86 (Mrs. M.L. Rockwell) Fairhope, Ala.
Harris, Gertrude: '69-70 (Mrs. R.L. Anderson) RD, Little Falls, NY
Harris, Morgan: '85-87, Newport, NY
+Harris, Ella C.: '84-85, Fairfield, NY
*Harrison, Celia: '69-72 *1927, Fairfield, NY
Hart, Charles C.: '98-99, Beauharnois, Quebec, Canada
Hartigan, A.W.: ''99-00
Harter, Alice: '73-74, Herkimer, NY
Harter, Fred J.: '72-74, Herkimer, NY
+Harter, Fred O.: '73-74 (Physician), Herkimer, NY
*Harter, Frank: '74-76, Herkimer, NY
*Harter, Frances: '76-77
Harter, Webster: '79-82, Herkimer, NY
*Harter, Byron J.: '79-80
Harter, William: '85-87, Herkimer, NY
Harter, Irving P.: '80-81, RD, Herkimer, NY
Harter, Howard: '92-93
Hasbrouck, Lorenzo A.: '71-72
Haskell, Herbert M.: '88-89, Box 722, Homer, NY
+Harvey, Watson: '72-73, Amsterdam, NY
Harwood, Burr: '92-93 (Farmer), RD, Salem, NY
Harwood, Wayne: '92-93 (Mamie VanHorne) Rupert, Vt.
+Haven, George M.: '73-74, Watertown, NY
Havens, Frederick C.: '98-99 (DDS) 672 Chilton Ave, Niagara Falls, NY
Hawley, Cassie: '99-00 (Mrs. Peart) 65 Nottingham Rd., Rochester, NY
Hawley, Gladys: '99-00 (mrs. Brown) 1524 S. State St., Syracuse, NY
+Hawkins, Rose E.: '82-83, Independence, Iowa
*Hawkins, Mary: '70-71, Independence, Iowa
Hawthorne, Charles: '85-86, RD 1, Utica, NY
+Hatheway, H.H.: '86-88, Oriskany, NY
Haynes, Miss May E.: '88-89, 21 Elm St., Wellsville, NY
Haywood, John: '97-98, 174 Durston Ave., Syracuse, NY
Heidle, L.A.: '91-92 (Physician), Rutland, Vt.
Heidle, Charles: '93-94, 606 W. German St., Herkimer NY
*Heidle, Frank W.: '90-91, Herkimer, NY
Heidle, Albert H.: '91-92
*Helfman, Florence: '90-91 (Mrs. King), Ovid, NY
+Helterline, Dora: '70-71, Stratford, NY
+Helterline, Augustus G.: '71-72, Stratford, NY
Helterline, Maggie: '69-70 (Mrs. pools), 1548 Oneida St., Utica, NY
Helterline, Nicholas: '81-82, Stratford, NY
Helmer, Bertram C.: '73-74
Helmer, Devillo N.: '76-80 (Retired) RD, Herkimer, NY
*Helmer, B.K.: '84-87
Helmer, Frank E.: '82-84 (Farmer), RD 3, Little Falls, NY
Heminway, Alice: '85-86 (Mrs. Charles Peabody), Gouveneur, NY
*Hendrix, Charles: '70-71, Fairfield, NY
*Hendrix, James E.: '71-75
*Hendrix, John: '81-82, Fairfield, NY
*Hendrix, Emma R.: '88-90 (Mrs. Klock), Fairfield, NY
*Hendrix, Walter:' 89-90
Hendricks, Myra: '00-01 (Mrs. Wainman) 1430 Genesee St., Utica, NY
*Hendrix, Elmer: '85-86, Fairfield, NY
+Henderson, David P.: '95-96, Reynoldsville, Pa.
+Hendrickson, Henry J.: '98-99, Syracuse, NY
Henry, Grove D.: '92-93 (Farmer), McGraw, NY
+Hepburn, Lewis K.: '72-73, Fairfield, NY
+Hepburn, Minnis G.: '72-73, Fairfield, NY
+Hepburn, Leta: '73-74, Fairfield, NY
*Herbert, Harry C.: '95-96, Canandaigua, NY
Hested, Howard: '93-94
+Heyney, Levi: '70-71, Glen, NY
Hicks, Robert Jr.: '80-82, 22 W. Borden Ave., Syracuse, NY
Hicks, John R.: '85-87, Emmonsburg, NY
Hickland, Hattie E.: '87-89 (Mrs. Bevington) 1639 Sunset Ave., Utica, NY
Higby, Pearl: '95-01 (Mrs. Goundrey) (Musician - Dog Breeder), Camillus, NY
Hildreth, Clara E.: '70-71 (Mrs. Spencer) 102 James St., Utica, NY
*Hildreth, John T.: '75-77 *1933, Herkimer, NY
*Hildreth, Frank G.: '77-79, Herkimer, NY
Hildreth, H.M.: '75-76, Herkimer, NY
Hildreth, Lela: '91-93 (Mrs. G.H. Beebe) 1043 Lincoln Pl., Boulder, Colo.
*Hildreth, Thadeus: '76-77 *1934, Herkimer, NY
Hill, Harley S.: '99-01, 425 E. Park St., Wauseon, Ohio
Hill, S. Mortimer: '99-01 (Physician) 114 E. 54th St., New York City
Hills, Clara: '92-93 (Mrs. Willard Smith) 3 Kenyon Ct., Utica, NY
Hillidge, Benj J.: '90-91
+Hine, John W.: '92-94
Hines, Alfred L.: '79-80 (Retired Farmer), Newport, NY
*Hines, Homer: '80-81
*Hinckkley, Abbie: '81-82 (Mrs. Lewis) (Physician), Newport, NY
Hornbrook, J. Bernard: '99-00, Oxbow, NY
Hopkins, LeRoy F.: '93-94 (Physician)
*Hopson, George L. : '75-78, Dolgeville, NY
*Hopson, Lizzie: '75-76 (Mrs. Weatherwax) Little Falls, NY
Hopson, Martha: '77-79 (Mrs. P.W. Casler) RD, Little Falls, NY
Hopson, Lester L.: '92-93 (Merchant), Wells, Vt.
Hopson, Edna: '97-98 (Mrs. Wm. Watt) Kingsbury Ave., St. Johnsville, NY
*Hopson, Elton J.: '70-71, Dolgeville, NY
Horr, Elijah: '93-94, Carthage, NY
+Hull, Vernon: '70-73, Gray, NY
+Howland, Georgiana: '71-72 (Mrs. Erastus Harris) Macedon Ctr., NY
*Hoefler, Wm H.: ''73-74, Ilion, NY
+Horton, Mary T.: '72-73, Rochester, Minn.
*Houghton, C.A.: ''73-74, Richfield Springs, NY
Houpt, Sarah E.: '60-61 (Mrs. L.N. Elwood) 924 Church St., Flint, Mich.
+Hoover, Ida L.: '73-74, Little Falls, NY
*Hoover, J.D.: '78-79, Little Falls, NY
Holcomb, May: '82-83
*Hough, Norman: '86-87 *1922, St. Johnsville, NY
Hough, J. Edgerton: '91-92 (Eva Perkins) (R R Express Agency) St. Johnsville, NY
+Houghton, Elmer C.: '79-80, Eatonville, NY
Howe, Louise A.: '89-90, Hamilton, NY
*Howel, Sophia M.: '70-71, Frankfort, NY
+Hovey, Millard F.: '69-71, East Avon, NY
+Hovey, Samuel M.: '69-71, East Avon, NY
Hotaling, Frank E.: '93-95 (Trav Salesman) 4 Hamilton St., Gloversville, NY
Holbrook, Arthur W.: '95-96 (Real Estate) Palmer, Mass.
*Homrighouse, George: '81-82, White Lake, S. Dakota
Hobart, Adeline A.: '98-00 (Mrs. Robert Shearer) RD, Castleton-on-Hudson, NY
Hodder, William Homer: '99-00 (Trav. Salesman) 32 Thorndale Terrace, Rochester, NY
*+Howarth, G. Earl: '00-01, Utica, NY
Hoyt, Samuel W.: '70-71, Syracuse, NY
*Hemstreet, J.N.: '75-76, Herkimer, NY
*Helligas, Dora E.: '77-79, Middleville, NY
*Helligas, Ward W.: '92-94 (Reba Carpenter), Herkimer, NY
Helligas, May: '85-93 (Mrs. Carpenter) 194 Westminster Rd., Rochester, NY
*Heller, Frank: ' 87-89 *1918, Dolgeville, NY
*Heller, Handy: '8990 *1934, Stratford, NY
Humphrey, Edward Lincoln: '85-88 (Retired), Stittville, NY
*Humphrey, Robert Jr.:' 80-81
Hess, Maggie: '80-81
+Healy, Wesley W.: '73-74, Oppenheim, NY
Healy, Ettie: '80-81 (Mrs. Bolster) St. Johnsville, NY
Heath, William: '79-82, 247 Normal Ave., Buffalo, NY
*Heath, Josephine: '85-86, Mohawk, NY
Heath, Nellie: '87-88 (Mrs. Barse) Margaret St., Herkimer
Heath, Lena: '90-91 (Mrs. Maxfield) (Teacher) 219 Margaret St., Herkimer, NY
*Heath, Edna May: '94-95, Pultneyville, NY
+Hubbs, Charles J.: '77-78, Sharon Springs, NY
Hubbard, Hattie A.: '91-92 (Mrs. Smith) (Newspaper Cor) 27 Payne St., Hamilton, NY
Hubbell, Frank B.: '94-95, Northville, NY
Hughes, Herbert: '96-97, Lysle Ave., Rochester, NY
Hull, Mabel: '85-86 (Mrs. C.U. Bear) 654 Putnam Ave., Detroit, Mich.
+Hull, George H.: '84-85, Richmondville, NY
Hull, Walter A.: '91-92
+Hull, Harry: '93-94, Syracuse, NY
*Hunt, Ward E.: '87-88 (Physician), Little Falls, NY
*Hunt, Harry, J.: '88-90, Little Falls, NY
+Hunt, William J.: '99-01, Rochester, NY
Hurlburt, Clara B.: '72-75
+Hulburt, Gansevoort D.E.: '71-72, Albany, NY
Hurley, Richard: '87-88 (Attorney) 501 E. Main St., Little Falls, NY
Husk, Harry M.: '999-00, 282 High St., Newburyport, Mass.
*Hutton, Cora: '96-97 (Mrs. Sisiam) *1934, Colorado Springs, Colo.
Hutchins, Laura: '83-84
Hurd, Ada: '62-65 (Mrs. Henry Elsworth) Richmond, Illinois
Hurd, Ada E.: '92-93 (Mrs. Charles Ives), Hannibal, NY
Hurd, Alice: '96-97 (Mrs. C.O. Ford) Saco, Maine
Hurd, Miss Clara L.: '92-93 (School Nurse) 2124 Midlland Ave., Syracuse, NY
*Hurd, Miss Emma J.: '57-61 *1935, Mohawk, NY
Hurd, Sarah M.: '59-64 (Mrs. J.M. Rutledge) Port Hope, Ontario
Ingham, Nellie: '82-83
*Ingham, Lester D.: '85-87m *1930, Syracuse, NY
Ingham, Anna: '91-92 (Mrs. W.S. Thomas) 1503 Union St., Schenectady, NY
Ingham, Harvey: '69-70, Des Moines, Iowa
*Ingham, S.S.: '70-71 (Physician) *1934, Little Falls, NY
Ingersoll, Minnie V.: '90-93 (Mrs. H.A. Vicker) Clarkston, Wash.
*Ingram, William N.: '96-98, Gloversville, NY
+Ingraham, Gransville S.: '90-92
*Ingraham, Gransville S.: '90-92, Salisbury, NY
Isberg, Frances I.: '92-95 (Mrs. Ball) (Asst Purchasing Agt) 2084 Creston Ave., New York City
Ives, Adra C.: '73-76 (Mrs. A.O. Douglass) Pine Bluff, NC
*Ives, Lulu: '78-79 (Mrs. Carpenter) *1930 Norway, NY
*Ives, Orletta: '69-72 (Mrs. Ackley) *1933, Newport, NY
*Jackson, Irving E.: '70-76, Middleville, NY
Jackson, Willard E.: '70-73, Middleville, NY
+Jackson, Albert H.: '75-78 (Physician) Washington DC
*Jackson, H.E.: '75-76, Middleville, NY
Jackson, Devillo G.: '77-79, Middleville, NY
Jackson, Sarah: '87-88
Jackson, Grace: '89-91 (Mrs. Sears) 109 Genesee St., Auburn, NY
Jackson, Emma: '95-96 (Mrs. Clover) Utica, NY
Jackson, A.P.: '97-98, Herkimer, NY
Jackson, Ida: '98-99 (mrs. Van Auken), Fairfield, NY
Jackson, Orlin E.: '61-62, Boonville, NY
Jackson, Addie S.: '61-62 (Mrs. E. Kneeland LaDue) Herkimer, NY
*James, Herbert W.: '90-92, Holland Patent, NY
Jefferson, Adelle: '99-00 (Mrs. W.L. Morgan) 68 Ballentyne Brae, Utica, NY
Jennings, Katherine T.: '91-95 (Director Art, Little Falls Public Schools) 635 Monroe St., Little Falls, NY
Jennings, Mary A.: '89-93 (Art Teacher, Newark, NJ) 635 Monroe St., Little Falls, NY
Jennings, Myles J.: '93-94, 228 Green St., Schenectady, NY
*Jenkins, George B.: '92-93 (Pres. Jenkins Lab Inc) *1936 Auburn, NY
+Jenkins, Maross: '98-99, New York City
Jerome, Lewis W.: '91-92, Mayfield, NY
+Jones, John L.: '70-71, Saquoit, NY
Jones, John H.: '71-72, Remsen, NY
*Jones, William K.: '72-74, Ilion, NY
+Jones, Jacob H.: '74-76, South Trenton, NY
*Jones, Henry C.: '85-87, 588 E. Gansevoort St., Little Falls, NY
*Jones, Owen E.: '85-86 (Physician) *1926, Rochester, NY
*Jones, Lewis B.: '85-86 (Director Eastman Kodak), Rochester, NY
Jones, Anna: '88-90 (Mrs. Kent Barney) Milford, NY
Jones, Elmer R.: '89-90, Holland Patent, NY
Jones, John P.: '89-90, Dolgeville, NY
*Jones, James R.: '89-90 *1928 Malone, NY
Jones, Fred W.: '90-92 (Treas. Gilbert Knitting Co.) 79 Salisbury St., Little Falls, NY
*Jones, Fred D.: '92-93 (Teacher) *1894 Norway, NY
*Jones, J. May: '93-94 (Teacher) *1911 Norway, NY
Jones, Everett H.: '96-97 (Physician) 2 Butler St., Norwalk, Conn.
+Johnson, William E.: '70-72, Fairfield, NY
*Johnson, John G.: '87-88, Stark, NY
Johnson, Bertha C.: '89-98 (Mrs. Drew) 98 W. 11th Ave., Gloversville, NY
*John, Lulu: '91-94 (Mrs. Bower) *1930 Johnstown, NY
Johnson, Arthur W.: '92-93, 46 Maple Pl., Ilion, NY
Johnson, Ethel: '96-99 (Mrs. A.C. Watson) 924 Riggs Ave., Watertown, NY
Johnson, Ray W.: '98-99 (Adv. Writer) 16 VanVorst Ave., Utica, NY
Johnson, Grace: '98-00 (Mrs. Herbert C. Jones)
+Johnson, George W.: '00-01, Rochester, NY
Johnson, A.E.: '92-93
*Jordon B.H.: '93-94, McLean, NY
Joroleman, R.A.: '95-96 (Printing Contr) 40 Winchester St., Rochester, NY
+Joslyn, Clarence: '73-74, Taberg, NY
Joy, Lewis F.: '90-92

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Source: This list was transcribed and provided by Jane Dieffenbacher, Fairfield Town Historian.

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